Natlol777 (EUNE)
: I had the same problem and couple of minutes before clash started i exited league of legends and got back and then it worked without even insert my phone I asked riot to help me but they couldn't
Hmm interesting. Meanwhile Clash says it's required te verify otherwise u can't participate in Clash. Weird problem I guess. But I hope it won't affect my on entering Clash. Otherwise I'm gonna be sad :P
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: Remake feature
Hello, In my [post]( yesterday I explained that I had 3 games where me and my team couldn't remake while the disconnected player never even joined the game. Now reading your post I think the whole remake system is broken/bugged at this point. And I don't see Riot working on it soon. They prefer things that make them money (new skins, champions, gamemodes, etc.) instead of making the game working good.
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Sexy Win (EUW)
: From what i was able to retrieve there is this bug and it's know. This bug has been claimed 1 y too. There is no solution but to restart the client, u can check if u have this bug just going under collection and check ur runes. It has happened to me too, it's frustarting but no one seems to care. Hope i somehow helped a bit.
Thanks man! Will do from now on. Hope Riot will ever find an solution for it tho.
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DeagIe (EUW)
: [7.8] Loading Screen Crashes and In-Game Freezes
Got exactly the same problem here :/ It even said that the game has restored to the last patch before this one, but still it can't get in to a game. Maybe that is the problem? Cause u can't even get in a lobby with someone if they have the new patch. So when they restore your game to a patch before it's not the same as the other players have. Riot pls fix this problem, otherwise there is no way of playing like this :/
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