: > .Now can i understand why? Perception. Negative memories last longer than positive ones, which is one of the reasons why you remember more afks on your team than on the enemy team. And, in this case probably more important: You are not informed about AFKs on the enemy team. Most afks come back after a few minutes and very often these few minutes are not enough to even notice that the enemy was missing. > 2 reasons: 1.Im Beast so i get this chalenge 2.Enemy team cant win against me so they get advantage... Yeah...no^^ I mean, even if we assumed that you are the wildest of all beasts, Riot would have to know who will be afk before the game even starts. Riot has developed some cool technology, but I am pretty sure time travel or predicting the future are not among those technological achievements.
The begining of this season, i wrote down every game on an excel spreadsheet... i gave up after 120 games. 30% of the games i had had an afk on my side. About 4-5% of the time for enemy team. This is not about being good or bad, this is just pure statistics.
: But that is not the game. It's in a chat, about a FORMER customer, who only hurt the company.
Its still double standards. As much as I hate taylor1 and his loyal legion of followers who act in the same way... I would say its absolute double standards if that guy did not lose his job over that. People lose accounts by being 1% of the entire time they play as toxic, this is due to people raging at trolls (we all know this is true, don't lie to yourself). That employee did the exact same thing, he hurled abuse at a troll. Yeah ok, it's not ingame. Instead it's out the game which is actually worse... its worse that he got found out he was a riot employee tbh. Would have been better to just use a diffrent account. Its simply down to the image of the company. Company says: No toxicity. EVER. Only fair they should adhire to this policy themselves
: Urgot rework seems pointless
Ive been playing the new urgot and have played with the old urgot for years. This rework is the best thing to ever happen to urgot. I have had 0 problems with bramble vest in game. By that point im so massive and fed it does not matter. Plus sometimes all you need is his stun and ultimate. This is coming from an urgot 80% win rate.
: And why should he get fired? Did he sign a contract that he can't say anything against someone anywhere on the internet?
Well, as I see it... if riot are banning people who get frustrated at trolls in their games and get banned for finally (and justifiably) flaming the trolls... This guy should be banned/fired for doing the exact same thing. Or else its double standards.
Doomley (EUW)
: >Riot, your matchmaking system must have been coded by a monkey When it comes to ranked, Riot has probably the best matchmaking from all team based multiplayer games. It gets a lot better after you have played games so that the system will have a better picture of your skill. >How is it possible that 2 unranked players going duo are constantly placed at odds? Because that is how the system works. Duo has an inherent advantage with superior communication which needs to be balanced out by making the enemy team's individuals better. > keeping unranked players away from silver players... Low silver is the average of all ranked league players. And just for the record, silver is not a good elo. It's not surprising to find less skilled players from there. You can't throw new players too low because there might be a reasonable good player there with gold level skills so putting him in bronze would just destroy the matchmaking there. The new players have to be placed somewhere and the best place to put them is silver. It is the average after all and it's simply the best starting rank option.
> [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lBsvdrws,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-21T13:40:38.810+0000) > > When it comes to ranked, Riot has probably the best matchmaking from all team based multiplayer games. It gets a lot better after you have played games so that the system will have a better picture of your skill. > NOPE, League does not have "the best matchmaking from all team based multiplayer games" It is the excact same ELO system... which was invented to judge 1v1 in chess. The ELO system in a team based game is absolutely broken and by definition is ELO Hell as a whole. ELO hell does exist, it's the ELO system itself. In short this ELO system is an absolute failure. but just like England and the war on drugs, Riot will NOT EVEN COMMENT on the system because it's so broken and so unfair that they actually have nothing to say about, instead they avoid the subject like the plague. Many times, myself and others have suggested improvements. like +/- LP based on performance, based on how many people actually were in the game (because 4v5 games are a really common thing), etc etc. Those solution would really improve the game in a possitive way, no longer would you be completely chained to the actions of your so-called allies.
