: > As if Riot thinks they are dealing with stupid children who cannot notice such an obvious move . That sounds interesting. How do you know? In order to actually know this, you would have to know the overall amount of punishments recently. And not only that, you also have to compare it, so you also need to know the exact amount of punishments in the past. Given that no one but the punished is informed about a punishment, how can you possibly know any of those two things? And if you don't...well, without knowing those numbers, your statement is nothing but fantasy. It's literally impossible to make a statement like yours without knowing the actual numbers. But you seem to know, you even say it's obvious. So tell me: What are those numbers and where did you get them from? And I have another question: Why? Why exactly would Riot do that? Why would Riot intentionally punish players right at the end of the season? Just to frustrate players? Why though? Frustrated players tend to stop playing the game that frustrated them, avoiding frustration is like the number one rule for retention. So what is Riots interest in this? How do they profit from INTENTIONALLY frustrating players and making them leave the game for, apparently, no real reason? > but to make it ruin your Ranked Season you worked for an entire season is the most stupid thing I can Then sport in general isn't for you. In pretty much every sport you are excluded from competition (and therefore also prices of course) if you behave unsportsmanlike. Rewards in sport are not only for performance (if that would be the case, doping would be fine...or injuring all your opponents would also be fine because as a result, you would be the best, which is the only thing that matters). The rewards are for performance AND sportsmanship. So if you don't behave sportsmanlike, you don't get any rewards. Not just in League, but in pretty much every sport.
Ok let me rephrase it for you so you can understand it better . THE PUNISHMENT SYSTEM IS NOT PERFECT BY FAR AND IT SHOULDN'T BE PUT FORWARD AS A TOOL WITH THE POTENTIAL TO RUIN AN ENTIRE SEASON FOR SOMEONE . Does that makes sense for you now ? If caps dooesn't help i'll use images next time .
: Locking End Season rewards behind Honor : the worst decision by Riot ever
Oh look at all the white knights here haha . It's like a magnet for them . Can't help it right ? Did you stay a second and think about half of those punishments being handed over wrong detected 'toxic' behaviour ? And how it ruins someone's entire season for it ? Guess not . Keep boasting yourself with that honor 5 BS , until the amazing Riot Punishment System gets to you too . Trust me , won't take long , just wait for it .
: Poll : Who got Punished (chat restricted) this season ?
Didn't Riot say the punished people are around 5% ? hahahah , obviously , I think they forgot to add a zero there . A slight and honest mistake .
Rioter Comments
: How to stop tilt ? And is this 10 chat restriction fair before season ends ?
That is Riot's way to reduce giving so much free stuff , hiding it behind Honor , Bugs , Punishments , etc . Their Hextech Crafting System is simply no longer profittable . And the punishments at the end of the season rise up . I wonder why .....
: ***
r/woooosh .... I was being sarcastic . In case you didn't notice , I have an entire thread up with the title ' Fix your stupid Punishment System ' , so yeah I love the Chat Restriction System very much .
: I voted no. Dodge penalty just stops you from queueing for few minutes.
: No, only penalty I've gotten this season is dodge penalty.
Did it erase your honor level ? If yes , vote yes .
: Poll : Who got Punished (chat restricted) this season ?
I'd like to add that I don't mean only Chat Restriction . The poll refers to any type of punishment that would erase your Honor level .
T00Late (EUNE)
: Chat restriction, hah who gets that? i got 14 days ban.
Not only Chat Restriction . The poll refers to any type of punishment that would erase your Honor level .
: i got banned 14 days ( last year in september ) cause i mocked myself using the insult of an enemy zed that was insulting me telling to kms, etc etc. he called me the n word and i replied that i must be a white n word then and just that got me banned. and i am not the toxic guy at all, i am the guy doing unfunny but funny puns in chat like "(playing as pyke when they dive me under turret) Why did you dive if you could have come aboard my ship, sea it's right there!" or writing "ok" as rammus. but whatever you know.
Don't worry , the super Riot AI Chat Analysis will distinguish your puns from a toxic behaviour . You can sleep with no worries , no problem.
