: Low Priority Queue?
I don't think it ever resets: Lets say after 5 leaves you get a 5 min Low Prio Q, 50 matches later you decide to leave 5 times you get 10 min, x amount of games later you leave 5 you get 20 and so on, these leaves do not have to be in a row either, just in total.
Spamo (EUW)
: Just went 21/9/9 on kata and people calling me a noob?
: Constant Disconnect from Pvp.NET and Crashing
Was pumped to grind to plat this weekend but I've been having the same problem, and ofcourse the usual 700 ms pingspikes which are great to have 8). It seemed I had firewall turned off so I enabled it and I didn't have the firewall problem yet again after a game, so you should check that? GL :P
12aoul (EUW)
: Pause Button, Again.
Yessir, I've had some bad pingspikes and once my mouse ran out :P. It would be really useful.


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