: Thank you for the account closure!
Irrelevant for sure, when u get pwned in yr lane by fails from others (not my positioning was wrong btw.) and flamed for being killed in unwarded maps with feeding jungler ganks :D 8 days more for my comeback :P
: >Well, I'm no hush puppy who doesn't respond if got flamed. No, you are a guy who lets flamers provoke him into doing the same nonsense, and subsequently gets punished for it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
> [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=b0qsEzdB,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-03-04T19:39:39.924+0000) > > No, you are a guy who lets flamers provoke him into doing the same nonsense, and subsequently gets punished for it. > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} This is your answer? One quote out from context means all to argue like that? This is my toxic reported to be banned chat log I got sent: why dont u fopllow voli & xin? dive with creeps & kill him lol? there are creeps! just skip them & attack after toiwer passed whatever its bronze really a kill is 300g dont u undersdtand basics xin, really not? why play ranked?? bug? gg its not a abug its standard with all spells and it was her E ward bushes u aint have a main when u play stupid bronze Lux a skin buy dont make u main voli! dont thrwo them TO me ffs is it hard just to stay & ward? muted all, makes no sense voli a fckin sightstine is too hard to buy? i hate u all fu idiot suc ker biuy wards I said in start and u just buy stuff that aint help me i quit bye noobies this ks these noobs i hate ranked games FU AHRI PUSH TOIWER I suicide bye hate this troll team really hate it i aint bad u suck i aint listen u aint follow u aint play ranked style i aint care scores idiot free win trolls meeting again tanks go back & let adc tank, I like gg so hard to help? too hard to play with brain shut up u fed bot twice report me for what? voli, why bot lane? help tf ty voli troll & feed? haha pathetic still no sighstine in team ... and I troll? hahahahahaha wards wards wards wards wards wards wards no vision still lol he suicide in vs 3 and blame me? pink drake & nash back all ahri team stay ??? ty ahri again really blue more important then teamfight? ahri why mid? help top push ffs me??? i didnt feed lux i didnt fail in wards whatever muted no more intension to play with retards voli still no wards nbo one bought a pink whatever bronze for life drake & nash never had one gg finish fast I was ADC bot, Voli supp, Xn jungle. As you may see, all lines are complete out from context. Haha, of course there are "toxix" words, but unless you dont see, what insult started ... nevertheless, bye community.
: Thank you for the account closure!
I like that you post in my thread. And I like your suggestions. But when u ain't play in those games, u don't know what happens and so any personal meaning against me is the wrong way following up. My main point behind my this is, ban system doesn't work. Well, it does to a certain point as u get bans or restrictions or whatever. But does it really hit the right people? Maybe you never played with me, maybe you did. Maybe you are too good for landing in bronze 5, maybe not. But as far as my game experience goes, I essentially know my mistakes and what to avoid. Getting flamed & taking all without answering because of nothing or even better, because you explain, what they did wrong ... well, if this attitude is requested, why do this system even have a chat system or a ban system? Either you flame and there are no punishments or you don't have any possibility to chat at all. So you take all the flames, mute them, play yr game and maybe you win or not in ranked? Makes no sense. My concern is not about my account ban, I play already 3 years this game and these are my first bans. Maybe because the "new high sophisticated ban system" now works at least as expected. There are too many people out there, who get a smiling face back. But those, who hit me verbally, gets an answer. If they aint stop argueing, answering will be more. Mute is some kind of retreat, which is not manifested in my personal way of living or thinking. Better solution would be, give the full chatlog to review, why I answered to whom in which context. Would make it obvious for anyone who wants to read it. I would like to share it public, but I don't know, where can I store the logs to or how I can copy this. I have no learning experience by reading my own words again & again without any context.
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Goeppi (EUW)
: Nice math, riot!
feed the troll ...
Neverwinter http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter
Bombardox (EUW)
your idea is valid, but try to use existing pings & inform maybe yr team, what yr intention is behind them ... more pings would be toooo much ...
: Silvers in preseason are actually worse then what i think bronze 5's play
try first items (you could also try Sapphire Crystal & 3x heal pots instead Doran's & 2x HP) sheen (1050g means around 40cs = should be ready at first back under 10 minutes play time) & large rod (or haunting guise if u want to trade sustain for AP and enough gold for it) mid and see, how your games will change instead of rushing Armguard (as expensive as large rod). Cost benefit is much better, CS increase with W or E (mana cost is a factor) & AA ... my main problem with Diana was, that I thought rushing AP/Armguard is the key, which is valid in pure CS ... but in PvP situations, Magic Pen & Sheen passive does more dmg. over all.
