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Ârzo (EUW)
: Cuz those stereotypes are very common Ofc I saw good yasuo's too, but many yasuo's tend to be really bad. Yasuo is simply a good champ to cheese the lane early with, so against not that skilled players they gain an early advantege and snowball simply. However if they lane agaisnt an opponent with just a little experience, they are going to feed like hell many times
Then why are there so many high elo yasuo players? They play against ppl with a lot of experience yet they dont feed. Ppl hate yasuo players bcs they often have to farm up before they are any useful, they just dont understand the champion. Saying that yasuo is bad vs good players is simply stupid.
Ârzo (EUW)
: Well ofcourse those are the stereotyped yasuo players. But there's a Legend of {{champion:157}} players that aren't only good on this champion, but focus on teamplay and win
Well recently I've seen quite a lot of good yasuo players in rankeds and idk why ppl believe in these stereotypes.
: Looking for a Coach :)
I used to coach a diamond team before so I have some experience. I don't have that much free time lately so I can only help from time to time, add me in game if u want.
Sereinn (EUW)
: Ahri main looking for an Ahri club
If you're looking for clubs u should probably check reddit. In your case it would be ahrimains reddit, I'm 99% sure they have list of the clubs and their owners
Biosword (EUW)
: Looking for a Sub
wow dude just removed me after 20 seconds without saying anything, what a great way to treat ppl
Kronó (EUW)
: "Wins 7/10 perv" Still gets bronze 5....Uh what?
You're not bronze 5 every season because of placements but bcs of ur mentality. Instead of crying on forums u could climb out of it instead if u deserve to be higher, I hate when ppl cry that they deserve higher elo instead of doing smth about it.
: Why am I bad at League of Legends?
Start watching better players, and then watch some of ur replays. This way u can see ur mistakes better and improve them. Best way to learn is obviously to play a lot while focusing on not doing same mistakes over and over again.
Narc (EUW)
: All Rounder lf team dia+
It's funny bcs says u've never been higher than plat 1. Someone in here lies and I bet it's not
: leblanc is taking the bus ticket to get to the kassadin station... nerfed until people forget she exists ;_; {{champion:38}} i miss you bro ...
You're kidding aren't you? Kassadin is extremely strong in right hands. He's basically dominating korean challenger, some ppl there have even like 80-90% win rates with him. If a champ can be played in korean challenger with huge success then it means he's surely not weak.
: Ranked partner
You should post in teams & clubs, will be easier for u to find players there
: Making friends is easy, making good friends is hard.
I can relate. Made tons of friends in league over last 7 years but only few stayed. Still, meeting people in league is quite easy as long as you are talkative.
Jordan14gr (EUNE)
There aren't many complicated combos for these champs. Heca and rengar are more about knowledge than skill, you need to know when to gank etc.
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Gilistus (EUNE)
: [EUNE] [Yandere Club] [YC] Started club, looking for people to join in
"One of the best akali players"-Plat 4 on eune, seems legit :P
Aosi (EUW)
: So Ranked Season is coming to an end... And we all want that lovely juicy ward as well as our ranks
Good luck on getting gold! -TotallyNotPat Btw. keep in mind that not many ppl will read walls of text, try to make ur post more appealing cuz it's rather chaotic.
omlets (EUW)
: Can't access the client store
Same problem, only black screen appears
iNaffuu (EUNE)
: looking for fun people/group to play normals with ! ^^
: Logging onto chat service
: Riot favours AD - Example 2
Well as a talon main I got to say that AD mids are extremely strong currently. If you mess up u can just get maw of malmortius and still 1v1 ap mid laner. I hope riot will do smth about it bcs it surely is pain for other players in dynamicq
kinnzu (EUW)
: Club for Rem lovers :)
WORST CLUB I'VE SEEN! EMILIA>REM {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Bashing cats is NEVER FUNNY :< \*enters rage mode*
sooo all the dislikes I get are bcs I said smth about cats? my life is over, I won't get all the attention that I wanted :/
: cats > dogs. Sorry dear.