: I had promotions with 2 and 3 games with 1 afk in my team. Last 6 game I had 5 games in a row with 1 afk, last game with a bad adc and top laner was no afk but was playing alone his lane pushing til he was kill again and again ignoring team pings and saying "I will not help you". That's what the community WANTS, I want to ban all that behaviour but I'm the odd one here...so that's what is FAIR in this game, have afks...
for 30% of my ranked games this season I have had an AFK on my team. An afk on the enemy team is no where near to 30%, it's more like 4%. I kept a log in order to try and improve.
: All champions available for ARAM
Aram means All Radom All mid, not "Random selection in your small pool of purposefully aquired champions" I've been 100% in favor for ARAM to be 100% random. this view is completely about fairness. but this is Riot, fairness is not their strong point. It's not fun to see lux, annie, jhin every single game.
PzyZeemok (EUW)
: I don't understand why people like you even take the time to create such long posts. When you are 100 games hard stuck bronze, you have no reason to blame your teammates. If you are even decent at the game you should climb out after 30 games max since solo carrying in bronze is extremely easy.
Nice, I was wondering when the antagonistic bellend of the forum would show himself. I can get out of bronze lol, This season has been a shit storm and I've not really bothered with it cause some people (this might be news to you) have Lives and jobs that are far more important than sponging of your mother. If if you were not reading, which You clearly have not, I have explained why I have given up of ranked this season. 33% Roughly of the games i played had an AFK on my team.
: Another solo queue post
Gave up on ranked this season. I won like 1 of my promo's because of a lot of AFK's. I should have took that as more to come. 60 games later, I recorded every game on a spreadsheet. Just pointing out what went wrong etc etc (it was mainly for self improvement. But after 60ish games i had a 33%ish win rate while over 1/3 of my games where instantly lost due to having AFK's, JUST AFK's. it's bullshit by itself but I only recorded 2 games out of those 60 that the enemy had an AFK. So it was a vicious cycle of working my ass off to climb and get LP then the next 2 games had and AFK, effectively wasting the last 3ish hours of my life. I would not mind if they were proper games. But because they were instant losses with absolutely no chance of winning, i had to take a step back and think "I work 9-5 in a full time job, I go home and plan to enjoy lol but all it is is a waste of time, and that was me giving 300% into trying to climb" I just hate that 1 person can waste the last hour of your time while keeping you hostage for 30 more min while you wait for the enemy to stop messing around and actually win. Cause i tell you what, if I know the game is lost, I mean 0-32 enemy draven is 1 shotting everyone, if you refuse to surrender I am well within my right to just afk.
Zynx777 (EUW)
: Why i don't play league of legends as much as i used to do(Feeders)
I've been playing Aram pretty much 95% of the time, The other 5% is me loosing my shit over ranked... And i keep typing the same damn thing. "Help me to help carry you" I stopped playing SR for a very long time, that and the BS that is how much LP you loose because of an AFK. That shit needs to be changed.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CakeMix,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=j9574n6f,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-08-22T13:52:46.988+0000) > > it's an Urgot Sup. > Unless your in challenger it's not going to work 99% of the time How is that related?
well, perhaps it's because at the time Urgot was considered among the worst champions in the game. Worst as in Riot nerfed the shit out of them to the point where they are unplayable. I should know, I relentlessly tried to make urgot work since he has always been by fave char. (new urgot is amaizeballs) So yeah, choosing a weak to the point of useless character is defo a troll pick, all it does is create a disadvantage to the team. TBH it's riots fault for not putting Urgot and Aatrox in quarentine at the time.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Why are people on the boards so hypocritical? Especially in the PB boards. Genuine question.
