: About Skarner.
Here's a pro tip, post this on the NA boards, more rioters there.
Phorce (EUW)
: Game mode Idea: Reversed Fog of War
I posted this on the NA boards, it might get more rioter attention, I really like this idea tbh [post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/X9JYerHd-new-game-mode-idea-reverse-fog-of-war)
Metro (EUNE)
: 1 Minute untill minions spawn?
Could this be some sort of easter egg hunt ? cause it's weird for me that she said it 7 times. Was this sound previously in league? EDIT: There doesn't seem to be any reference for this sound in the wiki or in [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2qgjw0/summoner_announcer_packs_a_tutorial/) guide for making your own announcer pack, so it's either something from a new gamemode or update or maybe an easter egg hunt.
: What's your ranked story this season? Where did you start and where did you end up?
I started playing last season patch 6.13, I mained support Leona and played mostly with friends, when I could play ranked, I climbed to silver 5 and stopped playing, cause I wasn't interested in ranked very much mostly in fear of being mocked (I know it's dumb, I'm over it now). This season, I got placed in Bronze 2, and I had just started maining Gangplank, I set out to climb to Gold V. I had a hiccup around silver 2, and dropped to silver 4, I was devastated, I was sure I'd make gold. But I decided that it was fair. if silver 3-4 was my rank, I'll accept it. Lo and behold, within a week I was in silver 1 doing my promos, and I aced them, I went 3-0 and got to gold, I felt great. But after chilling for a while in normals, those last promo games nagged at me. They were so easy, and I played them so well, so I jumped back to ranked with high hopes and low expectations, I wanted to see how far I could go in gold, and apparently I could go as high as platinum V. When I reached plat, it was all about tying loose ends. So I climbed to plat V in flex and climbed to gold in twisted treeline for the chroma ( I didn't like TT very much). **What have I learned?** - Losing doesn't matter if you know you deserve to climb. That's something I learned climbing in gold, cause it wasn't me aiming for a certain rank, it was me just seeing how far I could go, which meant losses are no biggie. And I use that philosophy every time I try to climb now. - What people say about how different divisions are just completely different is complete horse dung. People want to arouse themselves which is why they say that plat is much better than gold or the same for gold and silver. In my experience, Gold V to Plat I players are pretty similar, and they get more similar when that gap closes. - Don't flame, it's not worth it. You're getting mad about losing, blaming others and that causes you to learn nothing from your losses cause "it's all bot lane's fault". - Macro > Micro; Controlling the map, pressuring objectives, vision control, and setting up waves makes all the difference in the world. So many games I've won because of a slow push in the top lane, or making people chase me in bot lane instead of getting baron. Or choking people off the map with control wards and sweepers. - KDA does not matter at all. 0. None. KDA and end game stats wont tell you who set up a control ward in a good place for an ambush. It doesn't tell you who drove the enemy off baron at a critical point in the game. Not to mention that often when you get fed, it's because of a jungler helping or a midlaner. And those 2 kills you got in the early game allowed you to snowball. But the end game stats don't care about your jungler, they think you're hot shit, even when you're just shit. - You can't stop learning, there's always this mini tiny thing you could have done better, hell, if you're platinum it's probably not that small. - Watch coaching videos, see what the mains of your champion do. Learn how all champions work, especially the ones you struggle against.
Fillio (EUNE)
Oh shit that happened to me, I got demoted to gold 1 when I was plat 5, I even checked yesterday to see if there was an lp loss warning
: Know your ping before playing ranked
Or you can do this: press windows key + R type in cmd and press enter type in ping -t into the cmd and now it will test your ping indefinitely. If you don't want to do it every time you wanna check your ping you can: Create a new Text Document type in ping -t into the Text Document Click File>Save as in the window that appears name it and .bat at the end of it. When you're done you'll have a tiny program that runs the ping test when you open it.
: I live backstage, in the shadows.
AHA, a roadie... (if you played Brutal Legend, you'd really appreciate that reference)
DanVen (EUW)
: My friend the prankster
Wait.. How exactly did he do this?
: Excuse me, I have some weeb tendencies, but I'd rather have more Mecha and Super Galaxy skins. Magical Girls... well... They are cute and can be badass too... But it is not my genre. ######I like the Lux and Jinx ones though...
Well, when I say weebs I mean the spineless, broken Japanese speaking , naruto-running, waifu body-pillow hugging, weebs; not just anyone who watches/likes anime. Hell, I like fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, and thinking of watching attack on titan.
Poramies (EUW)
: It's about the $$$$. Sadly Ahri is a gold mine. :(
It's all because of the weeeebs ~~#GasTheWeebs~~
SiToasty (EUW)
: Is Yasuo really that hard?