: Illaoi dmg
own opinions have no impact for balance reasons ... there are several cry threads about Illaoi and some contain serious answers. if you play her well and enemy fails to counter, it's no balance issue as well. I can win & loose with her, depends on the counter pick, jungle/mid ganks if I get fed in CS or not until 10 minutes are done from the game. If you have 70cs+ and 2x kills in that time, you are in front and with simple gameplays your team should win.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why League of Legends is so toxic, the real reason
start game, mute all in your team and all chat flamers can be ignored savely, just avoid answering ... play the first 10 minutes to see how game runs ... if running well for your team, unmute & start team coordination ... runs bad? well, keep them muted & next game will start soon. same logic, every game, works for me.
: Illaoi dmg
Armor & Mobility are beating Illaoi ...
Bombardox (EUW)
: How to build when you are getting destroyed by the ennemy laner ?
> [{quoted}](name=Bombardox,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9dB2MihT,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-16T11:22:45.362+0000) > > I always wonder what to build > for example i am olaf i am 0/2 to an ennemy renekton i cant even touch him > Do i build needed offensive items first ( aka {{item:3748}} {{item:3071}} ) or i just go tank item as first item ? Spirit Visage first, then Titanic Hydra and tides are changed for you.
: Why they say trundle is broken ?
thats the way Trundle works ... like so many other champs out there ... isolate them & win the teamfights, solo him and u r just a number more in his KDA stat (without death of course XD)
: Silvers in preseason are actually worse then what i think bronze 5's play
Your Diana plays ain't carry games, you can change tides in a teamfight or even close matchups as it seems ... but you will never deal with a Jax or Yorick or Voli etc. bruisers ... u need to change yr main champ, if you are not able to carry yr team with Diana ...
: Tristana
you are too polite for this community ... gtfo XD
zidic (EUW)
secret of climbing is playing with quite higher skilled friends?
Dahviee (EUW)
: premade with low lvls
can you try playing ARAM to learn basics & item builds for several champs? You will get IP & XP for levels as well ... the last 5 levels are insane ... and dont start ranked after u have at least 4 rune pages and mastery sets for each role/meta play you play to play ... nothing is more frustrating then landing in elo hell because of missing setups and sty there fro ages without carried by friends ...
: "Ashe supp OP"
all champs can be a valid supp, if played well or suits to the kit of ADC ... the higher the rank, the more this becomes nonsense. Deal with it ;)
Beer Wulf (EUW)
: Brand and Spellthief+ Issues...
as Brand has his E spreading to Champs by casted to a minion, he gets more benefits from multi-target gold income. He is a valid supp & mid laner, like Morg, Lulu, Lux, etc. No need to change anything, all benefit in same stage.
FilipBonbon (EUNE)
: Best AD, AP and Tank Rune Pages
if u try Braum or Sion, replace the Red marks with HP.
: Sivir feels weak.
MF & Graves rush Siv down and she is not mobile enough against a Jinx or Corki. Twitch can duel you down after 50cs ... afaik, Siv can wave clear pretty well. I play her quite often, just because you can rush a lane quite fast. BUT, all you need to have is a supp, who can deal with yr weakness -> less mobility/no slows at all. In TF she shows her potential quite well, W/Q combos are quite high DPS AoE attacks. But wrong position ends that funny part quite fast.
Vumsy (EUW)
: Any plans to give Sion some love?
after Cinderhulk Stalker's Blade consider about 2x Jaurim's Fist in mid game. One goes into Titanic Hydra, second builds up to Sterak's Gage for late game. Rylai works great on him, as well ... i used to opt. that before Frozen Heart. Works.
: Sions mana problems
one question here: Does "Runic Armor" effect the "W" & may fit better then Scars?
: Jungle Naut masteries
IMHO specialize > generalize, as for Nauti you want to be a massive tower of a tank. Movespeed is the weak spot, buffing shield power makes him even more tankier and you can be the meatshield in TF. I would try http://efferentinc.com/wp-content/lol6calc/index.html#YClKxK2vK0K0y, which worked great for me with voli jungle, assuming Nauti would fit in as well. Especially the -15% on smite by "Insight" is a benefit you don't wanna miss.
: Known counters to Illaoi / no cry thread ;)
Great feedback, thanks! For Nasus, stacking with Tentacles gives 5 per each, just for Info ... maybe will be fixed ;)
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: CAN Riot stop doing this?
