Hansiman (EUNE)
: Considering they're making a client from the ground up, I don't think they'll focus much on the current client. The client in PBE is not the new client. That would be the League Client Alpha test, which still runs on live servers, not on PBE. PBE is mainly for testing gameplay changes.
And this is my problem with moderators. You always try to give some arguments and facts that will move people thoughts off of an actual problem. You try to focus people with your comment on that you think that I think pbe client is alpha client. Why are you trying to cover the fact this client should be reworked long ago and Riot just fked up and there should be a system that recovers your LP whenever there is a loss due to Riot's fault. But yeah in every post you write "I dont always stand by riot. I often critisize them". Empty words without meaning. Ive never seen your post critisizing riot. And I wont. The fact that you are the first to write in thread about rito launcher bug that caused my lp loss is the sign riot just doesnt care about any bugs that doesnt including losing/earning money. Its riots way of saying "we will deny any bug that doesnt make us lose money or is too obvious" as they always do. Karthus bugged for 2 years. Nothing fixed. Thank you for letting me know Riot doesnt give a damn about any post in this forum. Its pointless to post any bugs related things since 99% of them are not making riot lose any money. But if that would be a bug where 1000 players accidentaly got one 520 rp skin they would fix it in an hour and took the skin away. But they cant bring back my LP lost cause of their stupid bug.
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MrVört (EUW)
: Don't remove the heal completely, only remove the BONUS health he gains from a % of all damage he have suffered over those 4 seconds before he ulted -_- So what I mean... Ekko heals himself for 100/150/200 + 20% (+[7% Ability Power]%) of the damage taken over the last 4 seconds <- How it is currently. Ekko heals himself for 100/150/200 ~~ + 20% (+[7% Ability Power]%) of the damage taken over the last 4 seconds~~ <- what I think they could remove and give him like +2% AP scaling BUT increase the values by 25-50 per rank instead. The W stun duration of 1.75 seconds, it's fine since the skill itself is really hard to execute for people who haven't mastered Ekko :P I can nail the Q, but not the W and R properly myself... xD but I can do enough to outplay most people ^^
no. the right one is. ekko heals himself for nothing. instead he has to use his ult offensively as it was designed to be and to do so he has to build ap or he deals nearly no dmg at all. thats the right thing that should be done. Also. His aoe stun should be changed into slow. it would be a standard skillshot with standard delay of 0.5 second or 1 seoncd
Not xPeke (EUW)
: His ult is all that, but not all at once. It has many uses and many perks, but you don't get all of them by using the ability at the same time, stop kidding yourself please. If you use your ultimate for damage (which if Ekko is tank, will tickle the longer the game goes on) you're clearly not using it as an escape, nor necessarily for a heal. If you're using the ultimate for a heal and escape, you're very likely not using it for damage. So listing all the uses his ultimate contains, is kinda twisting the reality and truth behind said skill. Also, his ult does have a mana cost, don't know if you realised but that was changed months ago. You want to remove the heal from his ultimate, but I assume you're okay with Lissandra being given a heal on her Ult for absolutely no need, and completely out of the blue? I have no problem with Lissandra healing btw, just saying it was not needed and never spoken about but she was given that "buff" randomly. You said it yourself in another post above, Ekko CAN'T one shot unless extremely fed, and not only that, but also ahead of the enemy player level wise. He requires his stun to be effective since he doens't have the damage a Leblanc or a Fizz has, neither their level of mobility without using his Ultimate, which would in return mean he is not using it to deal damage. Also his stun IS hard to land, and remember there's champions that have **point click** stuns that last even longer than his hard-to-execute stun. Ekko's stun time has already been reduced.
he requiers 0 skill to be effective. you just pick him. build tank and still can dive enemy backline without consequences. nobody can ever stop you. slows/aoe stuns/dmg basically a revive ult. keep defending your lovely champion. I love to see ekko tank mains crying about how he is balanced after going 1v5 and killing 2 people and getting out alive with 0/7 score. I just love hypocrites.