look what I've said earlier :c I love cats more and I dont want to be seen as a cat hater, it was just to make it funnier!!!! :cccc
: Account stolen
If u can't recover account through email all u can do is write ticket to support and wait
Alfeiya (EUW)
: ***
yeah I understand, to be honest I prefer cats over dogs but it was all for purpose of this thread {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Alfeiya (EUW)
: ***
Anyway don't take any of it seriously, I just love making fun of everything and the way u advertised ur team just, let's be honest, seemed kinda wrong :P Anyway love you all, it's time to abandon this thread Your favorite troll, Warrate {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Alfeiya (EUW)
: ***
too bad I'm a sexist pig hitting on every girl I meet on league {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Alfeiya (EUW)
: ***
you're stealing my potential club members :x
: #DOGS ######I prefer cats :3
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Furma94 (EUW)
: Ranked 3 Vs 3 Dont work
Ranked 3v3s are only turned on for certain amount of time. I don't play them so can't tell u when they are up but u should google it
: Give us an option too "Turn of the Autofill"
I might be wrong but it seems like your account is silver. Autofill is only for players diamond 5+
Mangekyu (EUW)
: I agree 100% with the idea of two ladders, it wont work. Id like to see either premades of 2 or 5. 3, 4 is a tad unhealthy.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: "Unfair Matchmaking"
Playing against people better than u can teach u a lot, it's a good way to improve imo as long as you don't ruin rankeds for other players in your team.
Huntex LT (EUNE)
: Only +10 lp?!
There was probably "loss prevented" turned on bcs of client issues. While it's up, ppl don't lose lp and winners get only half of the LP they usually get
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Jaskko (EUW)
: Vayne - she is kinda decent, little bit hard to play, however for Lee, he is a really really high skill champ, one of the most if not the most mechanical difficult one, really hard to master.
Yeah and u tell new player who has no idea about the game to play champ that is rly difficult, not the best idea, lee sin is only viable in high elo :P
k1ler4eto (EUNE)
: What a surprise
Even in soloq there were same situations. It's not rly something u can prevent so riot isn't to blame
: Recconect to chat
There's smth wrong with the servers I think since I have same issue so all we can do is wait
WinerSperm (EUNE)
You should write ticket to riot's support, draw a picture, send it to them and ask for 2 RP. They are rly nice ppl :P Riot barely check boards
Jaskko (EUW)
: There are a few good champions to help you climb Top - {{champion:122}} Mid - {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} Jungle - {{champion:64}} Bot - {{champion:67}} Support - {{champion:37}} For everything else {{champion:17}} , You can be Teemo top/bot/mid/support/jungle, Teemo AP,Teemo AD,Tankmo, Teemo vision ward?
This is so wrong. Vayne is currently rly weak adc. lee sin is also terrible, not to mention yasuo/zed are high skill cap champs and I also wouldnt recommend them.
: Searching for a substitute who can play top/jungle pref to be diamond
hey, I'm top/jungle main. Im dia 5 atm, my champion pool is huge, but I mean like rly rly huge. I can play pretty much everything especially champs that are currently in meta. Let me know if u want to play
iMormon (EUW)
: Ladder Stompers Recruiting Dia+ for Go4LoL Eu West tournaments
Hey I just failed my promos to dia but I guess I can give it a try if u lack members :P ign: waratte age: 18 from: Poland Max and current elo: Dia s4, currently s2, just demoted after failed series to dia main role:top/mid Availability:its still summer so I have A LOT of time
: [Suggestion - link] In client ping moniter
I'm not an expert and have no idea if it's possible but it's a really good idea and I would love to see it in game. Sometimes people start a game without knowing their ping is higher than usually.
: I surely didn't faced Garen and Darius in a long time, i forgot how it feel like
"demaciaaaaaa" I'm so glad nobody plays garen anymore
: My Account Has Been Banned
I believe something like that belongs on riot's support site, not boards. but I wouldn't bother since riot wouldn't go against their policy and unban someone who got banned already, especially since you admitted you've done something wrong.
: Since 2015 - Inactive teams can't be disolved
I believe it's because they were already ranked as a team in previous season, so their team can't become inactive anymore
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