: >You don't need the chat to coordinate with people, since you have all the pings already. I have multiple games, where everyone doesn't even talk for the rest of the game and only uses pings to move around, do objectives, etc,. You're missing the point. _You _ don't need it in every game sure, but you're unfairly limiting those who _do_ use it. This isn't about your personal experiences, but the community as a whole. Just because you're not using something doesn't make it irrelevant. >me getting banned, because I called out my teammates that were duo inting/afk. You don't get banned from one slip up unless: You used extreme language OR You've had previous restrictions, at which point you should know by now that other people breaking the rules is not a green light to do so as well. And the language you have to use to skip restrictions to get to a ban is all stuff that you should never really be saying here. You're going to have a lot better time getting over this if you accept responsiblity for it. No one makes you type things. No one makes your behavioural decisions for you. That's on you, and you alone. ------ To reiterate : this has already been trialled and deemed a failed project by Riot in the past. So I'm not just spurting nonsense for the fun of it, this has literally been tried and tested.
It is already not fair to be banished from the game for being toxic, and it makes the probable addicted player start a new account and do worse, and the whole cycle repeats itself. Handicapping a player from the chat, for CHAT RELATED ISSUES, is unfair but the player had brought it to himself. So, I really don't see why
: Punishment system.
Everyone's point so far has been the fact that permanent chat ban was issued and people expressed their rage in different ways, such as inting and trolling the game. WELL THEN BAN THEM? I don't understand what the hell is the problem with that, some people can find it hard to not express what they have to say in chat, yes, it is a real thing. Not EVERYONE will just go get their account banned once they were issued a chatban permanently, if some do then simply banish them for actually committing a bannable offense? I mean what the hell is happening with the game, I don't mean to come off as if I'm ranting but this is just absurd. You've got - The ability to mute someone's chat - The ability to mute pings - the ability to mute taunts - reporting system that actually works when it comes to inting/trolling the game, and tickets work too. I really do not see why would take action and entitle chat related issued, that are easily curved with your own personal commands such as muting in game, a bannable offense. Once again, you guys are being way too extra with the people who can be toxic, toxicity is a feature in every single game and will always be, the reason you're making league more toxic is you oppresing someone from being toxic, that's not going to make it stop, it'll make them worse, you are fully aware your game is addicting and that is your main purpose, to get the player addicted, oppressing an addicted toxic player, will not make them stop, it will make them do worse, people have dedication and effort that they place it stuff they are addicted to. {{champion:238}}
: I don't want people unable to communicate in my games. So they are kicked out of the game. End of the story.
This is most likely the dumbest thing I've heard so far, there is no need for further details when the game satisfies that with the ping system. You're handicapped from being overly detailed in chat because you were a toxic and you don't deserve the right to abuse the chat, being entirely BANISHED from the game on that account that you've probably dedicated time into because of CHAT-RELATED issues is off the roof. I wholeheartedly mean it when I say remove the ability to personally mute someone, if you're going to make chat related issues a bannable offense.


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