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: I feel like Diana doesn't even need a mana item anyway. Hextech Protobelt or Rylai would be a much better pick if you insist to get an early HP item :^
Diana does need a mana item, but even a second dorans ring is enough mana, you don't have to go catalyst if you don't want to. That being said, RoA is by far the best hp/ap option. Rylai is too costly for a champion who doesn't use the slow (you kill people during your E slow or you don't kill them at all) and protobelt is simply not enough stats.
: That isn't a glitch... it's very common for a champion to be able to cancel the animation of one of their spells, especially something which is treated as an auto attack like yas Q. Also... there isn't any zed nerfs on the pbe... neither surrender@20 or the wiki have a zed nerf documented on the pbe and its too late to add one in this cycle as it gets released next week (and there is never a pbe update on weekends). His last nerf was near enough 3 patches ago where he got a revert which you wouldn't even feel as duskblade which was added then completely negates it... So I have no clue what you are babbling on about as zed isn't getting nerfed nor does yas have a glitch.
Meddler has commented on NA boards that Zed might get nerfed soon because he's too strong in their opinion. Nothing big though, the two possible nerfs he mentioned were less shuriken damage early (same damage when maxed) and more cd on shadow (same cd when maxed).
Rioter Comments
: Ap assassins updates
One can only hope. In fact, the new item might result in the nerf of ap assassins. It's DFG 2.0, except with AD. If you are ahead, you can explode tanks with it, if you are behind you can get it and still oneshot adcs, which is all that matters anyway. Zed and maybe some other ads will be outright broken with it (since it makes it impossible to fall behind on champion class that relies on snowballing). Except rito can't nerf Zed, because he has a big, devoted and loud player base. And they can't nerf the item, because that means admitting they made the dfg mistake again. So they will nerf some assassin masteries, most likely. The only assassin allowed to be meta will stiill be meta, and all the other will fall even further into obscurity.
Bombardox (EUW)
: League of legends made me love insects
Spiders {{champion:60}} aren't insects. Also, {{champion:96}} has a butterfly skin.
DylzH (EUW)
: Ability Draft
Most of the new lol champions (and recent reworks) have "minigames" in their kits, meaning their skills only work with their other skills. Can you imagine having Illaoi's passive without any way to make the tentacles attack stuff, Azir's kit without the ability to spawn a single soldier or Rek'Sai's ultimate without being able to make tunnels?
: As supp, should I flash in front of adc and save him from getting grabbed early game?
In laning the answer is probably no. If you flash to get grabbed you have no escape afterwards and they will just kill you instead, which is the same gold most often. If you are sure your adc can turn and get a kill at the cost of your life - go for it. If you are playing tanky supports you can bodyblock grabs without flashing. You see enemy Blitz walking up - you walk up and stay between him and your adc. That way you can try to turn the all-in (Blitz hooks you - you stun their adc who is now next to you - your adc gets a kill - enemy adc tilts and starts flaming Blitz - gg ff 20) or at least flash to safety after taking the grab. If you are playing squishies (like Sona) - don't take grabs. You will just die instantly. Your adc is supposed to dodge the grabs on his own anyway.
Kaliikl (EUNE)
: leona project skin
PROJECT: Leona will be on sale in february for 975 instead of 1350. Deside for yourself, if you want to wait a month. Source:
: We all love Jax...
More like rageblade needs a nerf. Jax was fine before it got reworked.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Do You Get Mana Regen on Diana?
{{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} Double dorans is usually enough mana regen for laning. {{item:3191}} first against heavy AD, sometimes i don't upgrade it to {{item:3157}} until later because it's really expensive now. {{item:3001}} first against heavy AP, you can start with {{item:1057}} , double ring, igniute and runes give you enough damage to kill someone at 6 anyway. {{item:3115}} is rushed when you take TP midlane and want to splitpush, or generally when you feel the matchup is super easy and you want more damage midgame. {{item:3285}} is possible. I think it's bad, but the temptation to pick {{item:1058}} first when you can is too strong, and you can only reasonably upgrade it into this as first item. TLDR: Always {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} first and then {{item:3001}} (vs AP), {{item:3157}} (vs AD) or {{item:3115}} (when you don't need resistance to survive lane).
