: plz RIOT look what i say
First of all improve the layout of your thread. It's horrible to read, and very few people would actually read this, me included.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bananenschnder,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lmmEEzIr,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-26T16:23:09.999+0000) > > "I got banned because I flamed people for years. This is outrageous!" LOL. > > I "talk back" and "flame" people pretty much in 1 out of 3 games for years and I've never even gotten a chat restriction although I've been reported (according to some people) like hundreds of times. So I can imagine what kinds of things you had to say to actually get a ban; probably a lot more than some salty flame. THe fact that you don't show your chatlog but still claim you aren't that bad plays into that thought quite nicely. > > There we go. Yet another player blaming the matchmaking for being hard stuck in Gold for FOUR YEARS while one-tricking and having an abysmal farm average of less then 5 CS/min. Bro when I started I never played mobas before in my life first was league I didnt know how to play I only played soraka and taric. The last 2 years I played seriously. My friend who is plat now he couldnt climb he was hardstuck s1 he used to play mobas many uears ago and then boom one week suddenly from s1 to plat5(last season) he agrees matchmaking is bad. Another friend of mine is diamond he aggrees matchmaking is bad as well. Do you even disagree with diamond players??? For me I dont care i just wanted to say these things so that they try to fix them, it takes take for me to write my thoughts on the game so please respect it. Good luck in your life hope game becomes better for the rest, for me was enough. Also u talk 5 years progress when i forst started i hit gold 3 lanes sup mid top other people never get gold and i was close to plat till chat restriction. Good luck now let riot keep feeders and make serious players abandon the game i see it all the time...
Sadly I have a friend who said that matchmaking is fine. Another friend agrees matchmaking has not problem. And me too I don't see the matchmaking as a really bad system. Do you even disagree with diamond players??? I think you should understand that your reasoning is bad.
: There's nothing wrong with Cho. He has a 50.7% winrate and is strong into two S-tier picks, {{champion:122}} and {{champion:6}}. Skill/max order should be e>w>q, though and you should build RoA before Righteous Glory. You can rush a bramblevest into RoA vs bruisers. After your core items, you can get Stoneplate, Warmog's and Thornmail in the order that best suits the game. Thornmail first vs heavy autoattackers like {{champion:24}} or {{champion:23}}, Warmog's vs poke, Stoneplate to burst people with Feast. Feast's true damage is not reduced by Stoneplate's active, and it scales off your HP.
>has a 50.7% winrate and is strong into two S-tier picks, {{champion:122}} Lol what ?
: then riot has to choose either of two stances either perma ban quickly on sight or be more forgiving u just don't let people build their accounts and waste their time then oops haha perma
: because riot gets to lock out problematic people from the important side of the game while they still have access to their accounts you could just use that account to practice or play with friends and not feel like the hardwork of years has gone down the drain
>and not feel like the hardwork of years has gone down the drain But it has gone down the drain because of your behavior.
: It depends how you're classifying 'powerful'. My tier list for solo queue might look something like this: T1 {{champion:114}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:164}} T2 {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:27}} T2.5 {{champion:41}} T3 {{champion:6}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:14}} T4 {{champion:17}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:48}} With each tier meaning the following things: T1: Top tier. Aim to play if left up. T2: Still good, but not as good as the top tier picks. Picks in this category might beat the tier 1 picks but are more limited in other ways. T2.5: hard to place these because they're on the cusp of being good but need experience T3: These champions are noticeably weaker than tier 1 picks and are generally only picked by one trick ponies or a as a counter pick (ie picking Poppy to counter Camille) T4: These champions are not a good fit for top lane in its current state and are outclassed Note that the champions in each tier are not ordered in any particular way EDIT: I didn't have the TP changes in my mind while making this so I might have to reshuffle a few things. Lane bullies would get stronger because they will run ignite and be able to punish more.


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