Karnelies (EUW)
: are smurfs bannable?
i find funneling bannable but much players disagree. its cheating the game
: were u or ur premade afk in that remake
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: Sounds like possible smart casting with indicators impacting it? It works funny with some spells sometimes, are you using that set up?
i dont smart cast. i never change my settings. this just happens 3 days ago till now. its more like an bug and its only affects Zoe Q its pretty annoying to play her now
: Funneling should be reportable
wow so many downvotes . i hope u all see Yi tarics in ur game
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: oh maybe u turned on a dfferent casting mode from ur settings check if it's quickcast and the same type of cast as other abilities otherwise yeah that's a really strange bug
no its only Zoe's Q
: Zoe bug
nonono u missunderstood. what i mean to get the first cast of the Q i need to double cast the Q. because of the Bug
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Crossek (EUW)
: Elise human Q needs changes
Elise human Q deals 0 damage
StChrono (EUW)
: Wondering why there are so many Turks in Euw west now.
didnt Riot made a muslim server. i dont understand why they go to EUW why not NA or whatever. they just ruin the server by trolling and they dont speak english so u cant communicate and they have an different attitude. an attitude that doesnt work with EUW
: there's still the ulted person who can QSS it to get a 1v5 against Morde while he tries or who can atleast to try stop him alone lmao
what if ur an Mage . are u forced to build Qss cuz he doesnt have counterplay otherwise. Same for other roles u are forced to buy a item for a champ to have counterplay. its wrong if u ask me. same for zed u are forced to build zhonyas otherwise the champ has no counterplay
L0513N70 (EUW)
: Could we kindly talk about how much Mordekaiser requires a nerf?????
if u ask me he is quite overpowerd. The part where he can hit the nexus when he ults is just broken. His damage is over the top
Omega Bot (EUW)
: Tank meta wasn't *that* bad
its better then the better adc wins meta. or the current meta. if ur team picks ezreal then u auto lose
: Zoe spell bug
i sometimes encounter this bugg . when i picked up ignite with W and use it on the enemy my ignite i got as spell goes on cooldown aswell
: Karma E reverts.
i find karma pretty balenced. Even for top lane she is balenced.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Sarah, the Hextech Technician
: Annie Rework Suggesion
Bad rework very bad. Her E ability doesnt fit a burst mage she needs a new E for sure. + her Q and W are outdated aswell
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: Aurelion Sol Rework Passive, W
: Rework Aurelion Sol
Aurelion sol should be more like mordekaiser and swain. Tanky and deal damage. its a dragon Dragons shouldnt be squishy. + dragons should deal damage. Aurelion sol ult deals 0 damage his Ult should be like a dragonite's hyper beam not like a pidgeys hyper beam
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: Game is too team based player skill dosent matter
its based on who picks the strongest champion
GainBoost (EUW)
: Is Jinx to Strong Right Now?
jinx is pretty strong yes. but once sivir gets nerfed then jinx will be a god tier Adc.
Chic0ny (EUNE)
: Increasing amount of champions and skins leads to a strong decrease in clarity
dragon trainer heimer looks exactly like a purple lulu skin
BySniK (EUW)
: Gem stone usage
i have 10 gemstones aswell. i really dont know what to do with them , i dont like hextech skins. i want to use gemstones for chests but i also want neo pax sivir so i just wait till it get re released.
: Even if it's her only dmg spell it is literally unavoidable poke if it was hard to hit i would understand but it has way too much range for the dmg it has and for it being controlable
Sona does everything Yuumi does but better. Sona deals more damage. AOW Heal shield thats an AOW cencor buff. AoW speed boost. Ultimate is instant Stun. the only downsite is that sona is targetable. Sona has slow aswell and a better slow aswell. Sona has an damage Debuff that is pretty underrated. the + side of Yuumi is when she gets AP she can buff up the carries pretty good . And she has great single target heal. And the biggest + is that she is a cat. thats the only reason why people play her. she is a cat and cats are the cutest creatures alive
: New Mordekaiser feels just right
i dont like his ultimate its way too broken.
