WoOxêr (EUW)
: I dont see any reason why he got punished, I've seen ur posts before, your comments are dumb as your IQ cap.
His comment is "dumb" because that's just how smart you need to be to clearly see why he got punished He's constantly being negative threatening to report his team and arguing, so of course he'd get punished for it since he's ruining people's games with his negativity
: Can you stay in Challenger without playing that much? What LP do Challengers reach at end of season?
Lmao, that's a trick question, if you're in challenger you already cant' play that much thanks to queue times
Rioter Comments
: I really do believe that i personally follow the rules and have kept toxicity and negative attitude to an absolute minimum after the last ban i got. My ban did get revoked because it was simply very unjust and out of context, yet i still took note and have strived to be better. Imagine a robber breaks into your house and points a gun at your wife and kids, so you manage to hit him with a heavy object on the head and do severe injuries to him, leading to very expensive operations and possibly life threatening. In that case, you definitely break the law, you can't just bash people's heads with heavy objects, yet in court /with enough evidence/ you'd probably be passed and would go unpunished. Context does matter.
In this context you are actively protecting yourself, which does not translate into league at all as flaming Flaming does not protect you, it does all the opposite, it entices the opposing party into being even more aggressive To translate back into that example it would be just like calling the person pointing the gun at your family "fat and ugly", it won't calm him down, if anything he's more likely to pull the trigger
: Certainly. But sometimes, while it might break a rule, it is not evil. The problem here is that you will get permanently banned if you are not a pet. i wouldn't mind small to medium punishments for small offenses, yet everyone gets treated equally. Some people might show severe toxicity and they would get a 14 day ban and then a permaban would follow. Other people would withstand toxicity and once in a while they will respond to some of it and they might move slightly towards negativity in some sentences and slip out a word or two and they would too get the same exact punishment. This would be the same as a rich kid stealing constantly from many shops getting a year in jail, and then having a kid from a gypsie origin with virtually no finances steal a bread so it can eat in order not to die to get the same punishment.
You're mistaken, the system is pretty forgiving I'm not a good example of it since I'm a chill guy, but you can have plenty of games where you are negative and nothing will ever happen to you as long as you're usually not negative The problem comes with consistency, if you're constantly being negative and throwing shit you'll get punished, replying once to someone being toxic won't ban you, unless you're extreme with it, it also won't put you on a chat restrict, nothing will happen to your account if it's a rare occasion I myself haven't had many of those "rare occasions" but I've had some, and nothing ever ever happened to my account after 5 years of playing, and it won't happen anytime soon And the same thing applies to the very vast majority of players, only a handful get punished because most players aren't toxic regularly That 1 player you met that flamed you in your last game, he probably doesn't usually flame anyone, that applies to nearly everyone playing the game If you consistently meet toxic players, and have been punished on multiple occasions then, with no intent to be rude, the problem lies in you, it's very easy to draw the evil in people and cause them to flame you and if you fix the way you talk and act in game then you will likely win more often and have a more enjoyable time playing the game Also note that by "you" I'm not referring to OP specifically, I don't even know if this applies to him or not, but I'm talking to you, whoever is reading this and is in a situation such as I described
: [Open discussion] Riot's way of handling behavior.
Catching and punishing any and all evil that the system sees, regardless of cause, is the way to go imo
Grunaz (EUW)
: Just got an Email that I have been banned - I have not played in years??
Sadly for you this means that someone stole your account and got banned on it, there is no way for you to prove that you were not the one using it maliciously therefore you won't be able to recover your account
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Naah i was never even warned on this account. I used another account to test out how much you be toxic before getting banned, was toxic for weeks, ever only got 1 warning. I know that is wrong but people did tell me to try it xD I just let loose when someone insulted me i insulted back tenfold. Here in this case i insulted mildly to what the others did towards me. It should work like this, but definitelly not when toxic players insult you and get away with it. Thats plain wrong. They should get banned too for same or longer amount.
