: Revert akali
Akali is pretty storng, low win rate is because people don't know how to play her As a matter of fact, for players with more experience on her, she has a 56% win rate which is pre high 97% of players that play akali have little to no experience, so it's normal that they wouldn't be able to do as well as players with experience, hence the low win rate
: How do the 'XP Boosts' work
Win boost = + 210 xp / game won Day boost = doubles xp earned every game for the whole day If you can spam games for a whole day, Day boost is way better, if you can only play a few games each day, win boost is better, if you want to really grind for xp, get both, they stack
: Ehm... I don't think it's going to have as many leagues as regular ranked. Kinda... On regular basis we have a span of ~3400 LP broken into 7 Leagues and 34 divisions (+challenger and master), playable for almost a year before new placements. If this special mode has a duration of a month or two, then it obviously should be several times shorter (so that people could climb anywhere other than playing 12h/day). PS: > Since you absolutely don't want to have two OTPs that play the same champ in a single game Why, but I'd be delighted to see this! :D
Even with no leagues the mmr system is still the same, you either get super long queues or u either get OTPs at diamond level matched against bronze OTPs There's just not enough OTPs to fill a whole queue by themselves, specially considering that 90% of OTPs are mid top and jungle, filling the last two spots, specially support would take a ridiculous amount of time and PS : I'm talking about two OTPs playing the same champ in the same team, not mirror matchups
: Poppy is already in a position where she's either a siege minion, or a raid boss. I feel tweaking her like this would push her more towards the latter. She's more of a niche pick; someone you should take into teams with lots of dashes, rather than "creating" dashes for her on everyone.
Then why not nerf siege minions as an undirect buff to poppy ?
: OTP 5 vs 5 mode
Since you absolutely don't want to have two OTPs that play the same champ in a single game, draft pick wouldn't work, instead they'd probably have to use some kind of team builder thing like they used to, but even with regular players, team builder would take 30 - 45 mins to find games in gold, so imagine how long it'd take to find games if you only include OTPs Then also consider that the average OTP is high silver, it really would make wait times crazy asf for anyone that's high gold or higher, either that or you'd have to completely ignore all mmr just to get a match started, which would make everythign way too imbalanced The idea itself isn't a bad idea but having something exclusive to OTPs just makes the targeted playerbase way too small for the wait times to be worth it
Febos (EUW)
: [Universal Boards Rules: Inappropriate Discussions](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/3eWpXbJi-universal-boards-rules-updated-27-04-16) Politics.
Yousef37 (EUW)
: Can someone invite me to a game on pbe?
Don't know if it works but like I don't have anything better to do rn so
: Where did the live support go?
I don't know for sure but if I had to guess it'd be because there's either too much work for them to handle atm or the live chat was mostly miss-used and didn't contribute to much But again, these are just guesses at best
: So the best thing i can do is not use the chat at all I guess? I mean in game 1 the jayce was our support and just went to my lane and took all my cs thats why I said "report jayce ty". In the second game the yi wrote some pretty nasty stuff thats why i said something like "you are a ..." and thats why i wrote "and ur reported". In this case I dont see whats wrong if I report someone who is verbal abusing me. Its my first ever chat ban and i just didnt think i could get a chatban for being mad about people who are literally stealing my role or verbal abusing me in the chat. I did not know that telling someone that I will report them is not allowed. In the game with jayce for instance my entire team wrote "report jayce pls". Thanks for all your quick answers!
1 - don't ask for reports, it's 100% useless since 1 honor has the same value as 9 honors, just report him yourself, and there's no need to tell a player that you're gonna report him either 2 - if what you're gonna say in chat is toxic, just don't say it keep the chat for saying nice things, jokes, calls, questions or whatever else that's not toxic, there's litterally no need to say toxic stuff
: Why am I chatbanned for this?
Firstly : pre lvl 30 it's much easier to get punished, this is how they filter the most toxic players so that they keep getting permabanned before reaching most of the playerbase Secondly : all you do is complain and ask for reports, ofc it's toxic
iahmad20 (EUW)
: " did try giving second chances " when was that ? who was that ? no one got a second chance ...literally in my surrondings only 14 person got perma banned and they never fot a second chance ...none gets a second chance that's why I started this conversation ...if you can make the system better while the game still nice ...if you can make all happy no in the pursuit of others ...then why not doing that ? you mean ...you are putting people who was their blood boiling to win and just chating in the same place with scums who come troll hard and just doesn't care about winning they just care about tilting you and making you hardly mad in same place ? you are saying that people who gets hacked doesn't deserve a second chance ? in the end it wasn't their fault they got hacked they did put passwords but riot has no supporting codes or sections in this type of things ...I mean cmon a game which is probably played by more than 600 million people ...the security options are just email and password ? OH WOW my little brother can hack that in 3 hours ffs ...my friend who has his password like 25 digits got hacked ! so you are saying perma banning him he deserves it ? you are just being inhuman ...more likely a robot ...and stop saying the can int so to fill their frustration I already said people who just wanna win but they chat disable them from chat ..people who troll hard and intentionally feeds those are the ones who deserve banns ...in the end they are the ones who starts the thing out
Dude honestly if you want anyone to take you seriously and even just read what you have to say, learn how to form proper sentences and to use line breaks No one wants to read a badly written brick of text, it's not hard to format it I couldn't even get past the first 2 lines before giving up on reading the rest
: I don't understand people ? Why people downvoted this ? He just wanted URF to comeback because SR is getting more boring . He just wants something new and fun. I don't understand. Are people that damaged ? wtf
: When u're calm all time with a good behavior and you suddenly blows up XD
Blakex13x (EUW)
: you really are naive.
