: Garen counter-play
Really depends on who you're playing tbf Any examples of champs you'd play into him ?
492810 (EUW)
: I want to play ARAM only with the champions that i enjoy playing
I'd be nice if I could play what I want all the time, but it wouldn't be nice if others could play what they wanted all the time too; then you'd en up with a meta in ARAM, constantly playing against the same champions and teamcomps, which would pretty much ruin the fun of ARAM So no, riot won't do something about that, riot has actually been thinking about doing the opposite to fight the problem of ARAM accounts that have a limited champion pool for the sake of having higher odds of playing the champions they want in ARAM
: wishing cancer the only solution?
> that are 100% playing for one reason and one reason only, to lose and provoke What good would it do to show them that they've successfully provoked you? if that's their goal from the start
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: the support nerf thread went to rank shaming and otherwise just trading insults pretty fast lol
I can spare 2500BE I guess, add me (obviously no need to pay me back or anything tho)
DamiNess (EUNE)
: NEW CHAMPION SUGGESTION Escarus - The Ambassador of the Sun
Hey this is actually alright, it's a simple juggernaut style champion but simple doesn't mean it's bad There are a few things that I'd think about a bit more tho Firstly I'd make his passive damage scale with level or something, 5% of his max hp as damage over 5 seconds is **a lot** early game, at level 6 he'd have around 1000 hp, that's 250 dmg to anyone who hits you (around 170 after resistances), which is probably a lot more than the damage their hit against you would do Also on the same note, his passive punishes people that hit you, but at the same time, his kit doesn't give them a reason to hit you either, so I'd suggest implementing a taunt somewhere in there ___ These are just one of 2 ways to change the little parts of his kits that might need a little touch up : - his q applies Sunburn, this way you have a reliable way to apply sunburn even without them having to hit you, and you can also then use your e to stun from a distance, giving him better gapclosing ability - adding a 3 hit passive to his w that taunts the person hit on the third hit, with a delay between each taunt, and on top of that adding a stackable bonus attack speed buff (scaling with hp?) for each person hit by his R, that attack speed steroid would make it so that he could actually make use of that 3 hit passive - considering his q gives him bonus attack damage and that he isn't really a caster either, it would make sense for him to have an attack speed steroid somewhere in his kit to make use of that bonus ad - there are plenty of other ways to fix up little imperfections (and then of course he'd probably need number changes to adjust to any change made to his kit) ___ Anyway that was just my little humble opinion on your concept, the fact that I took my time to write about this simply means that I liked your concept :3
: Why people in the forum are 24/7 pressed and their replies are just toxic spam?
I see that happen, typically on ban appeal kind of posts; but regardless it doesn't seem to be the norm overall Do you mind sharing a few examples of those threads to illustrate your point ?
: Why we don't get XP from TFT?
Because xp is irrelevant to tft Even tho they share the same client, league and tft are two different games
Zynvra (EUNE)
: Question
I'm pretty tired so I might be wrong, but if I recall corectly these kind of events last for 2 weeks
: Win / win / defeat is not the same as defeat / win win
The demotion shield is only there to protect you from due to bad luck **after having been promoted**, it's not permanent and won't protect you from demotion because of a big loss streak after a while of playing in your division
: What is wrong with Dr. Mundo!?
Pretty simple, camille is a diver while mundo a juggernaut A diver is a fighter intended to kill high priority targets while a juggernaut is meant to break down anything they reach while being able to resist a ton of damage You beat a mundo by killing him before he reaches your team, if he gets to you he's probably gonna kill you so it's not a good idea at all to try to 1v1 him, specially as a melee champion That being said, if he has the right drakes (a mix of ocean and mountain), he can become literally unkillable, and if he gets a mix of fire and cloud he can make up for his lack of mobility and get to your team way too easily while dealing too much damage for it to be healthy But that's just my opinion ___ Anyway Camille's not a good matchup against mundo, he has a 54% win rate against her
Samseii (EUW)
: Question about certain interactions with flash
I'm bad at explaining these kind of things with words so bear with me, the difference is probably due to targetting, jhin's w, like lux's q, ahri's e or ez's q, is a skillshot while mordekaiser's q or annie's w target an area in front of them skillshots damage the first or multiple enemies hit in a line from the cast location to the however long the range is while morde's q and annie's w target whatever is in front of them, and the damage is only applied at the end of the cast time, so if you relocate yourself with flash you change the source location of the damage Once you cast a skillshot, you can't change the cast location anymore since it's not linked to your character's position idk do that make sense ?
