: Same issue, already posted a few minutes ago. Can't even login now. Too bad we're too late for loss forgiven.
Already found a way fix it,do Bunny Lucifer's answer to this post.
: Do [this](https://imgur.com/a/CbaMGRo) and [that](https://imgur.com/a/C1syEWA) and test in custom game, see if it will help out, GL!
Done that and now both the laucher and the game are normal! Even though i won't get my LP back lol, TY!
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: "Players issued a ban of 7 days or more after Aug 22nd, 23:59 Pacific Time." Again with this absolutely unfair bullsh*t logic. You can be as toxic as you want and get a chat restriction all year long; but if you get it in the last month or you, you are grounded forever. When will Riot stop fuc*ing treating players like this and just punishing ppl like that?
Happened to me.... i trolled 1 game yesterday, i admit, the only one in the whole season and now i wont get the rewards....


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