MrVört (EUW)
: testing a build in Custom is a legit way to see how the build itself works on the specific champion... At least better to do that than what I do... I prefer to try it out in Normal PvP games xD More fun and better challenge to go vs Players in my opinion when trying or testing stuff :P
Testing in custom games is all right. Getting bronze players in enemy team while having plat gold diamonds in your team and "advertising" the troll build that will encourage players to use it in ranked games and fail as hell is not all right. Especially now when divisions between bronze and diamond doesnt differ much because dynamicq is screwing the matchmaking thx to free elo boosting and I see people in plat troll picking and troll building all time. So fun to see ghostblade sejuani with hunters machete and ghostblade and doing nothing at all because guy saw some troll build on this champ and tries it first time explaining "x streamer made it work easily" - as x put any streamer/youtuber that troll builds and plays like brofresco. Serious streamers/youtubers that know their sht e.g. redmercy says clearly in their videos that "this build is only for fun. It doesnt work in ranked and wont ever work. Its just fun build".
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: I think he was in a good state on release. Just tank ekko screwed it all up. If RIOT handled tank Ekko good from start there would've been no problem.
The problem is ghostcrawler as lead designer with his stupid bias towards mages and tank items. Tank items are so strong that even assassins can build full tank and deal nearly as much dmg as with full dmg build. This wont change untill riot fire ghostcrawler as blizzard did.
: @Riot is doing a TERRIBLE job at informing players about the behavior/report system...
It could also prevent toxicity. People are wasting time for "x9 this troll" or "you will be banned everyone report you" etc, they tilt and stop focusing on the game. If riot has stated clearly one report is enough and it would be easily accessable source many players would just focus and reported the guy later after the game.
: Fnatic HAVE won worlds youknow? They won the first one so someone else than KR have won it before :P
Sorry but fnatic is made of koreans mostly. As most of teams right now. there are only few teams that do not have koreans in team or have one at best.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Already done so. Thanks. Gave them the chat between me and that player (part of it) where she is admitting that she is being boosted and also 2 screenshots of her match history. 1 with the games of the booster and 1 with games that she's playing with her champions. Now am just waiting to see if they will answer me back asking me for other proof or not.
This is bullsht. Dynamicq is now one big boost service. Riot has no way to check if someone payed to get boosted. Most boosters are just diamond/master smurfs with accounts in every division who then go trio Q with you and win you the game. Because of that Riot wont punish them because its "part of the game".
Almighty (EUNE)
: So, any other real arguments against her? Maybe point out what do you think is "OP" about her? Maybe give some suggestions for how to make her gameplay better and balanced? That's not how you construct a thread, darling. _Almigthy._
maybe being 0/6 doesnt change the fact she can still 1v1 any champion without effort. As does every single tank in this game.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
like dota 2 for example. they dont have a problem at all. in lol it would work as well but riot just wont ever do something like that because it hits the casual players that are the main source of money for them.
: Ive got a few questions. * first of all, how did u get the information about how riot bans boosters? and them banning them only at a certain time? how can you question their reasoning without knowing the context of how the system actually works * how should riot know, if the account is getting boosted, without the booster having played many games on their account. and the most important question, how is riot profiting from players boosting? as far as i know, they lose money since the accounts eventually get banned and former owners probably quit league alltogether most of the time. the money on the account is spend before the boosting happens. If youre getting continuesly stomped on your elo, its likely not a booster, as they are somewhat rare compared to the normal playerbase. Edit: also, youre titel is nice: Banning boosted players in wave is pointless YESS its pointless, lets just tell riot to not bann them AT ALL. since its POINTLESS AHAHAH
Riot stated it themselves and did so many times (banning boosters in waves). If they have a way to recognize boosters immediately but they just want to ban them in huge waves that means the know who is boosted and who is not. How do they profit? The booster is safe for half a year or more and buys skins etc. happy with being in the division he wanted. Then finally riot has to do something because if they had completely quit banning boosters people would be upset. They have to save their image so they ban these boosters but they wait a long time to milk these players as much as possible. Im not getting stomped. Im getting people in my team who even admits to boosting as happened today. the guy didnt care and laughed at us. They should ban boosters immediately and not wait so long, justifying this with bullsht excuses of "we dont want our methods to be revealed by too fast banning boosters". Srsly.
