: ADC in laning phase :)
u playing with the wrong kind of adc boi
Glaceon04 (EUW)
: Attack move option
put it on MB5 or sum, it makes it so much smoother, u can alternate between clicking with your thumb and right clicking really fast to kite real good
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Snowdown Drake idea
I mean sure I wouldn't mind that if it was something event exclusive in some kind of rotating gamemode (aka, not ranked)
Shamose (EUW)
: > it's dumb that you can't remake if the dc'd player has buiscuit delivery or commencing stopwatch [A rioter confirmed a year ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7g9nvs/we_cant_remake_the_match_due_to_the_biscuit/dqilcj3/) that things like biscuits, stopwatch, minion demterializer and Viktor Item don't affect remake. There is something else happening that you likely can't see. But it's definitely not related to the things mentioned before.
Idk, it might just be a coincidence but everytime remake fails there seems to be a buiscuit there
: I should've said in-game, sorry for the confusion.
Rioter Comments
Zanador (EUNE)
: Depends on some details. The role selection is enforced by punishments, so if someone got the role of bot and decides to ignore it and just play mid instead, then he can be banned. However if you are 10 minutes in the game for example and someone decides to leave their lane for whatever reason and go mid and stay there, then that is a perfectly acceptable strategy. It would be best if he did this in coordination and with communication, but just going to another lane on it's own after a while is perfectly fine.
considering OP said "mid game", I'm assuming he's complaining about people grouping mid once lanning phase is over personally
Torkl (EUW)
: TFT bugs
> Demons burn mana even if you only have 1 demon yes that's what demons do, just like how assassins jump to the back even if you only have one The demon origin bonus gives them 15/30/45 mana back when they drain mana
: Zoe W snowball in ARAM
Just so u know, to prevent that bug, if you use the snowball you need to hit it and dash to it again (you can use your r before dashing if you don't want to go in) It's still an annoying bug tho
: Addiction
I do play league a lot but that's simply because I have nothing else to do, if I had anything better to do such as hanging out with friends or anything fun, I would gladly do that instead
: I made it to Master!
: who else can do it?
How long did it take you before installing it again ?
JaayD18 (EUW)
: Champion Themes on Spotify
I think the album called "The music of League of Legends Vol.1" by "League of Legends" has a bunch of those, unfortunately it's from 2015 so there's 4 years of content missing Considering putting music on spotify is cheap and in most case self sufficient, I see no reason why they wouldn't drop a Vol.2, maybe they're waitng to have a set number of tracks before doing it ?
: This community
You probably had a bad game and needed to cry on the boards as it is typical for peple answering these posts
: Is this bannable?
Just ignore my other now deleted comment, I commented on the wrong post lol
: jax needs rework Visual and in animations his skins sux and his late game is bad
Don't jax have one of the highest late game win rates at nearly 56% win rate late game ? Even kayle only has a 54% win rate in the late game
: i thought of yuumi too but low elo plat don't know how to work with her
idk maybe try it with a premade instead then
: Stop Playing Ezreal " ADC "
I usually play him with a yuumi I don't like ludens on him tho, I'd rather go for more ad instead
: Top: ornn Mid: ornn Bot: Varus
varus is good wym bot is definitely kalista, she's so underpowered atm
: Garen Needs a Severe Nerf not Buff
I don't think they'll bring him live in his current state on pbe, he mows every melee champion in seconds by building offtank and having built in resistances The fact that he now starts off with 8 ticks on his E instead of 5 and the buffs to his early game passive makes him way too strong in lane, and the fact that he has an attack speed scaling and applies on hits makes him scale much better into the late game I think it's good that he can now scale with attack speed and apply on hits, it allows so much more variation in his build, but he did not need every other buffs on top of that and having all of that added at the same time just created this big mess of a champion At the same time tho, I have a sneaking suspition that he's bugged on pbe right now and applies on hit damage in where he has no place doing that much damage, so the fact that garen completely destroys every melee champ on pbe right now might not be entirely due to his changed kit
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: why do you feel obligated to play the game if you don't like it?
maybe he just wants to get those free emotes idk :shrug:
shadzahar (EUNE)
: Ranks after the game need serious rework
Yeah there's sum wrong with the grading system, I can easily get an S+ on good games as an adc but when my support premade has 80 vision score, 15 control wards bought, 27 kda and 90% kill participation, why'd she be getting an A+ ?
