Kurotsu (EUW)
: League of Legends stand up comedy
{{summoner:3}} My %%%%ing belly hurts from laughing
nikolak9 (EUNE)
: riot help player stealing peopels accaunt saying give me your username and pass and you get rp!!!
SonenseS (EUW)
: I've played with 4 bots on my team too :c Just pick a hard-carry champion or your main :^) Edit: If you want help with leveling your acc, I can help :v
: Bots Making Game Unenjoyable
I made a discussion about this too.. It's so dumb..
RageFuel (EUW)
: > Dear Riot, I am trying to level my smurf Pretty sure smurfing is against the rules in almost any game. It's not enforced, but it's still against the rules.
I haven't played in almost half a year on my other account, that's why I got a smurf, to start over again. :)
: Karthus carry ftw.
Ye it was annoying asf, he ulted for half my health.. I actually went afk for like 8 mins, just cuz he was lvl 7 when I was lvl 3..
Rioter Comments
: Add Me To Join My Club (Fun Prizes And Giveaways To Be Held Monthly)
That's very cool bro :) I added you on my smurf, hope to see you soon! :)
: Looking for people to level with :)
Let's do it :) Plat 4 smurf, trying to get my smurf lvl 30 asap..
: Glyphs on new account
Want to level together?


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