: > Of course it is pretty obvious that Riot with their excuses "we can't ban them immediately because it would reveal our secrets how we find out these boosted players" is made just so they won't ban them asap, because mostly those people are buying RP and skins. If you want to stick to this theory you also need to explain why pretty much all other games, including those who don't even have micro transactions, do it exactly the same way.
other games barely have a problem with boosters because they are able to set up the right system that prevents this bullsht.
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: Break what rules? Please, I want to hear more.
0/14 shyvanna of yours proves my arguments. You are one of those guys who ruin the game and get carried to higher divisions regardless of being on a skill level of bronze.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: for all you tryhards feeder/troller-reporters etc etc - PEOPLE JUST DON'T CARE, ACCEPT IT, MOVE ON
Let's just move on ofc. Let's listen to another Riot sheep/asked by Riot to support them guy who tries to convince people it's fine to get trolls in game. Yeah. Thats how the game should be. Someone breaks the rules and ruin the game -> move on and play more while the guy is still ruining the games. Please Riot. Stop making fake accounts.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaosDefrost,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=AqT38gzu,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-08-08T06:25:49.660+0000) > > It should be stopped. The fact that his ult is not coded as a channelled ability is bullsht. Especially with the fact it deals more dmg than rest of his team ults all together. it never worked like this. it always kept going. it keeps going through lulus polymorph even. so yea.
I know it always worked like this but it shouldnt. This damage is too broken. He shouldnt be able to be unstoppable during this ult.
Doomley (EUW)
: stuns and other cc doesnt interrupt his ult and he does have some kind of animation going on which shows that it's still working.
It should be stopped. The fact that his ult is not coded as a channelled ability is bullsht. Especially with the fact it deals more dmg than rest of his team ults all together.
: Kayle buff
No no no. Another Olaf plus you recieve no damage. No thank you. We know how it looks like when full tank olaf with full just spam Q and goes through whole team to the backline killing your adc/apc. If Kayle could throw this on anyone, that means assassins would have no counterplay.
: His mobility spell is not, the damage is auto-targeted, so technically, its not a skillshot, in the same way that Ahri's Foxfire is not a skillshot because its auto-targeted.
No it is not. Ezreal's E hits the first enemy (including minions and monsters) that is the closest. Ahri's W is prioritizing champions. His Q hits only first person hit (You just need cloth armor or chain vest at best to completely negate iceborn gauntlet aoe dmg so to deal dmg he has to hit an enemy directly). Mages weak? What did you smoke? Anivia throwing E first then quickly put R on enemy and takes half of his hp while having 25 AP. Velkoz with true dmg scaling from AP doing the same thing (no AP but still takes people with one combo). I can give more examples but this is pointless (swain, vladimir and list goes on). And what do you want to tell me about the fact ADC Ezreal has basically only 3 abilities? His ult can't even clear the back line minions if it hits frontline minions. Not mentioning a champion with hexdrinker will recieve 100 dmg at best due to magic resisst and tanks are getting 0 dmg from his ult. Meanwhile mages like anivia can take 1/3 of full tank hp with basically one spell. Most of mages and other class of champions can do damage with ults to tanks, meanwhile ezreal's only weapons are Q and autos. His E has low cooldown if you hit things with it. In teamfight or while disengaging it is not that easy. He needs buffs not nerfs.
ThaCane2G (EUNE)
: My suggestions is that if a player is afk(disconnected) for like 20 minutes without reconnecting you should be able to remake
I'm quouting myself from another thread about afk players: "Meanwhile dota 2 has this system since the beginning and nothing is abused there. Same goes for dynq. Dota has no problems with q times but riot and their sheeps say it would be a problem even though dota has twice less active players than lol".
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaosDefrost,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lAWbGdAl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-07T08:33:29.033+0000) > > Well. This bug is gamebreaking, but Karthus is having gamebreaking bug for 2 years now and nothing has been done with it beside many reports of the problem with tickets and on boards. What is this supposed karthus bug you speak off?
Long time before there was a bug that if you die as Karthus your Q has 2 seconds cd instead of 1. Also your E couldnt be activated/disactivated with 0.1 sec cooldown. They were saying they fixed this bug. For few weeks yes. Since then the bug reappeared but only Q part. You have 2 sec cooldown all the freaking time and sometimes when you die you have 1 second back again as it should be. People who played karthus before this bullsht can literally feel how it affects aiming and succesfull landing of Qs. It is now kluncky with 2 seconds cooldown and it cuts karthus dmg in half because he takes 100% more time to land another Q. Riot doesnt give a single sht about this bug beside the fact I alone written throughout 2 years 3 forum threads and 3 tickets. Im sure many more people submitted ticket.
iLoveJammin (EUNE)
: Why isnt lux disabled atm?