Yasuo IS a difficult champion, but he's nowhere near as difficult as some people make him out to be. Here's a difficulty curve for a wide cast of toplaners: https://i.imgur.com/L0HVON4.jpg [/img]
: ***
Cause turkey is 1 country, meanwhile the middle east is a region (I'm guessing)
: I totally agree. They should call the server **"Hell on Earth"** as well, since they will be taking most of the toxic players from EUNE to another server. Giving EUNE a chance to be less toxic. I'm an Arab, since some people are gonna call me racist. No one can deny that most of the Arabians in EUNE are just as toxic as Teemo.
You speak like it's only arabs that are toxic. Which is racist, no matter what race you are. Humans are all toxic, doesn't matter which race or gender, there will always be toxic people, and friendly people.
: still can't understand you?!
Aeriaaal (EUW)
: Why I don't use the "declare your pick" feature during champion select
IDC if you're playing AD soraka top, I wont ban it, but I will report you if it's a ranked game.
Kuym (EUW)
: so...what do you want? that riot chang her running animation only for you? becaus you don't find it "satisfying" , you could have check the skin before and don't buy it if you are not happy with the preview.
What the f is wrong with you? Why are you talking to him like he insulted your mother or something? try to not be so rude next time.
Pandour (EUNE)
: Yeah but will people recognize the work of a support or any other good player unless he has a good KDA or a quadra/penta ? That's my problem
With the current honor system people forget it exists more than not, but with the new one they'll be reminded after each game.
4gr0n (EUW)
: Heimerdinger Outplay Top - League of Legends 7.10 Ranked
Nice one brude, totally kicked him in the cahonas
: If Riot will ever make another cinematic, name up to 3 champions, who you want in it.
Procuels (EUW)
: My Shop and it's complete random Skins
Yep, here too, I'm a {{champion:41}} one trick, and I got none of his skins + I got two marksman skins (my least played role).
Solash (EUW)
: So this whole missing ping spamming thing kinda needs to stop
The only times I spam missing is when my lane opponent is MIA or my teammate just one shotted some dipshit on the enemy team
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: I stopped reading at 32GB. Your post is passively offensive to most of us , the poor potatoes , just by writting that number. What on earth do you even use 32GB for?
I use this for work, and even though it's a bit overkill, I need that memory for having 20+ programs and google chrome tabs open all the while compiling a dozen C# scripts
l MrD l (EUW)
: QUite proud of this Zac play to deny baron :D
: How to play Vayne if your support is weak and you fell behind
Ahh, a look inside the brain of a vayne main
Kite Q8 (EUW)
: NEW zac....??????
You realize zac has a 40% winrate on champion.gg right now?
Rioter Comments
Slam Ram (EUW)
: Dark Star Kindred Skin Concept
Why are lamb's tatas so outlined, geez.
daNyanta (EUNE)
: Underestimation of K/D/A
I know someone who has some strong opinions on that.... {{champion:27}} The singed that farms in the enemy base, and gets them to chase him for 1.5 minutes then dies. The one that keeps getting executed to deny kills. The one that lured the enemy away while you did baron. Yes I'm talking about the 1/16/12 singed who for some reason keeps winning games despite his horrible KDA.
: i cant log in for 4 days now and i am using mobile e-life i did try to broadcast wifi from my phone and did work even tho my phone is mobile so i try every thing riot provide me to but nothing fix it i even try to log in from my laptop and didnt work 2 i think mobile did block it is there any thing i can do ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Try this: 1- Press Windows Key + R. 2- Type "services.msc" and press enter. 3- In the window that pops up, find IP Helper. 4- Right click it and click Stop.
Blacknet (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=James Borne,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=PVGN0rX4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-29T16:52:16.883+0000) > > While your changes don't really make them more versatile, they do make them contest with other spells, like exhaust which in my opinion is the best spell to have with flash, it just provides such great safety, and its late game usage is insanely good. I almost always pick it on champs with no mobility tbh. I think, from the changes I wrote, the only ones that are really worth mentioning are the Heal and Barrier changes. You think even they don't make their respective spells more versatile? At least it shouldn't be "ADC Flash Heal every game, and Barrier rarely ever seen" anymore. This way ADC could play with Barrier too, supports could start using Heal. Midlaners could consider Barrier over Exhaust. Anyway, I'm not saying I can come up with a solution to everything in 20 minutes in the middle of the friday night. I'm not paid for that. But somebody in Riot is.. and this somebody in Riot is clearly not doing his job right. I want this to change.
Yea that's what I mean, it does make those spells more useful, and able to contest with the current meta picks for each role, BUT versatility is different, versatility means you can use them in a wide variety of situations, like flash, you can dodge damage, inflict it, jump walls, escape, jump into teamfights, steal objectives...etc
Blacknet (EUW)
: Summoner spells ideas throwarounding
While your changes don't really make them more versatile, they do make them contest with other spells, like exhaust which in my opinion is the best spell to have with flash, it just provides such great safety, and its late game usage is insanely good. I almost always pick it on champs with no mobility tbh.
