: So basically u should get 0 reward for playing champions which are way harder like azir? Then the game would get boring af, only garens and annie would be picked -> no cool plays would happen and any fun to play champ like zed,azir,vayne or orianna would get unplayable.
The reward is FUN I find it fun to play easier champions on some occasions because its fun to win. However, I also find it even more fun to play champions such as Lee Sin, Azir or Zed (even though I can't play Azir or LS that well at all), due to the outplay potential, the hopeful inner wannabe LCS player in me, and mainly, because of the challenge. If there was no challenge, it just simply wouldn't be as fun. The feeling of joy and success when a successful Insec move is done with an Lee Sin or Azir ulti is just awesome and when you dive into the enemy team as a Zed, manage to kill the ADC and make it out alive with a swift and stealthy escape, the feeling of adrenaline and the exhilaration is pretty cool. Also the system is more balanced, and fair this way, although a game's characters can never be perfectly balanced or equal. So in the end, you do get some kind of reward{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: {{champion:54}} The only reason he is in a good spot is because ADCs are starting to be played in more than 1 role. And he is very good at both engaging on them and shutting down their DPS. He is also an excellent counter for top Quinn, Vayne, Graves or Lucian. {{champion:106}} I'm afraid I can't comment about this guy. He looks ok to me, as in, not over powered, but in a good spot. {{champion:114}} The stupid broken part about her is "%max hp true damage". Yes, there's is a counter to that, its called Attack Speed slow........ well, Fiora has inbuild in her kit 2 Auto attack resets (EQ) and usually builds a Hydra which makes it 3 auto attack resets, and with that little cooldown if she hits her Q, she gets another Q in to combo it off for a lovely total of 4 auto attack resets. That's the only problem with her. If her passive would read: "%max hp magic damage" or "%max hp physical damage", she would be more than balanced (especially if AD damage). {{champion:42}} Still OP. Mainly due to "The package". Which gives him +40% ms and allows him to lane gank any lane. Also his auto attacks do 110% dmg (55% magic, 55% physical), but that's not the big deal. The biggest deal is how strong that package is and the MS buff he gets to just run back in lane. Its like a Quinn ultimate every now and then with added benefits. {{champion:90}} Is fine. You might say I'm biased since I'm maining this guy. But he is quite predictable in lane. And the moment the enemy AD mid laner (Corki, Zed, Talon, Yasou, Lucian) gets a {{item:3155}} you can't 100-0 them anymore. Similar thing if your enemy AP mid gets a {{item:3001}}. He is strong vs enemies that don't know what he can truly do, then again, this is true for all champions. {{champion:91}} and {{champion:238}} Are both fine, from a champion's kit point of view. The only broken shit is the new item {{item:3147}} which needs a nerf on its stats. Something along the line of 60-65 AD instead of 75 would be enough for example to make them not OP. {{champion:99}} I don't get what's wrong with her. I mean, why people complain about Lux. Yes, she can bind people from long distance and execute them with a laser but......... if your team has shields, she can't execute anything. Also her wave clear is pathetic, she requires her ultimate for that darn it. Her E can't even clear caster minions. {{champion:96}} Riot has derped with this one. He didn't get "buffed". Riot just made that the current lv 12 Kog is as strong as the old lv 18 Kog. Because they removed scalings from 1 skill and added it to another. Making Kog get the benefits of an Hyper Carry ADC without the need to even rank that first skill, so, he gets his massive power spike 5 levels (6) faster. Again, not a buff, more like a Balance/Design team derp moment. {{champion:81}} Is only strong atm due the fact that he is abusing the kiting potential of {{item:3025}}. If riot would ever make this item Melee only, Blue Ez will die. {{champion:5}} Is currently over tuned. He receive a lot of unnecessary power buff. {{champion:32}} As much of a weakling as he was 3 seasons ago when I started this game. Counter jungle him and you will see how trash he is. {{champion:107}} Its a fucking assassin. His job is to kill your ADC in less than a second. If he can't do that, then he is under powered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, out of your entire list. Corki, Kog and Xin are the only ones "OP" atm (their Kit being a problem by having to big numbers). Fiora would be a runner up (stupid true damage out of her ass is stupid). Everyone else is fine or abusing a strong item (like gauntlet or blade of assassins).
I commented on your other post, then noticed this one, which I fully agree with now apart from the Amumu part, which I have no idea on and not much experience. I only put him on the list due to his utility (in team fights) and high win rate. In terms of fighting another champion 1v1, Amumu doesn't have much to say here. I've had bad experiences with {{champion:107}} and feel that with other assassins such as {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} (there are more) you can counter them more easily and have time to possibly make a play back instead of being raped by an invisible enemy that can use all his abilities in less than a quarter of a second. However, you probably are right about the fact that if an assassin can't assassinate the enemy ADC quickly, whats the point in him being an assassin. The ironic thing though is that I don't main ADC, I main an assassin, but I start to slowly feel sorry for all the ADCs who get instantly deleted by some assassin such as rengar or talon (OMG when he had his silence) and then end up flaming in the chat and feeding for the next 5 minutes. So yeah, I guess that's it.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Annie? Get a {{item:3102}} you will notice how her full burst combo (the only thing she can do), now only takes 50% of your hp. {{champion:74}} Really really realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly? its that hard to DON'T FIGHT WHERE HE HAS 3 TURRETS already set up? You got 90% of the map available to pick a fight, just the 10% he owns, you really must pick a fight with him there? Malzahar........ QSS...... or......team play by silence/stun/taunt/displace him Fiora? Don't let her hit your vitals, keep them hidden in a wall.... omg, that has to be hard. Fizz......ok... try to do something something fish fish since I don't have any advice against this. Vlad? Vlad has no way to follow up in team fights. He needs his enemies to STAY STILL or he needs big buffs. Last season Vlad was a big deal, why? {{champion:15}} She would allow Vlad to run wild in team fights. This season you either need stupid opponents that stay and fight Vlad while his ult is on them, or CC to lock down the enemy team for a few spell rotations. In which case, it could be Yasou, Kog, Tristana, Anivia, Oriana, Azir, etc instead of Vlad and your team would've still melt down.
