: Frustration.
realize it's just a game, ask myself if I am still ahving fun playing league and if teh answer is no, playing something different for some tiem before coming back.
: All my (non preset) rune pages are gone, and I can't make more than 2?
on the chance that this might be considered OT, but how can you even get more than two custom rune pages? It never worked for me.
: Best ADC right now
: Searching for funny people
sounds like a nice idea, if you want the probably worst support euw on your jokester team, just add me.
radetari (EUNE)
: by being alive?
\ if dying; \ don't \ end;
: how to survive in runeterra?
Step one: Find Viktor Step two: Ask him to be your Mentor Step three: ???? - STEP FOUR: GLORIOUS EVOLUTION! -
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: Why you like Fnatic so much?
tbh, I really loved 2017 UOL, because of the players. 'Csacsi as teh solid rock in the top lane, Xerxe the daring rookie jungler who made niche picks meta, Exileh who either stomped or got stomped and thus made every game exiting, Samux the solid ADC and Hylissang, the agressive support who played my own favored style of supporting on the top level. So when 2018 rolled around and three members left the team I continued watching their new teams. Due to geographical reasons I came to favorise and root for Schalke most of all, but kept watching every Fnatic game, mainly because I wanted to see Hylissang play. When it came to the gauntlet and Schalke was defeated by G2 I had to find a new team to root for during worlds and because I already watched all Fnatic games, it became my favourite team
: A real air conditioner can be hot when we need. A real air conditioner can be cold when need. A real air conditioner adapts to every situation. A real air conditioner dont waste too much electric energy. As a real air conditioner, i say: GOD BLESS GLOBAL WARMING
You, I love you. In a platonic way.
: What about the Spartan 300 ? They've lost. 2000 years later they'll still be remembered as one of the greatest warriors. What about the Szekely divisions that gave their lives for my freedom, in 1848 ? What about the Hungarian partisans, who gave their lives for freedom in 1956, that didn't come for over 30 years after they died ? They will NEVER be forgotten. You dare to use the word history ? You know nothing. You're just a lowly troll. Check this out. https://imgur.com/apc9tTd This is the hight of your life. A proud moment. You succeeded in creating a -20 post on boards. This is as far as you'll go buddy. as far as you'll go....
"[...] Then the 189 In the service of heaven They're protecting the holy line It was 1527 Gave their lives on the steps to heaven Thy will be done! [...]" - The Last Stand, Sabaton There have been songs written about those who fought for a cause and lost with heads held high.
: Compare how IG played in the group stages to the finals. IG improved so much in worlds. Most of their improvement in the season happened at worlds. They fixed many of their problems between group stages and quarterfinals. Just because your team didn't win, doesn't mean the tournament was sabotaged. Grow up. EDIT: You really think Rekkles would give up the world title after all he has done to work for it? He'd have to get payed hundreds of millions of dollars for it to be even worth a thought.
Yeah, that is also what I thought watching the games today. Fnatic played world class league, but IG has grown so freaking much during this tournament that they came out on a whole new Level. It was like they had ascended to a whole new level of playing.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: They weren't paid. They are just kids and kids should not be in such pressure because they can't handle it and shows how stupid the esport is atm forcing teens instead of grown men and women that can deal with this. It's stupid to watch atm knowing anytime they will play like silver because they aren't mature enough. Asian kids are more mature and it shows I'm done with esports until a shift in age happens
I don't think that age is a valid argument here. Most pros in physial sports (football, etc.) are below the age of 25 as well.
: If you go soraka jungle you won't make friend though.
if SivHD made it work, I can make it work. Don't judge me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: trolls
maybe that is because 99% of the people that get whined about here for being trolls are just having a bad game.
: I am a proud autistic league player and find it very disturbing that the word "Autism" is a banned name. The fact that they're treating the name of my condition as a slur is sad.
I know that feeling. I wanted to be called Cassius Tain. apparently the combination of A-S-S is bad even within a perfectly normal Roman name. I think they should ban Cassiopeia and Kassadin as well.
: "A teammate loved playing alongside you" is this the worst honor you can get?
Well, the honor system is primarily there to reward your social behaviour aside from your player abilities. That is why I rarely ever use the "Great shotcaller" honor.
: Let's see: You gave first blood at 1:22..... (that goes in favor of intentionnal feeding) You died a lot at mid but you played against a Zed so that prove not much here. Bought boots at 16:40 Bought mobility boots at 18:56 You died twice as much as the 2nd most dead champion in your team (Morg and WW with 9 death). You went 6/18/9 in a 33:25 game. So even if it's hard to say if you really fed intentionnaly 36% of their kills are from you..... so I guess the first blood make them believe that you intentionnaly fed.
