Sadael (EUNE)
: Tentacle boy {{champion:420}}
: I have one question, who would you like to rework?
MrCoolie (EUW)
: Permanently banned :(
If you are permanently banned you will never get it back.
: I can only create a post in the English boards wtf !!!
Have you reported the bug? If not do that...
: Permantenly banned my acount for nothing
There is always a reason for people getting banned...
: i did apply to pbe and i did got accepted but every time i go to the page is says that something went hextechnically wrong
: Vayne outplay me, feels bad man
Oh, you are one of those people. Spamming that emote all the time.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: But no mana cost and true damage :b
No, mana cost for all abilities will be 100 too, and her manapool will be capped at 100, mana regen wont work either.
: How to climb elo!
well, teamwork wins in every case. You say you won your lane, why not go use that advantage in other lanes?
: LeBlanc getting nerfed?
Yes, every ability she has will be capped at 100 dmg, with 30+ second cooldowns{{champion:48}}
First I thought that this was bullshit, since I have not seen any in atleast 1 year. And I play a lot of arams. But then I encountered two in the same game right after reading this :(
: Lost LP due to fucking client bug
And that is your own fault. You know it is an alpha client. It is not completed yet, bugs are to be expected.
: newbie alpha tester here, what's my job?
Play like normal, and report all bugs you encounter. That's about it. And if you have suggestions too
: How am i supposed to play bot-lane?
Explain to them in a nice way that while their entire team is bot they should push for other objectives or join the fight.
: Katarina
But! Katarina still have resets?
: Well, yeah, shoud've said only 2, but compared to none it's much New MR items and Armor items that give mana should be added imo, for those mana hungry tanky champs, like Cho Gath, Illaoi, or even Alistar, Galio etc...
It should exist yeah, no argue there.
: It won't send that message to everyone who reported, just the one which triggered the punishment... high chance one of your teammates reported as well and the message went to him instead.
I played a 3v3 with my two premade friends, none of them have gotten the notification.
: Ranked with AFK
Oh damn I am loosing, better go afk and it wont be a loss.
: This One second made my day
Someone write to me that he wishes me and my parents get cancer and die, still not punished. Bring back the tribunal!
: There are no MR items that give mana
"Lots" There are two armor items that give mana{{item:3110}} and {{item:3025}} Which are good for different things. But I agree, better items for mr would be nice
Wex0r (EUW)
: sorry it included the last " in the link for some reason .. here you go
: Doom bots with Lvl 100 vote cant wait for it {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Wex0r (EUW)
: DoomBots is back twice this month ! Yay Hexakill this weekend.
: The sad answer is: Not at all. The ping to a location far away is limited by the speed of light. As you might know, the speed of light is the maximum speed in the universe, you can't transport anything faster than that...including information/signals. So even if your internet signal would travel at the full speed of light in vacuum (which it doesn't, signals move a lot slower in matter) and if there were absolutely no additional limitations, the ping between NA and EU would still be roughly 30ms. That alone might not be a lot, but it's an unrealistic number for many reasons: * the signal speed is lower * the cables don't run in a straight line * there are many additional delays when the signal is processed and moves through the internet infrastructure So I am afraid playing with a low ping on NA is impossible and it's nothing you can avoid in any way. The speed of light is a fundamental law of the universe, no way around it :(
THe fastest way to travel discovered so far with current theories.
Joey Clarck (EUNE)
: your account has been permanently suspended
iVesha (EUNE)
: LeaverBuster
So you still play an ONLINE game knowing you have frequent connection issues? Way to go! Good job!
: [AQUA] Looking For SUB Support [AQUA]
Iskierka (EUW)
: Ill make sure to call every Dildo from now on "Glittergun".
: With every patch the game is getting more and more laggy
That or stop playing on a toaster. Weird how it affects all of your friends yet is not that common a problem...
Iskierka (EUW)
: Does he have a pink sparkly dildo as wapon? Rly?
That is no dildo, it's a glittergun
: Haha good one
Tarolock (EUW)
: Rofl
: How Ivern was born
I think they have some creaters that do lsd, Bard and Ivern, come on.
: ok let me tell a joke: when i was a kid i had an imaginary friend. I think we all did. You know the standard stuff like I think he listen to me and he could grant wishes and do magic and like he would always forgive me. Then i stopped going to church. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
That pesky man, I was afraid because he was always watching me. Even when making the doodoo
NeoLegend (EUNE)
: TR is in turkish only...It's only for turks.
Well, they should change that.
: Is Ezreal(ad) worth mastering?
Absolutely, long range poke, mobile, good ult. Tankish build ( {{item:3025}} ).
: If only i could swap with someone!
Rioter Comments
: kalista passive not working properly?
I am not a cursor, you yourself is the cursor!
Jàsuö (EUNE)
So just like a normal, but 10v10? Nice idea, but it would be more lag, more flaming, more trolling and more afk:s.
: > [{quoted}](name=Carl Gustaf XVI,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=ofbqHOFp,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-10-05T14:46:45.622+0000) > > Unfortunately that is what half the youtube is, stolen ideas, clickbait and ads. Unfortunately in my first video I say that it's inspired from the Original Calbels funny afk excuses and its also unfortunate i like echi and anime? Plus i get no revenue.
So just because you like echi and anime means that there must be halfnaked anime chicks all over the thumbnail? So if I like, say, golf and swimming, should I put a golfball and a swimmer on my thumbnails?
marquii (EUW)
: Today I found another weird bug. Draft pick normal 5v5: for some reason, client was considering me and my ally team as enemies. All our announcements and bans were made on the other side, like if enemy was banning them. Trouble came when it was my turn to pick, as client thought "enemy is picking", so it didn't give me an option to lock in my choice, ending in a sad, announced, frustrating queue dodge.
Wow, that is a weird one. To be forced on a dodge all because it doesn't let you {{item:3070}}
: this guy is perma posting clickbait on the boards. i report him every time and hope for him to finally get a board ban
Unfortunately that is what half the youtube is, stolen ideas, clickbait and ads.
: Funny LoL Afk Excuses
Why is there pornographic pictures in the thumbnail?
: Oh sorry, you just have same name as my friend has, we call him Kusti :D
Sorry to disappoint, but I am the one and only king of Sweden, there are no others with my name
: Will my Permanent bann go away? or will i be permanent?
Unless the meaning of the word "permanent" has changed, you are banned forever. Which is good
zTimez (EUW)
: Who's tired of the anti-Eu shitposts on reddit?
Well, since all the american are pretty upset about having two shit options for president. They take out their aggression like everyone else. By being a dick to everyone else online.
TasosPakos (EUNE)
: OP champs
Yasuo is a fighter and Vayne is a marks(wo)man. And while they are some of the champs that scale the best into the lategame, they are still pretty easy to take down.
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