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: whats your main champ
: IKnowDeWea
I see a man of Culture aswell, i thought about Dankplank
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prololmatek (EUNE)
: I can't stop being toxic. Help
maybe this will help you :
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: Let's say you paid a website to DuoQ with you which I've read is completely legal, if that partner uses scripting and he lets you know?
why would you pay somone to duoq?
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Gumifa98 (EUW)
: Looking for some mates!
If u still have some place for an lonely silver scrub, add me
Galadriel (EUW)
: Looking for Top Laner for ranked team.
well sadly im silver so, if you dont find anything better here i am
: 4 Guys looking for a 5th (jungle/ support)
soo, dont know if you want a silberscrub i your team, but if you do you can add me xd im 16
: 20 Female Support looking for adc
i mean im searching too some people to play with and my friend plays often adc so if you want to
Im here IGN: OcarinoOfFuture
Dazalf (EUW)
: Flex Queue Gold V Support main Duoq
I would like to duoq with you, my friend is adc main.
Lorillyth (EUW)
: Dutch girl looking for nice english speaking people (preferably with TS) to play normals with!
if theres still some place, i would like to join you, IGN: OcarinoOfFuture
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: ***
LoL, this double moral, calling me a pathentic loser, but insulting other people, GG And Pls stop hurting my feelings :'(
: you are level 8 and you complain so i guess you just started i have been playing league for 4 years you have no idea don't complain learn to deal with it
Dude read the entire text and then comment again, thx.
: I'm not plat 1, I'm plat 5-3 whatever. When I play on smurf (which is very rare). Its true, I don't give a fuck. Its also true that I don't flame and I rarely even bother to use chat when I'm there. I've lost? Well, gg whatever. I've won? Well, gg whatever, I don't care that I won. I won't care my bot feed 50 kills by minute 20, I don't care every lane lost. If I wanted to care I would play on main. Otherwise is just chilling. So no, high elo smurfs aren't the ones flaming. Who is flaming: the bronze 3 player that made a new account because he thinks he is stuck in elo hell the diamond 5 boosted player that got banned for flaming his team as he couldn't keep up with that level of play, so he constantly flames the diamond 1 player stuck in diamond 5 due to being constantly teamed up with boosted players, got banned or restricted for flaming (yes, high elo player that was already flaming on his main anyway). the silver 5 player that gets -1lp per win due to their bronze 5 mmr who made a new account Really. Players in gold+ that don't normally flame, won't flame on their smurfs either. Its pointless anyway. Lower elo will stress themselves out trying to prove themselves that they are better than what they used to be. And this generally leads to flame. And normal flamers across all elos (master, challanger, diamond, plat, gold, silver, bronze) that make new smurfs will continue to flame. Bottom line: smurfs ain't the reason flaming happens those people are flaming on their main account too anyway
Man, i dont know. I mean sure your right that a lot of flame comes from the Bronze-Silver guys, but there are sure some people in the higher elos who dont flame, cause it would s*ck to lose the Diamond 3 Account, but like when they play on the smurfs, they dont care. I cant tell, if im right im Silver4Live.
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello Serika Zero, I partially agree with you, but there is another option. In Steam, for example (actually, bad example, but still), you have to purchase something for 5$ or 5€ in order to unlock all account features. In League the "ranked" matches could be unlocked same way by purchasing RP. This way it can stay F2P but reduce smurf accounts in ranked. But again, I am not a fan of that idea myself. > [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TUXTEvTg,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-25T14:39:03.396+0000) > > WoW (and I hate it), Overwatch (which is new and overhyped), CS GO, and to some degree eve online > > WoW due to its marketing and unique game play at the start, which attracted hype. Right now its only living on the shadow of its former self's glory. > Overwatch - again, mainly the hype and waifus > Eve - can't comment since I didn't even try it I liked World of Warcraft, I somewhat liked the Burning Crusade and I hate Wrath of the Lich King and beyond. In fact, I started to hate it the moment they [sold themselves to Activision]( EVE Online is a successor to game called "Elite" on ZX Spectrum. It's popular due to fact, you can do anything you want. [Steal from other players]( within the game, buy and sell game time or [steal it]( And so on.
The game is free, and you pay for Ranked o.O. I seriously think that this isnt a good solution, its better to either let it be free, or for ex. You pay and get all champions from begin. It would feel like a DLC and everyone hates DLC's
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