Shamose (EUW)
: If day one started on 1PM PDT. At what time will day 2 start?
probably 5AM PDT, that's the only thing that would make sense
Rioter Comments
: Ten years old League of Legends needs to daily missions.LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.................
because you have to play 11 games within the span of 4 weeks to receive a bunch of rewards ? that's why you give up ?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Sylas is male Pyke is male Ornn is male Kayn is male Rakan is male (Ivern, Kled, Asol, Jhin, Tahm kench, Ekko, Bard etc etc etc) There are a lot more male champs in league than females And i'm pretty damn sure riot doesn't pick what gender they want the next champ to be. It's about what fits the theme the best when they are making the champion. Sylas was actually female in the early sketches, but then they decided to make him male
you forgot that those champions don't count as they're not in alignment with his agenda
: Nearly everyone in Plat/Gold is like "I am god and u 4 are apes".
Normal games are just as important as ranked games to riot, keep in mind there's a huge amount of normal only players There's no reason for them to flood normal games wiith toxicity, specially considering the nature of toxicity, the denser it gets the more it spreads
Spicetake (EUNE)
: How many hours? I think its 8h but that doesnt make sense cuz its 18th then...?
Depends on your own timezone, for me it'll be at 22:00 i think
: How do those anniversay gifts work?
it's Pacific Standart time, aka : NA time, you'll have to wait till later tonight for it to start
Ratatouka (EUW)
: you no longer can open pbe and normal servers at the same time.
I do that to but i guess that's how it's gonna be now
: What was the point of the ryze countdown?
: RP Artwork Comp - because I cant think of anything original right now
: New player advice - how do I get better?
Here's my personal advice : - learn the basics of every champion, if you play against a champion that you don't know well you're already at a disadventage - master a dozen different champion, making sure that your champion pool covers most situations - study the weaknesses of champions that are good against your champion pool and learn to play against them - if you have a bad game, watch your replay and try to figure out where **you** messed up or could have done better - only focus on your own performance, your team playing bad will happen but is irrelevant to your personal progression To get better at anything it's important to be motivated, to be your own critique and to be willing to put in the hours
: Yeah, you raise some good points. Still, especially on roles like ADC, I'd say it's awfully hard to have any viable options to bully out the Malphite top/jungle, leaving you to rely on your team to do it for you, mostly. I suppose I can do my best to convince one or two people to do their best to counter him early, but if that's your only option in such a situation it just doesn't feel right. Now, it is likely my rank and skill level have something to do with my view on this, so I will take your point to heart and see if I can find a way to make it work for me.
if you're not the one lanning against malphite and he manages to get a lead and then you're left to deal with him then yeah you're going to have a bad time indeed It's still just cheese tho, the solution is to keep vision around as to be prepared to flash the malphite R if needed, cant' flash what you don't see coming so yeah You should also move around the map so that malphite can't just chase you around and position yourself behind your team so that he can't get to you Another thing that I've personally noticed about AP malphite, if they get fed they're gonna be taking every kill, and that's a double edged sword cause considering ap malphite is basically an assassin with no escape, if he just %%%%s up and someone flashes his R and he doesn't get the kill, he dies and then it's a 5v4 against their team that just lost their carry, even better if he was jungle cause then it's a free baron So basically, against AP malphite, imo, you do one of 3 main things : - deny him early and ruin his game - use fast reaction time to flash his R and deny his damage and pressure for objectives once you kill him - position safely to get him to use cooldowns on other allies preferably your frontline and turn on him (but that would realistically take either a pretty bad malphite or a really good frontline player on your team so i wouldn't really rely on this too much) At the end of the game, if you don't think you can win and things get out of control, ff, there's no need to get hooked up on a single game, losing a game won't stop you from climbing or getting better
: That is a fair point, although I am of the opinion that having to rely on the jungler to camp one specific lane is not ideal for the rest of the game. Then again, this is true for other champions that do require to be shut down early. On another note, I do see Malphite jungle more often than top lane, which even though it removes the laning issues - causes many other issues for him as a weaker jungler. Once again though, to capitalize on this, you require people to be aggressive and try to shut him down, which leaves you with the same high variance issue as before.