Oh yeah nvm, I just checked the chat logs over and noticed that you told them you hoped they got cancer, that's an instant trigger for 14d ban
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Yeah i know. My teammates got me killed several times, they did not help at all even though i pinged, they danced and killed mobs. Than they threw insults at me ,heavy ones, what i wrote there is almost nothing compared to what they said. I will get judged for posting full chat logs here becouse you can see those few insults i made, but if you would see entire chat you would get stunned. There were like 15 times "Ret*rd" by one player alone, not to mention others, and other innumerable ways they used to insult or spam me. If i could had just kept silent or muted them, than karma would be that they would had gotten banned, but justice does not happen often. Now i can only read "you got banned for being toxic" "boo-hoo" "you got what you deserved" and things like that, no one would even think to question how come toxic players who wrote DOZENS of heavy duty insuts have more valuable word than someone who said a few.
Where you already chat restricted before ? If you reported those players then there's a good chance they were punished for it, even if just a chat restriction
Gundrabis (EUW)
: Chat should be remooved from league
> Chat honestly does more harm then good This only applies to you and a handful of other players, millions of players enjoy talking with their fellow team mates and enemies alike, just because you only use it to spread negativity and never the opposite doesn't mean the same applies to every single league player So no, just because you have bad experiences with the chat doesn't warrant removing it completely from the game It's not going anywhere so you might as well just change the way you use it to actually start enjoying it
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Banned by hand of toxic players !
> Raistlin: you let me die, i let you die Raistlin: karma That's not how karma works, karma is a natural way of resetting the balance of good and evil, if there was a human intervention, then it wasn't karma In your case it was just a lowly and childish vengeance A real example of karma would be : pickpocket steals your phone, runs away and trips on the side-walk. In this example no one acted against the thief, it just happened on it's own, this is what karma is about
: Season 8: Attack of the trolls
No, shoving your problem away for normal-only players to deal with isn't the way to go about it When finding a solution you need to make sure it benefits everyone in some kind of way, in this case normal-only players take the hit and will have all of their games flooded by people who wouldn't usually be there Meaning players who aren't interested in the competitive aspect of the game can no longer have fun Of course all of those problems with troll flooding only really affect lower elos but that doesn't justify anything
: If irelia can have 100% damage reduction
> Why are they giving irelia 300% damage to shields when there should be an item to do such thing instead Giving anyone the ability to render shielding supports completely useless would ... make shielding supports completely useless, and that's not a good thing, you should be able to counter pick against shielding supports but no more than that
Clorces (EUW)
: Irelia rework failed?
A rework is about taking the key element of the champ, "who is Irelia" and reworking that while trying too keep some similar gameplay elements and changing/removing other elements A rework isn't about making exactly the same champion again, hence why things are changed and removed Now who is Irelia, she's a blade dancer using telekinesis or whatever to slash stuff up with her blades, her rework perfectly captured that core hence why the rework was a success
Rioter Comments
: This punishment system is getting ridiculous
You're constantly being negative and arguing with people, no one likes that, it ruins the fun; so just don't do it since that's basically why you got chat restricted
Rioter Comments
: no of course not. im playing to win and have fun and im giving advice to my team and they are getting salty and reporting. so why should i get punished when they are the one trolling. (its ranked btw)
Simply put "How do you miss every ult" "wake up" "wake up" and all that stuff, just isn't advice at all
> if u can get banned for telling ur team how to play why do we even play this game? So, are you saying you play the game for the sole purpose of telling people how to play ?
: Send a ticket to Riot support- oh wait, they will just tell you to use the report button instead.... "Thank you for this report! We can’t often take action on reports sent to us through tickets, but we created the Instant Feedback System to help us track when a player is consistently hurting others."
> We can’t often But they can sometimes if the situation calls for it, so don't give up yet =3=
: irelia rework
I'm unsure if this is a fish or an Irelia
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: There is no "I" in team
But there is if you spell it Tim
: It's pretty nice of you to take the time out of your day to write this detailed response to him/her. I even caught a thing for myself that I should improve on with my work, about moving around the colour wheel for shading. Even tho this wasn't for me i still appreciate the time. I really like the artwork too, love the style @OP but as always there are things to learn, there are more flaws with my work than I care to admit.
