: I guess I should have quit when a kog lulu could 2v5 me and my team, with no actual counterplay, on equal stats. Guess I should have quit when tanks came to the toplane and my bruiser picks became obsolete for more than 2 season. No1 gave a single shit about me back then. Guess I should have quit when bruiser junglers became obsolete, and the jungle role was just a glorified support role for the ADC. Guess I should have quit when they buffed assasins in the lethality meta, and all my control-mage picks became useless. Why is everyone bi#ching about the ADC nerfs? They weren't touched since Since season 4-5, and they were the highest impact role around. Why must I lose a game, without any comeback possibility just cause Riot gave ONE ROLE 70% of the power and impact? Why must I be another player's buff and peel-slave, instead of trying to enjoy the game a bit? Guess I don't really understand.... Can't wait for changes to get reverted, I'd rather suffer ingame than listen to all this whining of the ADC mains on the boards. **_EVERY SINGLE ROLE WAS PLAYABLE BY VIRTUALLY ANY CLASS OF CHAMPIONS - EXCEPT ADC._** Remember when twitch/ezreal were the best junglers? I do. Remember when lucian/corki were the best midlaners? I do. Remember when people took tank galio mid to roam with his ult ? I do. Remember when traditional supports were getting changed up with control mages ? I do. Remember when mages/marksmen were played top ? I do. Bot role was 99% of the times a ranged auto attacker AD based, and a support. We get ONE F$#KING WEEK... ONE, of changes, finally every champ-type can experiment, the game is fresh again, guess what...Everyone loses their shit. "How dare you touch our precious little role, go make bruisers obsolete or something, we can't easily 1v1 them midgame ... yet" This is starting to get a bit annoying.
I am not an adc main, and I aint complaing about the changes itself. I want to complain about these huge changes that i cant adapt in this short time.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Gold players don't seem to like farming, it's all about being mindlessly aggressive and dying early
I can see this perspectiv from most of my "I am ADC Main I Carry you all to Dia" Botlanes. By no means I am not flaming atm I just know that feel as a jungler to get blamed on for not helping bot when, let say a kog maw way pushed in the lane and 30cs behind, no wards anywhere near the botlane, is overextending as hell on an lets say xayah-rakan or vayne-leona lane. There are ways to pull out that play and win this stupidly odd fight, but chances are that the enemy jungler is right around the corner, because he is watching the map and knows that there are no wards even near so he can simply walk into lane and still be a surprise. Or that a vayne-leona lane will outdamage you no matter what. vayne gets 6 free w stacks on you while leona cc's you and she still has the choice if possible to knock you in a wall to stun you.
: I'd be pretty happy to play and have fun with someone like you, as you seem pretty friendly; even if i'm not the most active player in the world. Still when i'm online i'd like to have fun so count me in.
Of course, I am not as active as i used to be either so. just ad me in the client and if we both are online, then maybe we could have a round or two together.
ST Paws (EUNE)
: You seem like a really nice person. I'd like to join ya but we are on different servers, although i wish u the best of luck in finding a partner/duo! :)
Thanks buddy I wish so for you
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