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: 4x4 ?
I'm not sure why exactly the meta on league is 2 bot 1 mid 1 top and 1 jungle, however another MOBA that I've played for a short while had a map with a similar layout ( 3 lanes and jungle ), 5 vs 5 though the meta there was 1 on each lane and two in jungle. Ganks were a lot more frequent there, as there were just about as many jungle mobs as here on LoL. it is the community that decides the meta, after all.
Tarolock (EUW)
: actually its still in the game it got reworked, renamed to definitely not dominion and will be in the rotating game mode once they finish implementing it in the new client (so far only poro king and ascension is implemented)
I had hoped that, since RIOT kept promising a ranked queue for Dominion that perhaps by now that would be implemented and instead upon return I find the game mode to be completely removed. or well, for now at least. I'll be looking forward to playing the shit out of definetly not dominion when it gets put in.
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