: Save the sarcasm. Riot is using AI chat analysis, which you can read in dozens of sources and is an effective method to take care of the problem. Many other companies are following Riots example and there are even service companies that provide this software for any game. The time of having to manually review chat logs is over.
And it works flawlesly as it clearly shows in the first post . Must have been a coincidence , surely , a one-time thing . Guess what ? Nope . Same thing happened to me at the beginning of the season . At this point , either the system doesn't work , or they make it not work on purpose . Or I am the most unfortunate player in this game . Probably the last one & everything is perfect in this game . I see.
: is it possible to reach honor level 5 from honor level 0 in 1 season
The answer is no . I got dropped to Level 0 at the start of the season , and now it sits at mid level 4 . You need slightly more than a season for Level 5 .
Hansiman (EUW)
: > If you get a certain number of reports , the system automatically checks your logs for some bad word and if it finds anything remotely 'offensive' you get punished . Got a source for this statement, because it doesn't reflect the information provided.
Yeah , my bad , bro . They have an army of a million employees checking eevryone's logs if they are actually offensive or not so the punishments are always fair . It must be so , my bad .
: People : complain about toxicity. Riot : raises the bar for toxicity. People : Fix your stupid Punishment System.
When it gets to the point that I have to Mute All since minute 1 , so i don't 'God forbid' offend some extra-sensitive kid , and i cannot type anything anymore , than it is a system that doesn't work and needs to be fixed . DUH ! Now add no rewards to an already stupid system and you get yourself a nice recipe for auto-destruction . GG Riot !
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CheeseSlicer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wJKPd2wW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-31T16:25:58.529+0000) > > by linking honor to everything (Honor 2 for Clash , Honor 2 for End Season rewards , etc.) Because, fun fact, everyone starts at honour level 2. All you need to do is not get a suspension. In other words, you don't need to progress in that system to earn rewards. It's that simple. *** > [{quoted}](name=CheeseSlicer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wJKPd2wW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-31T16:25:58.529+0000) > > And I'm sure the punishments mysteriously rise at the end of a season Conspiracy theory. What does Riot have to gain by doing that? Honestly, tell me your reasoning. They give us **virtual** stuff which doesn't cost them anything (relatively speaking) to do. Why would they start suspending accounts just to prevent players from getting those rewards? More, why would Riot want to drive their players away by doing that? There's no explanation because it doesn't happen. They don't suspend accounts for no reason.
Come on , please tell me you're not that dumb to not realize it yourself . That 'virtual' stuff you speak of means EVERYTHING to them , it is their way of getting the money to keep going . It's so obvious , that I'm surprised I have to explain it to you . Now if a company started a campaign of let's say 'Hextech Crafting System' and after a while the playerbase dropped so that system is no longer profittable , instead of dropping the system altogether , it makes more sense to just reduce the amount given , hiding it behind 'Honor' , 'Bugs' , etc .
: It's close to impossible to get punished in this game so I really doubt that's all you did.
Well you can doubt all you want , the reality is what I wrote . And ''close to impossible'' haha .... good one . You'd surprised how their Punishment System works . If you get a certain number of reports , the system automatically checks your logs for some bad word and if it finds anything remotely 'offensive' you get punished . Well the odds that an account doesn't gather during a season the amount of reports and that you didn't slip some 'offensive' word , is close to zero , so yeah ''impossible' lol
Rioter Comments
: I agree, it's getting worse and worse. You weren't flaming or being toxic towards teammates or the enemy team according to this chat log . But of course you will soon get a message here from a whiteknight saying "BUT YOU DID SIGN THE TOA WHERE IT SAYS *insert quote*! SO DONT SAY YOU WERENT WARNED FOR USING THAT BAD WORD" It's getting so ridiculous. It's like Riot doesn't want us to be human anymore . Tbh i just don't wanna write in chat anymore, more and more, just fearing that i say something that could be taken in a bad way and get reported. Kinda sad. I ain't a flamer or i ain't the toxic kind of guy at all, but i just need to say one word ( not a curse word, but something like " stop whining kiddo " ), someone would be *triggered* ( lol ) and the Riot Police would be knocking at my door. But whatever just enjoy the game by not chatting i guess except to say "glhf" and "gg" at the end.