Well you don't really **need** a jungler to shut down people early, it just makes things much easier, it can still be done in a 1v1 scenario tho depending on matchups And it's the same thing in the jungle, malphite cant' really duel anyone and ganks very poorly, if at all, pre 6 so putting pressure on his side of the jungle will give your team an early advantage too The biggest mistake you can do with these kinds of picks that need to start rolling before they can do anything is to just let them do what they want to do, so just go prod him with a stick and call him ugly
: Can we do something about AP Malphite?
AP malphite can only delete people if he gets a lead, the fact that he's also immobile makes him a pretty easy target to shut down early in the game Just get your jungler to camp the malphite and he'll fall off hard and since he's not tanky he'll become somewhat useless come midgame imo
Eltiael (EUW)
: Let's talk about Cosplay, Pyke & Livanart - Asking the DevTeam
They're aren't trolls, they're sjws, they are by all means serious about this and genuinely think that a white girl shouldn't be allowed to cosplay a black character such as pyke And off topic but I always thought pyke was more green than black but i guess i'm just on drugs
: game thinks i dont own ashe
You don't own ashe, she's a strong independant woman who don't need no man
: So I am expected to carry a game when a premade joins bot and purposefully feeds? Or when Jungle refuses to take objectives and feeds my lane? Your response is the response of someone unable to make their own opinions, in my opinion. It is impossible to win a game when your teammates are against you, for some reason that scenario seems to occur far too regularly, particularly in promo games. Either someone will leave after 5 mins, troll, feed, whatever. If your solution to the problem is just "get better" then you are turning a blind eye to the problem. You are bound to lose some games because people are simply better than you, that is fact and I can accept that. I REFUSE to accept that being trolled regularly should be part of the process. It is something that can be moderated and even prevented. So if you are trying to tell me "luck of the draw" has nothing to do with climbing in ranked, you are just wrong.
you're completely ignoring what he said no one expects you to carry every game, you don't need to win every game to climb if your team mates are always against you, then your enemy's teammates are also always against them, the only difference between the enemy team and your team is the fact that you are in your team if you play consistently good then your team will have at most 4 bad people and the enemy team will have up to 5 bad people if you look at it on a small scale you can say this or that game will be won because of bad luck sure, but on a bigger scale, if you can't climb it's on you, if you're actually better than the people you play with, you have better odds of winning and climbing and if you can't climb, it just means you're not actually better than the people you play with
: I disagree with you. We are talking about silver-gold elo. How can a silver player 1v 5 other players with same skill as him? While his team is significally worse. Its completely other story when Diamond/Challenger player wins against 5 silver players, do you know how BIG difference that is? A Challenger/Diamond players is so much better at everything than silver player. Your reply makes no sense, comparing challenger player with silver players, lol. I have games where,for example, I was 9/7/5 Kennen, I had Yasuo in my team that built Statik Shiv vs Vladimir and fed Wukong, I kept telling him to build Phantom Dancer for shield, he refused, I thought he is gonna build Steraks Gage after statik but nope, he goes for deaths dance and we lose the game since he was pretty useless, deleted instantly. Also he was bad mechanically. So you wanna tell me you NEVER got lane that overfed, or losing botlane?
> How can a silver player 1v 5 other players with same skill as him? if he has the same skill as other silver players, then he does not deserve to climb past silver, that's as simple as it gets
Taats (EUNE)
: Ap Malphite is op
AP malphite is a cheese pick, but cheese alone doesn't win games firstly he's really not that good at all early game, if he doesn't one shot you with his combo he's basically dead, so he needs to start snowballing pretty fast or else he'll become useless faster than you can say worcestershire even if he manages to snowball half decently and has a one shot combo, u can most of the time bait him in by flashing his ult, in which case he won't be able to kill you, which will most likely result in his own death alternatively zonya works too but it's not as good since u give him the opportunity to escape and ofc as always, it's malphite so you don't want to clump up with your team cause u can't expect your whole team to flash his R, if ur team doesn't clump up, malphite's gonna end up forced to ult a single person, which makes it much more likely he'll get denied and turned on, making him useless if AP malphite was really that strong then it wouldn't be an off meta pick
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: feministic indie company
oh no it's women aaah, my only weakness
DeMenSce (EUW)
: Anyway to fullmute everyone during every phase of the game?
put a post it note on ur screen where the chat would be :v
GLurch (EUW)
: Uhm... t-thanks uwu
skrufXtra (EUW)
: BUG: 4 gunslingers, 3 glacials, 2 blademaster, 1 ninja = 2 gunslingers, 1 ninja
Thanks for the critical lack of context and information, this is exactly how bug reports should be made if you want them to be fixed
GLurch (EUW)
: EU Boards Leaderboard
ay It's cute that you added a "you" :3
: How to fight AD Sion?