: Arcane Kaisa's splash art looks totally out of character
Arcade kaisa ?* for relevance : https://i.imgur.com/ifDcz8j.jpg
: Yes I concede the point about feathers CD being individual, but that still doesn't make the two comparable, considering my previous response. Xayah's deadly plumage autos is equivalent to Kalista's autos+rend, while Xayah has the additional damage of blade caller on top, which to add salt in the wound also scales with critical strike.
You don't auto while ur in stasis, that has nothing to do with the post
: You know what I mean, punishment on one infriction
Oh alright, no I didn't know what you meant lol one infraction is only enough to get punished if you cross the line, whether or not u crossed the line is down to whoever is assessing the report so there's no garantee
: Than what if not this would be enough for instant punishment? And I also don't believe that such a player has an otherwise "tame" chat history. You don't just fall on your keyboard and write this by accident after thousands of games being nice or silent
Well not instant since it takes a few days to a week for players to get punished manually
: Noone believes in the support, it's a joke. I did a support request for the player who wrote "I hope your family dies" after the game to another player(including screenshot and link to the match history of the game). Support answered with "we will look into it but we are not allowed to tell you if any actions are taken". Player is still playing, so they rules it as not ban worthy. Not worth putting time in including support. And we are not talking about some hidden message but "I hope your family dies". If the IFS can't detect this after billions or trillions of games, it will never be able to.
Maybe the player you reported had no history in toxicity, maybe the rest of the chat was pretty tame or maybe the support who reviewed the case just didn't consider "I hope your family dies" as something worth a 14d ban Regardless there are so many variables that could make the suppot decide that a chat restriction was the proper way to handle that rather than a 14d ban, since when u get down to it, it all depends on what the person reviewing the case thinks the best course of action is The support does it's job and don't just ignore people who deserve to be punished, but u shouldn't be expecting them to always 14 day or permaban a player when you report it to them, they might simply get chat restricted, assuming they deserve to be punished
: Didn't Riot literally promise they would punish stuff like "death threats" and "death wishes" after 1 infraction? How can they fail to get literally "I hope your family dies" or "I hope you all get aids"? A 7 year old with Java Script could write a chat filter that get's those
the IFS is a machine learning program that's still learning, keep reporting and adding text to your reports and it'll help it's learning process, it's easy to create a strict system but there can be so many ways to talk about aids without it being toxic The hard part for the IFS is to learn the difference between when it's toxic or not, since one of IFS's main design concept is to try to never punish an innocent player, that's a priority that goes before punishing the toxic ones However if you think a player was toxic but wasn't caught by the IFS, the riot player support is always there to take manual reports and review those cases to punish accordingly
: It could be a heat wave from Africa, here in Spain its normal to have 15-20 degree average then out of nowhere have hell with 27-30 degree weather until a cold wave comes from the Atlantic.
playing ping pong with the weather
: Firstly {{champion:498}} feathers last for 6 seconds, so no you should still have them... You really want to get me started in not only the damage, but also the levels of CC the two champions E provides? With {{champion:498}} her playstyle is more quick caster, Q auto (small fight), or several autos into R (larger fight) then instant E, not only for the burst, but quite often more for the CC in the root. Even if you dont get the full stack of feathers down for max E damage, its still worth while, and you can continue to do 120% (20% of W passive) AD ratio damage. With {{champion:429}} she is more prolonged fights and relies on her E as an execute. Even with her rend counted, due to the poor AD ratio on on additional spears, and her 90% auto passive, she is literally doing about 120% AD per auto... Xayah gets that just from her W. Balance??
firstly xayah's feathers each have an internal cooldown of 6 seconds, unlike kalista who's rend refresh the duration of every rend stack, meaning after GA u only have 33% of your feathers left, but not to mention that you'd have to be an idiot to just stay between xayah and her feathers while she's in stasis So it's the same thing, even if xayah has a few feathers left after GA, there's no one there to be hit by them making xayah's e just as useless as kalista's e, if you don't use it before GA
: It's quite the opposite here in Serbia... Our summers are usually 4 months of 35°C every day and the last week has been quite refreshing with a lot of rain.
we stealin ur heat booi
agatami (EUW)
: Veigar's ult damage is unbelievable, why don't change some things on that?
