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: Actually right now jungle role is for true jungle mains that underatand the rule and can pull off a path that can be impactful.
Never said that you don't have impact as jungle, I'm saying that it's shitty to play a role that becomes a moving ward after laning phase.
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: It seems like you need a coach. You need someone who sits down with you, watches replays or live while you play and tells you what you are doing wrong and why it is wrong.
Not like I have anyone who can do this for me.
Cadelanne (EUW)
: I'm tired of being bad at the game
I'm bumping this topic as the issue is still the same.
GilxeN (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wally Coyote,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ftwJgzlY,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-10-22T08:58:35.723+0000) > > just wardjump has to go, most unfair thing ever. Ward jumps are unfair? How? Then lets remove all dashes that exists in the game, because its unfair.
Because that's mainly what makes him OP early game, if you wardjump on someone you're basically guaranteed to hit Q and score a kill. When you got R it's even easier, as you can ward jump R Q Q. Removing ward jump would be a great way to tame him down while still letting him his damages. I guess they could also nerf his damages on Q and R while giving him more sustain on W and letting him the ward dash so he's more bruiserish than he's now.
: What about xayah/kai'sa then ? They aren't in the top 3 most picked marksmen. They ARE the most picked champs. You legit see them in every game. We had SSG xayah. We had IG kai'sa. Every worlds since they were introduced, no other champs are played basically. And talking about mechanics ? How hard is it to press Q on kai'sa, or R + E on xayah. I'd say not that hard, for the things they offer. Let's not bash on one of the most mechanical junglers, while we have multiple 100% pick/ban rate point and click champs in the game, that have solo peel, mobility, invulnerability, shields, and deal 80% of a match's damage. cmonBurh.
I don't see why the comparison with Xayah and Kai'sa is relevant in any way.
: Lee is a minion lategame. Thats his tradeoff of being strong early game. After midgame your job is basically ulting people of your carries and shielding them. If you gut his early game there wont be any reason to pick him over any other less mechanical champion
Lee has never been a "minion" late game and it's even less true since conqueror helps him with true damages. Sure he doesn't have godlike scaling like Jax but he's still very decent late game. He still has a ton of damages, enough to knock any squishy out in a mere second and half, he can take some punishment and if anything his overloaded kit is still valid anytime, his R can peel a carry very easily, he can still shield them and block for them easily. So yeah, even if comparing proplay with soloQ isn't very relevant I agree when the other guy says "bad lategame for Lee is a myth".
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: Old fiora has brain dead, old graves was too similar to lucien causing both of them to suffer, old Kat was too fast meaning too much of the counterplay involved the Kat messing up. So no And adding them as new champions doesn’t help... the point of a rework is to remove an unhealthy kit not add the new one in
"the point of a rework is to remove an unhealthy kit not add the new one in" Akali and Irelia would like to have a word with you ^_^
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: if your bot is a problem ,play adc ,i no give you more than 1 year to quit this game , if you would actually understand what an adc main have to deal with ... Now imagine , i play of 7 years adc , have 2000 games on 1 hero as adc , high level plays ,and riot puts me autofill player who is angry ,have no patience ,do thousands of mistakes , over mistakes ,and that never stops , every time i meet autofill players on support , or even support main players i see same mistakes over and over again , lucky for me , i don't know i just stoped and quited to play more serious this game , is what saves me and my soul of being banned or punished for anything would be considered talking into chat negative... , i got permanent banned because of an autofill toxic/flamer/griefer who not even been banned in 8 months , but i got banned by ifs for thread him to stop and leave me to play this game in peace.. Since then i started to be a much more garbage player than others been in my games, because if i do something good and got punished for , then is obvious that Riot encourage trash characters ... , so i turned to be as everyone else , to be trash at playing adc ,i do play sometimes good adc when i want to advance further and to get a better position , for exemple maybe i will play serious now as the end of season come and i want to take my account back to platinum IV before season end. Guilty for all this state of the game is Riot itself , imagine everyone who soft flame , or criticism and get banned for anything negative , so if you care and say report x you get banned .. , so how do you encourage people to fight troll/grief if you not even leave them space at all to fight against people who grief/troll , there is not a surprise this game got more much troll/grief behaviour , i one i was a normal player like you sayd you was ... , then after the second ban permanent 10 months ago , something in me turned to be really mad and angry over riot and the community who plays this game , because i one got banned for soft