: This character reminds me something
It's literally just a fusion of DJ Sona and Hatsune Miku. But to be fair, Sona is just kinda a Hatsune Miku ripoff herself, soooo.....
Shamose (EUW)
: What kind of communication with the enemy team do you need though?
: Who are your favorite champions ?
1 {{champion:6}} 2 {{champion:222}} 3 {{champion:164}} 4 {{champion:51}} 5 {{champion:254}} 6 {{champion:245}} 7 {{champion:29}} 8 {{champion:19}} 9 {{champion:112}} 10 {{champion:53}}
: Amumu isn’t a demon or spirit he is a yordle or human child... either way he was just cursed, so disqualifying him based on being formerly human/yordle same as the shadow isles champions. And fiddle wasn’t formerly human... we don’t know what he is his canon lore hasn’t been released... but even in his old lore he isn’t the summoner, he’s just the creature the summoner tried to summon.... much more likely to be a demon than human. Fiddle should be sloth, as he stands in a field all day just protecting his field... while shaco makes more of a case to be envy than he does sloth... and amumu should be removed for not fitting the criteria EDIT: jax is human who has been tainted by the void... so like amumu shouldn’t be here.
We didn't get the yordle lore update yet and it is highly speculated that yordles are indeed spirit creatures, therefore he might count.
Mada (EUW)
: Mr. Braun
Pls tell me that was a Steins.Gate reference.
: Check time when I posted it :) It was after first game.
Then you probably should have written "no mages in first game of MSI finals".
Your thread has the title "No mages in MSI finals", this guy just proved that you are wrong. Mages were played in the finals, that's a fact. If you want to discuss that the ADCs had too much impact in these game, fine, do that. But don't claim that a class didn't get played at all if that is obviously not true. Otherwise we can't take you serious.
Spearki (EUW)
: thx! bot games seems to work too :D
Everything that doesn't state "normal game" works with bot games, correct.
Spearki (EUW)
: MSI missions
List of the other missions besides the "fight for your region" for 50 xp: ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Win 1 normal game -> 200 BE & MSI icon --------------------------------- 20 kills/assists in normal game OR 60 kills/assists -> 200 BE ------------------------------ Destroy 2 inhibitors in normal game OR gain 40.000 gold -> 200 BE ------------------------ Kill Baron Nashor OR win 3 games -> 500 BE ------------------------ Destroy 8 towers in normal games AND deal 3000 damage to towers in normal games -> Hextech Key ------------------------------ Heal 3.000 damage AND deal 30.000 normal damage to champions AND deal 30.000 magic damage to champions -> Hextech Chest ----------------------------- Win 1 normal game in less than 35 minutes OR win 3 games -> 220 OE ----------------------------- 25 kills/assists in normal games AND kill 2 dragons in normal games -> Hextech Key ------------------------------ Deal 400.000 damage (in total, not just champions, minions count too) OR gain 60.000 gold -> Hextech Chest -------------------------------- Win 1 normal game with at least 5 kills/assists AND win 1 normal game with a vision score of at least 20 -> MSI emote -------------------------------- --------------------------------- So in total, there are 10 missions. Everything that states "normal game" includes ranked games as well. The missions for Hextech Keys and Hextech Chests always come together.
Solash (EUW)
: [Possible Champion Leak] - Kai'Sa the Daughter of Void
I kinda doubt the name Kai'Sa. The name resembles the void monsters we have in the game, why should they do that? Kassadin and Malzahar have similar backgrounds, being void infected humans. But their names are still not following the void monster nomenclature. The pictures are pretty convincing, but she kinda reminds me too much of Vayne. And since they already stated she has a risky playstyle like Vayne, I don't know if they wouldn't try to avoid them looking alike....
Rioter Comments
: Champion Concept - Myu, The Malevolence
Love the concept art, hope you will keep doing that stuff, want to see more.
Yordanik (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5qpetwY3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-27T08:53:43.337+0000) > > The fun part is, I am pretty active on the NA boards and there were quite some people arguing that this is fine, since "AP Galio is squishy". > > Yeah, no. Not since he has an AP scaling on his damage reduction as well. -.- > How can someone defending that this dude is dealing more damage than a burst mage with a single skill? xD ap scaling on damage reduction? what
Yep, I had the same reaction when I was reading the patch notes. [W: +5% damage reduction per 100 ability power](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-721-notes#patch-galio) I have no idea how they came up with that. If their goal was to shift Galio to the playstyle of an ap bruiser, why does he get damage reduction increasing with his AP? If he is supposed to be an AP bruiser, then do what other bruisers get, let his damage scale with AP and his **defensive steroids** scale with **defensive stats solely**. The damage reduction scales with MR already anyway, why add AP scaling to that?