Veigar's R does less damage than his q unless the target is low hp, he's completely reliant on hitting his E which is very easy to bait and has a long cd
iahmad20 (EUW)
: Riot System Its Time To Go down
perma chat restrics where a thing in the past, as a result the people who got perma chat restricted just started inting to vent their frustration intead of flaming the current system apparently has a 96% reform rate or sum so it's already good enough, you can't change everyone The people who get perma banned are those that you can't change Regardless riot did try giving second chances to people who got perma'd, and the vast majority of them just got banned again And less than 0.1% players get permabanned, you can't really concider such a small part to be riot's playerbase, even in fact, it's people that riot don't even want as clients
: lol. Just stay hydrated and don't dress as if it's christmas then you're all good! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Might as well just not get dressed at all
: The heatwave in Europe just now is because of a hot air mass coming from north africa. It will be even hotter next week.
Should I be writting my will already ?
: But I like buttcheeks
but buttcheeks are meat o:
: im vegan
Well I mean you don't have to use buttcheeks ig
: In Holland same, wednesday 37 degrees
hot enough to fry bacon on ur buttcheeks
: I can't find a single proper game with a friend on draft pick
If legitimate that's really unlucky of you, I play a lot with a friend with much lower mmr than me and we get our desired roles 95% of the time, and the 5% of the time we don't, usually just asking for a switch is enough to get our roles anyway So yeah mmr isn't a reason for the to happen, it's most likely just bad luck
F1r3B3ll (EUW)
: its snowing as %%%% here in sweden
I mean I guess sweden is a cold country but is that normal for a summer ?
Backstard (EUNE)
: Matchmaking Mechanics
You're delusional, the only reason you're having a bad time now is because you're at the rank you deserve but expect to keep climbing No one in his right mind would ever get boosted to silver The only reason why you have such a bad win rate is because you have no idea how to win, your macro suks ass, even when you go 19/2 you end up losing cause despite having such a big lead as an adc you let the game last 42 mins and give jax all the time in the world to become a hyper carry If you have a lead, use it, don't just sit around trying to get more kills or whatever, get turrets, put pressure on the map, get objectives and get the win instead of just messing around You might think you deserve better than silver because you win your lane more often than not but winning lane means jackpoop if you don't know how to win a game using that lead Stop focusing on micro play and learn how to improve your macro and then maybe you'll get out of silver
: Kalista's Rend and Guardian Angel both having 4 seconds.
I think it's fine as it is, it's about the same for xayah, if you don't e before your GA procs it's on u imo
Hansiman (EUW)
: Last year was an abnormaly warm summer for Norway, and we had a very hot period early spring that was unusual for the time.
climate change shenanigans
Rioter Comments
XIwrenIX (EUW)
: Bronze players in gold games
considering the trynda you got, I'd say the average mmr in both teams is the same
Lx5fq (EUNE)
: I've got a question
I would say fps drops like these are normal for every computer My old computer would always drop from 30 fps to like 5 in teamfights and my current computer always drops from 180 to like 120 fps in teamfights (hence why I just cap my fps to avoid changes) But idk maybe that's not something normal :shrug: I'm just wondering why you'd only have 40 fps with those specs
Sefi (EUNE)
: Don't kid yourself, we'll get another quest event with an icon for free and a reskin marketed as prestige.
: That would cost them a lot of money - the skin idea. Why not just make everything able to be purchased. Or some kind of missions system where you collect tokens to unlock any skin. Even though it would ruin the value of really rare skins.
Making skins available for a sking day wouldn't cost any money, if anything it would increase sales post event since players would have had the ocasion to try out and enjoy skins that they might then want to purchase once the skins aren't available for free anymore
: re-releasing locked skins like silver kayle/judgement kayle would also be a nice idea
People who already have these skins always make a fuss when riot does that kind of stuff lol
: If a zed ults a 1k ap veigar, the veigar will either burst the zed with 2 abilities or press zhonyas. Its not difficult to kill a zed. You just need to move around and press w on top of you then r.