: Do you think its possible that high ping is holding me back?
It obviously IS hindering you, high ping is a disadvantage and 200+ ms is high. If you are good enough you CAN reach diamond, there's plenty of stories about people reaching challenger on 200 ms (Quas). Obviously your champion pool is severely limited py the high ping. Playing mechanically intensive champions that require fast reactions to outplay might be impossible. Playing point-n-click tanky champs (Swain, Ryze, etc) should be fine.
: What lane is nocturne
The obvious answer is jungle. About actual lane though, i'm not sure. The default answer is toplane, but i think he might be better (or at least as good) midlane. Yes, he is melee, but there are a lot of viable melee midlaners (Zed, Yasuo, Diana, Talon...) and he has a ranged farming/harassing tool in his kit. He can also murder most of midlaners at 6 and his spellshield helps against spellcasters (majority of midlaners). Plus from top you can only roam mid with your ult and from mid you can roam both top and bot.
rikta100 (EUNE)
: best champion to buy for 6300 for begginers
{{champion:133}} for sure. 1) Extremely fun to play. 2) Can be played top, jungle, adc or even mid, so that's like 4 champions in one. 3) Snowballs easily and can solocarry low-tier games like no one else with all that mobility. 4) Not that hard mechanically but has her own minigame (harrier procs) to not be boring. 5) Rewards for playing her well (sick vault outplays).
: Nerf Diana
Skills required to counterplay Diana: 1) Counting to 6. 2) Determining clockwise vs counterclockwise. GG, broken champ, rito pls nerf.
Axelney (EUW)
: same for me, simply because the normal MMR places you with and against people depending on your win rate. i have been matched with and against anything, from bronze V to diamond I and games never really felt unfair in that way. This happens because you have won more games than you lost recently, so the game is putting you with people who are winning a lot as well (and it's easy that they have a good ranked MMR as well) to try and attempt a 50% win rate for you. If you keep winning you will get matched against people of even higher rating, but if you lose the MMR of people in your games will lower to increase your chance of winning. Matchmaking is all about trying to make you lose half of your games, because you are not supposed to win more than 50% of the games. This does not apply to ranked game of course, where there are ranks.
> This does not apply to ranked game of course, where there are ranks. It DOES apply to ranked as well. You are still matched by MMR, not leagues in ranked, so you can be silver and be placed in a match with 9 golds, for example, if your MMR is high enough. And yes, even in ranked you will be matched so you'll have 50% winrate. The idea is: you still climb with 50% winrate (or even lower!) if your MMR is higher than expected for your league, because you gain more lp for a victory than you lose for a loss. To the topic starter. 1) I've faced the same "problem" in normals before. You can either play super safe, not feed, farm and allow your team to carry you, or attempt to make plays even though you know the enemy knows how to punish you. If you play it safe, you will win more in short term and get flamed less, but your MMR will continue to increase and it will only be harder to learn how to make plays later. So i recommend to actually test your limits against better players, because that's how you learn. Take aggressive trades, practice all-ins, try to turn situations that don't favor you. And then when (if) you fail, you can fall back and play safe from behind. 2) Varus is fine. Any champion is fine to play, at any level of play. There are Teemo mains, Singed mains and Yorick mains in challenger. If you like the champion to the point of playing only them, do it. And if your random teammates pressure you to pick popular meta stuff - ignore them.
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: Can't choose a champion in this game :(((
If you like to outplay and carry, but don't like pure assassins, you should look for assassin/fighter or assassin/mage hybrids, maybe. {{champion:103}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}}
xMidnight (EUW)
: Can you PLEASE make support role able to carry?
Not nothing. You can climb to the mmr where people know what targon's does. Mid silver, that is.
: I miss sorakas old E
But her old E is point and click, how can you miss it. {{champion:16}}
Frightpest (EUNE)
: What Main-Champion / Main
Game impact and viability aren't important if you are looking for a champion to main. Just ask yourself what champion you can play 1000 times without getting bored and main it.
: I might sound funny with my lowelo question but pls read it.
I also feel Thresh is lacking something. Like a clearly defined weakness.