The key words were **some people**, **feel** and **seem**. I didn't mean they were overpowered, or that they had absolutely no counterplay, because they do have counterplay. I didn't mean to say The Donger was OP or had no counterplay, just that he can be annoying to play against in the laning phase. Fiora isn't OP, just quite strong at the moment and I mentioned Vlad because of his pool which makes him a forgiving champion to the person who plays him.
Cheekypad (EUW)
: OP champions (free cookies inside)
I'm sorry, it appears I've started an internet argument. This wasn't meant to be a debate over why and why not certain champions are strong and guides are how to counter them (Though it's very thoughtful of the people who posted advice). This was meant to be a friendly topic where people could casually say who they felt had a lot power during the past week or even month or so. To set it clear, all I'm stating is that, in my opinion, these champions are quite powerful at the moment and some of them (ie. Corki, Xin and Kog) may deserve some nerfs. Sorry for the hassle. _Cheekypad_
: Singed is broken what the fufk
Mate, please stop posting hate posts. You've posted like, 3 in the past 30 minutes in 3 different sections of the boards all complaining, calling people names, saying offensive and rude words and generally creating a bad atmosphere in the community. You should probably wait a hour or 2 before posting anything else, just to calm down and think about whether you really want to post what you are posting. The fact that you are posting without much thought or even a quick spell-check shows something. Nonetheless, I think it would really benefit you to slow down and chill for a bit, unless you're trolling, in which case I don't know why you'd be doing it.
: JAX is Alistaircrap
Chill Dude{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: > due to his skill cap compared to damage. Sorry this is something I call garbage. A champions strenght and impact should NEVER be tied to the 'Skill' required to play him. The easiest Champion should have as much impact as the hardest champion when played well. Hard Champions should just be played because they are more fun for some people, not because they're stronger.
> [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EQORIZN0,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-02-22T18:29:38.875+0000) > Hard Champions should just be played because they are more fun for some people, not because they're stronger. This is a view that I hold, and I think that more people should believe this too. Mimidash is correct, I didn't mean he was OP, just powerful in the hands of the average player (The only champion I feel is actually OP ATM is Kog-maw). On the other hand, Zed isn't OP either, but his outplay potential is pretty high, so really skilled Zed players can cause some outplayed people to feel that Zed is OP and everything is unfair. Lack of counterplay can also make people feel champions are overpowered such as {{champion:8}} {{champion:74}}{{champion:105}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:114}} . Fizz, Vladimir can both make a few mistakes since they have a get out of jail free card. Malzahar and Annie can be punished for their mistakes, but they have tons of damage and stuns and silences to make up for it. Heimer pretty much counters nearly all melee champions and Fiora has no counter champions (?) which means she counters everyone? No champion is actually OP (unless Riot makes a mistake eg. PATCH 6.3 - KOG-MAW), but the term OP itself is used more inappropriately to champions that seem to have no counterplay or when they get fed, seem to be unstoppable. I can't express my opinion perfectly in words, but I don't want my original post to come across as something else and not what I meant to say.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: How does he eat popcorn through his mask?!
{{champion:432}} Magic!
Cosmick (EUW)
: Should Lux' E range be nerfed, how would you compensate that in her other areas then? * Increase the width of her ult, or dmg * Increase the area or dmg of her W * Increase her shield by a factor of 2 minimum to ensure she isn't insta-gibbed by her short range E * Increase her scaling to affect all of the above I don't know about you, but none of them look very appealing when facing her, but then again, people have the option to dodge her E that travels 5 feet per 50min.
Good point > but then again, people have the option to dodge her E that travels 5 feet per 50min. This made me laugh - it deserves more than an upvote
: Haha! I have defeated you, I brought my own Cookies! COOKIES FOR ALL! {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}}
Damn, I've been foiled. Hmmm maybe I can contest against your snacks with my own biscuits {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}}
: Fiora lux kogmaw and corki are the only ones i agree with. The rest have exploitable weaknesses. I would add - {{champion:1}} {{champion:105}} Just because of their lack of counterplay
Yeah, no counterplay sorta sucks :( (thought it doesn't exist, only lack of counterplay does)
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: >_(Ps. I lied about the cookies)_ You. Judas.
Sorry {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} This popcorn is delicious!
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thanks for the reply Shiwah :), I will try to look for anything that could be hindering LoL. My specs are fine and I've just reinstalled the client which for now, seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks again Cheekypad
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