LA Losty (EUW)
: I would never want to lose my precious 1500 honors ;_;
> Have Sex with me Looks like you edited your post
: To be honest, i agree with the OP. A 14 day ban is a quite hard punishment and thats okay. But removing all honor gives you a feeling of having suffered irreperable damage. You will NEVER be able to compensate this big loss. It's basically an eternal punishment that never ends, no matter whether you improve your behavior or not. In my opinion this strongly contradicts Riots policy to give people a chance to reform, to recover completely and become "normal" players agains. Honor badges are given for Honor per time, so resetting your complete honor doesn't really change anything, you can still get those badges exactly like everybody else. So what i said above isn't true...theoretically. But how many people know that? For most people, this reset basically says: "You will never be able to get a honor badge again". And that is a really bad message, even if it isn't true.
> You will NEVER be able to compensate this big loss. It's basically an eternal punishment that never ends You DO know this is only a game right?
: Best bully EUW
You play LoL at work? WOW SO COOL
: Since I haven't seen a single false positive yet (neither here, nor on reddit...and they would appear on reddit instantly if they existed), it seems Riot did a very good job again.
We already know you are their number one fan on here, on reddit, in game... But that doesnt show anything. Hes talking about banning. Do you know what that is? Maybe you should try reading the dictionary before playing LoL.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Eveninn (EUW)
: To me it seems there also are flamers that do it out of fustration. We all have seen the 'another lane gets fed enough to solocarry', some people just get scared of that and upset with someone who just feeds slightly 'Have seen it happen, why wouldn't it this game?' Or them just having a bad game, getting one unexpected enemy gank and not being able to adjust well enough to not keep dying, I do get so salty when this happens to me: salt -> focusing less -> more salt. I personally usually am able to get out of this once something works out. So maybe gank those kind of players before the enemy is too strong. (the enemy usually gets a bit careless too when ahead ;))
frustration*. Think you need to go summer school dude.
Rathnan (EUW)
: Why Flaming isn't necessary
Shupudupu (EUW)
: How can I see the reason for my chat / ranked restriction ?
Riot dont want you to improve your behavior so they dont seen you the reason for the ban. Makes sense doesnt it
Eveninn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wildcardhs,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=tZVWY16N,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-24T12:26:32.448+0000) > > * Avoid using caps lock. (it makes it very hard to read, and generally comes across as you shouting or being negative towards others) Thank you, Heart Stone! (and Tosha) (was you Name, wasn't it? *kappa* :p)
You still use kappa to be funny? Be original
: Negative attitude, offensive language and verbal reports do give you a warning when you receive them and if you read them you see the reason. I know because i've received my very fair share of such warnings with no reason, the salt was real. Sanatate :)
If the Salt was real WHY DIDNT YOU EAT IT INSTEAD OF COMING HERE TO BE TOXIC {{summoner:32}}
Zhonyas (EUNE)
: Funny Thing I've Noticed
Can you stop making posts about people being toxic? Heres an idea, if someone is toxic to you, try to counter it instead of begging Riot for help.
theF1sher (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Camss,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EWEj6sUx,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-06-26T12:41:27.202+0000) > > i know its wrong, but its hard for me to just dont flame someone who ruins the game for other 4 people. > > > You know you are the one that ruins the game right? > Not the "troller", cause that is not an official term in LoL. Its a made up term aiming to brand people YOU dont like. Its not an official thing, its not a Riot made thing. So just because *YOU think its a troll, dosent nessecarily mean others see him as troll, or anyone wanting to troll. Still, you take it to yourself to be the judge and the executiuoner about this, not respecting the fact that people are different, and that your views might not be valid. > > That is why flamers get banned, and why they should get banned, and "trolls" not. So you mean to tell me, its totally fine to go into a game, with the only purpose to just be a lil kid and ruin 4 other people game not by flaming, but trolling (doing bad plays, not working as a team, not playing to win) but its absolutely HORRIBLE and TOXIC to tell that the guy that did this is "insert flame here"? Your logic doesnt seem correct to me because well, nobody likes those teammates that need to get carried every game hm? and lets get real, if someone trolls that much, ofcourse he is going to get flamed, but the way things are working, the flamers are being banned and the trolls are trolling :D
You're speaking to a whiteknighter. It doesnt matter what you say against that guy, he will defend riot. If tomorrow Riots rules were completely opposite, the whiteknighters opinion will be opposite too.