: New Champion Idea:
This sounds a lot more like a goose than a duck to me
: Is anyone still enjoying this game
Idk if this will be useful to you but recently I've been playing with every sound except voices and pings turned off and it's very relaxing, maybe give that a try and see if you enjoy it ?
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: they can just rework old champs, so many are just never played.
They're doing both at once, the wukong rework is nearly finished apparently
: REAL Toxicity isn't punished at all
statistically speaking : > wow he called me a reeetord! No way I'm going to let people offend me on the Interwebs! I'm going to uninstall league right now! is more likely to happen ____ Also, what exactly do you gain from calling people useless ? You think they're randomly gonna stop being useless because you called them out on it or are they gonna tilt more ? Toxicity makes everything worse than it already is Say whatever you want, riot has done plenty of research with a lot of it available publicly which supports their views on toxicity : not only is toxicity utterly useless, it's also one of the leading causes as to what makes people actually stop playing league
Shozis (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PurpleOrk,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NgBIN44k,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-29T05:44:06.065+0000) > > Always keep your chat disabled in-game. Otherwise, ban, ban, BAN. My chat is not disabled and I use it quite actively but I haven't gotten any bans or chat restrictions in 7 years that I play League.
Sonaakii (EUW)
: Most of these comments are to complain, and everybody will downvote your comment for that The game is unplayable sometimes, yes It has problems, yes But if you find only trollers, inters and bad person to play with then play with premades and you'll start seeing the game good again Riot can fix their games, but not the mentality of people which become more and more stupid with time
> then play with premades Assuming everyone has friends lul ____ But anyway, riot has been going strong for 10 years, they %%%%ed up the game a bunch of times already, but they fix it again It's been like, what a week or sum since pre season started ? gotta give riot some more time Gonna have to say they changed too much at once tho
CJXander (EUNE)
: How far can this community go?
I don't think he's mad because he lost but because of your team's picks, they're pretty cheese But hey, firstly cheese doesn't win games and it doesn't excuse toxicity either
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >Why there is more men who play on league and less women? Even if it is true, then this simply means that men find this game more entertaining than women. Nothing wrong here. >no girl played in the world Maybe just no woman was good enough or could fit good into the team? Also I really dislike argument, that there was no X on Y. Unless there is a rule (either official of unofficial) forbidding someone to do something because of their gender, then there is nothing to complain. Should I get angry that in the last Miss World competition not even a single man fought for the crown. >and why 'Egirl'!!!!!!!, it's a discriminate word I mean, what do you want in this part? Are you angry that the word "egirl" means something negative or what? >all skin for females champions are abused How are they abused? O.o Those are only few pixels, they can't be abused. And honestly speaking, Riot skins are really child friendly. Saw games with way more exposing and sexy costumes for champions. Whats more, they are not even close to what girls post themselves on Instagram (those are closer to pornography than a costume photo).
Not agreeing with OP's statement but there is a real stigma against women in competitive e sports (not from the public's perspective but coming from the people who manage pro teams) Simply put, pro teams are scared to recruit women because (to put it simply) relationships = drama I've heard of a bunch of aspiring pro female players rejected simply because of their gender It has already happened tho, I remember that one thresh girl that used to play in LCS, but she decided to retire early; i don't remember why And on the other hands you have make believe full female teams that aren't pro level at all but they just pick random plat - low diamond girl players and shove them into the pro scene as a publicity stunt which in terms just ridicules the female playerbase unjustly So the pro scene isn't entirely closed to female players but still, I can see how all that would be discouraging to aspiring players
: ahh yeah the 25 g chat restrict i got cause mid asked me if i wanted a kiss better and i said yeah on my balls lmfao makes alot of sense and yeah i wasent exactly the nicest guy but this kid messed my whole jungle up if he dident wanna leash me thats fine just let me know but dont come drop 1 auto then leave me. and you also dont see here all of the games ive played before this over 40 in 3 days where ive been super nice and supportive of my team keeping them from tilting flaming each other i think im allowed 1-2 bad games out of 40 dont you?
