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: Star Guardian Ahri makes me cringe
The darkest character of the new 5 should be syndra not ahri right? btw, where is the SG Urgot?!?!?!
: Suggestion: Make S Champinion more innovative and funny!
: Suggestion: Make S Champinion more innovative and funny!
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: What is a Champinion?
: Don't worry about about life expectancies... stressing over how long you think you have left is just gonna make things worse and honestly will stop you living life how you wanna live it... And as a side note the lower life expectancy with depression is mainly self inflicted, it's not like people choose to do it a lot of the time but it's still something which you can fight against... you just gotta focus on that fight, live in spite of everything and carry on to the next day because you never know what it might bring, and so the universe can't win... it's what kept me going when I went through similar things to this. And I understand how you feel with this issue... depression is something which there isn't really a cure, you don't get to take medication and never feel it again... it's more coping strategies, finding a way that helps lower the anxiety for you and lowering exposure to the things which are toxic in your life. So for example you mentioned toxic people... So anyone who isn't worth being in your life due to toxicity you should just cut out of your life, even if you have to leave friends and make new ones... because friends who are supportive make a big difference in stuff like this and toxic ones no matter how much you think they mean to you aren't worth it... it's a tough thing to do but it helped me, might be worth it for you. Nothing with mental illness is easy or quick... And a lot of it is a life time of fighting... but the good parts of life are worth fighting through the bad ones for and a lot of it is going to come from finding something that works for you, which isn't gonna be the same as everyone else (hell all else fails just move, seriously just starting from a clean slate can make a difference if you do it right). So don't just give in when someone says you are gonna die 11 years sooner, cause that's not an ultimatum, that's a challenge, that's something you've gotta fight to beat and it's worth it to fight... So don't give up.
bipolar is controllable and curable. Just take treatment as your doc says. Btw, you should quit LOL, especially ranking. LOL now is full of negative sense which is harmful to your emotion. Sports is the best hobby assisting to the cure of bipolar.
: Suggestion: Make S Champinion more innovative and funny!
Please let me know if Riot or Players are interested or not thx
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