Here's some maths for you : lvl 18 zed with a maw and edge of night : 103 mr 2279 hp veigar with 1000 ap : q = 830 dmg, accounting for mr = 415 dmg that leaves zed with 1863 hp (20% missing hp) veigar's R against 20% missing hp = 1075 * 1.3 = 1397 dmg, accounting for mr = 700 dmg zed is left with 1163 hp or 50% hp after u "bursted him down" and that doesn't even include the fact that he could totally have edge of night up to absorb your q (and if u manage to hit zed with ur w then he deserves to get bursted (since it's just to easy to instantly jump back to your shadow, a triple q is enough to burst a veigar down), but then again he'd still be plenty healthy if he just used his edge of night Ad assassins are way too good against imobile mages, as long as they don't get cc'd a mage is completely at their mercy (if ur curious with a void staff the q does 460 dmg and the r 800 dmg, so it's really not gonna make a difference since he'll be left with around 5% less hp with boots and morello, q goes up to 490 dmg and r to 850 dmg, still not even popping zed's maw shield) So yeah, unless u land ur cage, ur not gonna burst any ad assassin, unless they didn't get a maw but in that case what even are they trying to do ?
Kirian (EUW)
: So. Let me explain something real simple to you. Read the abilities. Irelia's Q cd resets if she kills the unit she Q's to. Annie's Q refunds mana if it kills the unit it hits. Same with Vel'Koz, he gets a 50 mana refund for each unit he kills with his Q.
: I once saw a Annie that hacked. She used her Q on minons and didn't lost mana.
Sometimes I see irelia q like 7 minions instantly even tho her q is supposed to have a 2 or 3 second cd, really can't stand hackers
Blakex13x (EUW)
: MMR?
the mmr shown on third party websites was always just a simple estimation and not your actual mmr value If riot shared people's mmr, it wouldn't take long before people reverse engineer exactly how it works to start abusing the system as much as they like
Rioter Comments
Omniii (EUNE)
: Veigar Passive Is Too Good In Low Elo
veigar is a zone control mage, without his e he becomes useless and is very easy to punish, his R is an execute that'll only really do any reliable dmg on targets below 50% hp if veigar can't land his e (eg : if you bait his cage) he can't land his w and unless he already has 1500 ap, his q won't be enough to get any ad assassin below 50% considering maw is a must buy in that situation Not mentioning how a ton of ad assassins have ways to mitigate his damage (Zed's R, shaco's R, talon's R etc), killing veigar as an assassin is a piece of cake, it doesn't matter how much ap he gets, if he can't land his cage he'll quickly become useless if you ask me nasus is a bigger problem since when he gets to his raid boss spike, he has so much damage that he needs to be a priority target to your adc or else nasus is just gonna bop his head in, but at the same time as being a priority target he's also a really tanky dude, which soaks a lot of damage and cooldowns on a tank, leaving the rest of his team at an advantage Althought admitedly I rarely ever see a nasus getting to that point in the game, except in ARAM where stack gains are doubled and you can easily get 1000 stacks in 20 mins and with higher gold generation letting him get tanky faster too, but that's not relevant to the issue at hand
: With Death's men plate + flash + Protobelt Hex you can get in your R range from nexus gate in no more than 2 sec. With that you can get half of nexus health. I agree that's not broken . But saying that it's as strong as sions passive is just stupid.
Lulu has an 80% slow, nasus has his wither, if u see a mordekaiser just running around like it's no one's business then people aren't playing well enough No one said it was as strong as sion's passive, it's just similar in that people can use it to ignore teams to bash a nexus, except more reliably, there have been hundreds of games won by sion's passive ignoring teams and shoving on the nexus, same with trynda's R, kindred's R or taric's R They're all much more reliable, so in a way, better for that purpose, morde using his R to end the game that way needs to rely nearly entirely on his enemy team missplaying and not engaging him while he's at a distance
: Can you stun kindred while she ults? Can you stun sion passive and kill it? Can you stun kayle or tryndamere? Yes? Oh wait you can't do anything to Morde if he decide to ult weakes member to team.
Yet again an immobile champion shouldn't be able to walk up to your nexus unless your team let's him by not engaging on him while he's still away, you don't wait for him to be in R's range of your nexus before engaging him Morde's R isn't that big, it's around just a bit bigger than caitlyn's auto range, so he'd have to be sitting juts in front of your dead turrets before ulting to be able to hit your nexus in his R, do you not realise how much time that leaves your whole team to punish him before he gets there ? Sure if he manages to get there there's not much you your support can do except stall for 7 seconds with cc), and with a nexus with 5500 hp, it's hard to think that a solo morde with around 0.9 attack speed at lvl 18 would be able to destroy the whole nexus anyway, it's not like their morde built any attack speed or lich bane, and accounting for lulu's 3 seconds of hard cc, that leaves him with 4 seconds where he'll be able to land 3 hits, not even acounting for lulu's 80% slow while he walks his way over to the nexus which would probably make him waste another 2 seconds, so at most you'd have a morde hitting the nexus once or twice, if played correctly, and those 2 hits wouldn't do 2750 dmg each So no, it's not busted, firstly you'd need to let him get super close to your nexus, and then unless your nexus was already low, he wouldn't be able to finish it within these 7 seconds unless your support let's him do whatever he wants It's not a busted interaction, not in the least, OP's team played it really badly, that's all there is to it
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