: yeah ive seen the vid, ardent censer was powerful, but not as powerful as the current galio
Current Galio is ridiculous, but let's not pretend that Ardent Censer was "minor". I don't blame the balance team, shit happens. But if ADCs are running Relic Shield just to let their support rush Ardent Censer faster, it's pretty obvious that the item is busted.
: someone seriously downvoted me for this? I don't know if that person actually thinks galio is balanced or if he just doesn't understand sarcasm.
The fun part is, I am pretty active on the NA boards and there were quite some people arguing that this is fine, since "AP Galio is squishy". Yeah, no. Not since he has an AP scaling on his damage reduction as well. -.- How can someone defend that this dude is dealing more damage than a burst mage with a single skill? xD
Yordanik (EUNE)
: %%%% me dude im totally getting out of bronze playing this champ before he gets nerfed to the ground
They are going to hotfix him today. Initial damage scaling from Q down to 0.8 from 0.9 and the % health scaling down to 1% per 100 AP instead of 3% per 100 AP. THANK GOD!
: Well, to quote the best doctor in the history of eeeeeever, "People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling". Guess I'm one of them. Really though, any serious replies?
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FTbgvYPVdXE Yeah, it's not just Kindred. I notice quite often that my champion stops attacking scuttle after using a skill. Maybe it really has to do with scuttle's pacifism. It is a true neutral unit, everyone can attack it but it doesn't attack anything else. Maybe that leads to that weird aggro behaviour. :/
: Wolf Refuses to Attack Rift Scuttler.
Wolf is the emotional side of Kindred, he doesn't want to kill that cute little crabby. Lamb is the logical, emotionless side of Kindred and therefore has no problem to do it. In other words: You are an emotionless monster playing lamb and trying to kill scuttle. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Teemo remake for using passive? What
This is exactly why I think that Teemo needs a rework.... His passive encourages standing in a place doing nothing in hope to be able to ambush people. I just think that this strategy doesn't belong in a game like League of Legends. You don't cs, you don't interact, you just camp in stealth waiting.
: Legit Evelynn line: *buys void staff* "think of all the places this can go" "imagine what we can do with this... It's so BIG..." It's a video game after all and It's so unnecessary to have these stupid cheesy lines. If you stupid teens with testosterone filled %%%%s wanna hear a %%%%% talk dirty go watch some god damn porn jesus!! I hate this rework so much!!!!!
Her theme is literally being a demon using sexuality as a bait to kill people. To represent that fantasy properly, she should make alot of sexual insinuations. Otherwise the character is simply not credible. And they are just that, insinuations. Nowhere is she saying anything sexual directly, actually alot of her quotes are ambiguous, about sexuality and killing. Which is a great thing in my book, especially if you keep in mind fun little stuff like that France is referring to an orgasm as "la petite mort", which translates to "the little death". Theme and lore are the most interesting parts of this game for me and seeing Evelynn's fantasy fulfilled that way is a good thing for me. And I am 28 years old, not some "horny teenager" like you are assuming alot of people to be.
Strigina (EUNE)
: So...how exactly is this more appropriate than a sexual reference? http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/images/news/May_2012/2012_05_17_darius_reveal/Darius_SS_3.jpg
https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yc4axq81-OE/WWVHyNeiQTI/AAAAAAAAo7E/LL-aHcric8QO6o_fZyUe_yJBIzsjcU3HwCEwYBhgL/s640/urgotr2.png Yes, Timmy. It is absolutely reasonable to impale other people with a drill and drag them into a meat grinder, if they disagree with you.
: People have SERIOUS double standards with this new rework.
{{champion:6}} I, as the representive of health in League of Legends .. _takes a deep breath of the chemicals he is addicted to_ think that this game shouldn't show off things that inappropriate for children! Something like that is not meant for innocent eyes, I say let's shove a drill in her stomache and drag her into the meat grinder!
gagaksl (EUNE)
: Can you guys help my shop disappeared what do I do
It is currently disabled, seems there were some issues. I am waiting for it to be up again, too.....
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Let's say you go to a League of Legends College...
Roommate: {{champion:245}} Smart guy who is into science, but knows how to have fun. Teacher: {{champion:27}} Grumpy guy, but knows his chemtech stuff quite well. Crush: {{champion:222}} Too bad my roommate is into her, too. Principal: {{champion:6}} Good thing Ekko can rewind everything, otherwise we probably had landed in the meatgrinder already.