People on these forums are also condesending to people who are having a tough time climbing ranked. Like i know 70% of the time the people complaining are children who want to get to Diamond/challenger and are completely trash. But i do see a lot (including myself) of genuinely decent and non toxic people complaining how its completely unfair that at this current state of the game that a good 30% (easily) of games are instant losses due to AFK's, rage quits and bot lane feeding something like 30 kills in 10 min. (i actually kept a record at the time where I had somthing like 30+ games with afk's on my team and only 2-3 on the enemy side) It sucks that I consistantly get these sort of games and until lately I comepletely gave up on Ranked and just played aram to save my sanity. Like i said, It's not fair to win 4 games, lose 3 and then loose the next 3 games due to bad luck. it's a waste of my time. But time after time when i vent my frustrations over the system all i and anyone i have seen do the same get is "GET GOOD SCRUB" "STFU you have 0 right to talk unless your gold+" "i hope you get cancer"
archerno1 (EUNE)
: You bullied him for his pick.
it's an Urgot Sup. Unless your in challenger it's not going to work 99% of the time
: afk isnt the worst that can happen, you can still win 4v5. you just need to be glad that the player is afk and not feeding. just dont give up
I agree its far from the worst that cN happen. And yes you can still win 4v5... if the planets align and the enemy team is braindead... or that 2 people on your team are so fed you make games a 2v4 in seconds. But for the rest of the time there is absolutely nothing you can do. You get penalised and have your time wasted. If you are actually trying hard to win or climb, this annoyance can turn to frustration and then into toxic behaviour. Im a big believer that Riots neglagence to support players properly and punish offenders is a big contribution to the communities toxicity level. Nevermind banning the people who lose their cool with a toxic player who has intentionally lost the game and typed absolutely nothing... cause thats how trolls get away with this bullshit.
Lesley AO (EUW)
: Why is warmogs in aram still a thing?
Its probably to deal with the large abundance of aram acounts with only poke champs. So stop your %%%%ing moaning that your cheep poke tactic aint working so well when i can regen it
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Why do u expect downvotes? This is common sense, pick what u want but dont complain about bad matchup.
He expected downvotes because this forum is a cesspool filled with cancerous rodents known as the lol community.
Treycos (EUW)
: Your best end-game graphs
No Joke, That's me 90% of the time ¬.¬
: > Are you stupid? apparently I'm smarter than you as "gg ez" is claimed punishable by riot staff. simple as that. follow the games rules. and no punishment will come to you.
I wonder if Riot has ever been wrong before and completely U-turned.... hmmmmm
: poker is a game on mentality and tricks. not League. "gg ez" is ban-able an thus. your opinion about "grow a thicker skin" is invalid in this convocation. and why rip up this old topic when riot have stated that it is ban worthy and indeed is penalized with bans. Please riot. just close topics older than 5 months.
Are you stupid? League is all about mind games and tricks. If you get triggered by "GG EZ" then you should not be playing against others.
: Since people won't be getting rewards won't that make em don't give a fck about the system anymore?
: "GG easy" and equivalents should be bannable
I honestly believe there are worse things said than "GGEZ" "I hope you get cancer" is by far the most popular. But seriously, The "GG EZ" is a way to phycologically trigger you. have you never heard poker players trash talk eachother? grow a thick skin or just ignore them. IT IS NOT BAN WORTHY AT ALL.
: 100% Sure-proof Way To Gain Elo Consistently
I love how this actually needs to be said. So many players run around like headless chickens looking/waiting for the next teamfight...
Rioter Comments
Toxic Shaco (EUNE)
: Shh lesser creature
Ok, I don't like people trolling but I just sprayed Coka-Cola all over my work computer after I read this comment. omg my sides hurt. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=xXLowBirdXx,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ATHbZEGz,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-18T12:44:15.985+0000) > Go troll I just stated the plain truth my dear, something that u clearly are unable to handle, immediatly resorting to insults&Co Such a chill guy... :)
I take it that the truth hurt a lil too damn much. Such a big man getting your friends to report my replies to you. /SarcasticSlowClap
: Lose of Lp when one of your teammates is afk
While I agree it's unfair a simple AND FAIR solution would be to still give the losers a -LP penalty but only about 1/2 the panalty while the AFK gets the full penalty. I keep seeing people saying "Premades would abuse it" The simple solution is to determine who else is in that premade, which the game already should know... But basically, if the AFK has nothing to do with the Premade then give the AFK full loss and take away 1/2 of what the premade group would have lost. SIMPLE. If the AFK is in the Premade Group then give he premade group the full loss and the others only 1/2. This is not complicated stuff. Also the champion score at the end should shave off points. (HMM You got an S+ but your entire team is 0/16/0 each, here are 4 less LP points you don't have to lose) BUT this is Riot, they don't care and will never listen
: > [{quoted}](name=xXLowBirdXx,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ATHbZEGz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-17T15:47:13.329+0000) > > It takes a lot of abuse to tilt me. Yet, from YOUR example, u started to troll cause your team "continued to play like potatoes". That's NOT "lof of abouse", not even close to be something like that.