Jeyko (EUW)
: how to beat Shen
The new GP is very strong against Shen. He can't really deal with your barrels and loses farm (or dies). Just rush your regural stuff, sheen, phage and so on. You can also drop your ult to help your team disengage when he ults into a fight on the other side of the map.
: Ping Issues EUW?
Usually around 100 and now 220+. So maybe it is on rito this time.
SerHets (EUW)
: Please nerf akali
> she only had a hextech revolver and sorcerer boots when i had ludens and lich bane and boots Ok, here's the first problem. She had two damage items and you had zero defensive ones. You are also playing a squishy mage into an assassin. No wonder she was able to kill you in one all-in. As a tf you can't lane against assassins at all. Just ult other lanes every time it's off cd and snowball them. Akali's stealth can be countered by a 250 gold item. And if she's not fed she will jump into a teamfight, get stunned and then bursted by your team. If you are walking alone in unwarded jungle - that's your fault. Akali isn't the only champion that can oneshot people.
Warderino (EUW)
: Build for Diana jungle.
{{item:3708}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} You don't need to be more tanky than this, your job isn't to initiate into 5 people most of the times. And even if you have to you have hourglass to wait until your frontline helps you. Hint: it's soloQ so they won't, don't initiate.
Croquis (EUNE)
: A Perfectly fine build on her. Banner of Command is situational tho. But the rest is given. Morgana is special.. she needs her Zhonya's :D
{{item:3069}} over {{item:3092}} any day of the week. Without it you need to flash for ults.
v1rtue (EUW)
: Support Itemisation - Spellthiefs and its upgrades
{{item:3092}} sucks, no argument here. You don't have to buy it, though. Sit on {{item:3303}} the whole game. You seriously overvalue {{item:3504}} . 40 ap is nothing, mana regen isn't crucial, you already move faster than anyone with the Wanderer mastery and {{item:3117}} and dps increase from passive is worse than {{item:3050}} . Most adcs have no magic penetration, on-hit damage will be negliable. And those who do, like Corki, would rather have free 20% ap. {{item:3060}} is an item you haven't mentioned. You almost always need aegis on your team, and banner gives its aura as well as ap for you. Active is just broken against some team comps. {{item:3303}} {{item:2049}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3023}} is more than decent on supports that need ap like Sona or Soraka.
Yeman (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PentaBacon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nXQuXVcE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-06T21:17:57.653+0000) > > Lose matches. Don't do that on purpose tho'. You have high normal MMR for a reason. You can also improve against more experienced enemies, stomping worse players won't really make the game fun. Same games can be stompy, but hey, the more stronger the enemies are, the more challenge you'll find! :) How do you manage to make it a positive experience? I'd love to use it to learn as much as I can, but the problem is I spend so much time trying not to die in-lane that I miss so much of other things, like better cs, or freezing or roaming :s
By playing super safe you make it easy for your team to carry you and you end up in higher mmr than the one where you feel comfortable. Instead of "spending so much time trying not to die instead of doing things like better csing, freezing or roaming" do all these risky things. Best case scenario - you pull them off and realize you actually belong to this high mmr. Worst case scenario - you lose some games, but gain experience playing against better players and get to mmr where you can make plays yourself again.
: TP/Smite?
If you are talking about smite/tp on toplaners, it has been a thing for quite a while. Started when cinderhulk was released and seems to be declining now that it's nerfed. Smite/tp on junglers isn't really new either. Some junglers can do without flash because they have high mobility in their kit while being hard to kill for one reason or another (Shyv, Heca, Yi). Devourer junglers like Shyv or Yi are great with tp because their counterganks are better than ganks anyway and tp allows them to splitpush mid/late game.
: Make some fucking counterplay to leonas dash
The hitbox was nerfed a few patches ago. The dash is also painfully slow so anyone can react. {{champion:40}} Can interrupt the dash without even trying. {{champion:12}} Can interrupt the dash without even trying. {{champion:25}} Can shield the adc so Leona can't follow up with a stun. {{champion:267}} Can disengage without problems. {{champion:412}} Can flay Leona out of the dash. {{champion:16}} Can drop the silence to prevent the follow up. No counterplay for sure.
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Newbie friendly support champions?