: Graves.
As a player, who thinks that thematic should actually be important for characters, I like his current version alot more. He is using a shotgun and that is way better represented now.
abixbg (EUNE)
: I've never said i approve flaming. I just don't agree with you comparing being in a "team" for ~40 min and never meet again, with being in a team for at least of 5-10 games or more. If some idiot cuts you off on the streets you honk him and call him idiot and move on but you don't call your colleagues at work %%%%%%s on a daily basis right? RIOT gives me zero motivation to care about some idiot that decides to troll/afk @5min of the game. Do I care if this kid gets restricted for 10 games? NO! Can I enjoy a game that is basically 4v6? NO! If i go afk - i will be punished. RIOT makes us hostages of a trollers and expect us to be OK with that? Btw if we are on the football page. Do you recall a personal player statistic for "won xxx games"? NO! This is team game an only your Stats are recorded not your wins. Wins are taken and lost by the TEAM not by YOU personally! But Riot doesn't think so
Ok, picking up your your example of someone cutting you off and you calling him an idiot. At least where I come from, insulting is actually considered a punishable offense. If the person I am calling idiot is hearing me, he is allowed to report me to the police and I can get punished for it. It doesn't matter if he was cutting me off in that situation, I am simply not allowed to do that by law. We are just used to it that people don't go through the effort of reporting someone to the police, because of something like that and therefore we don't really care. But the effort of reporting someone in this game for basically the same thing is much lower, we just need to press a button. And therefore alot more people will get punished for insulting in this game than in real life situations. But in both cases it is punishable. Even if someone else is breaking the rules, that does not automatically allow you to break the rules as well. If you still do, you get punished. That's how our society works.
abixbg (EUNE)
: The difference is that you play with same 11 people (Football) more than one game. There is no %%%%ing team sport where you are forced to play with different people every game. Tell me how many times you flamed your premades? (arguing is something different) The game was going in the right direction with Flex Rank, but stupid narcissistic community forced Riot to bring back Solo/Duo in a %%%%ing 5v5 sport!!!
It doesn't matter if my team members are changing or not. You are always supposed to behave like that, in every team sport and in every single game. If I am joining a football team for the very first time and play my first game with them, making all my team members complete stranger for me, does that mean it is ok to stop playing and tell them that they are bad? No. I will get punished for it. It does not matter that I didn't know my new team mates beforehands, because that is the basis of sportsmanship. I understand that you dislike the match making system and ranked system in general. Does that give OP the right to flame and insult other players? No. It's simple like that.
BadBigus (EUW)
: Thanks Riot for making me a troll :)
You make all these analogies as someone who studied sports, yet you still treat this game different than any other sport you play it seems. If you are playing football and stop moving on the field just to shout over to your team member that he "is fkn bad", you surely will get kicked out immediately. That behaviour can't be tolerated. If you got a team member who is doing badly, you can give constructive critique after the game, or maybe getting a time out to tell him immediately. But you won't do it during the game, will you? You will just play the game as best as you can. If that player is still doing bad, he will get "kicked out of the team", meaning that he is not fitting the skill level needed for this team. That kinda is like elo. Just because he is a bad football player doesn't mean he isn't allowed to play football at all, he just has to look for an amateur team who is willing to accept his skill level. So if a player is less skilled, he deserves a lower elo to play with people on his level. Now what you did: If you constantly start telling people during the game that they are "fkn bad", imagine where you end up? Every team with actual sense of team spirit will kick you out if you do this. And if no one wants to play with you, you pretty much can't play football at all anymore. That other people are trolling, flaming and so on doesn't really matter, because they are the same like you. If they do it often enough, they get banned. But a player who is "passively trolling" how you called it won't, he just needs to find his place to play with people on his skill level, even if this means that he has to be put down all the way to bronze 5.
Noezholio (EUW)
: She isn't broken at all the meta just suits her veery well. But basically she does what she always has been doing which is killing absolutely everything once she hits 3 items. Combine this with the current strength of peel heavy supports and you get why hypercarries are pretty damn strong right now. And of all of those tristana just has the safest laning phase due to her jump. But mostly she is just picked up more because of the meta. Those guys going off on her, now speaking for those lower divisons like plat and below, are most likely just wining because they are either the better player or have the better support but trist as a champ is not particularly outstanding among the adcs. THe high pickrate is really just due to lcs and people copying the lcs meta.
