: The game doesn't load up and i get loop of button reconnect :/
: System crash
tomyblacky (EUNE)
: Unable to reconnect
Rioter Comments
: What does this triangle means??? I didnt had low priority Queue
It's because your tag says teemo... change it and it will disappear :D
Exdominator (EUNE)
: about attack-move
u use A then left click on mouse so that if u miss the target u wanted to hit, ur player will attack the closest enemy from ur cursur, it helps a lot since ur champ wont walk towards them and it ends up killing u.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You can get 12 parts within each 30 day period, which equals to 4 keys. =)
so u can get 4 chests but 3 keys each month...?
: > it's my bad bcs i can't climb with totally useless team mate This is the first problem, I didn't look it up, but just out of experience i can tell you this: 70-80% of your games in which you are complaining about teammates are carriable, high elo players care about mindset for a reason; There is nothing except "getting better" that can guarantee a climb.
tbh more than 95% is carriable... a challenger wouldve carried all those games xD
Doomley (EUW)
: You can always buy chests with rp and hope for champion shards ;) #freetoplaygame
it is f2p since it wont impact the gameplay...
: how do you counter jax being ashe?
jax is really hard to 1v1 but if u stay with ur team so they can peel you, he wont be able to jump on you because he will probably die. so stay close to ur team and dont go solo
: Yasuo
yasuo is not overpowered and should not be nerfed he's perfectly balanced its just that he is a snowball champion if he doesnt get kills early on he will fall behind and if you use your abilities right you can easily kill him.
: Pentakill
yes you can be reported.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: > What's wrong with the stealth mechanic...? I guess you've never played against a shaco or a twitch jungle. Ask yourself this question after you play against those champs. > What's wrong with Ekko's ultimate...? Do you know what his ult does? Here is his ult stats. Look at how much he heals for and how much damage he does, look at that short cooldown. This is probably the best ultimate in the game for a mid laner. Chronobreak Cooldown: 110 / 90 / 70 Cost: 100 Ekko shatters his timeline, becoming untargetable and teleporting him back to wherever he was 4 seconds ago. Ekko heals himself for 100 / 150 / 200 (+20% (+1% per 15 AP) of the damage taken over the last 4 seconds), and deals 150 / 300 / 450 (+150% of ability power) magic damage to all nearby enemies on arrival
he's actually really easy to burst down and kill, all u need to have is a stun so he cant ult.
: How do you even know they are scripting? Just because they are good or they were lucky you asume they scripting? Doesnt make sence...
well i saw a vayne that e'd yasuo each time he tried to ult... and she dodged every single skillshot... inhuman skills... must be scripter, but yeah hes just assuming theyre scipting
zombla (EUW)
: Riot do something for scripters....
well... its not scripters... a scripter dodges every single skillshot and people doesnt script in silver-plat, im a diamond player and have only seen one scripter in my whole life.
: Same here :(, wait is the server realhy down or its just a random amount of ppl?
its not really down... but no one can log in...
: not able to log in and was in a ranked game thanks riot.
server down... no worries, riot got dis.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Well if you allowed game to get into late, all you can do is build as tanky as u can and try to kick one of their carries in your team before you die.
or if kicking one of the carries isnt possible u can peel ur adc or mid laner by kicking off the tanks and dealing some dmg to them
: The Duo-Bot Summoner's Code
'' You must always have the same items in your inventory, don't finish an item before both can. (Including Trinket) '' this made the whole summoner's code so freaking hard :'(
Bazzo (EUW)
: How to start playing Riven?
there's alot of guides on youtube u could watch and there is very good guides in mobafire u should check it out.
MadIyfe (EUNE)
: How to see your Friend's Champions
riot should make that u could just look at their champions when u visit their profile...
S devil S (EUNE)
: all my friends got same problem
its a ghost game, the game wont be added to ur match history and it wont count
: 1.Catch fed ppl alone. 2.Dont attempt to 1v1 them. 3.Farm safe to decrease the difference in Gold and XP. 4.Wards Wards Wards. 5.In teamfights, its very difficult to tell who to focus if they got a fed bruiser. Usually you want to peel him away and dont commit fully to killing their squishies, because you always need to keep an eye on him. 6.In case of an afk: relax, farm safely and wait for opportunities. Points 1-4 apply. Dont be alone.
dont forget if they have a fed tank and he deals lots of dmg make sure u build last whisper/void staff
Eazy AO (EUW)
: Riven Or Rengar
i dont really think so he gets overplayed too and gets banned alot in ranked
: Bronze players
once u lose a game it will be easier to lose the next one cuz ur elo goes down and u get matched with players who have also lost alot of games, its not only in bronze its like this in silver and gold too i think its just less than bronze.


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