> [{quoted}](name=Deathraven13,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qO8U8ML9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-25T19:53:43.861+0000) > > Bought boots at 16:40 > > Bought mobility boots at 18:56 I don't believe that this is saying much, as I also forget to buy boots or upgrade them sometimes. Dieing before minion spawn can always be tied to an invade.
neropa (EUNE)
: What we can do to fight toxicity & inting/trolling/afking
my solution: Just start treating League as a game again. Have fun. Way too many people are only able to have fun when they are carrying a game, but there are so many more ways to acchieve a fun game even while losing. If you are not challenger or near challenger tier, you will probably never be a competitive player, so just stop seeing it a a competitive sport all the time.
: i need your help in getting better
The most important thing to always keep in mind: THIS IS A GAME! You will probably never reach pro player status and that is okay, so just focus on having fun. A bit of trashtalk is part of this, as long as you keep it PG-rated. The match making is pretty decent, so you will win roughly as many games as you lose and it can be fun to lose a game. In fact, some of my most enjoyable games have been losses.
: That could help about him not flaming, but troll remain there...closing your eyes doesn't make them go away...sadly.
about trolls: ask yourself - might this player just have a bad game or matchup? - is this a game where winning or losing really matters? (hint: if it is not a ranked game, the answer is No by default) - do I maybe expect a level of gameplay that players in this elo may not posess? In over 500 hours of gameplay I only had one real troll that I had to deal with aside from full premade games where the whole team decided on trolling the oposing team beforehand or botgames where it really doesn't matter.
: ***
I still am not sure how to feel about having a Tribunal vs not having one. For one, I usually don't care for insults even those that wish for my death or the death of a teammate. The biggest problem I see with a "Banned word" list is that this here is the EU and we have a lot of different languages. Some words can mean a totally arbitrary thing in one language while being a strong insult in another. As for the always mentioned "Inting", I am very much torn about it. I am not a good player (Bronze 1 last seasin and still unranked this season) and I don't aspire to become a great player. I play this game for the fun. I also play this game in very different states of mind at times. Hell, I've played a few times while being dead drunk. Does that mean that I intentionally played in a way that lost my team the game? Never! Does that mean that I have been the main reason why my team lost? Yes, there have been plenty of games over the past years that this was the case. The thing is, in very few cases where a player is accused of inting, they actually are, most of the time they jut have a bad day/game. I think the most important thing about all of this is, that riot and the community take a step back from the esports mentality. Unless you are playing a ranked game in high Diamond or higher, you will play with and against people who are playing this game casually. For every other cirumstance remember: THIS IS A GAME! People are here to have fun. This includes some trash talk, experimental builds or strategies and most important, players who don't put themselves under the same pressure to win as you might expect of them.
Ellizia (EUNE)
: the victim act
the only right response to trolls is no response at all
: Boiiii I would be faker and playing at worlds right now if I could dodge every E a zoe main will throw at me.
In soviet league, loli lays you
: > [{quoted}](name=Ca55iusTain,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=P9V8sRWr,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-12-10T23:22:18.588+0000) > > There are very few words that will shoot you down to Honor 0. And while I agree that there at least some words on that list that don't need to be banned and some that shouldn't be as they have entirely different meanings in different languages, if you suggest suicide to somebody or make racist or homophobic comments, then you deserve your punishment. Well I don't know about anyone else but if someone says kappa yourself to me I don't take it seriously, I just think there are too many players out there who like to play the victim and like acting hurt... There's worse things to do that should be bannable than saying "ez" at the end of the game and people get pissed...
Yes, I don't care about being insulted in game either, I may get tilted a bit by an opponent toying around with me, but that means he/she is really a good lot better than me, but insults usually go in one ear and out the other. what most players don't seem to grasp however is the concept of a bad gane/matchup or just bad luck. I've had my fair share of games where I had a pretty bad standing and got flamed for that, even insulted and/or accused of inting. I have never inted in my life. It's also easy for a player to accuse a Tahm (one of my fav champs) of trolling, but it really is not that easy for someone who isn't playing ten games a day to navigate a teamfight and gobble up the exact right target, or even worse, teh guy just couldn't see the skillshot coming their way and still insulted me for saving their lifes, threatening to report me for trolling. Thing is, the bots can't really determine if someone was trolling if he/she's doing it with even a little bit of brain. tl;dr So, I do think it would be nice to bring back the tribunal with the added bonus of watchable replays (plus chat protocol) to be able to better ban Trolls. But on the other hand, Riot also has got an age rating to defend. They can only acchieve that through banning certain words from the ingame chat and I respect that. You should, too.