Well. This bug is gamebreaking, but Karthus is having gamebreaking bug for 2 years now and nothing has been done with it beside many reports of the problem with tickets and on boards.
Prepare for riot sheeps to tell you that it would be abusable as hell etc. Meanwhile dota 2 has this system since the beginning and nothing is abused there. Same goes for dynq. Dota has no problems with q times but riot and their sheeps say it would be a problem even though dota has twice less active players than lol. Afk is a huge problem but tldr of what i said is "riot doesnt care".
Goat02 (EUW)
: Well, i agree that tank items are a bit unfair now but it doesn't really affect normal champion playstyle if they nerf only base damage and increase scaling like they did with Fizz or Ekko.
But both tank fizz and ekko are still cancerous and strong. Those nerf didnt change anything, same as latest hecarim nerfs. Its just bullsht not even nerfs to shut our mouths so lol can be kept league of tanks/juggernauts.
: Tbh it isn't even that good for an ult skin.
The problem is. Pulsfire Ez is also outdated. People owning this skin must be upset when even 950 RP skins looks thousand times beter than a 3250 RP skin. Not mentioning again the colors of the abilities are blue-ish, but still every ability looks practically the same. They should rework this skin hard or make it 1350 at best untill they release a reworked version.
Goat02 (EUW)
: Tanksuo is getting nerfed soon.
They should nerf tank items instead
: then an ashe Q would break it :') wouldnt work.. but they have announced that they will nerf him(the tank version of him) and buffing the dmg version of him. this way he gets played as he should be
Finally. Tank yasuo is a cancer. Of course I still think the main problem is tank items being broken by giving not oy huge defensive stats but offensive stats too for no cost.
: I dont see a problem in that. That way some spells/AAs work better against him, some dont. Thats counterplay {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Like Braum synergizes very well with Lucian, because Lucian gets a free (diminished) AA after a Spell.
It is called counterpick not counterplay.
Bosnis (EUNE)
: ***
You just disrespect eneny team. 15 min games are usually caused by enemy having afk. Saying ez is like shtting on enemy even though they had no chance to fight back due to certain circustimates.
Spaja (EUNE)
: Karthus
First of all. Karthus main problem right now is thr bug that basically cut his dmg output in half. Second thing. Riot lost their minds and at the beginning of the season they said that with current state of masteries and items karthus is too opressive and nerfed his slow on W. What the actual f...? He was already too weak, every mobility champ was screwing him and the slow on W was his last chance of defense or anything. Of course I agree completely with Zandor as well in all other matters but right now he is not even playable due to game breaking bug.
: Why You Do This Riot
There is only one Ezreal skin with different skills particles and thats his ultimate skin that not everyone can afford. I really hope arcade Ezreal is a thing, because it would have rainbow particles for skills. You can see a good example with custom skin made by a fan. Funally a 1350 rp skin with different particles than yellowish. I have 3 skins for ez (can have 4 from skin shard) but its still boring to play because all skills has yellowish color. I love to play ez but lack of different particles kills my eyes.
: I think they genearlly want to remove it and replace it with things like breaking chanells (like kassadin) or something similar. Cause with Silence you can't use summoners or any ability at all and gives you 0 counterplay. Can't find the link though but I'm pretty sure that was the gist of it.
So thats why after removing silence from talon they reworked soraka and gave her the most oppresive 0 counterplay aoe silence with effect of root. Rito logic.
: Caitlyn passive
Well thank god it doesnt work like that. Im more than done with her taking half of my hp from half of the lane range at level 1.