: Warning for Abuse
First of all, by fed enemies, you are saying that either you fed them ( which is reportable ) or they fed them ( by saying that its also reportable ). So you are being abusing. I would report you for that. Also by saying that you are demanding other people to do something and thats classed as negative attitude.
: Lyte has no clue
If you say anything bad about Lyte, his boyfriends over here are gonna downvote you. Its best if you just keep to yourself even if it is true.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I think its better to be nice than cruel, dont you? :P And i dont see whats wrong with that.
Thats not his point. The point is that some people defend Riot for anything they do, even bad things. This place is flooded with whiteknights. As Riot changes the rules of the game, suddenly these people's opinions change. Weird huh
Eveninn (EUW)
: Can't be as annoying as people complaining about others. ^^
: Try reading the EULA, and see how much your freedom gets you. You agree to the terms of use, you break them, you get banned. Guess what? **You broke them, you got banned.** Shape up your attitude sunshine, because judging from the way you're posting on the forums, it'll be upgraded to a perm ban if you don't.
We all know you have memorised the terms and conditions. Just dont expect us to do it.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Can you go to your bookmarks and tell me where it says flaming is wrong.
: aye, i say we make him wear the good old chicago necktie or walk the plank!
: > [{quoted}](name=Deidará Senpai,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7XgFENiZ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-06-26T09:51:20.104+0000) > > This doenst deserve to be banned anyway The ywere playing bad so Iflamed them if they cant handle ittheyshouldnt paly I demand thsi ban to be removed You dont deserve to play this game, braindead{{champion:9}}
I am reporting you for your negative name. RAPORT
: > Teach people to not take all that is written in the game chat sersiosly This tip is like telling someone who wants to fight world hunger "Just give everybody food". You don't say... The problem is not the "what", it's the "how". How do you want to do that? How ecactly do you plan to remove stress, bad life situations, vulnerable emotions, depressive people, etc.? "Don't take is seriously" is obvious adice, everybody already knows that this is the best option. But people are not perfect and people are not always in perfect life situations. They simply are not able to not take it seriously. How do you plan to fix that? The answer is as obvious as your advice: You can't. You can't just fix every person on this planet, you can't just make everybody perfect, you can't just make everybodys emotions rock solid stable. And, like Huckasex already said: The ability to protect yourself from something doesn't mean that this something is allowed. You could wear earplugs all day, so nobody can insult you. According to your logic, this makes insults legal. You could wear a bulletproof vest all day, so nobody can shoot you. According to your logic, this makes it ok to shoot someone. You could never leave your hourse, so nobody can punch you. According to your logic, this makes beating people up ok. The ability to defend yourself is not a justification for bad behavior. Exactly like in real life: If you can't behave, people show you the door. Even if they could wear earplugs. > I actually really love this part of a game, chat with all this flame. Thats nice for you. But not everybody is like you, people are different. A lot of people care about flame and you have no choice but to accept that (because the rules are set by the feelings of the majority).
You agreed when he said dont take too seriously. So why are the rules so strict. It makes people take it overly seriously.
huckasex (EUW)
: the existance of the mute button doesnt give you the right to flame
So why do people dont use a mute button if they are verbally abused. I know I would want to stop the abuse straight away.
: Then learn to control yourself and don't write in the chat. It isn't that hard not to flame. Say it out loud or whatsoever, but don't hurt others by writing it down in this chat. They probably feel bad already for committing a mistake. Muting isn't an option because there are SOMETIMES useful informations going on in the chat (You never know of course, but let's imagine the best scenario here). And I don't want to risk starting a stupid engage because I couldn't see a hint in the chat. It's available for useful strategies and tricks, not for flaming. It should help organise the team, not bringing everybody down. Oh, and probably nice words of a good engage, a nice outplay, to keep the team and/or a single player motivated to keep on playing like that. Plus, there are other ways to get rid of the anger anyway. Chewing gum, listening to music, breathing in deeply in and out, etc. Oh yeah. And I get mad easily. So I know what I'm talking about.{{champion:43}} So, in short: Be polite and mute? Well, then be polite and keep your flame for yourself. It isn't helping anyone. And yeah, if you don't, you deserve getting punished for your behaviour. Cause nobody needs to feel your anger just because you can't control it. Don't make your problem the problem of someone else. It isn't fair.