She actually is considered a hyper carry, so I don't get why she has such a safe laning phase. Let's take a look at other hyper carries. {{champion:222}} Absolutely immobile, her only defense against a gank is her E snare (which is delayed). {{champion:96}} Absolutely immobile, even worse than Jinx since his only defense against a gank is his E slow. {{champion:29}} Absolutely immobile, his only defenses against a gank are a slow on W and a camouflage on Q. He can escape if he outmanouvers you with his camouflage, but with smart positioning, that's impossible. How about Tristana? {{champion:18}} Good mobility with her W jump, can even cancel pulls like Blitzcrank's Q with it. In emergency, she still has her AoE knockback on R to escape. I always thought that the argument for hyper carries is that they are vulnerable in the laning phase. Why is Tristana allowed to be so safe in that time then?
: lel, maybe because they are nubs if they can't touch yi. I mean, all you need is Alistar in your team to tilt any yi XD
He meant "never touch yi" in the sense that no pro player would ever **play** yi. Simply because of what you mentioned: a coordinated team can easily stunlock and destroy him.
: Caitlyn Re-imagining (I don't know why tbh)
Sorry, but I dislike this concept alot for various reasons. 1. I would not remove her identity as a sniper. I would prefer to enhance that theme instead of removing it. Jhin may be a sniper, but just in his ultimate and W. The rest of the time he is using a pistole. Therefore I think we should keep having a marksman who is using a sniper rifle permanently. 2. You removed another iconic part of her design: the cupcakes. I understand that they probably even should get removed, since they don't really fit the serious cop trope, but I think they should implement at least an hommage to them (maybe emote). You didn't mention it, so I just wanted to point that out. 3. 2 dashes in the kit feels a bit redundant. You have one escape dash and one for engaging. I don't really feel like that should be a thing. 4. Total lack of waveclear. Right now, Caitlyn is able to push a wave with Q. But you replaced that ability and didn't add any tool for that purpose. Every marksman should have some waveclear tool in my opinion (they even added it to some like Twitch). 5. Q doesn't have AD scaling.... why? Right now, it just has the purpose of triggering her headshot. The short stun will be very situational.... mostly just really useful to interrupt channels. I think that is a bad trade for the ability.
Keitra (EUNE)
: Why S ranks Are hard to get for lvl 7
I have 22 champions on mastery level 7 and I got the majority of them on that level before reaching 40k mastery points. I think you are probably focusing on the wrong things. KDA has an impact, but most important in my opinion is CS. You said you had 100+ cs.... the key here is, how long did these games last? For example, if you are playing as a jungler, I found out that I got mostly S ranks when I had around 50 cs per 10 minutes. So if the game lasts 40 minutes, you should have at least 200 cs as a jungler. Laner require even more CS. If you want to get S grades with less farm, you need incredibly high KDA.
: What's the reason behind manaless champions?
There are different reasons for that. Like someone already mentioned, mana is a gating and balancing tool. Swampert919 explained that pretty well. Another note: sometimes they don't put mana on a champion because the champion already has a mechanic built in which requires management and therefore it would be too much. An example stated by Riot would be Kled. They got asked why they didn't give him mana and the answer was "too many bars". Kled has his own health, Skaarls health and after losing Skaarl the courage bar to manage. Giving him another bar felt redundant. I don't know if it is confirmed by Riot, but I guess Gnar would be another example. He has to manage his 2 forms with his rage bar, gating him with mana additionally would be too much.
: Wait? You can actually understand what hes saying? All I here is incoherent, overly aggressive shouting, but then again I don't play him and only hear his ally/enemy lines
I don't play him as well. But since I wanted to elaborate what exactly these 2 figures stand for, I was listening to their VOs online. The result was my choice for chaos.
: Looks like Yasuo will win VS. *sigh*
Yasuo and Riven are 2 champions I definitely don't care about. I was just looking at the philosophies they provide: Order, forcing rules upon everyone to secure a peaceful living. Or Chaos, embracing personal freedom for everyone with the risk of it getting abused. I chose Chaos. To enhance the phrase of Yasuos VO: "Better die standing on your feet than living on your knees."
: im really sure it triggers Sheen, so it should also trigger Botrk following that logic
It does trigger Sheen, I am aware. But according to the wiki, it doesn't trigger any other on-hit effects except Sheen. Someone should test this. But even if: Camille is picking up this item with a rate of 0,76%. So I wouldn't really put that in the same category as Vayne or Fiora. This is an extreme niche case.
: True dmg is okay,you can counter it by building more hp. Physical dmg/magical is okay,you can counter it by building resistances against it. The hell IS A PERSON SUPPOSED TO BUILD AGAINST %HP TRUE DMG!? Btw,in almost most games,%hp true dmg is **NOT** in most games. Only when Garen,fiora or vayne are in it.