He has ridiculous ad scalings but they come with the downside that every one of them can be dodged relatively easily Unless someone stuns you it's basically impossible for sion to land a charged Q on you (except if you get bushed on), by himself sion can basically only land his Q if he hits you with his R first, but unless that sion knows how to wall bounce and do all that fancy stuff, you can very easily dodge that train without even needing a dash At least that's what I think of it
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Definitive proof would be a team of 500+ people each playing 1000+ games and collecting data on disconnected people and its correlation to their winrates and winstreaks vs the enemy team's disconnections in correlation with the enemy's winstreaks and winrates and compiling the information to show if there is indeed forced disconnects or if they're completely random. Your data is not definitive proof in the slightest.
: isn't the cooldown of blaze per explosion on the enemy to high to even do that? (You can't explode multiple times in a row it get's a cooldown after exploding per unit)
there's a 4 second cooldown between explosions, if you make 5 people explode one after the other over 10 seconds (takes 2 second for blaze to explode), the first person to explode will be able to stack blaze again by the time the 3 last people explode, letting him get 3 more stacks of blaze before exploding and continuing the chain it's not practical and seems like it would only work with perfect timing
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Maokai jungle has 53% win rate in Diamond+, the 3rd highest out of all junglers. Corki top has 48,5% win rate in Diamond+. Skarner mid has 44,9% win rate in Diamond+. All of those have a 0,1% pick rate. The same pick rate as Ohmwrecker's build rate. Does it mean Maokai needs a nerf while Corki and Skarner needs buffing?
My comment litterally does not imply anywhere that omwhrecker is in need of any changes
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Ohmwrecker's new visuals.
it is viable, the item has a 62% win rate, it's just a very niche item that u rarely actually need or want
: This champ has an infinte damage combo, totally broken!
I was confused at first as to how you'd get 3 stacks onto the first target with only 2 abilities and then still get it to hit the 3rd target but then I realised that they changed some of brand's R mechanics with the rework and I wasn't aware of that
: Dodging clearly lost games no longer an option...
Damn, I wonder how I've still been dodging games that don't look fun to play if it's no longer possible
CJXander (EUNE)
: The way i feel about EUW and EUNE
Aint that showing that the entire region of EUNE is on EUW ?
: Did you ever check to make sure ? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: They really look great together I agree ! They are both overpowered so Arceus would be a perfect mount for her to conquer the world. But I'm not sure if they would agree on that {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
But lissandra dont' got no feets tho
Pixelbits (EUW)
: I complain about people who have no opinion and just downvote a topic, because it's "fun". I clearly said earlier: "Unless you have a legit reason to downvote a topic, just don't and stop". So that said, I was referring to people who do it out of trivial reason, such as "fun" and not to people who legitimately downvote topics out of a valid reason.
Where exactly do you get the idea that people are downvoting you just for fun ? Who are you to dismiss other people's opinions because they don't argument them ? If people downvote you, they have a reason to downvote you, they're not just trolling so drop the tinfoil hat
: Who is the creator of Fiddlesticks?
A lot of people worked on fiddle, u can find the whole list [here ]( the right side of the "Developpement" tab
Anoligarh (EUW)
: What champion(s) do you find genuinely fun, enjoyable and exciting?
: my 3rd best ranked kda and my best one in 2 years
just gonna point out that 20/0/6 is technically a better kda than 48/2/0 (26 > 24)
: petition to delete the "uwu" emote
: Yeah im really sure the opponents were actually gay and got offended, of course they didn't try to tilt me on purpose in order to make me snap and report me later. None of the little angels playing this game would do somthing like this... riiiight?