Its not flaming thats the problem. Its the overly sensitive people thats the problem. People will find any excuse to report people for flame or negative attitude. Im quoting this from someone, cant remember who, but why doesnt this happen on any other games. Overly sensitive people only exist in LoL. Anywhere outside of LoL, you wont see this. You get banned for saying report X, people want you banned if you say 'We will lose this'. Flaming is wrong, but Riot should loosen the rules up little.
Heatblaste (EUNE)
: Riot are u kidding ?
You got restricted because you said report? WOW. Riot is on a new low. If anything you do is considered negative, playing league should be considered negative. But I think that the whiteknighters will have a difference opinion.
: that is actually the opposite of what they do, they follow the rules BUT are willing to listen to you, just remember that they will keep this in mind next time you will need help!
I have also had a ban and in the notice it said stupid things. Instead of being formal, a Rioter tried to give me attitude. He wrote something like: 'Really? You said that? Is this how you talk in real life?' Idk who it was but found it funny that a Rioter would say this in a ban message.
: Why toxicity is understandable sometimes. (intentional Trolls and AFKs only)
I guess Riots system is flawed which everyone knows but doesnt want to admit. I agree on the post as it has happened to everyone a couple of times
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Nope. Sorry. First off, say one person trolls or afks. I'd rather take my chances with a 4v5 that can possibly be won than have a teammate ragequit and turn it into an impossible 3v5. On the flaming, you say you'd feel better if you flamed a troller or afker. Would you feel better if you were trying to keep your team together and working with each other to win the game, and instead got a flamefest between two people? That's a position I'm usually in. Think of your teammates as well, not just yourself. A team of four that works together is better than a team of five flaming each other.
Dude be real. If one person leaves, its usually a loss. Plus hes talking about trolls as well. I think you missed out on that part. Thats a situation where a comeback is impossible so why even try. If it happened in my team, I think my teamates would feel the same as me, so theres not really a flamefest. Its just me and my team singling out the troller and at that point he cant say anything back to us obviously. So, its 4 people singling out the 1 guy troller, and not 5 people flaming at each other.
: Chat logs? Hah, the chat logs are not being given for restrictions, ever. This is currently Riot's incomplete way of doing things, having a incomplete justice system in place. Don't get me wrong , i hate toxic behaviour and trolling in general, but I just can't agree with a incomplete system like this while we are sugar coated all the time and tried to be fooled to 100% believe in a system with no complete evidence. Call me pesimistic or what not , but i'm reluctant to believe proper justice will be served to those that acted against it , when you have a incomplete and unfair system in place. People acting wrong does not validate or justify a incomplete justice system with no proofing. To make a comparison, If a judge decides to send you to jail for example and you ask where's the proof and he gives you none, how would you react? And i will cetainly not believe in a system that's sugarcoated to be seen as 100% working and foolproof. How hurting can it be to the game to have a player ruled tribunal working alongside the automated system in the first place?
Exactly, How can you expect players to improve without knowing what they did wrong.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lady Chelsea,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9taU0gNE,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-24T16:28:43.532+0000) We're not talking about hopeless matches here by the way, okay? 2 v 20 is a gg no re, I admit that. We're talking about matches that you can still win, but your team behaves like a bunch of downers and just surrenders on you.
Its not about being positive. Its about whether you think you will win or not. If you know that like 80% you are going to lose, some people arent prepared to go full tryhard for a game u probably still wont win. Its better to surrender in those cases/
: I kinda need your help with tilting and how do I prevent it?
I think the reporting system should be removed apart from the extreme stuff like going afk or trolling or flaming hard (like cancer and stuff) or hacking. If it really did bother people who are flamed they would mute, but the majority dont and just go straight for the report. Why? If you felt abused you would stop it there and then instead of waiting 20 mins just so you can report that person. Most people nowadays report when you say noob. No one really feels abused by it. Any 12+ year old wouldnt be overly offended by that. If they did they would mute, but they prefer to take abuse and then report after 20 mins.