negativity , and 0 offensive in any ways to even mather to be banned 140 years ,so i turned to troll/grief when i wish , and there are 0 chances for anyone to even detect me or to ban me ,because my iq is likely 300 more advanced than any player into this game ,and as any Riot system , so i do have the liberty and freedom to do what i want . Now not understand me wrong , i used to be like you ,but likely after 7 years of seeing tozens of mistakes over and over again , and as autofill really killed all my pleasure to play my main role , i turned to be an extremly negative player , more much negative than i was before the permanent ban , and this is because i turned into doing something toxic without to even risk myself or to risk my account , i don't risk anything , and i tell you that i am 100% confident that Riot will take likely months over months to ever find my behaviour ... , and they will not be the ones who do that , will still be the community ,because Riot system is likely free version of antivirus software , who somehow dosn't even have the possibility to fight so many viruses in this game. I used to be very good at this game , to play games 1 vs 9 , all you need is a champion you are confident with and which you can play it 1 vs 5 ... , never say you play 1 vs 9.. , i know sometimes your team is weak , but you just have to kill your oponnents the rest dosn't matter ... , i did insane plays and learned to exploit any weak into enemy position , or any player who miss play in enemy team ,sadly i seen what you occured this season , the plays never evolve ,players are worse and worse at playing this game , mainly because of Riot... If you have 10000000000 times promo helper ,is so easy to advance that you not even need efforts to advance ,just need basic knowdledge and some luck to catch someone skilled in your team to win games... ,that's the reason , i see lower quality plays in platinum,gold ,silver , i do have another scale of value the skill of a player ,but that old scale just got completly destroyed , once you see 3 12 plays in gold ,and Riot seems it perfectly normal ,what do i can say... , or even in platinum that happens , the value of plays decreased a lot . People stoped to play more serious this game , 1 by 1 , you ain't the first who give up to play serious and normal , there are thousands who got exhausted and quited to play them best , because in fact Riot ain't offer you any advantages for playing good or average... , that's the reason people no stress ,one they no want to be angry and get banned , 2 they hate Riot for the current state of the game ,3 they somehow feel like the game is too balanced ,and the skill dosn't mather ,only the luck.
Totally out topic but I wanted to ask you ... Are you the world of warships Rayleigh ?
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: In Hearthstone they add more cards ech expmasion that tere is champions in leauge. At this point in standard you have more than 600 cards...
Yes I know that, but I like the idea. I know they can't add as many champions as there are cards in Hearthstone but on the other hand you don't need this many champions. I think that some sort of champion rotation would help balance the game and naturally refresh the meta. But I know it's not that easy. That would require like 15+ champions / year and many people (including me) would be sad to not be able to play their fav champions anymore. Still, I think it's just impossible to have a perfectly balanced game with a roster of 120/150/200+ champions.
kai sale (EUW)
: i guess you are new to this game some other champ have invisibility mechanics . eve , shaco , twitch , teemo , leblanc , neeko , talon , wukong i may forget some . it's just a mechanics depending on skill . unlike silence way back in season 3-4 with leblanc oneshooting anyone WITHOUT ANY COUNTER . stop complain for nothing, look at what league use to be , keep a sense of proportion especialy with way more toxic mechanics left in the game and improve yourself :)
Comparing assassin's invisibility and Vayne getting invisible with each tumble is straight up dishonest.
: There is no flaw in that statement. "healthiest meta" and "characters nobody wants to play" are not mutually exclusive. Not to mention i NEVER said that nobody wants to play them. People not finding them attractive doesn't mean people don't want to play them.
If the meta force people into characters they don't want to pick, nor to face, it's not an healthy meta. Pushing people to pick characters most people don't like to play or to fight against is unhealthy in itself. This isn't healthy for the game. It's a "cleaner" meta, yes, because roles are more defined and the course of the game is clearer, but certainly not healthy. Also stop being silly. People want to play pick they find attractive.
: Worst season yet?
It's not good, but that's not the WORST. As a jungler, I can tell the difference. Graves and Kindred suddunly became trash when Riot decided that jungle farm shouldn't be worth a penny, and they've been my mains for years. Botlane win games but it has always been the case to some extent and it's not such a big deal for me. Tank meta ... well let's pray that it never happens again. I probably won't have the courage to play a full season with only tanks and ADC, and where assassins and bruisers are just useless punching balls.
: The balance is out of the window,give up on expecting it
There are just too many champions. I've came to think that there should be a rotation, just like there is with card games such as Hearthstone and Magic.
: Red Trinket / Oracles CC Burst She's not that good alone.