> And on a more personal note, you need to change the way you think about these things, shifting the blame on other people doesn't work and just makes you look bad And again the first thing you do in your reply is shift the blame Regardless, you actually are allowed to have bad games, but if you get punished for them then that means that your "bad games" aren't as rare as you seem to think they are, one thing you can do, to somewhat visualize it, is contact the riot support and ask them for your data, and after a period of 30 days, you'll be able to see the list of reports you received Keeping in mind it's normal to receive false reports and they have not much value, it just kinda gives you an idea as to how many people didn't enjoy playing with or against you
: Do you like to seem the smartest? Imagine that my report is affecting something and that this person’s account is blocked? It will be very funny, let them blame it on the developers. XD There is no point in playing this game to win. I will troll and have fun along the way, sending reports to the heroes who, in my opinion, are not balanced, both in my team and in the opposing team.
: suspension?
This does not deserve a 14 day ban, but it does deserve an escalation on your punishment ladder; so assuming you had already received a 25g chat restriction, would land you a 14 day ban regardless And if you haven't received a 25g chat restriction yet, feel free to contact riot support for them to reassess your punishment level into a chat restriction (friendly reminder that they have access to basically all your history tho, so lying to them would accomplish the opposite nothing) And on a more personal note, you need to change the way you think about these things, shifting the blame on other people doesn't work and just makes you look bad, you can't possibly read your chat logs and tell me you're not guilty of being toxic af They have their own punishment ladder and their own history, their case is handled separately from yours, in privacy
: report heroes
You say that as if your actions actually have a weight, but let me reassure you, what you want to do will have absolutely no impact on anyone No player is gonna get banned and no ressources are gonna be wasted by riot, the only person who's gonna lose anything is you wasting your time with false reports The IFS doesn't work the way you seem to think it does, reports have no weight by themselves, reports only matter if they've actually broken the rules
Gedanox (EUW)
: Genius idea!!!!!1!111!!!!!11! GODLIKE RITO
You're the one with your own username
Bæka (EUW)
: It's a bit of a clash between them. Veigars ult oneshots any unit lower than he is, while Crystal units are supposed to take a maximum amount of damage in one attack from a certain champion. Veigars ult is probably supposed to oneshot them, though it's still a bit like 2 unstoppable objects hitting each other.
veigar's tooltip no longer states that he one shots lower stared units, instead it reads : > If Veigar is a higher star level than his target, the damage is increased to 19999. This means that it shouldn't one shot units with the crystal bonus that caps the damage to a certain limit
: Damn, you got me there actually.
: What other games ban people for use of chat?
Morrhen (EUW)
: How to ALWAYS get unbanned
It's also generally a good idea to threaten to sue riot for denying you access to the skins you worked hard to afford
Hajictan (EUW)
: spamming pings
Even if u can mute it, it's still griefing You can mute chat too, but that doesn't mean that people who use chat to be toxic don't get punished You probably can get punished for ping spam, but I feel like that would be a delicate situation as it might be hard for the IFS to determine if the pings are meant to grief or not, so maybe try your luck by reporting the player via a support ticket ? I wouldn't really have much hopes for it tho
: 189 Lvl Unranked aram player , you're not the one to talk to :/ go play more aram or bot game please
Ah yes, very relevant to my comment
: why League Of Legends player community low IQ ?
You sure are well spoken for someone trying to trash talk a whole community as being of low IQ
Kasten4 (EUW)
: So why is support being gutted?
In mid season 9 or so, iirc, riot said they wanted to bring back more focus on the ability to solo carry games, so that's probably a reason why solo lanes are being favored right now It's probably in an ask riot or dev log video on league's utube Regardless all of that is still somewhat experimental, with so many changes at once, you'll have to give riot more time to adjust to something that they think is fine
: Getting ganked legit gives it negative gold efficiency, and buying it on ADCs is terrible
Every lethality item has a negative gold efficiency tho, youmus is only 3% more gold efficient than sanguine blade without it's passive The point is, when used as intended, it's as if you had 1 item more than your oponent It's not an item meant to be used for lanning, the whole point of it is to get solo picks, if you want to just stay in lane then buying this item isn't what you should get And I agree that even if some adcs have synergy with that item, most of the time you won't get to use the item to it's fullest simply because an adc's kit isn't too suited to dueling
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: Sorry if my posting doesn't contribute any factual details, but did you just say "for free for buying a 3k gold item"?