: Agreed, I still need the ability to honor enemies though y u do dis rito lemme honor the godlike thresh on the enemy team {{sticker:sg-janna}}
true. There are some games where you really want to honor an opponent and you can't. That's sad.
: Imo the new honor system is pointless... no one really cares about if you get honor 5... Would be much better if you got a dishonor system The progression is fking random, i have one account honor 1 after 3 or 4 months of honor 0, second account which reached lvl 5 in a month or something, and 2 separate accounts with honor lvl 3.... At the end of the day no one really cares since 1 word can get you to honor 0, you can't honor more than 1 and you can't honor enemies...
There are very few words that will shoot you down to Honor 0. And while I agree that there at least some words on that list that don't need to be banned and some that shouldn't be as they have entirely different meanings in different languages, if you suggest suicide to somebody or make racist or homophobic comments, then you deserve your punishment.
: Dear Ca55iusTain, always love and honor the summoners code. It is our holy scripture and we can NOT tolerate ANY violations of it. Always stand strong. We are ONE community. I love you, this game, the community, the PERFECT penalty system and especially a good game on the summoners rift. Much love and respect by your fellow summoner, qNTheodore
I'm pretty sure you forgot to put the "IS" in there, mate
Coreil (EUW)
: fk this bullshit , where the fun of it... people didn't cry like this in wc3 days all this buthurt on lol, onles it becomes a spam on the same frase , the more fun to it....and what of all this goody shit talking came good. players basicaly dont even talk anymore if not strict neccesary, kinda feels like comunism _ if you say those bad words you will be punished__
well, you can make jokes and talk in teh chat, you can also use some snarky remarks. There is competition going on and it should feel like it. I don't mind people swearing in the chat, it's part of language. There's a difference between a healthy competitive envirionment and plain toxicity and sadly many peple don't get the difference.
íGengar (EUW)
: I get where your coming from when many complain they are placed much lower and need to climb but credit to the TC he is honest and being destroyed on a game by game basis whilst being flamed cant be an enjoyable experience.
yep, that's true. However, When I started playing I was constantly playing with high silver and gold premates. Therefore I got rekt so hard early, but also adapted to this better playstyle much faster. I am still not "good" in this game, but I am comfortable with my matchmaking and I get a good number of fun games. I can only agree with what's already been said, use it to your advantage, play save and learn. It als never hurts to apologise for obvious mistakes in chat.
Exhility (EUW)
: Placed into silver, don't know why
Hol' on a moment? You are complaining about being placed too high? You are like the Unicorn of League
xGunna1 (EUW)
: ***
Then I am sorry to tell you that, but you are part of the reason why people say the League of Legends community is horrible. anyways, have a nice day.
Mada (EUW)
: I think whoever writes "should of" should have to endure German faery tale level horrors before getting banned.
As a german I wholeheartedly agree. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
xGunna1 (EUW)
: well am just asking cuz i report them but no ban if they don't get banned i want to say it too to make them tilt
so you are, in sound mind, admitting on the official board, that you'd want to actively engage in unsportsmanlike behaviour in your games? You do realize that this is a game that should be fun, don't you? Seeing that you have not reached lvl 30 yet you really should just think about having fun and improving your game and not about how to best insult your opponent, as this will get you banned eventually. So, just enjoy your game and if your opponent starts to behave in an unsportsmanlike manner, see it as praise that they don't see a way of beating you without trying to tilt you.
SeeS (EUW)
: Rpg between games?
I don't, but I'd like to see what others might suggest, so I'm leaving this comment here
: Most music that Riot releases is put on [their soundcloud](https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends). You can download them too!
Thanks yeah, I knew that already, but it's still something that stood out to me how Zoe's theme has not played on many days during login. This post was intended to jokingly point that out.
Rioter Comments
xGunna1 (EUW)
: is saying Ez or Rekt bannable ?
It shows unsportsmanlike behaviour. Therefore I shall report you if you end a game writing EZ or REKT. Just immagine how Sports magazines would handle such behaviour from a professional athlete?
Rioter Comments
: What goes into creating a name to go by for you?
I am using my online pseudonym that I have been using for almost ten years now. It has its origins in the Warhammer 40k community and it is as of today still unique, so why should I even consider using something else?