@TheVictoriousMan: Stop trying to argue on topics, you don't WANT to understand. You try to blame all posters here, arguing with the same stuff again & again. Well, realize just the idea, that you MAY be on the wrong corner of the room & try to THINK why others take their time to explain you why. Normal & Ranked are two different worlds of the universe, just like ARAM and Dominion or Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline have nothing in common with each other. If you play ranked, you go for ELO hunting, you want to match a challenge within a quite similar range of skill between teams. The more games you play, the better will the ranking fit to your proper skill. As a matter of fact, some play in Bronze, which may belong to higher league's but because of some personal or technical reason's they are not able to play every game on their proper level. Vice versa. I play with this posting account pretty much ranked only and tell you what: I suck in combining my experience in certain game situations and watching my own replay shows me "WTF?? How stupid can I be??" Happens. Learned the lesson. Have a new account, playing only Normals now until S6 starts and trying to get higher. How? Easy, I will only play ranked, when my mood is fine, I have enough time and my technical stuff is working properly. If it works out like expected, will try to push this account as well. If I fail, well, I need to face the fact I deserve the league I play in. Still hoping. ;) Back to your concerns: I agree with you, that 10x games to decide, whether you deserve being Silver 2 or not is not sufficient to clarify which league/division you should fit into. But it is a COMPROMISE. You can argue, that 100x games before election is done would be more accurate. Right. But believe me one thing: 100x games later you will be exactly in that division, you deserve. No matter how good you may play when all parameters are suited for you (role, picks, mood, time, equipment, team setup, etc.) and I am sure, if all would be optimized for me (aka training situation), I could match with Gold 2 as well (proved in different games with some people), but this randomized pick order, different mistakes from me & other team mates, showed me: In reality I deserve playing in Bronze like I did. I also know why. I changed that already. Same will happen to the team mate you had: If he deserves being Bronze, he will fall into it. If not, he will stay or climb up. No matter what, divsions are calculated out of numerous parameters. The more numbers, the more precise will be the result.
: illaoi overpowered? how do you counter her?
heal only works if Tentacles hit Champs, which includes some attack from Illaoi with her W. What may can be cahnged is the tentacle spawn beneath towers, which is awesome if u already survived the infight, running back to yr tower, Illaoi stays out of tower range, tentacle spawn benath tower and gives u the last hit to die, even u thought u r out of her range.
Tuteau (EUW)
: Punished for internet problems..?
but, when DSL gets refreshed and causes a short interruption, the game doesn't reconnect anymore. It did in the past, since 5.2x it doesn't anymore. I need to kill the process, start the whole login again and be AFK for more then 3 minutes. It is just a short reconnection, which would interfere around 5secs, truly out of my control. At the moment I try to remind the recurring disconnect timestamp (atm it's 10:49 MET), shut down LoL when last game ended and wait until 10:50 to start playing again. Horrible to say, if u need to wait from 10:00 until 10:50 playing, just because yr client can't even reconnect after a short interrupt to avoid possible LeaverBuster penalties. Assuming this much more a bug in client behavior then player's fault, as I said: That was changed recently. If I could trust on the client reconnect, I'd stay in base for 1min and rejoin the fight again. But I couldn't, so I wait offline ... sad story.
: illaoi overpowered? how do you counter her?
Gangplank & Kindred counter her pretty well
CurVez (EUW)
: Keep losing Ranked games
I truly understand you. Had same issues, when u land in Bronze, u will stay there playing "for the team". As mainly, the team doesn't care about basics. Even when your team is ahead, they start throwing the game by chasing for one kill, but loosing map control and lanes got pushed by others. I did manage it for me, I will stay in Bronze 5 or 4 with that account I post here, this is much more my champ train account, where I try builds and matchups, buy new champs, try the mechanics and play ranked. Maybe I will get this account out of Bronze again, which I did for my other accounts already. Since a few months I started to play a new account, no ranked games until S6 will start, only farming IP in Normal Games to have the setup on Champions and Runes I need to play with. I am pretty sure, after the ranking election games, I will start in high silver or even low gold, as I know from my experience in normal games now, my skills aren't as bad as it looks like. Proven facts are given already: - Do the best you can to gain gold for your team, which won't work as passive supp - try aggro supp play or just rush in with a "troll pick" support if you really want to be bot laner - even as ADC, buy wards und upgrade yr trinket - use smart pings, but mute yr team - if you see, your team is ahead and try to start chasing or throwing, def the base and ward the map in between, this may help the base to survive and after yr team respawn, they may ACE the other team.
: LoL crashes after "Start" before Login screen appears / since last update 19.11.2015
as there is no reaction from Supp.-Team, I re-installed the whole Client, downloaded all the updates needed and finally after 4 hours I can Play again ...
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: [Resolved] Impossible to login - server issues
Fixed / Login works again from Germany - Deutsche Telekom


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