If you want to take my example out of context then so be it
Merpedy (EUW)
: Leaving Your Team To 4v5
I'm quite a chilled out person. It takes a lot of abuse to tilt me. And I admit I have done this before. I remember games I went something like 23/0/??? and my team has been utterly useless and all i've said to the team is "Don't fight without me, ward up and play safe". And i just get completely ignored or they just continue to play like potatos. At that point I went out of my way to loose the game purposefully, at that point I was the only one pushing the team to victory AND IT WAS CLEAR THE ENEMY KNEW THAT. What went through my mind was that these children do not deserve the win so win we shall not.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Is Riot legitimately mocking me?
I get Bad experiances all the time during Summoners Rift ( Norm or Comp ) I used to also get long strings of ARAM games where it was how you describe it allways 1 or even 2 people AFK. Now it does not seem to happen to me as much BUT it still continues to happen consistantly in SR. There is nothing you can do about it because Riot clearly does not give a fk. But i do remember getting so tilted when I would get home from work and have time for 2-4 ARAMS because not a single one was a fair experience. Now multiply that by the multiple days it would happen. I know it's a more "Fun Mode" but i'm not having fun playing 4v5 75% of the time Inculing 4v5 on the enemy side. I used to Shout at my TV "I JUST WANT 1 %%%%ING GOOD GAME" by good game I obvioulsy mean 1 game that feels EVEN. BUT like i said, Riot gives 0 fks and will ban you for getting angry about being relentlessly trolled. GJ Riot.
Ryoh (EUNE)
: I know, it's called the truth. No one likes it. I could also let him cry on my shoulder, but he won't improve like that. I advise you to do the same as I told him to do if you're struggling. Good luck :3
lol, you are so full of shit. Everyone knows at this point that Matchmaking is pretty much a coinflip. No matter what optimistic nonsense you try to take on board, whatever it is will never change or help the person who is trying to climb. A few seasons ago these statements were true, but this season is pretty much a "pray to the dark lord Cthulthu that your team does not have the 2-3 useless toxic players who got boosted or carried way out of the bracket they deserve to be"
Ryoh (EUNE)
: We all have those games buddy, even the pro's have them. You just gotta deal with it! And also, you wouldn't have lost your promos if you won the other 2! Don't blame others, blame yourself so you can analyze your games and figure out what you're doing wrong. Good luck ~Ryoh
: Please report everyone who say - Izi / Eazy / Ezy
How about you STFU and grow a pair? Seriously!!! If you can not deal with the most frivolous behaviour the community has to offer then please uninstall and never come back. I'm tired of hearing/reading you people complain about this exact same thing as if it's the equivilent of a severe case of verbal abuse. Did your parents bring you up in the most sterile of PC environments? Cause this is what it ALWAYS sounds like "WAH WAH WAH, MUMMY!!! That kid called me smelly!! WAH WAH WAH" So Please, go suck your thumb in your designated safe space till you grow a pair and even then...please don't come back. ...millenial's...
: High %winrate = low %winrate teams
Every game i feel like i'm dragging my team kicking and screaming to the finish line. And it has become very tedious.
: From a player since Season 4 - Food for thought and my current in-game frustrations
I don't know how badly this reflects on the community when no one but me is really willing to talk about problems in a constructive way...
