: Am I the only one believing that Fiddlesticks should stay as he he is? He is my main and my favorite champion and is pretty good like this... {{champion:32}}
I believe he should be as I said.(as I propused in the thread)
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: {{champion:222}} Mother Nature is fighting back with her allies ^^
Nipa (EUNE)
: Fisherman Thresh Skin Concept
This skin is awesome. League of Legends doesn't want this skin. It NEEDS it! haha so funny. And it would also be in the skins line with Fizz's skin
Shironya (EUW)
: Do we really need another tank tree? Isn't maokai enough for you?
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: That can be said about every single summoner spell. Exhaust? a point and click attack speed slow and damage mitigator? omg so broken. Heal? Holy shit thats an op soraka w on 2 people. Barrier? U think ur about to get them and then they just get that op shield. Summoner spells are MEANT to be that one crucial spell that can turn the tide of a fight. Thats why they have such high cooldowns. Imo theyre pretty balanced and ignite is a good spell in various situations.
no no, exhaust ok, it CAN be said, but its not broken like ignite. heal you can used badly, tp you can use bdly, everything that can be used badly (without being missing to click on the target you want) is a well made spell.
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iHeyt (EUNE)
: Fiddlesticks character rework
Oh ok, that is the visual update. Here is the skills rework http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/YY8Y6xkk-fiddlesticks-rework-making-use-of-his-scythe-melee-ap-assassin-aproach
: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/72/Fiddlesticks_OriginalSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120201041614 yoU KId@s WAnt SoME cRAcK?!
Hahaha thats a good one. But havê you read the thread?
alistial (EUW)
: but i like your idea of including the scythe into his kit
But I Reworked the Passive and ULT. Do you like it now?
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alistial (EUW)
: but it would be unbalanced like rito always think about high elo first then ignore people like us.anyway its good for the respond to know that it only does one fear
ok, i will rework the ultimate now. check back again to see if you like it. it will be more "scythe like". also changed passive a little bit. it now has an engage-fear to add little bit more of fighting around the fear. like this, his fear passive wont be usefull in high elo, you just have to engage fast after arriving at the lane. and counter jungling will be good, really good.
Maluber (EUW)
: Champion mastery rank 6 reward idea
Really really cool idea. But maybe not level 6. Maybe level 7 or 8 to be hard to get but not THAT hard. Im assuming the level cap will be 10 though. Also Maluber, I got here because I searched for "fiddlesticks". Why I searched? Because I wrote a concept rework for him. Can you havê a look at it? It seems that you main fiddle and your opinion(and from many other fiddle mains) would be key for it to be realised. Edit: here's the link, in case you're interested. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/YY8Y6xkk-fiddlesticks-rework-making-use-of-his-scythe-melee-ap-assassin-aproach
: Champion Concept: Xer'sarg, the void's arrow
so: void marksman? good, really nice concept but you said he was a pusher, he is not, is almost an assassin the way you write it xD im glad he is not a pusher though Q: really nice, love the dmg decay and bounce at the same time. W: i know you are trying to make it hard to use BUT if he is 2000 units away from any visible enemies AND out of combat, why would he need to go invisible? is this a "travel" skill like aurelion's E? E: nice range concept but too much in certain ocassions. R: too much damage. likle, TOO MUCH
: Crow bounce amount for ultimate should be increased or crows should do more damage during ulti
you hve a maximum of 5 crows. 2 bounces for EACH Crow in 1 champ ... so it is a max of 10 bounces in ONE CHAMPION... i think its op as it is now but its just an idea xD off course crows cant do that much damage. this ultimate that ive made, i made it to be a great engage skill and SECONDLY a damage ability. so you fear everyone, independently if you have crows or not(but its always good to have Crows before using ult, off course) and then, Crows attack. the max damage of crows in the END GAME should something like 50/75 or even 100 magic damage? maybe 100... so if you manage to hit all crows in your ultimate you deal 500/750 or (with 100 magic damage for each crow) 1000 magic damage in 1 champ ... i really like the ultimate as it is, because it is his old E but harder to use, also fused with a big FEAR. this would really be a crowstorm(which is the name of the ultimate in Live, but you can hardly see crows, if any). im not liking the E though..
alistial (EUW)
: would be kind of op to be honest(his ult) his passive will be useless in higher elo's i guess as they will just get 4 blue trinket and not even go near bushes but yeah i like your q idea as to be honest fiddles scythe is just like a toy in the current situation and he needs more interaction with his weapon(all just personal opinion).but i dont really like the idea of his ult the opponent will get at least 2-3 fears and its more chance of being the dps and a aoe fear tbh its just gonna be too op his current w is better than this ult which makes a aoe fear that can last longer than a amumu ult and i also wonder how big is his ults aoe
his ult only does 1 fear... and not every champ NEEDS to be high elo. Some can be fun, some can be "high elo". Also, counter jungling with that passive would be nice. you only need to wait 4 secondsfor hm to then notice you by suprise. if he doesnt, you just smite his red/blue. Also, level 9 you get lens, control ward time or wait after clearing that ward for them to put a new one. BUT i also think i will put less seconds on the "still" for him to do fear. thank you for comenting?
: At first, I was a bit doubtful about him becoming more of an assassin type, but it ended up seeming really cool. Fiddle needs a rework and that passive seems really cool, just not that useful if the enemies know how to ward. Also the face that he has to sit still for a long time kinda sucks, but i think it can be managed, I still really like this idea. The Q seems to be decent and can be used really well, the drain also seems cool, the E is good too. The ult seems to be really strong and really nice, it allows you to do a strong engage and destroy the enemy team, just what fiddle is all about. Overall this is probably a 8.5/10, the way he has to sit still takes the 1.5 points out. Also, if you do not mind would you checkout my champ? http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/Ba90iXG4-champion-concept-xersarg-the-voids-arrow
The "sit still" is a a fun mechanism. Crows are also the passive and they would help him a lot cus of ultimate and E(specially, but Q and W also use 1 crow). but i think i will add that "when E is activated and crows are flying around him(like they are cheering for this scarecrow) they call more Crows, decreasing their cooldown time. While this skill is active, it will take off 2 seconds of this cooldown instead of 1 second." that way Crows will easier to get for E(more damage) and easier to get in the middle of a teamfight. Its more about the Crows. The Terrify thing its a cool/fun feature that, if used nicely, would also add a great counterplay "suprise" mechanic into counter jungling(mainly). also, i only said "still" so he can use his W and E and wait for seconds without MOVING and get the fear. but ill make that clear.. sorry. Thank you very much though! Just wanted to give you a heads up on the edit. To see if its more into your and everyone's opinion, and hopefully, Riot's. I will check out your champ and comment on it :)
jppeer123 (EUW)
: He's already got a new splash http://prntscr.com/av2y81
i used the old one cus it represents a bigger scythe
: Indeed. Fiddlesticks is in need of a freshly made kit atm,more fitting to his Lore and personality,he must be fierce and scary like the scarecrow he is!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Glad we're on the same page! What do you think of the kit though?
Paying (EUNE)
: or, he can simply stay the same with a buff to his kit, like more range on drain and more bouncing of the crow and more time on his ult and less cd on his fear.
i feel like you didnt read... at all. because "simply a buff" doesnt have anything similiar to the kit xD but if you read, thank you :D
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jackiro2 (EUW)
: nice :) {{champion:74}}
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