Sona is quite easy, at least in laning. Teaches how to trade properly and how to manage your mana to not run out. Her spells aren't skillshots, too. And you don't really have to go for risky plays after laning either, sitting in the backline and ulting the divers is fine.
: How are we feeling about Diana right now?
Diana is a fun champion to play and can carry games (in elohell where i play, that is) if given a chance. She has her problems, tho. Laning is terrible outside of a few favourable matchups (Fizz, Talon). Enemy jungler will probably camp you, because you have no escapes, you have to hard commit to deal damage and you push waves with your shield. And one jungle gank basically screws you over completely if it succeds. CC and tank heavy teams are a nightmare, because you are still squishy even with Zhonyas/Abyssal and you have to dive all the way into melee range to deal damage. And attack speed builds aren't really effective. You will get CCd and crushed before you get any real benefit from it. The only reasonable deviation from standart "double dring into full ap" build is morellos. The reason no one seems to play her (this isn't true, btw, a lot of people do) is because the counterplay to her is way too obvious and easy to perform. You dodge her Q (which is predictable and slow) - Diana can't do anything to you. If she all-ins you at full health with no reset you just kill her effortlessly.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Roles/Champions to play with lag?
Heavy tanks, i guess. At least that is what i play when i haven't slept well and have slower reactions.
Meme King (EUW)
: Diana.
You can pretty much all-in as soon as you are 6 and have some items. Getting items isn't hard, you can push easily. For instance, you can agressively push to back after the second siege wave (sixth minion wave). You can afford negatron, blasting or two dorans at this point and if you shove the siege wave under the enemy turret it should reverse push to you afterwards. When you come back to lane with items, wait until you are exactly one minion away from level 6. Stack your passive up, then try and hit both the dying minion and the opponent with one Q, level up your ult immediately and all-in with ignite. If you are playing against melee and he's taking your Q harass, you can all-in even earlier. If someone is at 60% at level 3 you can kill them with flash-W-ignite-Q-passive prock.
Aingaz (EUW)
: how to choose the right supp each game ?
You choose one support and you play it every game. Nothing more pathetic than a Janna support, who thought it was a great pick into composition only to fail every single ultimate later. Well, maybe a Blitz pulling Irelia into your adc is worse, difficult choice.
Savegete (EUW)
: How to win?
Some games are unwinable. Use them to practice your champion mechanics and shotcalling. You can't win every single game. You can make the best out of lost games to become better and win more games than you lose.
Ceilonnn (EUW)
: Diana Mana Problem
{{item:2041}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} = no mana problems. Later on take your team's blue without even asking. RoA and Seraphs give decent stats, but they take too long to reach their potential. You want powerspikes as early as you can. RoA+Seraphs actually give you more ap than standart build, but you are so pathetic for the first 25 minutes of the game your team will simply lose before you get your stacks.
Cænatyx (EUW)
: i tried that. but when ever i attack someone they just GO away from me :( i then q and they GO away again :(( if u wanna watch my profile i tried to use my "adas" "10" and "los pollos hermanos" runes. same result everytime i deal no dmg, they go away :(
Generally you will be attacking people after you stunned/slowed them, so they can't get away. By the time you have Phage (it's either the second or the first item you get), people can't outrun you. If you have your ult and you are fighting in lane, you can aim your ult so it will chunk minions (you want to be hitting both the opponent and minions anyway - more healing) and then Q to them to finish them off, get closer to your opponent and reset your Q. If you feel you don't deal damage, start maxing W first. True damage means a lot. Also learn to animation cancel melee autos.
: Runes
If you are a new player (you are writing from a lvl 18 account and all that) and you want to spend IP on champions, you can do just fine with 2 standart rune pages. AP one: Flat AP quints Magic Penetration marks Flat Armor seals Flat Magic Resist glyphs AD one: Attack Speed quints Flat AD marks Flat Armor seals Flat Magic Resist glyphs Champion specific pages are for when you only play 1 champion or you have tons of ip to afford multiple pages.
: is scaleing and secondery the same thing?