: the lp loss is the most important thing. Can't control everyone's access, sure but when a player is out of the game for 75% or more of the game, it is not a fair matchup and Riot should take responsibility for that by reducing losses for those who did nothing wrong.
This has been suggested for years... riot don't care about non-LCS Plebs
: From a player since Season 4 - Food for thought and my current in-game frustrations
I did read it all. And i completely agree. I played lol since season 1, i had a bit of a break mid season 6 till now. Never got to gold, got to gold 5 promo's many....many....many....many....many times... But I've never really cared much for ranked... Every point you make is exactly spot on. The damage/mobility creep has ruined the game, the toxicity only spreads further as years go on and the game is no where as diverse as it used to be. I have a job now so i don't get much time to play since i got back into it but pretty much every game is a complete drama fest. I love this game in what it used to be and in concept but regardless if i win or lose i nearly always end up regretting wasting the last hour to being held hostage in a game with toxic players who find it funny to not surrender and waste everyone's time or the other way around (very rare). All I do now is play Aram really... I find the random character aspect quite enjoyable and I can generally enjoy them better since I encounter less trolls. But nearly every time i play summoners rift it's just a shitstorm of the worst the community can offer and surprisingly they are nearly always on my team... I stay quiet, i tend to stay as non-toxic as i possibly can, but sometimes you just have to vent and call out the blitzcrank troll that's spamming laughs at the fountain a "complete %%%%" I... just kinda give up... I've been a good player for years, always play for the team, etc etc...looking only to have games where everyone involved is actually trying. I WOULD PAY for a subscription to join a server that only has players who want to play competitively. The verminous children can have the free servers and troll each other forever... I'm just done with it all... I just want decent games.
rallot01 (EUNE)
: This rank is too unfair!
The simple answer is this: Do not play ranked, play normals. It's players like you that create a living hell for anyone who is trying to climb the ladder. It's players that believe they can go into ranked after they just hit 30 that just make me want to rip out some ones eyes. But i commend you for admitting it. just go play normals till you are ready.
CakeMix (EUW)
: Salty Reports
people need to grow a pair, if they can not stand the heat they needs to stay out the kitchen :) tbh, i find nothing better than imagining some 13 yr old pounding his keyboard in frustration while screaming at the top of his lungs at the monitor. Those salty reports are just proof of it ^^
Rioter Comments
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: Trolls
I've had 3 days of nothing but leavers and intentional trolls. Sure it was in normal but still.. I like to think that I put in the effort to try and win every game, I have a common courtesy for the other 4 players on my team. when people troll or Leave I think they do deserve more severe punishments. 24 hour bans are not as bad as people make it out to be. If your internet connection screwed you, it's tough luck but a 24 hour lockout without a mark on your account seems fair. if you ragequit you deserve the 24 hour lockout. If you troll or get enough reports (from players who do not report often or else it would be abused by 10 year olds) then a 24 hour lockout is good. Lets play devils advocate here and say 24 hours is a bit steep. FINE, make it 12 or 6 hours. there just has to be some immediate punishment for this sort of behaviour to make it even clearer it's not accepted because with the system we have now there are so many people abusing the fact that they will probably receive 0 repercussions if any. "I don't get what i want? FINE!!! enjoy me wasting an 20+ minutes of your time and hopefully I can hold the team hostage for longer by repeatedly declining the surrender" I know this happens a lot. I personally hate these players cause it's normally me on the receiving end of 2 people being jerks. It happens so much more in ranked, that's why I do not play ranked much. The reward for reaching gold is not worth the abuse you will receive on a continuous basis. I know I'm a gold player, I could reach plat if I wanted too.... maybe... But seriously I would rather nail my dik to a burning log than go though that hell hole that is ranked.
Rioter Comments
: Its the opposite. Ever since Riot has introduced LeaverBuster, AFKers have declined. I can't remember the last time I had an AFK in my team.
I call bullshit on your statement
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