: You can trash talk all you want. It's your right. However, it's the company's right to chose its customers. Trash talking has its consequences. In the game, you get your contract ended, hence the perma-bans. In real life, if you trash talk to the wrong individual you get popped in the mouth, or sued for slander. This is what you have to understand. You have the right of free speech. Nobody can take that away from you. You can say whatever you want, whenever you want. Nothing can control that. BUT - since you're the credit card wielding, president voting adult that you said you are, you also understand the concept of consequences. The consequences here, are given to you, in the form of the TOS - your legal contract, upon account creation. If you don't agree with the contract (legal terms), you shouldn't have created the account. Rewriting the contract, just because you don't like it, it's not an option. If you wish to play league of legends, and be able to flame without consequences, your only option is building up a billion dollar company like Riot is, creating a game similar to LOL, and excluding punishment for flaming/negative behaviour from YOUR OWN TOS. Because here, you won't get that. And thank god, or better - thank the common sense of the Riot administration, for not letting this game become a cancerous toxic cesspool. This is not rocket science, shouldn't be too hard to understand...
Best comment of all. Much like doublelift I think trash talk makes for a hype gaming experience. I did not nor do I ever read gaming contracts but I take your point. Surprised that no one thinks that the ability to mute someone in game should remove the burden of that persons personality. It's the equivalent of avoiding the wrong side of town or people like me if I don't suit their style. I would never use racist comments, never tell someone to kill themselves, but I did say to leave my lane after an annie inter 3 times and added coloring to it such as leave my f lane. That's it. We lost and the team grouped up on me despite her inting. Never said trash to her just leave my lane to many times, when she wouldn't i said I would int but I didn't nor would I ever but she wouldn't go or stop inting . For the person who told me to post my chat logs... when the permanent ban you there is no way to even get past the loading screen. It just says perma banned and locks you out. A game that regards itself as a pro esport should have adult rooms only in my opinion but I get it... riot's game riot's rules. Riot sure is enjoying all the money I spent on them that I don't get to use as well. They need a better policy to argue your case against 4 strangers who can choose to group up on you for any little thing. I cuss in game but again I am not one to be extreme and talk of %%%. That's stupid I agree
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