: Vel'Koz Skin Concepts
I feel like a water themed skin would suit him tbf
: > [{quoted}](name=A Red Herring,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=lXpbEopX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-17T21:49:16.383+0000) > > Yes. Most OTPs have significantly higher winrates than the statistical average. If you learn her well enough, you will be able to climb with her. Why do you have time to respond to such a stupid question but totally ignore relevent threads that have massive amounts of views and posts. Or is it soley hansimans job to respond and defend with strawman arguments?
He answers on a bunch of different topics quite frequently, but since he wears that *___~~riot~~___* tag, he's limited as to what he can reply to as his own opinions will often be seen as riot's rather than that of a player, he isn't riot's spoke person and therefor he can't say just whatever he wants
: synchronized accounts in al lregion
I'm gonna completely ignore the part about the skins and the fact that it would be a pretty uncessary burden on the servers and just say that, a lot of account names are taken by different people on different servers, so merging every account across servers would already cause a very big problem when it comes to account names
iZouritre (EUW)
: Autofill is not fair
Hm, this doesn't seem weird i'll be honest, I think neither should count as a full game
: Since when do people have to pay for an achievement system.
Riot recently talked about this, the reason it isn't free is for rarity, they don't want everyone to have "the ultimate mastery", only hardcore fans of x and y champions At first they looked into having it implemented as a loot system but early testing showed them that it "felt unsatisfying and punishing", no clue what this means They also pointed out the fact that this kind of system where they have to maintain achievements for over 140 champions wouldn't be something free for them and that making it RP based would make the system support itself Personally I'm satisfied with their reasoning behind it but u can have your own opinion of it
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Best early game champions that can snowball?
nunu is probably the champion that snowballs the most
: "15" is just an example number, it's not like I have a list of them. The idea is that the number constant of active members is very small. And you'd definitely be part of the list too. Yeah, it's crazy that this post was downvoted a lot.
yeah lol I know it was just a random number, I was just curious about what users came to mind
Cypherous (EUW)
: You can unbind the scroll wheel entirely https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/ecijdilT-how-do-i-disable-mouse-scroll?comment=0003 This means it won't zoom and it won't scroll the shop when ingame
Thinking about it i have absolutely no idea how i navigate in the shop, i have no idea why i couldn't remember something i do so often
: frozen mallet on pyke!
I wonder, does he actually need the slow tho ? his abilities already provide decent lockdown and usually speaking he doesn't fight for too long and therefor wouldn't make the best use out of the slow the stats are good for sure but when it comes to raw stats spear of shojin + transcendence would give more ad (84) and would put you at your cdr cap too with on hit cdr reduction that might provide more utility than the frozen mallet slow would
vipility (EUNE)
: Can we have the option to rebind Zoom In/Zoom Out like in normal games?
I just had to buy a new mouse because of that, my current mouse randomly zooms in and out when I try to zoom out and sometimes randomly zooms in and makes it impossible to zoom out when my jungler's ganking me, it's pretty inconvenient to be forced to follow up on a gank while fully zoomed in tbf (althought quite a fun experience)
: No matter my performance, I get flamed almost every game I play jungle.
As crazy as it is, "mute all" is an actual legit tip that a lot of high elo junglers recommend people do when trying to climb as jungler I've personally never been blamed for anything I do in the jungle, and I can only see three reasons why, I only play SR with friends (not full premade), 90% of the time I play adc and lastly I don't play ranked (and 4 : ig i'm just too positive to remember the negative experiences ?)
: EUW boards population is already very small, it's the same 15~ people posting/commenting all the time. And the "quality" posts (drawings, great suggestions, fan-made champion, game theorizing) are very very rare nowadays. Everybody have moved either to NA boards or to reddit.
Just for fun can u name those 15 people ? The only people I could name would be - u - hansiman - kittygirl - silent note - (surprisingly) red herring - that dude that likes to get all of his posts downvoted to hell Also am completely clueless as to why this post would have upwards of 20 downvotes, that's completely crazy
: duh
I was confused at first and thought you were talking about another new ahri skin, even tho it'd be surprising that they'd shove 2 ahri skins in a row, I just couldn't believe that you were refering to elderwood ahri as a "stripper skin" when, to me, it's probably the least "stripper-like" ahri skin out yet It's very fairy like and nothing about it strikes me as anything remotely sexual, maybe that's just me, or maybe that's just you
: another stripper skin
U talking about elderwood ahri ?
