Crazerr (EUW)
: They told us that it would hit live servers at patch 9.2 but it still isnt here:(
Just got an update, it's only going to be here on the lunar event so january 28th {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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: why am i obligated to play 4v5?
We don't really have much to tell you, we are all in a lose - lose situation whenever a 4v5 debate comes up.
: I didn't
1 - Make you sure you are logged in. 2 - Turn off any adblockers u may have. 3 - Click on VODs then select any match. 4 - Leave the match there on your tabs and just mute the sound of it. 5 - Go do something else while that match is open on chrome with it's sound muted. 6 - After the match is done, profit.
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BM Electro (EUNE)
: Neeko's Passive
Oh i didn't even know about this. I guess she's not as OP as peaple make her out to be
: As Long as the Game didnt Start you cant be 100% Sure If the player is trolling. I dont Support this.
It's quite obvious when someone is clearly being a jackass in chat and probably will continue later in the game as it is when someone is just messing around pre-game
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: ya but no one likes his walk ether so
Did you miss what i said? He's going to be changed into a more modern design it's not just a W change
: Since the game mode’s in alpha, it’s most likely to change. Even the map’s unfinished.
Yeah the map is just stuff from butcher's bridge, summoners's rift and probably some others just put together for a simple map
: but thats not what im asking eiht ez they are changing his w but i dont want an ability change i want model change too
The only reason they are changing his W is cuz everyone WANTS that, nobody not even his greatest of mains like that pathetic ability
: How come people always complain that a new champion/rework is op?
It's mainly due to the fact that since they are new we don't know how to fight agaisn't them so we feel like an ADC stuck between 5 yasuos that have a full build while you have boots and 2 pots
: can riot fix the visual look of a champion without changing the abilites
This is already going to happen with Ezreal, granted his W will be changed since nobody in the entire community likes that useless ability, but the rest will be completly untouched and he'll just receive a better modern look and most likely new voice lines too{{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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King Lego (EUNE)
: As an Urgot main...
They make skins for popular champions since that's the way that'll generate most money. Despite what you'd like to think, that they are passionate game devs wanting to create a beautiful game, that's still only 2nd priority, they are a business so MONEY is the priority
Pick master yi instantly win. No, sorry this game is a game of scaling. For this gamemode to work you'd need to ban A LOT of champions otherwise it's unfair and INCREDIBLY UNBALANCED
: Downvoted just cuz you're spreading the fire xD nothing personal.
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RBromige (EUW)
: Ranked matchmaking is a joke
Can you show this specefic match stats, summoner names etc?
: try reloging, that should probably help if not, well... you will win them sooner or later anyway..
So i relogged and did NOT get any progress, i went to win another match and got progress there. AS IN 1/2 even tho i won an aram match while having that mission ACTIVE{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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Chillidric (EUNE)
: League Sluttering
Is it a stutter on like the first minute of the game? I had that ever since last patch{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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: Waiting 2 years for a new aurelion sol skin . and this is what we get
: All I really agree with is that they need reworks of some kind, at least Jax. Riot has been slowly removing stat checking from the game, and Jax is kind of the last bastion of that simply due to shear amount of raw stats his kit has inbuilt.
While that's all easy to explain, {{champion:11}} is not. With such a simple kit it makes no sense how he is able to do so much damage to the point where even if you build the exact same items on yi and an other AA champ like trynda or an ADC, he almost always does the most damage and on top of that has a Q to dodge any pain thrown at him and a W that blocks almost half of your damage
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: > [{quoted}](name=ShadyDeVillain,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=1PGal6mK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-09T21:39:28.631+0000) > > Nope 1. Go to: Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\\deploy 2. Find: system.yaml 3. Open in notepad. 4. Find: "EUW:" 5. Locate under: "available_locales:" 6. Add a new line with a dash & space at the beginning, and type in pt_BR. 7. Restart LoL Client and change the language to Portuguese. The version changes with every normal patch. But the directory until "releases" is the same. Just go into the folder with the highest version number in case there are two different versions stacked. They already provide an easy system for many settings, such as also positioning the chat window in such a way it's no longer in the screen. I used to do this whence I tilted so I wouldn't use/see the chat and get worse.