> [{quoted}](name=KekOfTheFinest,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6YytrziF,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-13T20:38:46.330+0000) > >[...] > The hell IS A PERSON SUPPOSED TO BUILD AGAINST %HP TRUE DMG!? >[...] {{item:3157}} : ^)
: right now only {{champion:114}}{{champion:67}} There are also different factors {{champion:86}} Ult scaled with Max missing hp, but imo he is easy to kite And Camille can deal %hp True damage if she built Botrk and used the True Damage Auto Atack on Q
Are you sure about Camille? Does it convert on-hit effects? I always thought it doesn't. And the wiki says that her Q doesn't trigger on-hit effects.
Mimium (EUNE)
Kindred are not meant to duel anyone. Yes, you have to go into the enemy jungle to get your stacks. That's intended risk, you are not supposed to get these stacks gifted, you have to earn them by strategic play. For example if you have vision of the enemy jungler on the other side of the map, go for the stack. He can't contest it if he is not there. I don't know if they are going to change the jungle. But if they do so, Evelynn surely won't be the reason for it. Maybe they change it with next pre season again, we will see.
Mikaiya (EUNE)
: League in pixels
Upvote because you acknowledged the perfection called Jinx.
: Sejuani E passive not working on Juggernauts
Just saying, both champions you listed are not Juggernauts. Malphite is a Vanguard and Jarvan is a Diver. So the description of the bug is kinda incorrect. You probably should just provide a list of champions you noticed this bug to accure instead of saying "group x doesn't procc it".
: Skin concepts
Bloodmoon Camille Based on the [Kuchisake-Onna](https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuchisake-onna). Red traditional japanese clothing. Wearing a white mask with a slit mouth. Her legs are each one half of a scissor. Passive: AD shield is a red bubble of blood AP shield there are ghosts twirling around her in cold blue Q: Charged the legs are glowing red W: Scissor cut E: Kunai on ropes or chains R: the lines connected with the victim are chains
: New Gamemode where the champion's Q is also the autoattack
How would this work with her: {{champion:222}}? Would she auto attack with one weapon then switch it automatically and attack with the other one or would she just switch between those 2 without attacking?
TrollSup (EUW)
: So the logic is, i dont care get out? And u call me toxic? i rather be toxic then crazy :) People like you are the reason they abolished Tribunal, because u would punish everyone with the argument well if its not this game sure its next game. MAN I LOVE THE FACT IM NOT LIKE YOU. <3 ban deserved i rather be banned then such a spineless beeing.
The funny thing is that you kept repeating that you are not toxic, yet you proceeded to insult everyone in here who doesn't tell you that you are innocent.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I haven't seen her be smited for 1k damage yet, so I'm pretty sure she still is a champion.
Clearly an oversight from Riot, though. Shyvana in ultimate form should be treated like the dragons in the dragon pit. Including being smitable and giving a permanent buff if the enemy team manages to kill her in dragon form.
: Bard Gunther - Ding Dong Song
Makes sense. Bard is the living personification of a ding dong.
Kite Q8 (EUW)
: His newest kit "of skills" is broken, he provides a bunch of many annoying CC with a "guaranteed kill on every possible gank" and it's just annoying. :) So it's either he is banned "at least for now" OR you're most certainly going to lose the game <3
And because his new kit is so broken op, his winrate tanked from 50% to 40%? He even needed hotfix buffs today because he was so incredibly weak.
Allosen (EUW)
: Which Champion has the best Ultimate ?
Omg, there are so many.... {{champion:254}} You won't escape me. Extra satisfaction if you predicted the enemy's peel ability. {{champion:222}} Snipe! Surprise kills from across the map are just extremely fun. {{champion:133}} Flying with the speed of light. {{champion:245}} Oh shit, I %%%%ed up! .... or did I? __R__! And many more. But if I really have to make a choice, it would be Jinx. Nothing gives you a better feeling than sniping the top laner who thought he barely escaped from bot lane.
Kite Q8 (EUW)
: LMAO xD I'm sorry I just had a horrible experience with the freaking new ZAC, and I was so mad but your topic made me laugh. You're right, she is blocking way too many skills "almost everything" with just a W.....and of course -BAM "Too slow xD"
Not just almost everything. Her skill can potentially block every single skill in this game. Even smite and ignite can be blocked. There are no limits, as long as the skill hits you while you are in the animation, it will get blocked.
: go to the boards link, search for the /en/ and type instead of /en/, /de/ now you can do this kind of stuff have fun {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I guess, as a german guy, I should be offended?
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