Hehe, I just felt like "why not" you know ? :3
: Rate my artwork! Poolparty Tristana
> TIttle 6/10 Now as to explain, Firstly to me a 6/10 is a **great** rating, it's not a rating given by comparing you to the average person's drawing, but a rating comparing you to most artists out there The biggest flaw I can see is that by darkening her eyes so much, you're moving away the focal point from her eyes to her hair since that's where there's most contrast between the bright white and the darkened skin, although you might think it's normal for her eyes to be darkened by her hair casting a shadow on them since the light comes from above, but the reflection of the water in her eyes should make her eyes pop out allowing for some beautiful and clear eyes with a lot of contrast (making the eyes the focal point) On the same topic, it's a shame how undetailed and flat the eyes are A few things aren't really well placed, even tho the hips and the head are slightly tilted, the ears don't align properly and one hip seems lower than the other, the later is a really small detail worth ignoring tho Now onto the water, the water style is really good but I think adding a few reflections would make it just that much better, also there is no water distortion, but I guess water distortions are one of the most complex things out there so don't mind it Even tho the foreground is nice and detailed, it quickly melts into what could be called a "blur-out", the background gets confusing for the eyes and also the horizon line is slightly too high to match the position you've given the water in the foreground Other details include the balloons being flat and slightly distorted and the neck area being twisted in a weird unnatural way Also the colors don't look too natural, it might just be a choiced style but I think as for any drawing, moving around in your color wheel for the shading is usually the better options as it looks for the most part like you just picked darker versions of the same color So yeah, TL;DR : points to improve on would be better highlights and colors and putting more effort into details and backgrounds as they really put the piece together Now I know I've only focussed on the negative but by no means does it mean your art in trash, I've given it a 6/10 which means there is more positive than negative in that artwork, sadly listing the positives wouldn't really help improve imo so I'll leave those out for the most part What I will point out tho is that, damn that's a nice hand (sadly a shame that you ignored the water's reflection for the reflections tho) _______ Well anyway, I hope you don't think I was too harsh, your art is good so keep up the work and you'll turn out to be a fine artist :3
: I had a fun game where me and my ADC (or was it sup?) used various vaguely romantic emotes every time we played well together (no homo).
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Riot stop pretending they made the emote system for anything other then to increase toxicity?
than* Other than that, I myself never use them to be toxic At the beginning of every game (on PBE cause that's the only place where I actually have emotes), I have friendly banter with the enemy team with emotes and animation spams, it's nice
: Can you make a League of Legends for mobile phone?
You could always play League via mobile thanks to Shadow I won't go in details as to explaining what it is but it's not free so just check the link if you wanna know more (basically you rent a pc to use via cloud) https://shadow.tech/int/
Rocky IV (EUW)
: Perma banned for being trolled?
No you were not permabanned because of others, only your actions impact your account
: Why I got Kai'Sa not Illaoi ?
It's wiser to spend less money for something of equal value
Kharadun (EUW)
: Sona dmg / heal ratio in aram games.
That's fine, despite being against a full melee team meaning she can basically poke as much as she feels like it she barely did much damage
Raistlin (EUNE)
: ROFL that creep aint gonna get banned and you know it
I'm sorry but that's the one thing riot doesn't let players get away with, you say it (in game) you get instabanned (as long as at least one person reported you, otherwise the system doesn't check) There's so many players on the boards that complain about it, they're instantly banned with no warnings and go like "urdurdur is no fair it was just a joke" I myself also experiences it like twice, and both times I got an instant feedback report informing me of punishment being applied
: is riot making you Intentionally lose games in a row
Q : "Is riot making you intentionally lose games in a row" A : "Yes, but not the way you think they do" As you keep winning, riot puts you against better players, if you keep winning it means you're obviously better than who you're playing against, so they increase the difficulty of the enemies if that makes sense But no, riot doesn't pick and find the most toxic players available to put them in your team, if people tend to int or be toxic in your games, well it's probably got something to do with you Like, be it you win 3 games in a row, and then you still don't take a break, you're already tired, the enemy team is showing signs of dominance early game, you're on nerve so you start being slightly or even very slightly negative, that alone is enough to make your teammates play worse or even snowball from that into even more negative stuff Take breaks and stay positive, I know it sounds cheesy but it works so yeah Btw I didn't ready that brick of text, for future reference if you want people to read a lot of what you write keep it organised with nice spaces and paragraphs Writing a 20 line long sentence will discredit you most of the time along with not giving people any will to read it
: lol i managed to demote from gold V somehow, holy %%%%ing hell, what the %%%% am i doing wrong xD
From the glimpse you're showing I'd guess that the reason why you got demoted is that you don't take it seriously enough
SirUrlich (EUW)
: Token for Mastery 7 in TTL??
