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Scaphion (EUW)
: 9.23 - Map changing "AFTER" third dragon death.
Its a known bug. If Shaco-Clone kills the dragon, the system goes nuts.
: >Cassiopeia 67.57% X to Doubt.
The fact that funneling has the highest winrate disgusts me on multiple levels.
JelrikD (EUW)
: Apheleos is created by CertainlyT, did you really expect a balanced kit? Really?
I swear CertainlyT is the ultimate toxic-champ-by-default designer. Just google his champs and you will all agree.
exydos (EUNE)
: Hardstuck Plat
Buy pinks and place them correctly. Roam even when you are toplaner - either roam mid normally or whenever you back go mid/bot and TP back top. Be aware of new drakes, they are very powerful now, so focus on setting up before they spawn. Glimpse at your minimap every 5s and help your team. Dont chase kills. Getting a plate/cs/roam is much more profitable than risking a death. Focus the carries in teamfights or the ones who are fed. Protect your carries if they are fed. Dont solo into the enemy and then ??? ping your teammates. If you are endgame champ or a vulnerable champ (Ryze, Darius, etc), be double aware of the enemy jungler and miss a few cs if you have to. Thats the basic rules to follow. You will NOT win every game, but if you constantly keep up a 3-2 ratio you will climb.
MrTeemoM (EUW)
: UK leaving EU
I've yet to see such an incredible stupid post. Hotdamn..
: Health Bar wrong....
I think everyone noticed this, but its so blatantly obvious hence why reporting it is not neccessary. I already got used to looking at the actual HP, same goes for minions when I want to kill them but they could survive with 1 HP.
: Christmas map 2019
Would be much trouble considering the dragons now affect the terrain. That surely is too much work for now. I'm sure thats the actual reasoning why they said no snowdown this year.
: Bring back Winter Rift
I wonder how that would work with the new drakes, hmmm
: This god awful split push Meta
The team that gets the Dragonsoul has a massive advantage and now comes the big surprise: a DESERVED advantage. If Elder spawns and the Dragonsoul team gets it, they have proven they should win the game and so it is the "I win" button. If the non-Dragonsoul team gets the Elder then you have massive buffs on both teams. Also the games have to go to minimum 25mins to reach Elder. YES by that point there should exist an objective which is the WIN button. Ive played around 50 games this preseason and Ive reached Elder maximum 10 times, so its not even common to go that far since the Elderspawn extend by each other-team dragonslay. This is basically a rage about a 0 10 0 Yasuo who gets Elder and wins the game. You had 25mins+ to close the game, now suffer.
: Nerf Elder dragon
Elder Dragon is so late in the game, and its finally something for the better OBJECTIVE FOCUSED team to close the game they deserve to win.
: can we nerf yas pls!
totally blant imma throw this out: can we remove yas pls!
ToniHavoc (EUW)
: I really want to know who designed matchmaking
Since you cant be the troll, theres a 44,44% chance of a troll being in your team instead of enemy team (55,55%). So if you can't climb, you are just unable to carry. DuoQ with a decent partner who feels the same reduces the chance to 33,33% (66,67%). And don't try to defend it please, this is facts since years... Yes you can have a period of trolls where it feels like the chance is 99%, but the opposite will also happen. I had 15 game losestreaks and 15 games winstreaks where 5 I leaned back and got carried.
: Nobody cares that you're boosted to D2 by your high elo adc friend. If you didn't play support-only solo-only without any duo to get there it means nothing to your support skills State your opinion avoiding elo shaming people
I was looking up about 100 people here and asking around 10 people **MAINING SUPPORT** ingame+friendslist, so I was stating opinions based on Elo. Elo is not a shame, you can be totally casual and I respect that, but its obvious that the crybabies are "not too good" people and I had to point it out. First give the patch a week or two, and not spam the frontboard with UHH SUPPORT SUCKS NOW threads. You can join some supportstreamers and ask them, there are plenty. And about my last sentence: I was always looking on the boards to check whats in and out now, but now after realizing how less Dia+ are here (which are definetely more serious players, no doubt), I will not blindly take the opinions here as granted any longer.
Shamose (EUW)
: It's never a secret that changes are for the top 4% of players. But it's not needed or justified for the other 96% of the playerbase.