it's a weird way of phrasing it but it basically refers to the item's cost efficiency, the item is 174% cost efficient in 1v1, which is ridiculous
Shamose (EUW)
: Senna and Pyke won't give 2 shits about these changes though.
pretty sure the new ad item will be good on thresh too, big ol bitsh slaps
: what baffles me is the penalty for farming as it's not explained in the slightest. does the shield line count your CS? if it does then picking a shield is a disadvantage as you already are doing minions so you can easily exceed the 20 CS per 5 minutes limit, why doesn't the thing go away once you complete the item? i get them wanting to reduce the gold for supports like brand, lux and vel'koz but once you reach tier 3 you lose the 3 charges AND can't farm because of the penalty? Explain, Rito, EXPLAIN
With 3 charges every 45 seconds, if u use up every charge with no downtime you hit exactly 20 cs / 5 mins Considering it lines up exactly with the limit, I'm gonna guess that it does count towards it
Typhl0 (EUW)
: pls make fizz's Q flashable
Pretty sure that's already a thing
JustTits (EUNE)
: TFW you're getting banned for personal reasons on Boards while..
zDontzu (EUW)
: why does riot games ignore this "player behaviour" thread
1 - Every post on the player behaviour thread is basically the same over and over, the few exceptiions usually end up on the hot page 2 - People who post here are a loud minority, they do not represent the playerbase 3 - There's litterally no way for you to know if rioters look into these threads or not (but they probably don't anyway)
Antipathy (EUNE)
: What happenes when the season ends?
Preseason is ranked speedrun time
lami313 (EUNE)
My CPU averages 3 to 7% usage while playing league But if I check each logical processor individually I can see that CPU15 is overloaded constantly while playing league, and I have no idea if that's relevant
: does the ban system even ban?
Here's a lil brief on how the IFS works : - You report someone, which in turn causes the IFS to investigate the game and the player's history (a single report, or 9 reports does exactly the same thing, hence why it's really not worth your time to ask for reports) - If the player said anything racist, xenophobic, homophobic, death threats, telling someone to kill themselves etc etc, the player is put on a 14 day ban, or a permaban if the player had already received a 14 day ban - If not, the IFS checks to see if the player has a history of toxicity, you need to be consistently toxic to get punished - If the IFS determines that the player was consistently toxic, it escalates the player on his punishement ladder, it goes like : 10 game chat restriction, 25 game chat restriction, 14 day ban, permaban* - All of this takes place within 15 minutes of the end of a game (meaning they have the time to play one more game before being punished, if they start it right after the previous game) *your punishement level lowers over time, but that takes a lot of time** ___ And here are a few reasons as to why the player you reported has not been banned : - They really weren't as toxic as what you make it out to be - They had not received a 25 game chat restriction before - They have no history of toxicity, this game was one of very few games they had been toxic - They sneaky Also note that calling someone dog shit and calling people of x nationality dog shit holds completely different meaning, both are toxic but one is xenophobic and the other isn't, which puts them on different levels of punishement
: I mean permanent in the sense that they won't remove the ban phase again sorry for the confusion.
That's alright no worries, I personally don't think it's needed but I can see how some people wouldn't want to play against x or y
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Pretty sure he's talking about banning phase? Not sure though
Possibly, I wouldn't have called them permanent bans if that was the case tho
: aram needs permanent bans
ur not even gonna mention who you think should get banned ?
: Well, at least I will know in the future to not use that word. Thanks for pointing it out, wouldn't even cross my mind otherwise.
I'm not sure if that's the culprit here but regardless better safe than sorry i guess
: Damn, didn't know it was such a bad word, the system doesn't even censor it.
i'm not sure how the censoring system really works, it might just be a manual word blacklist; but I know that the IFS (the bot that bans you) uses bootleg AI to learn what's acceptable or not, so it could totally learn of words that aren't acceptable that the people who made the censor system didn't think about But idk, it seems pretty stretched
: First offense 14 day ban no slurs, no suggestions of suicide, no bigotry
the only thing I could see getting you a 14 day ban as first offence would be the use of the word mongrel, which is a derogatory term used against people of mixed race either that or something hidden behind %%%%%%, but judging by your claims i'd say it's not that, or is it ?
: Apple music, Spotify
u mean like : https://open.spotify.com/artist/47mIJdHORyRerp4os813jD?si=j7Z67OvxSCOzqiaE__8iTA ?
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