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Antenora (EUW)
: 54 - 55 - 56% win rates mean overpowered.
Anivia always sits on a 54 55% win rate but she never gets nerfed cuz of her low pick rate that means only otp play her
i hope she gets reverted. Im a OTP Kat and i liked the old katarina way better she just needs a double Shunpo so she can get out when she goes in and she needs higher Base damage on her Q W E cuz she dealed 0 damage with her basic abilities
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Ekberg87 (EUW)
: Who is the best champion?
{{champion:427}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:427}} look at him
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: > [{quoted}](name=Cat ín The Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LurmAffE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-17T19:06:01.251+0000) > > not Cool AD assasins have way less counterplay then AP assasins {{item:3155}} {{champion:55}} are u sure bout that
{{champion:55}} has so much counterplay 1{{item:3155}} 2{{item:3026}} {{item:3102}} Hard CC Silence AP Champs dont have acces to {{item:3140}} like AD assasins.
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bugzy68 (EUW)
: Kai'sa doesn't need a buff ( IMO )
ur right and specially AP Kaisa the Ap ratios are way too high
: why is yi not fixed?
dont win rate doesnt say shit just like yasuo the players who play him are mostly dumb noobs and because of that his win rate is lower then 50% if only OTPs play him then his win rate would be way higher
: Ivern had his turn - it's time for Lux to get a new skin man....
ur right lux didnt had a skin for a month she needs another one
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: Buff my Ivern riot
49% is really low for his pick rate the people who play Ivern are Ivern mains . look at anivia he is always had a win rate of 54 % but never gets nerfed or whatever and that is cuz anivia has a low pick rate mostly played by anivia mains
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: Make every new champ unavailable in ranked till the next patch
u should be able to play champion in ranked when u have mastery lv 4 with them
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Juicee (EUW)
: Best solo adc?
{{champion:29}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}}
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Rumkatten (EUW)
: Winstreak/losestreak :(
ive done my promos to plat 4 like 14 times and when im in promos i always get trolls in my team +in promos i always need to solo carry cuz there is no way my team carries me once
: When does Zac have his weak phase?
zacs weak phase is when the enemy champs are too mobile
: Carnival Katarina
i liked ur Ahri one better
: Carnival Ahri
awesome again
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Temmerman (EUW)
: Tattoo Gnar
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: if tristana gets nerfed next patch then twitch needs one aswell
Tristana had a nerf this patch aswell and tristana gets more nerfs and twitch has a higher win ratio then tristana and tristana doesnt 4 shot the enemy team from 850 range with AOW damage
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: want to make one for kat yea, was also thinking of making one for Xayah/rakan also.
i really think u should make one for Ivern ivern has the face for a carnavals mask
: Carnival Caitlyn
really nice i would buy it u should make a carnaval concept for Ivern i think carnaval ivern would be cool or carnaval katarina
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: Lee sin...?
i know why he post this. Lee will always be a very populair champion and mostly played by noobs and he doesnt want feeders in his team so if lee gets buffed the lee in his team will feed less
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: Rework Sivir Skins
Pax sivir is the only cool skin of Sivir but i dont know why they changed the pax sivir splash art the old one was so cool the new one is fugly
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: Esports is getting very boring!
people only play overpowerd champions over and over every game is almost the same. its not fun to watch league of tanks
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Boulhya36 (EUW)
: Wich champions should be reworked?
{{champion:75}} Infinate stacking is bullshit and since the new season his early game isnt that bad anymore after 10 min he can 1 vs 1 almost everyone and when he uses ultimate his Q doesnt have a real cooldown anymore {{champion:64}} make him less overloaded so the noobs stop playing him and feed every game {{champion:13}} Its Ryze he needs a rework every year {{champion:157}} I have no words for this one {{champion:20}} Full VGU outdated Kit {{champion:7}} Revert her {{champion:55}} revert her {{champion:136}} almost every champion counters him and he deals 0 damage
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: No Aurelion Sol skin yet?
dark star skins are Fugly
ˉsup (EUW)
: The problem with buffing his late game aggro strength is that his shield has such a low CD at that point. It would make him a bit too strong. Honestly I think he is pretty balanced at the moment, even if he is a situational pick.
Ivern has a win rate of 49% and his pick rate is 0.80 % that means only ivern mains play him his win rate should be 54% for his pick rate or 53% if ivern had a high pick rate then 54% was too high
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Current balance issues: Marksmen bot
i totally Agree the Adc role is too strong atm specially the Hyper carries
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Gieto (EUW)
: Im an adc main and I cannot agree with you. Atm I play mostly jinx, if u see my games I spam jinx in rankeds 90% of the games, has an adc main I have to say that even if I got fed that doesn't mean a secure win, most of the time it does, but that happens with EVERY champion if u know how to play him/her. Imagine I get fed has jinx and im 6/1 at 10 mins, I'm pretty strong but if they have a diana jung (kha, j4, ww, rengar, and others) with close (let's say 5/0) but not better score they will almost win in a 1v1 every time (if both of us know how to play each others champs and know cooldowns, range etc). Every champ gets strong and can carry if they getb fed period, it's up to you to, if you can't crush your opponent to not die and wait for ganks or for other lanes to get fed or you gank. That being said, you can be the best adc get fed and still lose, because they have a nasus with 500 stacks at 20 mins, or a leona mastery 7 that makes u unnable to move and u die, the game changes a lot and adcs aren't the problem, the game's fine, maybe make braum less tanky late game haha. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Good luck in the rift and have fun!
i dont wanna read a message that long make it shorter and i will read it
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jnzrrr (EUW)
: His late game has always been kind of weak. Only thing he really has provided late is a good kick
90% of the lee sin mains fail cuz they watch too much montages lee can be really broken but the players are just dumb thats why it got a very low win rate
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