: How do you deal with a rank shamer?
you press tab and mute them? if needed you even mute their pings. don't deal with their {{champion:12}} {{item:2054}}
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GrisEric (EUW)
: More Quests
i am for more quests, i am firmly against a battle pass. league of legends has absolutely no business offering a battle pass, and they often already do it. when you sell: -XP boosts, -champions -skins -lootboxes for skins/champions and more -emotes -summoner icons you probably shouldn't expect players to infest more into a game thats already freemium AF but on the other side i am all for more quests! in heroes of the storm for example you have your daily quests that are more class-sentric, i think that would do wonders for league, make it so u get bonus rewards for playing a specific role or specific type of charcter, i think you could make it so you get a random skin-shard upon completing a quest, that way you don't lose your sales as riot, but still give back to the community for playing your game, and by making it a random skinshard you could also turn them into blue essence if you don't like the champion. now granted this is a bit trickier for league as all roles are equally needed where as in heroes of the storm, you can mix and match quite a bit more... but say you make a quest that says "deal 10.000 magic damage" or "build a trinity force in 5 diffrent games" or even "get 10 enemy jgl camps" (do note that the game already tracks these stats so i don't think it would be hard to implement this) this could also be a way to FORCE players to experiment with new items, wich while some would say its a bad thing, i personally think that it could lead to interesting new playstyles :D
: i want Zac to be a great pick again now he is just too underpowerd to perform good with
i know right! i don't even play zac and i feel sorry for zac-players!
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: I'll just say thins right now... WHO KEEPS MAKING TANKS TURN INTO FIGHTER / ASSASSINS. The only ACTUAL tanks who're still struggling in this meta is Ornn, Braum, Nautilus and Voilbear. AND VOILBEAR ISN'T EVEN A GODDAMN TANK.
name a tank that functions as an assasin?
: > conquerer was a terrible idea and nearly everyone agreed that it was OP, why would you choose to introduce even more true damage to the game like 2 patches later? The problem with the conquer is the fact that riot made it to "counter" another (ex imo) broken class also known as "tank meta".Instead of finding a solution by nerfing them (runes/masteries/keystones/items etc ) they gave to bruisers more damage which created new issues . Conquerer is essential for many champions but yeah the idea of true damage is not good. > great, we went from the ardent censor meta to the infinity edge meta. Well truth is that inifinity edge meta is being played since patch V4.10 when {{item:3072}} got reworked and everyone started playing around AS items and {{item:3031}} .
i think you raise some fair points, but like you said, i rather they nerfed aftershock (because lets be fair, thats currently the strongest tank rune) then them adding conquerer wich is essentially creating more issues then it solves... my biggest gripe with the I.E isn't as much that its a good crit item, i don't mind that, but i think the old +50% damage on crit, is better then the new 20 (currently 10%) true damage, since against those 50% bonus crits you could build randuins omen to at least soften the blow. while it would still have the same effect against squishies essentially you would have a +30% effectiveness against tanks and +50% effectiveness against squishies (i know thats not exactly how it works but lets try and keep it simple <3) now i still think conquerer is more fair then the new I.E, since new I.E essentially makes it so champions like jhin can just blow a hole in your health bar even if you are a 6 frozen heart lvl 18 rammus with W active and a 6 frozen heart taric giving you bastion at lvl 18. can i also just point out that riot should really stop ballancing around the LCS, like, why is the top 0.002% responsible for the ballancing of the entire 100% of the players, it doesn't make any sense. so in essence: my gripe isn't 100% with the I.E alone its more with the fact that every single hero can now get 50%+ armor pen. {{item:3036}} +{{item:3031}} +conquerer= 65% armor pen... like... 65% armor pen means any bonus armor you build is pretty much void. lets say you play a really tanky tank (malphite/rammus/taric/leona to name a few) your armor is pointless. like... seriously 65% armor pen on every single hero and some get more, like darius for example gets more passively, yasuo gets more from his ult... and i am pretty sure there are more abilities like this...
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: Start with low mech champions. What’s your playstyle and favorite lane?
i agree with wheresourJG but would add a few examples of said low mech champs are: {{champion:86}} garen, very basic top laner with a well rounded easy to learn kit {{champion:11}} master yi exceptionally easy champion to play that is often great for players wanting to start out in the jungle {{champion:99}} lux very basic caster that works well in the mid lane and the support role {{champion:77}}udyr rather easy to learn jgl champion {{champion:32}} amumu good tank for the jungle. secondly once you reach level 10 (and not before that for some weird reason?) you unlock the practise tool, make use of this too see how certain items or effects work on diffrent champions thirdly: colours can tel you what stats are good for your specific champion: green = ability power orange = attack damage (please do note that it doesn't specify if it scales with total attack damage or bonus attack damage) light blue = mana purple is = magic resistance yellow = armor besides that some items that may be of interest for specific passives are {{item:3153}} this is great for champions that try and hit their opponents fast rather then hard, like master yi, since it compensates the lack of physical damage with the on hit % current health {{item:3078}} this item is great for champions that have abilities that "apply on hit effects" like fiora's Q, trundle's Q, garen's Q, ezreal's Q and more. {{item:3151}} amazing for casters that enjoy poking (the act of casting from afar too stay out of danger while still dealing damage) {{item:3146}} amazing item for champions that scale with AD and AP (like jax/katarina/akali) since it gives you both the stats and a healthy chunk of healing when damaging lastly, **take the game at your own pase**, some people maybe rude to you if you're new and make mistakes, i reckomend muting text, but keeping pings. hope to see you on the rift {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ˉsorry (EUW)
: Why are FULL TANKS doing more damage than anyone else right now?
{{champion:36}} like a few other high dps tanks, benefit from the fact that they gain damage from health. mundo is pretty weak to grievous wounds ({{item:3123}} {{item:3076}} {{item:3165}} , and is very scared of {{item:3036}} my suggestion is: if you're top and you know you'll fight him there pick an AD champ, if he is the enemy jgl simply get some slow resist/magic resist so he can't barrage you with a ton of cleavers remember that mundo's minimal damage on cleavers is still reduced by magic damage (i.e at lvl 1 it deals i think 15%, with a minumum of 80, this means that should his cleaver deal under 80 damage with % damage, the flat number is used instead, but it will still apply the MR stats so if you resist 30% magic damage a cleaver should hit for about 55 damage at lvl 1) other champs that have a simmulair playstyle are {{champion:106}} {{champion:516}} and {{champion:113}} champions that are currently just downright broken by benefitting from the "go full tank and still deal 5 million damage" meta are: {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:75}} with most champions some specific mechanic, champion, or item can be used to counter them, try and find that specific counter and you are bound to win a lot of games :D{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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