LA Losty (EUW)
: You are talking about intentionally feeding. People can still feed unintentionally, but no reason to be a douche because of it. People should respect eachother more.
If they are feeding then they are doing something wrong. You already gave them a chance to let them play it their way, but they feed, so I think the feeders shld at least listen to suggestions. Most feeders always take it offensive and start pointing out others' mistakes.
: Forum Etiquette
Do you work for RIOT? Let them do their job please. Rioters regularly visit this forum and if they didnt like anything they are able to change it.
: Regarding Surrenders
There are some games where you know you are going to lose no matter how hard you try. In those cases its better to not waste any more time
Taoi (EUW)
: WTH is wrong with people
Please get to the point quicker next time. Im pretty sure no one read your post
HV Cable (EUW)
: Today is the happiest day in my League career
Its only a game. Why did you cry inside when he mentioned locket.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I can be sure of it because reporting system is used not only in games but on most websites too. I havent seen this type of nonsense anywhere else. Even on Xbox sometimes people say Im gonna report you, but it is NOT considered toxic if u say that.
: Sure but how is what I said toxic? Riot considers everything toxic because they don't even read the chat logs themselves. All they do is have bot generated emails and replies. Also, everyone reported him for doing that and I probably got reported only by him for calling him out. I wasn't even being toxic at all. If you think this is toxic then all people in the server should be banned.
True dat. Report calling isnt toxic, it wouldnt be considered toxic on any other game so why here? You also called someone idiot. Though I dont think you deserve a 14 day ban for that.
: how is this bannable
It is punishable but its too harsh. Its shouldn't be a 2 week ban, maybe a 5 day ban or something
: The point of this thread was to vent about my encounters with immature trolls and to get an idea how other people deal with this and how often they are confronted with simmilar behaviour. (and if these players are only a part of the lowest elos or not) Ofcourse like any other discussion anyone ever tried to have on the internet what happened instead is people who disagree with your point of view make offensive replies just because they like doing that sort of thing.
Oh. I thought u wanted to get someone punished or something.
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: Is it toxic?
not toxic, but not co-operative in a team game, but they should know not to piss off the jungler, the guy who will give you ganks
Xaxar (EUNE)
: What did i do wrong?
You suck a being a leader
Sdars (EUW)
: How do I avoid feeling like garbage?
Shld be moved to off topic.
chenjka (EUNE)
: Here i am again, quitting lol for the second time for the same exact reason, toxic community
OniLynx (EUNE)
: Yes, I am willing to kill DCs and push hard if the enemy team has an AFK. Now, why is that? Because I like it? The reason is simple. I want to get those few LP in a totally unfair match because I have / will lose them in another unfair match when I will have a AFK in my team and the enemy team won't play fair.
You have no honour man. Why do you even play this game
Onepete7 (EUW)
: Am i too nice for Ranked mode?
Its either win points or lose points. You cant be too fair upto a point where u are gonna lose
: The constant encounters with incredible toxic players just keep piling up
Whats the point of this thread? You are raging because of trollers?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That didnt answer my question at all. I actually dont even know what you're talking about anymore.
: This is not a calculation of "who is worse". It doesn't matter who is more abused. Rude behavior is rude behavior...even if someone else is way more rude to you. > If someone is flaming you should do everything in your will power to make them stop flaming Threatening doesn't work normally, it just makes them more aggressive. Mute works in 100% of the cases. So if your argument is "stopping someonne flaming", the logical consequence is to use the mute function, not to threaten him.
True. But most people dont mute and if someones abusing your teammates and they arent smart enough to mute the abuser, then you should do something right? As many times people say mute this guy mute that guy and some people dont listen to them and sometimes class that as negative attitude.
: I was with you until the 6 {{item:3070}} part. Just don't do that, comebacks are always a possibility, and even if you lose it's a dick thing to do.
You have played LoL before correct?
Urgoth (EUW)
: I got chat restricted and then this happened..
Riot wanted to award you for getting reported so much. Keep it up!
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