I guess Riot's goal is to make us play the game by muting everyone since minute 1 . Well , in this case , I'd rather play something else , thank you very much . But let's be real here , we all know why they did it . It's not to 'oh let's make the community behave well and create a nice environment' .... if anyone thinks that they are pretty darn gullible . They do it to shorten the amount of free stuff they kept giving players these last couple of years , by linking honor to everything (Honor 2 for Clash , Honor 2 for End Season rewards , etc.) . And I'm sure the punishments mysteriously rise at the end of a season .... I wonder why haha ..... Great System you got there Riot . If you wanted to get your players angry and irritated , congratulations , you did it .
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Only for the players that have more chests than keys. What about the large group that has more keys than chests?
Between the 2 groups , the one with more chests is much bigger , and the reason behind it is that there are more opportunities to get chests than keys , like for example the last April's Fools mission .
Smerk (EUW)
: You can trade gemstone for chest and key. Chest has the same worth as the key in the store. So to be fair trade should be gemstone -> 2 keys
Shhh , don't tell them .... go with 3 keys , better for us <3{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You gain less key fragments after the honor update...
I had 2 chests extra last year , now I have 9 chests and no key to open them . GG Rito <3{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Nice joke . Almost got me there , pal .
Rioter Comments
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments Just look at it. Those are the maths. Perhaps it seems like less, but actually it is about the same as before.
If we get the same amount of BE , what was the point was rising the price for masteries from 500 to 4000 , a whooping 800% price increase ? Shouldn't we gain more BE ? Oh wait , I forgot it's RANDOM , we might even gain even less than before as the OP posted . Such a great system . Imagine you get a salary change where each month you might get the same salary +-40% , and at the same time the price of bread rises by 800% hahahah{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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Loonsteer (EUW)
: when you start winning you get worst team mates.
Yes , it's the same thing as in World of Tanks , where it has been proved that they try to keep your win ratio to around 50% . If you win , you'll play with trolls/feeders , if you loose you get to play next with people that win . It's a known thing .
: just turned level 31 and...
I just hit 31 , and I got 2 shards of 90 BE , and 1 of 630 BE . Also I cannot even reroll the useless shards anymore . GG Riot , that's just ...... great .
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: Blue Essence
Intended . Either wait a month for a champ SHARD , or buy with RP .
: You're undervaluing it, you level up way faster than you seem to be thinking, and when you level up if you're lucky you can get up to 3200 BE if you get three 6300 BE champs from the level up box, you'll more likely get around 1750 BE / lvl doh, but again you level up in like 6 games (including first win bonus)
I don't know where you got those numbers from , but here are some numbers for you . You get 150 xp a game , for a level 31 you need 2500 xp ... that's 12+ games .... around 2-3 days for a casual player . And after 3 days of gaming I get a chest , not with an unlocked champ , but with a SHARD , which needs BE to unlock , lol . Then for the next levels 31+ , the xp grinding grows even higher .... GG
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: did you miss the info about us getting capsules containing (normally i think) 3 champ shards each level up? :P
So if I have 20 champs now out of 60 , for the next 40 champs I need 40 levels ????? After lvl 30 the grind is real .... Not to mention you might want some BE for some mastery 6-7 .... Such BS !
: Disenchant the stuff you get when you level up
That means what .... 1 champ a month or something ? Considering how many champions are out there and how many are added and their cost , the rate with which we get to try new champs goes dowwwwwwwn by a lot .
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: ELO hell is actually real in silver
I can assure you High Gold is also Elo Hell .