Rismosch (EUW)
: 1. There aren't that many trolls out there. If you don't provoke them them they wont troll. I've won games with Lee Support, Mundo Mid and so on, just because I accepted it. When someone said: "wtf are you doing? Please no!" I said: "it's ok. Nothing bad about it." If you don't accept it and argue with the troll, not just the troll gets tilted, but you aswell. Off-META =/= Troll. When someone picks an inconvinient Champion, just accept it and judge it after the game. 2. There are not that many trolls. The majority of players playd pretty serious. Just a few troll. You might get a troll accasiounally, but looking at a larger spektrum of games you shouldn't fall because if it, because it's more likely that the enemy gets a troll. 3. Once a YouTuber called Gbay99 said: "You think you escape those idiots by climbing higher, but they are everywhere" You will never escape them. When you make them to your problem, you lose. As I said in point 1. I just deal with it and accept it. They aren't my problem. Such they don't influence me. You need to see the bigger picture. Statistically the odds are in your favour and you shouldn't lose because of 'trolls'.
Yeah. The only thing you care about are statistics and probability. It's like saying I have 50% chances to win at loterry. I either win or lose. 50% chances are huuuge. why most people are not rich if its so easy. thats how your stats look like and thats how you use it to prove something that is complete bullsht. I never provoke a troll. He just picks anything anywhere and goes 0/15. Those people usually never talk or write smiley faces everytime they suicide under turret. Please stop this bullsht statistics making into your favor. Even a complete idiot would notice this is not true. It only works on a paper as my example on the beginning does.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why are you so stubborn? You act like this game is like a freaking lottery! You need skill to climb, no matter what!
Ok. Then I'll give you last argument/fact that proves you dont need skill to climb and luck can be a huge factor. There are tons of trolls/intentional feeders who buy 6 tears or 6 boots on e.g. rammus and run down lanes under enemy turret and dies over and over. When you get this guy let's say in silver III. You think: "well he will be trolling and losing games and drop hard. I'll never meet him again". Then you climb into silver II and you meet the same guy trolling and ruining your game. Then you just cant believe and check his match history. Do you know what will you find? A guy who's been carried anyway beside trolling in last 20 games. Yes I saw many accounts like that with scores of 0/76 and 1h+ games but won games for a team with troll. The guy climbes higher than players tryharding and always trying to "git gud". Why? Because he got carried. His mmr was low after many lost games but that resulted into enemy getting lower mmr too and it was carryable 4v5. Also it was a win streak. you dont climb by having high winrate. you climb mostly cause of win streaks. people with 40% winrate can climb because of win streaks. So guy was basically useless and just making the game harder but still can be in higher divisions than people that really try hard. They just need to be lucky and get that 4 people in team that can carry thx to lower mmr players in enemy team. Matchmaking will try to even out the fact troll has low mmr. Its always like that. TLDR: You can be a trash player who even trolls and still climb anyway, because of few lucky win streaks/matchamking.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Macroplay got me to gold.
You cant macroplay if your team deals literally 0 dmg to enemy. If you somehow wiped enemy team with huge advantage anyway, that means they were trash by default and you just got lucky with matchmaking once again. Stop being delusional.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't reached gold with luck. It was hard work. You don't want to realize that it requires work and skill to get better. Look at Faker. Do you think he is lucky? No! He worked hard and is now one of the best players in the world.
You can work hard and improve, but if your team is full of 0/15 guys in 20 minutes you cant do anything and you know it. Hard work? judging from your match history you got carried. Thats what I already figured out without even looking at it. And guy that got gold 5 out of being carried talking about its you not your team. You can tell good jokes I have to admit.
: Well, obviously. There's people in every elo who got there by pure chance, then there's those who abused the dynamic queue system; and finally actually those who deserve that rank. That's just life. It's not always fair.