Red tinket doesn't really work anymore. You still can't click her.
: Ban her.
You don't see her often so I'd rather ban something else, but when she's there it's such a pain
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: People don't find tanks attractive, sure, but tank meta is actually the healthiest meta that exists in the game and it should be the norm. The problems league has had over the past months (or even a year) all come down to the lack of tanks in the games. The games are more of a coinflip than actual skill currently because one player can easily lose the game with one mistake, but in tank meta, there is more room to play around things and the TEAM making LESS mistakes is the one winning so it's harder for one person to fck it all up for everyone else so it becomes easier to carry those games. I agree though that tanks shouldn't be buffed with damage but with utility instead like tankiness or stun duration.
You're stating that the healthiest meta is the one revolving around characters you admitted nobody wants to play. I hope you see the flaws.
: everybody is saying things like it's frustrating because it doesn't depend on you but on your team i don't think it's the truth, i've seen smurf with 93% winrate over 100 games, if that were the case how could they do it? and everytime i have a bad game i recognize that i'm playing poorly, not landing a single skillshot, getting caught in ambushes, overextending without vision, slow reacting times/poor decision making etc
It's not really the issue, I agree with you. In fact I'm not even able to point out why losing in e.g StarCraft will not be too much of an issue, and why most loss are still good games, while in LoL, when I'm losing I'm like "I'm having such a bad time, how is this even called a game when the experience is made of this".
: You're putting too much weight and value onto each game, causing you to lose sense of what matters. I know it sounds ridiculously philosophical, but try taking a break after losing a game. Additionally, turn on your favourite playlist while playing, or even talk to yourself while playing. I do it often, and it helps me with decision making.
Clearly it's not the issue. I'm not having a LoL burnout, as I was saying. I don't really care about my elo. But on other competitive game, even a game you're losing is often a good game. And if it's not you can quit. Not in LoL. In LoL, most games you're losing, your team (including you) is just waaay weaker than the ennemy team, or they have better picks, and you spend the whole game suffering, being impotent, and desperatly trying to come back which happens 1 time out of 10. A game where you're not winning is very rarely a good game.
Dewritoes (EUW)
: In what way, shape or form is Master Yi balanced?
It isn't. It even get a free BT because lol conqueror so yeah.
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: Tanks are not fun ? But I like playing Thresh and Leona :/ Tanks are pretty useless in this meta because there are so many items that counter them. I agree with buff/nerfs made with utility.
Most people don't find tanks attractive, and almost nobody likes to play against tanks. When you ask people which meta they hated the most it's either s4/5 tank meta, or ardent censer meta. I'm pretty happy to see them gone and hope they'll never ever return.
: If we talk about jungle, let's take seju. Epic ganks. Epic teamfighting. Cheap build. Slow immunity. Low CD mobility spell. HP% damage Builds full tank, doesn't die - still relevant damage source. Fast clear due to no cd on the stack damage spell. Jax indeed is bullshit, but at least he's manageable. Seju on the other hand, can't be focused, nor ignored. Score on her is pretty much irrelevant, since the core build is so cheap, you basically need 2-3 camps/clear to stay relevant.
At least Sejuani if you can dodge her bump you can do something. Jax there's nothing to do. He just run to you with legit 350 movespeed and top notch base stats and punch you in the face, if you try to punch him back he E and anyway he punch harder than you, and if you try to run away he Q again because it has no cooldown anyway. If you somehow survived the early game and you want to play teamfight by peeling for carries he will just split push faster than Trynda and win the game like that. It's always "fun" to see that for most Jax jungle, jax is their only >50% winrate character.
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: Because they force smurfs to hit level 30 before they can start playing ranked? Honestly, ask yourself. If you were good at the game and created a new account to try and rank up, how on earth would you go about it without wading through those early games with other beginners? There isn't another way and while it may be frustrating for you, most smurfs don't do it intentionally. For most of us who aren't beginners, we would go straight into a ranked game at level 1 if it were possible, but that isn't the case.
Why would you have an other account in the first place ? The only reasons why you'd want a smurf are : 1 - You're banned (perma banned or not) and it's obvious that Riot don't want you to play ; 2 - You want to duoQ with someone who's too far below your true rank, that's boosting and that's obviously not tolerated ; 3 - You want to play "chill" games to not tryhard and then we're in the situation described in the OP, which is toxic af. In the end of the day I don't see any good reason to smurf, therefore I see no good reason for Riot to not hunt them and remove them.


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