: Pls punish dodging in ARAM harder
it's already punished hard
: > [{quoted}](name=Call me Teddy,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=qMEEVEbJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-16T16:49:50.376+0000) > > I mean just because they don't spend money on little legends doesn't mean they're casual players tho everyone who play TFT a bit seriously, should have atleast a 1 or 2 star right now, cause of the tft missions.
from what I know the missions only give one of 3 one star little legends
: Do only new players play TFT? when i play TFT it feels like this:
I mean just because they don't spend money on little legends doesn't mean they're casual players tho
Ya2yne (EUW)
: hahahahaah nice , have you heard about dota ? this game is 0 compared at skills with that one dude if I stay learn game 5 more days with normal players you will be easy
u must be really bad at dota then since league is 0 skill compared to dota but u still get shat on by the average smurf in league
Ya2yne (EUW)
: new player
sure ur a new player, a new player that goes 19/3/9 on their first bot game, like every new player does don't get so salty cause you're not as good as the other smurfs
: how tha hell am I supposed to buy champions?
Just level up and disenchant stuff ?
Vitral (EUW)
: Yes bots farm against a.i. games, but they dont play like a human, and I do.
bots most commonly farm in 3v3, with the same two sums every single time, buying a bunch of the same items, which is exactly what you do, hence why it looks like you're botting, **at first glance**, but as I said before once u take a closer look it seems unlikely to be the case, i'm sure the riot support will think the same and unban you
Vitral (EUW)
: What do you mean it makes it obvious im botting? There is a 3v3 leveling method where u can rush level 30 playing vs bots with teleport and smite.
Cause that's the kind of thing every bot does
: How do I stop getting tilted for playing against Yasou?
idk maybe try picking him up yourself to learn him a bit more, once you know how to play a certain champ it's easier to play against them too imo and that might help you get less tilted idk :shrug:
Vitral (EUW)
: I got banned for botting but I didnt bot?
If I go down a bit in your match history, at first it makes it very obvious that you are botting considering the builds and summoners, but upon closer inspection it seems somewhat unlikely to be the case as you're winning a good 90% of these games, and a bot wouldn't have a 90% win rate it might be that you simply picked these weird ass builds and didn't try to buff up ur kda while playing simply to stay in "bot queue" where it's much easier to win 3v3 Maybe contact the player support and ask them to review it manually, it seems very unlikley to me that a bot would win so often
: how do i get out of toxic Q?
There are only 3 reasons I can think of that would put you in this situation : 1 - Negativity bias, your mind is focused on the negative and you end up remembering only about the bad players and toxic people, despite there being much more decent normal players that simply slipped out of your mind 2 - You're just going through a very unlucky phase, it happens 3 - You are the reason people get toxic on you, toxicity spreads and if you start every game blaming and arguing with your team or straight up flaming them, a lot of people are gonna throw shit back at you
MrJossy (EUW)
: Chat restricted for arguing about xerath support?
These chat logs are just an example of a behaviour you display on (at least) a semi consistent level, and even tho in those chat logs you don't outright insult them and flame them, you still create an overall negative experience for the rest of your team, you argue with them, threaten to report them and acuse them Most people would get punished for these things, so the fact that you were punished for them just shows that this is an attitude you display frequently Keep in mind that the fact that your team was also flaming doesn't mean that you're exempt from punishment as you're only making the situation worse in that case$ Also a 10 game chat restriction isn't a big punishment, it's basically just riot telling you that if you don't change your behaviour you'll end up gettign banned someday
: " riot can't afford to make skins for unpopular champions" Riot is literally the most played game on the planet and has enough money to get profesional bands such as Imagine Dragon to compose music for them along with getting both fans and respected anime studios such as Studio Mir to make animations for them. I do not believe for a single second that they cannot *afford* to make a skin for any champion they damn well choose to throw money at.
riot can totally afford to make skins for unpopular champions, and they do, but they can't afford to do it all the time the more skins they make for unpopular champs the less time they have to make skins for popular champs, which means they spend more time on skins that generate no money and less time on skins that generate money, if they want to keep spending as much time on popular champs while spending more time on unpopular champions they need to hire more talented artists, (and talented arists that you pay full time are nothing close of cheap) and that still ends up reducing the monetary return on each skin because of the increase on the overall production cost riot makes a shit ton of money for sure, but they also employ a ton of people, most of which are really talented people that get paid a lot because of it if you want numbers in 2018 riot had 2500 employees, and i don't know the average pay but even if they were only paid 1000$ a month, that would still be 2.5 million$ going out each month from riot's pocket to pay everyone, and they most likely paid way way more than 1000$ considering their pay rate averages 4000$ to 12000$ / month according to glassdoor so yeah they make a shit ton of money, but a huge part of it goes back into the game, so they can't just do whatever with the money just because they can or they'd start dying pretty fast
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