Rioter Comments
: M ok looks like you are right and I apologize for the sudden cut off on contacts and I hope you good luck with your future league games. But I also hope you understand my situation I had over 40 coaching requests and I just didn’t have the time to 100% check every person over so I sorted people out a bit quicker and sometimes like in your case ended it on the wrong foot. Since my new job started on Sep 4. I also closed the forum post and said my good bye to another 29+ people already who didn’t need me anymore. The coaching was a thing I did for the community of league and for my own free time and I did not take money for it. If you really need a coach try looking up the forum some more, the league community is great and there are a lot more people offering to help a lot even better than me at this game. So once again I apologize and wish you the best. But hope you can understand my situation to and won’t hold it against me. So train hard and see you on the Rift.
tbh, I was much more interested in maybe having some people to regularly play with on a decent level. I do understand your situation and I would have given the server ban, too, if I was in this situation, though I'd advise you to give people the chance to defend themselfes if it ever comes to such a situation again. That said, I'd love to be able to become part of a community of regular players as I believe that the best way to get better is to play regularly and to play against people who are better than oneself.
: [6.10] Urgot Fear Bug (Endless Fears)
Hallo, wir haben uns vor etwas über einen Monat in deinem Discord channel kennen gelernt und wie ich fand auch recht gut verstanden. Wenn du dich daran erinnerst, du hattest coaching angeboten. Leider wurde ich von anscheinend mehreren MItgliedern dieses Channels des Scams bezichtigt, woraufhin du den kontakt abbrachst und mich sowohl von dem Discord als auch von deiner LOL freundesliste gebannt, ohne mir die möglichkeit zu geben , meine Unschuld zu beweisen. Es hat etwas gedauert, aber ich habe mich mit dem Discord Support.Team auseinandergesetzt und von ihnen nun einen schriftlichen Beweis dafür, dass von meinem Rechner oder über meinen Discord-account keinerlei solcher Nachrichten versendet wurden. Ich bitte dich, die folgende PDF zu lesen und dir selbst ein Bild über diese Lage zu machen. Ich verlange keine Reintegration in den Discord, auch wenn ich diese begrüßen würde, denn ich habe immer noch Ambitionen, mein Spiel zu verbessern. Jedenfalls wünschre ich dir, egal welche Entscheidung du treffen solltest, ein schönes Leben und viel Spaß in diesem wunderbaren Spiel. puu.sh/xQTRl/d7deb1c85b.pdf PS: Leider ist es mir nicht möglich, die PDF so hochzuladen, dass sie nicht als download erscheint,
: How do I fix that because I can't camp them because another lane will just do similar n be too aggro
If I knew that I'd still be playing ranked.
l MrD l (EUW)
: One thing i have definetely noticed that almost gurantees a win is ... your jungler is being useful (ganking getting obectives) and at least 2 lanes are doing well.. this way there is always at least some pressure somewhere to help out the lane that isnt doing well...
problem is that at this low elo you can get your lanes ahead as much as you want, most of the time they'll die anyways and blame you still. I had enough games where I had two of my lanes 2-3 kills ahead at 15 minutes and we still lost.
Hypas (EUW)
: .... do you actually think if i was a new player i would ask diamond ppl to rush to lvl 30
I was quite sure that you where not a new player, but I really do expect almost everything from League of legends Players
: I'm a cooler 24 year old with a sexier beard. You're stealing my image, get your own!
dude? you drunk? My Beard's obviously the sexiest
: so salty over nothing :v
Maybe he was salty because Nami comes from the see. get it? because sea water is salty.... I'm gonna see myself out now
Saurila93 (EUW)
: Alt, Neu bei LoL
Such dir nen gechillten Support und habe Spaß. gibt nicht viel mehr zu sagen. Ich nin im übrigen ein gechillter support, wenn du mich adden möchtest, mach das gerne. Musst noch bis nach dem 28. warten, weil ich während der Klausuren nicht spiele.
Hypas (EUW)
: looking for smurfs to rush lvl 30
if you are a new player I highly recommend you to not ruch lvl 30. you need the time to learn the game to not be destroyed once you play ranked
: He might have meant that he doesn't want people to see his mastery in loading screen so people don't have too high expectations.
yeah, that does make sense.
Fathands (EUW)
: The only thing Mundo needs is to not get shut down my an 800g item. Then he'll be playable again.
please elaborate. no, really. I am still rather new, so I have no idea which Item you are talking about exactly.
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