No doesn't count would be too easy thanks to separate mmrs, your TT mmr being lik unranked lower lvl 20 or somethign whatever it was last time you played it, and in ranked/normal you're at a diamond mmr Quickly switch to TT and easily crush the other team to get a cheap token
Jayan David (EUNE)
: I'll try. But someone told me that they ask me to unfriend him and that's all.
Well that's the smart thing to do in the end, but I feel like he still deserves some punishment, acting like that in chat shows how he acts in game, you could at least ask them to look into his in game behaviour
Jayan David (EUNE)
: How can I manage with that?
Message riot support and show em the goods, see what they can do
: I actually considered this pretty hard and it's a really difficult choice for me. I loved the old Kat, she was great. However her combo was more "Get a kill and proceed or don't get a kill and be useless". The new Kat has some real outplay potential and more laning options and I think Riot consider her to be very healthy at the moment unlike Rengar's Q, which is now changed. So I doubt there would be a revert though I would love to be able to play the old Katarina again.
I miss getting pentas by literally just pressing everything on my keyboard without having any idea what I was doing, just because I was slightly fed
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: lol bif you build squisg i usually heal others for up to 300 health poer second(dependiong on allies attack speed or spellcast speed). Try her tank with someone like jinx and lol, thats just permahealing +lifesteal xd tho i agree she is not designed a sa healer
Ya obviously the "29" was an under-exageration, the point of it being that it's high risk low reward, hence why support ashe has a global 40% win rate and a 25% win rate in diamond +
: I never got chat restricted, Im waiting!
As long as you're consistent with it, it'll happen, if you stay silent in most of your games it'll **probably** be fine tho
Solash (EUW)
: Nightbringer Fiora - Skin Concept/Fan-Art
Yeah sure, a darker themed skin would definitely be a good addition to Fiora :3
Solash (EUW)
: New Irelia Splash (Plus Login music)
Whoah, she cute now new main for sure (cause I main people based on how cute they are)
Luniya (EUNE)
: How sweet of you <3
Hehe =3= **blush**
Luniya (EUNE)
: You made dis? ... **Steals** ... I made dis.
You can use if you want, is royalty free =3=
UchihaBlood (EUNE)
: I'm really glad you've had babies it's a hard job especially that you were blessed with 5 babies, do your best I'm sure you'll be a great a parent!
I hope so too *tear*
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: New champion teaser ? {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Ah you got me ;3
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: {{champion:22}} with font of life and ardent xd
That's like a 29 health heal tho hehe s:
Mreeshai (EUW)
: Would {{champion:76}} work or do you consider her heal too weak?
Full ap nida's heal is good enough to be considered a healer, but if playing as a healer, she's missing on a lot of her kit and she doesn't benefit from going in either I was talking about something more like, the heal being conditional and needing you to be in a dangerous position in order to dish out heavy heals, some kind of high risk high reward healer
Having **another kind** of healer would be great, rather than just having a squishy backline healer that just buys all the healing items he can, like every healer we already have in League another kind being whatever, a frontline tanky healer, a marksman healer whatever the %%%, something that has to put itself in danger would be a nice little sight
Febos (EUW)
: I don't know if you have been following the lore, but it's coming together really nice: [Universe of League](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com) This is hard work since League has quite an expensive world and many stories to be told. It isn't fair to say "lore isn't very defined", because the lastest pieces (2015 onwards) are indeed that.
They've been working hard on it lately but there's still lots of pieces missing in the lore, a lot of things that aren't linked in any way, until recently there wasn't anyone at riot really in charge of making sure it all fits in, like it was just separate works, sure very high quality works but in the end they were just put together without any real link Now I hear that they've been trying to make everything fit into place perfectly hence why there's been so many lore updates going around, and that's something I really appreciate them taking the effort doing since it doesn't really rack in the moneyz for them
: League of Legends movie franchise
I see, that would be very different from the usual lore based movie suggestion and probably more realistic since the lore isn't very defined as it is (although they have been making efforts to make it all fit into place recently)
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