: Riot is nerfing the wrong aspects of yuumi.
1 Her Q is the only damage spell in her Kit . Her ulti deals 0 damage. Her Q slow duration is almost nothing Nasus has a point and click 90 Slow that almost has no cooldown.
: day 46 of katarinas R bug....
They need to fix R Dealing more damage early game
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And Revive {{champion:150}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:78}} for solo Q top lane
Cypherous (EUW)
: > The Legendary kill has been gone for a while but i wanna know why is it gone. Probably for multiple reasons, because there was already a hook for hexakill and because it really wasn't even triggered that often anymore, with revive being removed a long while back you have to set up a very specific scenario to even see it
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mAsfer (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol is the bost badass champion in the game yet the most boring to play
i just want him to deal damage to champions and not only push lane. his mana cost is super high aswell so u have to go to base every wave or 2. He needs a nerf in roaming and a buff in damage. His ult only deals 150 damage. his ult should be like an Dragonites Hyper beam not like a magikarps hyper beam.
: Current state of Zac
im a zac player aswell and i used to main zac till the rework came and i stopped playing him. Now he got his old ult back and now im gonna pick him up again. Zac has lowwinrate now but he just need some buffs to get him back again. He defnitily needs more damage so he can clear the jungle faster
Bearly (EUNE)
thats no outplay thats just the enemy being dumb af
: Why is riot even buffing Yuumi
she gets more of a nerf then a buff . She still needs the buff in her Q slow duration.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Can we just get another Akali rework?
i think its for the best to re Rework her. Her current rework is just a flop. its too overpowerd to be in the game
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God Spoon (EUW)
: Essence emporium
i saved my Blue essence for an entire year and got me 50k BE. it will take 3 years to obtain urf warwick. at least i have 10 gemstones now . but i dont know what to get with it all hextech skins are ugly except neo pax sivir but i dont know if it will ever get released
Ryzium (EUW)
: Ryze rework
Ryze just needs to be weaker vs melee champs and stronger verses ranged
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: The ''asian'' splash art doesn't make the skin asian It's still the same skin but with a different splash art And uhhh i'm pretty sure you have no idea what hentai is if you're saying that her splash arts are hentai
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Japanese Annie skin? Annie has no japanese skin??
check out her first 5 skin splash arts. These are Asian skins. A few years ago Riot updated lots of old skin splash arts by replacing them with the asian skin splash arts. And then the skins became Anime hentai skins .
: Annie needs skin splash art updates.
oke people dislike this post . i dont understand why people actually like anime skins. Id rather see the original skin splash arts then the chinese splash arts
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Ryzium (EUW)
: Ryze rework
Ryze is super strong against melee but weak against ranged. Today i got rekt by one at lv 1 cuz his W deals so much damage and his autos hurt aswell melee champs cant match his wave clear
: Is Galio still a Champion?
In solo Q he isnt a champion. He is too weak as an Mid laner. Too weak for Top lane Too weak as Jungler . Definitily not an Adc . He gets played as support but he is too weak for that aswell. IDK where that champ belongs. i think he just needs to be a tank top laner. Add more base damage less mana cost and lower cooldowns.
: If he ults the fed adc there ain’t much stopping the fed adc from killing him... If he ults a support then up to 7 seconds your team is fighting a 4v4 without their top laner... it’s like trading a support kill for a top kill at that point so long as the support survives long enough it’s actually worth it for the enemy team unless your team is far enough ahead to kill them. Ulting someone puts you in a 1v1 and your team in a 4v4... assuming you don’t instantly kill them you’ve gotta be relying on your team to not throw the fight, you can no longer carry the fight... do you really trust a solo Q team to 4v4 without you.
IF he ults the ADC there will be a teamfight where the enemy doesnt have an Adc for a while . If morde is behind then the team wont mind missing morde but he can stop an ADC and he gets more time when he has zhonyas. 5 Seconds without an ADC can be allot tho.
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