Conq1942 (EUW)
: Mobily ISP did not block it, I am using Mobily eLife and I can login/play just fine.
I had a friend who thought it was blocked, and I believed it, given that zain blocked it a while ago. But it turns out all of that is an IP issue solved by disabling IP helper in Services.msc Thanks for replying anyways ^^
Rioter Comments
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Who was your first pentakill with?
Zed genius (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GwCr5_2YPA
Well, that was cringe
: Guys any tips.
Let's look at it lane by lane. TOP: {{champion:17}} vs {{champion:80}} Pantheon %%%%s Teemo in the ass in lane. Simple as that, this isn't even a skill match up. But, if Teemo manages not to feed his ass off in lane, then Teemo outscales pantheon. JGL: {{champion:64}} vs {{champion:11}} Lee, if played correctly is a great counter to master Yi. Lee has the ability to invade Yi, and snowball the game out of control in the early game. MID: {{champion:103}} vs {{champion:1}} I'm not too familiar with this match up, but I'm guessing Ahri should focus on pushing the lane and roaming, cause Annie has poor wave clear and Ahri just can't execute her without dying herself. BOT: {{champion:236}} {{champion:99}} vs {{champion:412}} {{champion:67}} Both ADCs are quite mobile and both of the supports mainly rely on 1 skill shot, which means it'll be up to the adcs to do most of the heavy lifting. But Lucian / Lux win this match up because Lucian is way better than Vayne early to mid game (especially if you're using the BORK build). Conclusion: Your team's win condition is to snowball hard early on. And their team's win condition is to reach late game. At six items they are better than you in team fights, objective control, and overall DPS. You're better than them in kiting, getting picks, sieging. DISCLAIMER: This is all my opinion. This is how I think the game should/did go.
Rioter Comments
: What's the song name? I've heard it years ago somewhere!
Tokyo drift
MrFrix (EUW)
: Maining a Champion
: Turrets are ugly
God, the bilgewater event was amazing... I wish I could have been there ..
Tazúl (EUW)
: Xayah's feather indicator would be a lot better if it was at her feet like Orianna's ball indicator
: Why is Sion called 'The Undead Juggernaut"
Huh, amazing... Now that I think about it... {{champion:41}} is NOT an actual whip!! RITO PLS
Maveric93 (EUNE)
: Surfer Taliyah Skin Concept
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Can someone explain to me why I do this please? (Psychology question I guess)
Hey I do this too from time to time, I think it's harmless. It's like your mind is doing exercises cause it's not getting enough stimulation through the day.
: Nerf Master Yi please
If you're against a Yi, CC him, simple as that. In low elo no one plays tanks and that's why Yi is rampant.
: Im Boored, So Let's Talk About Our Mains || Join My Booring Discussion
My favorite champion is {{champion:41}} Why? He's super badass, his lore is awesome, he has great quotes, and unlike champions like {{champion:222}} he doesn't sound like an attention whore who keeps saying "HEY LOOK AT ME, I'M CRAAAAAZY". Gangplank is waaaay more subtle. Is he OP? No. Is he unfair? Only a bit. Does he require a brain? A big one. Does he require skill? Yes, a lot of practice needs to be put into gangplank to make him worth while. Second is {{champion:4}} I first played Twisted Fate because he looked cool, no more, no less. When I read the burning tides story I found out what a great character he is, so I went back to playing him. Is he OP? Hell no. Is he unfair? nope. Does he require a brain? Yes, one of the large variety. Does he require skill? Not necessarily skill as in mechanics but macro. Now I liked miss fortune, and graves from the burning tides story too. But miss fortune in-game looks like a prostitute, let's be honest, and doesn't sound anything like her lore counterpart. As for graves, I just haven't gotten around to playing him.
: Starting Item on GP?
I always take {{item:1056}} to be honest, the mana regen is good even beyond early game. I sometimes pickup a second starting item depending on the match up and how good they are. For example against {{champion:17}} I pick up {{item:2033}} for sustain, although I stopped doing this as I got better at GP. Against {{champion:54}} and AP {{champion:75}} , I take another {{item:1056}} to spam oranges as much as they can spam their abilities, and this is only cause I can't avoid their abilities. Against {{champion:98}} I take {{item:1083}} but only if my team is winning/even cause it delays my power spike, also cause shen really cant do much against GP.
dimbo21 (EUNE)
: ADC Kindred
Don't do it, don't waste your life. They have shit range, shit ad scaling, shit passive, shit late game. I'm level 6 on them, played jungle only. And one crazy game of top lane. The balance team will be looking at kindred soon I'm hoping based on their comments.
Tarolock (EUW)
: VirJhin
: Ghost to lanes videos about letting bronze players to use diamond accounts
Because it's most probably fake, and weather or not it is, there's not much in the way of proving it.
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