LA Losty (EUW)
: All elos make alot of mistakes, for platinum/gold one of the main mistakes i see is people not keeping track of the jungler or wasting alot of time. 2 really good tips that can have a huge impact in the game would be: 1: Dont waste time, be efficient. You always want to be doing something, if you cant seem to gank, powerfarm the jungle till you get an oppotunity, and make sure to be near where you expect games or where you know objectives will spawn. I have solo carried many games on my platinum smurf where ive barely done anything but map control and farming, even on champions i have no clue how to play. 2: Look at the junglers buffs, where he starts (by looking at who gets late to game or by knowing the champion) and you will have a pretty good idea of where the enemy jungler is which allows you to counter jungle, fight him in his jungle or set up counterganks which is a really big deal. I would also recommond using different gank methods, especially laneganking if you are a jungler. Oh, and congratulations on gold! Its really sweet to get the rewards ^^
Another mistake I noticed in Gold , even High Gold , is people do not know how to play late game at all . They can win lanes , mechanically great , but when it comes to teamfighting , map ward control and late game , it's a DISASTER . Still feels a bit elo hell , I couldn't get out of Gold 1 these last days , due to the reasons above . #feelsbadman
: One hour left you can fucking do it bois
I gave up , Gold 1 ... Apparently high gold is still elo hell ! #feelsbadman
IzzŸ (EUW)
: My controls randomly reset? TWICE?
Same here , all my controls have been reset . And on top of that , I also received a 'Low priority queue' punishment , despite me never being afk . #FeelsGreatMan
: Client Bugs
Now all my client controls RESETTED ! I had to manually rebind my 1,2,3 item actives , the Flash and the Ultimate key bindings , etc . Not only that , I also received a 'Low Priority Queue' punishment for NO REASON . I've seen other people report that too ..... What the actual hell ? Can some Riot official shed some light on what's going on , please ?
Rioter Comments
Strigina (EUNE)
: Mech vs Minions icon
For how long is this icon going to be for sale with IP ?
: Fix your 'profile bug' Riot !
The bug is still present in the new patch 6.20 Please Riot !{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
TTekkers (EUW)
: Do you understand what kiting is? It is cancelling the redundant 2nd half of an AA animation with a move command to enable better movement whilst retaining AA damage. It's an animation cancel and is considered one of the core _skills_ in the game, especially for adcs. And I've used move commands to dodge skillshots - is that more or less skilful than pressing Q/E to do it??
I don't think u have idea what I'm talking about . I'm not talking about 'move attack' , I'm talking about an 'entire animation cancel' , I'm talking about Riven doing her Q , W , E in 1 sec without any animation , if done in the right order (look at BoxBox) or a Renekton W animation cancel by using Hydra , etc . That's what I'm talking about . And that , my friend , is not skill at all , no matter how you look at it , imo.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Skill. It applies to so many champs - I know for a fact that great Nasus players cancel half their Q animation for speed & smoothness.
Ok, and you consider that being skillfull ? Riot should either give 'animation cancels' opportunities for all champs equally , instead of allowing some to cancel 1 Q , and to someone else to cancel all their animations in 1 sec . I'm pretty sure Riot did not intend for the gameplay to be like that . It's just a bug exploit in my eyes. I consider skill a Fiora dash from a Morgana snare , not a Hydra animation cancel that gives an unfair advantage .
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: i know deep in my mind that i will be permabanned once agian one day, and i need help.
Since you already got the 2 week ban , now you have stay under the radar for like 3 months . You can either stop playing for 3 months , or play but 'mute all' before the game begins and simply to not type or engage in any sort of talk . After 3 months of staying under the radar your punishment decays and you should be safe for a while . Here: Punishements: 1. 10 game chat restriction 2. 25 game chat restriction 3. 14 day ban 4. Permanent ban If any incidents are severe you can skip punishment tiers. Every 3 months without punishment you will go down 1 tier.
Ritmann (EUW)
: Match Maker, or whatever you may call it...
LOL ... an unranked and 2 silver V , versus all Plat and 1 Diamond IV . Oh god , that's just ....awful matchmaking ....
: Rerolls are totally random. So you can reroll 3 Ultimate skin shards into a 520 skin. Which also means you can reroll 3x 520 skins into an ultimate skin.
So , from a statistical point of view , it's better to just get the essence always even from 520 shards , since the possibility of getting a decent skin are pretty slim , right ?
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