PT BR is Brazilian Portuguese, it's not what he wants. He wants ACTUAL DECENT Portuguese from PORTUGAL{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello mortalpedro Does your screen "shake" back and forth as the camera moves around the map? Could you please explain more about that weird "lagg".
The only way for me to explain it and give it justice is pretty much just this ''Imagine your ping shooting up to 250 ping and then back to your normal ping in less than a second''
Modifi (EUW)
: Freezes and skips frames
Same thing here GTX 1050 Ti I7 7700
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: Do this a week or two. If you really deserve gold, you will get it. Pick one role and one to two champions. Spam them. Learn every aspect of them. What is your strenght, what is your weakness, good matchups? bad matchups? Rune builds? Item builds? Do this for a 100 games or until you can get on a 6-7 game winstreak. If you cant achieve that, its hard to climb. Low elo ranked is not really about the big pictures and like getting kills and carrying team. That is secondary based on how you play. Its about learning the fundementals and doing them consistently. Compare it with learning a sport, like tennis. If you cant play a 10 shot rally, then you are not really a good/consistent tennis player. Concrete example, im a blitz player. Blitzcranks job early is to get your adc fed on kills. How to do that? Hook and punch on the adc and or squishy mage support. However, if im up against a alistar or thresh, i wont hook because they outrade us. So i wait patiently and try to hook them under tower. Come mid-game i direct the team on objectives and pick offs with my hooks and we push, while keeping map vision and getting support items. I consistently did that and won 5 games in a row and rose in rank.
Thanks for the advice, i already have a role set up(i'm a support main) and i got 2 champs i think i play relativily well these being Sona and Leona
: If ban system can be controlled by robots why can't we have a robot that when someone goes afk like that u get a loss prevent? Easy no?
That's a problem cuz you can then duo with someone and if you are losing hard one of you AFKs and boom, you don't lose cuz loss preventition. Easily cheatable, so no not easy
: Rate my artwork! Poolparty Tristana
I think it looks great, though a little bit more detail on the cannon would make it even better instead of just ''water cannon'' written on it
: Loss prevent
Riot can't fix humanity's stupidity
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teemos (EUW)
: My **How to make urf fun** is 1. Bring the original urf back 2. Or if ur not gon do that let us make an urf custom game whenever it's on so we can ARURF 1v1
Have you not read their post? original urf makes peaple quit lol, which makes sense the funnest gamemode is out everybody and their mom plays it, it's not here anymore? they auto leave and regular summoner's rift get's forgotten, so to riot's business model that's a no no.
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Axisdeus (EUNE)
: I do not have your issue and I play tanks. I still get melted down by ADCs, especially if ahead. Resitances penetration, anti-tank items and champions designed to counter tanks (aka True damage).
The ADCs need to really be ahead to fully own you, we're talking your bot lane must be so bad you don't even know how wood elo hasn't been created yet
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: point number 3, finding yourself in a 1v3 and then escaping with hitting your poro on a jungle camp, feels good
There's nothing better than a good poro escape and the enemy goes like ''%%%% off'' but you also get a heartbreak when u poro red and red isn't there
No0bZed (EUNE)
: TheWorstURFEver
Go read Ask Riot about URF{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: You can already ping your ping.
You didn't get what i asked, i guess i should have worded it a bit better, i want to able to ping my FPS(Frames Per Second)
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: can we delay the yasuo buff please
I approve this message {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: All you can really do is power through it until it's normal. It takes a few matches, but is so worth it for the extra camera control. One thing that will make life a little easier is to use the middle mouse button as a camera drag, so you don't have to push the edges of the screen to look around, which messes up your aiming in extended fights. There's a setting for it somewhere, don't quite remember it exactly. It also takes some getting used to, but free camera with middle mouse button to drag it is so smooth in camera control. I got out of locked camera quite a while ago, now it feels impossible to use :P Aiming skill shots from a moving view is really hard to coordinate.
I tried that middle button thing but for some reason the camera moves the exact opposite way of what i want it to work as (as i move left on the mouse the camera turns to the right) and i hate that so much :c
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