The problem is. Its not life and it could be 100 times more fair if Riot actually saw their mistakes and stopped denying the truth. As well got rid of trolls by a just punishment
Mačka (EUW)
: Someone give this person an oscar! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I ask for a lot of advice on the boards because I need to "git gud", but the number of times people just come to vomit all over you and say, "it's you, you can't carry, you can't snowball" is just absurd. "You can't play jungle, you can't play support," and all of those things just mean "YOU CAN'T PLAY THIS GAME AND ENJOY IT". People constantly tell you to turn into this god who can 1v9 when it's a team game. It's a freaking team game. Nothing in League is made for you to be the protagonist of the show. Of course we've all had those games where we got carried or we carried the others, in the sense that you had to give them that extra push and make them follow the plays, but in the end the one who scored the penta or the ace didn't do it alone. So why are there people constantly arguing that to get out of your ELO you need to stop being the problem? I don't understand that. Personally I'm in Bronze IV and while LoL-MMR says I should be in Bronze I, I can't climb. I can't do it. I can't do it alone, I can't do it in duo. You win 10 games or so, but at some point matchmaking always gets you paired up with people who don't want to play, feed intentionally because you don't want to surrender, insult your mother, and so on. And after losing some games you get paired up with people who are also on a losing streak and everyone is so tilted. I can't count the number of promos I failed because of this. I could never agree with people who say you either stomp the enemy because you're so skilled or get stomped because you're not good enough. It depends so much on what champion you are playing. I once won a game I was losing hard (0 turrets left) by getting 2 quadras and a penta late game with Ashe but I also lost a game with Katarina even though I went legendary under 15 min. There's nothing you can do alone and when your enemy has built that extra resistance against the one who's "carrying" you're pretty much done.
The stomping is usually the problem with matchmaking. Plus trolls/akfers/titlers are also the reason of stomps. I dont know what lanes you play and what champions, but you should consider to play something really strong in this meta. I was against doing so, but lately I started playing Fiora top (I usually dont play top nor Fiora), Renekton, Riven (not so meta, but strong). Also playing safe or champions that can give your team (even if its quite bad) a big advantage in teamfight e.g. Syndra - you ult and adc and then stun the whole team. Its usually enough to wipe most of enemy even if your team were doing bad. These are few things I can say to help you. I know the struggle. I got into plat 4 last season withing 1 or 2 months without problems and now im bouncing between gold I promos to plat and 0 lp. Keep trying. You can do it. You can also find some streamer who plays few champions that you like or might like to play and then try to use those. It is to motivate you. Something like "I cant wait to play again x champion. While waiting in queue Ill watch a video of the x streamer" etc etc.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Of course I don't 1v5. But I do win if I am better than everyone else. Why? Because when I am better, then my team is superior. It's neither imagination nor 'made up bullshit'. It's fact and the reason why pros are pros.
No. If you are better than everyone, you are that guy with luck who gets sht enemies and just stomp them. Its not that you are really better. Its just matchmaking giving you advantage on the very beginning. If you have many matches where you were better than everyone, that means you got where you are with pure luck not your real skill. Now I know how you people of "its you not your team" think and why. You just got lucky with matchmaking. I was saying this very long time ago yet everyone refused to accept the truth. Now you explained and admitted its true. Case closed. Truth revealed. I dont have any further questions.
Rismosch (EUW)
: When you play perfectly than you should have no issue winning. KDA is not everything.
Sorry but you really only look at the theory of "if you play without mistakes you win". This is impossible if your whole team is 6-10 kills behind (I mean each player except you) and they deal no dmg plus they are underleveled so potential CC might be not maxed out (less stun time e.g.). You can play perfectly but the disadvantage of stats and damage will not allow you to win. Why are you so stubborn to understand that.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Guess what I do? I just deal with it. I work with what is given to me. I see my teammates as variables that I have to work with. When they are bad, so be it. But when I am better than the ELO I belong in, then I win no matter how bad my teammates are.
No you dont win if you play 1v5 even if you are better than your elo. This is just your imagination and made up bullsht.
Rismosch (EUW)
: > If you have bad luck, the only thing you can do about it, is accept it and deal with it, and ultimately overcome it. Once you are able to accept that is how things are, things become easier. This mindset is exactly what you want to achieve by blaming yourself rather than your team. Once you accept how everything works, ACCEPT THAT YOU AND YOUR TEAMMATES ARE BAD, then you can improve, climb and reach higher ELO. That is the exact mindset people should achieve. That is the exect same mindset people suggest when they say "It's you, not your teams" Once YOU achieve that minset, it's as you said: > things become easier. #:3
So lets say someone lost 10 games in a row. In every game 2 or 3 teammates fed enemy to oblivion. The guy did perfectly. Crushed his lane opponent, outplayed few times fed enemy in 1v1. How can he blame himself if his team dealt no dmg and was dieing insantly every fight without even doing anything meaningfull. You cant carry 1v5. Are you still going to say he should improve even though he played perfectly but the circustimates made it impossible to carry even with godlike plays.