: Yeah i know, its insanely easy to get banned in this game, riot is catering to all the snowflakes and sjw-s, in my nearly 20 years of gaming i have never witnessed such a social cuck of a company that gives out bans to thousands, like flyers on the street :D
not tolerating homophobia isn't "catering to all the snowflakes and sjws", it's basic human decency
You wanted criticism so i'll do just that : Firstly concerning the audio : - I think it's pretty loud, it doesn't really need to be that loud - There's a weird cut at the end of the video when the audio starts to fade and then randomly jumps back in, it might be intentional but if it is an intentional style then i'd say it's not too well executed - Make sure you have the rights to use the music that you used - I'm personally not a fan of the complete lack of in game sounds, like they obviously shouldn't too loud but not having them at all is a bit unsettling to me, but then again this is just my personal opinion, if you think it's better without the in game sounds then go at it you way Concerning the visuals : - try to be consistent with the in game overlays, the first clip starts with the replay overlay on and then the rest of the video doesn't show that overlay Concerning the gameplay : - Try to not include clips where the enemy team looks bronzy (like the morgana clip where she just throws her bind who knows where), people are gonna discredit you for the smallest things and go all like "anyone could do that in bronze" or whatever ____ I mentioned a lot of things but don't go thinking that means i think it's a bad edit or anything like that, I actually think it's pretty nice These are all just details that could be improved on in my opinion Also keep in mind that my opinion isn't facts either, what's more important is that you think about it yourself and think about how you want to improve to create the content that you want to be doing
: Why did they remove dodging?
You can still dodge most skillshots as long as you're prepared for it, there are some that require you to expand your flash but for the most part you can dodge em with a side step
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it impossible to get honored as an ADC?
idk if that's just a difference on EUNE but I do get honored quite a bit when I have good games ? and I'm not counting premade honors into that
: "Stay logged in" function in the new login screen prevents you from dodging after making a pick
I don't think it's a bug but it's good information to know, i guess now you gotta not pick anything and wait for the timer to run out ?
: I know they don't, that's why i show u this one, u'll think twice before u feed or troll, u'll get teammates like u, i think that u'll not like it and if u wanna rank up focus on playing well in 20 games to get some better teammates and climb
"I know they don't work and that's why we should implement it", ok Here's what would really happen with your system : random player A goes on a bad losing streak, gets flagged as a troll and is sent to prisoner island, the toxicity over there is really high and considering people are 60% more likely to be toxic after experiencing toxicity, the games over there just get worse and worse, player A becomes more and more toxic and playing in this toxic environement prevents him from playing his 20 good games to get out of prisoner island so player A is stuck in prisoner island because he went on a bad loss streak once, now he's stuck in a toxic environement and now consider this : players are up to 320% more likely to quit league the more toxicity you experience so now your system created two issues : an increase of toxic players (quarantined) and a reduced income for riot because of people leaving the game and now what do people do when they realise they've been put in prisoner island ? they make a new account, so now you have even more toxic players roaming around with regular people, which again, makes people want to stop playing league congrats you made riot lose money and you ruined the league experience for countless people Your system is flawed by default since you want to punish people for going on loss streaks or playing badly
: I started my placement matches in Silver 4 this season. And in about 300 games I reached Plat4 and then got demoted to gold 3. I'm not sure if Im hard stuck :)
I mean, I never claimed anything concerning u specifically
: Levels has nothing to do with how high elo one has. (Story + topic)
Player level and rank are related to some degree (and when i say rank, i mean your actual rank, not skill level or anything like that), but that relation can rarely be used to make any accurate statement as that relation isn't reliable For some people (people who only ever play ranked), the level you are at is a good representation of the amount of time you've spent grinding ranked, so having a high level would theorically mean you're "hardstuck" However that is not true for a lot of people, ranked isn't the only gamemode that gives xp, and xp boosts are also a thing just because you're level 250 ish doesn't mean you've spent 220 levels grinding ranked That second point means that you can't use someone's level as a representation of the amount of grinding they've done in ranked or how hardstuck they are, because there's no real garantee it'd be accurate Idk, if that makes sense of if i'm just pulling at poo poo
qBacca (EUW)
: Totally agree! Rito Games net worth is 21$ Billion. The money they earn from Championsip teams, sponsor, players, etc. They could hire easy some dude from NASA who would prevent any of these issues! This just shows how the company "cares" about their fan base. Giving them every single patch some "Technical issues" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Not really related to the topic but NASA doesn't really pay that much, riot actually pays their developpers more with up to 150k anually while nasa only pays around 62k a year and up to 126k a year for lead engineers So riot could very much afford NASA employes, but I'd think people who want to work at NASA don't really do it cause they want money, and that working at NASA doesn't mean they'd be better than riot employees I wouldn't think these issues come from lack of individual skills from the riot employees but from lackluster management
: Change Matchmaking to fix some INT and TROLL playing with SERIOUS players
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