: 3v5 and i stil lose more lp than I win
I dont know why this isnt automatic in this game. Rly in soloq you cant abuse it so getting an afk for more than 10 min shouldnt make us loose the same amount of lp. It's unfair winning a 4v5 game is almost impossible.
Lari (EUNE)
: This game is unplayable
I understand you... I restarted to play at league one mounth before s9 start. I was silver 4 and reach the plat 1 with almost 200 game. I was pretty confident. I worked on my weaknesses (my macro) and i were thinking everything is going fine. After my 10 first game in s9 i reach plat 4 i was happy to not have to pass silver and gold. Then the game become to be a nightmare. First the matchmaking was so unbalanced than solo carry every game was impossible. Then after being demoted in gold, after 100 games stuck in plat 4 and 3, i rly doesnt enjoy the game as before. Every game is a pure bs with people than doesnt even want to be carry. Today im gold 4 and i feel i will have to be that kind of piece of sh*** otp twitch jungle to regain plat...

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