: 1) Not everyone goes to elos they dont deserve. Example: Im still stuck in s4,and i wont get out anytime soon since this is the only season ive ever started taking ranked to a serious level. I may know deep down i should be in gold,but im still in silver and that says something. 2) Ask me if i care about less IP. I got 88k at the bank,and i got them at 6 months. Its not hard to stockpile them if ur not spending to every champ you find. 3) Ok,gotta agree there,it is kinda awful 4) Thats YOUR opinion. Not everyones. 5) Agreed,but still why should you even care about emblems 6) 1st of all: Yes,there is only a very small percentage of people wanting soloQ back in general,mostly from the high ranks. Most people,like it or not,are happy with it. So adapt and stop complaining over bullsh!t,we all had bad games thanks to idiots out there. 6.b) If dynQ exists along with SoloQ,do you have any fcking idea about what will happen to the queue timers? Ofc no since you didnt give it a seconds thought from what im seeing. 7) Again,your opinion. The stomps may have increased,but i still enjoy it nevertheless. Final answer? You know what,i am sick of hearing the same things over and over again. You cant even come close to imagining the sh!t im going through in silver and im 100% sure that your answer will be something like (git gud and stop whining hurr durr). That said,i remember a fuckload of threads in s4 asking for people to play with their fckin friends in ranked and not just a freaking duo. They got their wish. And i dont think they would change it back because you are not happy with it. Tl;Dr? Adapt to the game as is,if you truly ever loved it,or stop playing ranked if you dont like it anymore,or just uninstall. No one forced you to play the game,its not a pay2win game,so dont like it=uninstall. Simple as that.
Dota has no problem with queue times beside having dynamicq and soloq and less than a half active players than LoL. This is another bullsht of Riot to not do something that they wont get money of. Just because you are getting boosted by dynamicq it doesnt mean everything is fine. Premades that are not the majority are having more benefits of playing ranked games: from IP amount, through key fragments drop to easier climbing (higher winrate than solo players. Much higher. 70% against average 50%. So fking fair. Especially when your team is all solo and you face 3 or 4 man premades). Just because some of you are biased and love everything what Riot does, it doesnt mean its right, but I guess its pointless to explain this to you. If you think dynq is fine it is already pointless to give any argument.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Ahhhh... the queue times would be faboulus! x3
Dota has dynamicq and soloq and has also less than a half active players than LoL has and they do not have any problem with queue times. It is just a stupid excuse of Riot to keep dynamicq and earn money. And you repeat the bullsht they say. "Im a volunteer I dont work for Riot". Yeah I see. Every green repeat same thing and still always repeat unlogic bullsht that Riot said. Ofc you dont support Riot. Your opinions are not biased at all *sarcasm end*.
P0larBear (EUNE)
: + I totally agree with you. To be honest,I liked the idea of dynamic queue ONLY because you are allowed to pick your favourite roles. Goodbye Pick Order ! But you can match up with 3-4 bastards ? BRING BACK SOLO QUEUE. I am a solo queue player,and I want solo queue. Dynamic Queue it's Riot's biggest failure.
It's champion select that allows you to choose roles.
: I only play on silver account now, to either player with friends or to actually enjoy myself. I've given up on climbing in plat now because it's just a vicious circle, every game a stomp whether my team are stomping or getting stomped themselves. My impact on the game is pointless. Every time I boost my friends to gold I start trolling and purposely demote myself because I don't want to climb on it. I wish I could go back to the end of S4 when everything was fine and dandy.
But thx to you smurfing its a stomp every game against your enemies, because you are 2 full divisons higher. Which causes people getting boosted to divisions by you.
NoxTheBoss (EUNE)
: Its not bad, but imagine it animated in game. It is just too plain overall, therefore not fit for a legendary/ultimate skin, a 975 skin at best.
With the proper skin animations and abilities particles it could be a 1820 skin.
: Sometimes I do, but you know the best way to deal with a troll? Calm him down or ignore him.
Worked 5 times in 2,5 years. thousand other trolls just proceed to feed untill we lost. I always ignore the troll, but it doesn;t really change the fact Riot doesnt care and never punish them.
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