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: I think your elo is more than good to explain stuff. You're a platinium guy so you have a very good understanding about the game. You don't need to make guide for challengers. Actually, league is lacking videos and guides for beginners and very low elo (iron/bronze). All the actual guides talk about advanced stuff that beginners or very low elo don't even understand. So I think that making guides for beginners can be very helpful for the community (but it won't get you a lot of views). You don't have to talk yourself since writing on the screen can do the job as long as you're good with editing. Or you can find someone to do the voice for you. Another format can be watching and commenting peoples replays (it's a form of coaching) same thing again, you can target iron/bronze/silver since they need it a lot and you are more than qualified to coach those people as a plat. This format will work much better since people will be learning a lot from it and they will feel implicated since you're reviewing their games. Both those formats already exist, but most of the time, they give advanced tips rather than taking into consideration the level of the player. I've seen a lot of people that calls themselves coaches but that just start being mean and stay stuff like "How can you be so blind? You should have done this optimal pathing and then follow with an invade" and I'm like really? Are they seriously saying that to a bronze? All in all, try to think of something productive and useful rather than the generic montages that youtube is already full of.
Hey first of all thanks for the time you took to write that text haha and yeah your ideas sounds nice i will look into it and try to make a guide for beginners :)
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: Rank 6 3v3 trying to set up stream: HELP?!
Hey i sent you a friend request maybe we can talk about it in the lol client because i am never active here ^^
: You can go to add friends. So there is no need for the whole server invite.
Sorry i had no time yesterday. but if i try to add you with this name it says that it dont work^^
: K then here is my discord: God of shitposts and bad puns #8951 We can exchange other info there, you know boards are public.
I guess you must give me something like a link so i can join your discord. (I never really use dicord) but when i wanna join a existing server it tells me that a need a invite that looks like a link
: For banner i guess you could take one of league wallpapers. I personaly use Ionia one. I could try and design an icon (for free ofc) sometime as i would probably do it for school soon anyways. Just contact me if you are interested.
Sure i am interested, you can design an icon however you want I appreciate everything^^
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Etlaz (EUW)
: Help/Hilfe
First of all you should post a link to your twitch channel so we can watch your stream :)
: Honestly, your stream isn't bad, I've seen many worse tries out there ^^ Here are some suggestions though: **1.** Your overlay is not suited for a small stream, sorry, but your donation boxes and the chat will most likely stay empty for a little while, so there's absolutely no reason those need to cover the client! --- **2**. You already pointed it out... But you _are_ pretty quiet, you are stepping into the entertainment business, so you need to entertain in one way or another! I personally like facecams, because they give the stream a more personal and relaxed feeling, I realise that this can be scary though ^^ --- **3.** Make your stream less generic, there are TONS of people streaming there "somewhat high elo" games... You really have to be special, start with appealing to specific groups, maybe include your main role/champion in the title, or focus on explaining and teaching the game!
First of all thanks for your advices^^ I thought so about my overlay too but my problem is if i dont have anything and just my client with a black screen in the backround it looks kinda boring. And yeah i always wanna focus more on the explaining thing in the game but I still have to learn to speak english in a good way so everyone understands what I wanna tell them so i have to improve that too but i guess that comes with the time if I stream more often and then i will try to explain more^^ And again thanks for your opinion i really appreciate it :)
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