If they would balance the game mostly for 96% of the playerbase, we wouldnt have eSports tbh. And I believe many players came from watching the games on streams aswell.
: P dude??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Lmao calm down. I dont say there isnt an issue, Im saying because the FPS drops are random, they probably arent that random actually. We really had a bug where some champion got new particles or something and it dropped FPS heavily (some old player help me here please). So legit pls compare the games where it DOES happen and check similarities and THEN spam the boards with it. Quote directly from OP: > But, every other game that I play is perfectly normal with the same FPS no changes
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: Just completely delete stop watch and its associated rune.
Im a Kata main and even I agree. Having it everywhere is ridiculous. I remember seeing that screenshot with Ryze Lissandra Morgana Kaisa Ekko. All Hourglass. Thats just straight cancer man.
Gonna be honest here - the first time I read this I was keeping an eye out to friends and simply other players and I had **not a single one** complaining about it. I cannot imagine what you are talking about. From what I understand its possibly just one minor change that has problems with specific graphiccards, like I remember when there was a problem with Camille(I think?) where she caused lags on many players. It's definetely not something that can be investigated right away, you people with the FPS problems have to compare the games where it does appear and see if theres any similarities like same champs, specific items bought, a wardskin, etc. It can be anything.
Antenora (EUW)
: I'd be happy for Leona, Nautilus and Blitzcrank to be irrelevant for a few months.
Especially for Nautilus with his Point-And-Click CC-Adventure, and it even included unmitigatable CC (knockup, pull in). I'm really confused how he hasnt seen a change to this yet.
Eldian (EUNE)
: or just show in champ select which drakes are gonna be spawned?
Or have a vote after all champions are selected? Or even ingame similar to the surrender vote? If 2 Drakes get the same votes, it randomizes again idk. We are standing in base 15s as it is, might aswell use that time.
: i dont have a problem on autofill.i'd rather get 1or2 autofills than waiting for 30 mins. (Jungle main BTW so i mostly get only 1 autofill support)
So 5-10mins of quetime +20mins of garbage game cause someone is autofilled or 20mins quetime, but +25mins quality game where everyone is on their mainrole My choice is definetely 2nd.
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LucianQ also doesnt get blocked. LuxR neither. Not by Braum either. The keything is: Laserlike attacks are NOT blocked by Projectilewalls. Senna is shooting some kind of laser, so consider her a counter to Yasuo since we definetely need more of those anyway. And you are a Yasuo player, you dont deserve any help for complaints anyway x)
ThePl4yer (EUW)
: Thresh E hitbox?
"working as unintended"?
no hands (EUW)
: Recieving death threats from player, will riot do something about this?
This is the internet. Everyone is hiding behind it, so dont take it serious. I would never let some random LoLplayer ruin my day or have me sleepless nights.
: Why low elo is so bad
If you are stuck 100 games in the same elo, you belong there. Thats the rule of thumb basically. You are close, you have 93 games I see here. So yea.. watch guides, get your macrogame going. The chance of getting trolls in enemy team is higher (5 players) than in your team (4 players without counting you). So you will climb if you are better at some point because thats what its been since years.
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: actually you do get a warning when the champion is prepicked. If you didn't, it's either a bug or he picked so late the system did not detect it. which also means, "meh" not anyone's problems exept the players. Even then, i usually don't care about prepicks, i always ban yas:P if they troll they are usually useless anyway. if they flame they would flame anyway:P if they play normally they would play normally anyway
Shouldve specified: Yes, he prepicked just before I locked my ban.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: You really can't look on the side of a screen for a second? And aren't chosen picks grayed out ? If i want to ban someone on a last second i will get kicked because system wants to make sure i have eyes?
Dude he prepicked him right at 1s left of the banning phase, so I gave my team the time to prepick. Its his fault, but regardless a 2nd prompt for specifically banning teammatechamps shouldnt be too much wanted.
pr0c3ss (EUW)
: Ranked Mastery Requirement
Actually this would even prevent smurfs, something the community has complained over the years - a highelo dud going into silver games. He wouldnt be able to do that anymore. Up^.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Seperate premade teams from solo queue?
In my experience: DuoQ tends to fail simply because of the tunnelvision on your partner. You ignore the rest of the team and that leads to failure.
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: Neuer Katarina Main name
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