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: Kayle Morgana Visual Rework
For me it's just a feeling of, she was obviously inspired by the Paladin style character who usually has large gold armor If you look to WoW or other online mmos, hell you could even make the case that doom guy is a paladin and he's got a huge set of armor. Even chain mail at least if you look to more historical examples of what inspired the paladin archetype, knights templar, knights of the round table etc. It's a big part of the theme. Seems weird to do away with that aspect. I don't like it.
: The Kayl rework ruins her looks
I agree {{champion:10}} looks like a skin for {{champion:145}}
: I agree,we have enough half armored skimpy females. We have just one that wears full body armor,Kayle. If you have to push her back for an entire month just do it. We want a complete rework that suits the champ not a cheap cash off
I agree exactly. I CAN WAIT. The armor was a core part of her character in my humble opinion. Now she looks sci-fi almost.
: Kayle and Morgana (En version ) The Righteous and the Fallen Champion Ga...
They took away Kayles' armor. Is it possible for me to get a refund on my Kayle skin? I'm not interested in playing another generic waifu bait. RIP champion{{champion:10}}
: copyrights~
They've made "definitely not Mk" skins before though like frozen/yellow jacket Shen. And (koopa) King rammus.
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