Not the same. To understand, look at flat AD runes. AD marks give the most AD out of AD marks, AD seals and AD glyphs. So AD marks are primary runes and AD seals and AD glyphs are secondary runes. AD as a stat is associated with marks. Now if you look at flat AP runes, AP glyphs are primary runes and AP marks and seals are secondary. AP is associated with glyphs. Same is true for every other stat.
: New champ
Go for Diana. Just don't take smite mid.
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Lazoh (EUW)
: The Position of AP Jungler
{{champion:30}} is actually not bad with runeglaive. Auto between skittles for infinite mana and mad damages for teh win. It's not even that bad in final build, there was a time when people got {{item:3100}} on Karthus. And you don't even have to finish your jungle item with enchant, btw. Rengars don't and do well.
: Diana top
Not a fan of Diana top myself. Sure, if your comp needs ap assassin top, you will do, but the laning will be hell. There are a lot more unfavourable matchups top than mid. Diana's 1v1 is only good when you are against another squishy melee or have enough items to oneshot. You can't prevent hypertanks like Maokai from farming to the unkillable status. You can't beat AD carries like Riven or Fiora in 1v1 at any stage except for lvl 1 maybe. Bruisers like Irelia are basically made to counter you. Even stuff like Vlad or Rumble isn't that easy, they bully you early and become tanky later.
FightMonk (EUNE)
: What items do you use?
If you feel you don't have the game knowledge to choose your own item combinations yet, you can always search the web for champion guides to see what more experienced players recommend to buy. The in-game recommended items are usually suboptimal, and the order you buy items (also very important) isn't mentioned at all. One of the better sites for this stuff is . You can search up a champion name and see what items professional players buy, in what order, what runes and masteries do they use and so on. P.S. {{item:3157}} is great and i'm sure in time you will realize this too.
Eveninn (EUW)
: But again, why Warmogs, it make me hurt myself more :s
Your heal scales with AP, but its cost scales with max hp. Building max hp feels wrong. But at the same time you need some defensive stats to not get oneshotted. And you want the health regen. But worry not, there's a perfect item for all that! {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} This item helps in sieges, where you are good with your heals. And it helps in defending against sieges, movespeed = harder to dive! 100% must have item on Soraka. Right after you got sightstone and CDR cap. {{item:3069}} {{item:3158}} {{item:2049}} {{item:3504}} Solid strategy.
: Noob jungler
Just be a pro jungler, like Nightblue3! Who cares if your lanes are getting destroyed? Farm jungle and only come when you are guaranteed to walk away with a kill. Don't forget to tax two waves, even if you are the one with the kill gold. Better hit that 60 cs at 10 minutes at any cost! Seriously tho, if your lanes are getting stomped, you probably can't help them. If you farm, you can at least be relevant in teamfights and carry.
: Getting Good Grades With Janna
Grades represent your performance compared to other Janna support players in your region. Since most people are capable of shielding people for assists all game long, average Janna's KDA and kill participation are quite high, so it's difficult to get S grades.
: hey, what elo are you? i just became lvl 30 yesterday and i am abit afraid of playing with high ranked players :D but would love to find friends to play with
The guy seems to be a diamond level player (~1900 normal mmr). Anyway, I'm an unranked player (high silver / low gold judging by normals, so about as mediocre as it can get) looking for people to play with too. You can add me if you wish. {{summoner:31}} And if the topic starter thinks he can tolerate low elo scrubs, he's welcome too.
Róót (EUW)
: Diana build .?
{{item:2041}} to survive the early poke. {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} on your first back for mana regen and cheap stats. {{item:3001}} or {{item:3191}} rush depending on your lane opponent. {{item:3020}} when you need to start roaming the map. {{item:3157}} should usually be finished by the time you want to teamfight. {{item:3135}} or {{item:3089}} for more damage, depending on whether or not their team stacks MRes. {{item:3100}} for single target burst. I really dislike {{item:3285}} , it feels weak after the nerf. Only worth it when you are snowballing really hard and want an early powerspike. {{item:3115}} isn't that good because why bother autoattacking when you can go for full ap oneshot build. I usually end with something like {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3100}} You can swap boots for {{item:3023}} late game, but i dont do it. There's a Diana main streamer in NA challenger ( RealPama on twitch ), you can check him out. Or just look his builds up on any site (his in game name is "S Diana 2").
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