Voidner (EUNE)
: He's completely fine, people just play him wrong
Tbf late game pyke is rubbish, he's only there to give your adc an early lead but you don't share gold until level 6 so the entire point of him is kinda wasted anyway.
: £300 Account PERMAbanned for ridiculous chatlog.
These are called "consequences" which is something that you right wingers don't seem to learn quick enough. Of course, not until antifa knock you out, or Riot ban you for breaking T&C. You got rekt and it's because you're a foul person. You need to learn.
avi1g (EUNE)
: even innocents (pure terrible players that i mentioned) should have some kind of penalties.
So you think "bad" players should be banned? You really aren't very intelligent. Unless you're above diamond 1 you're considered trash by the money makers in league so you should just be permabanned for being crap too, right? You're not as good at this game as you think you are, and you were homophobic over an ARAM game, literally the most casual game mode ever. The problem lies within you and your insecurities, not other players.
Nobody noticed the server was down? Lol what, you mean apart from everybody who can read where it tells you it's down for maintenance?


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