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: When this happens just move around your champ so you don't get afk punishment and wait game out. Do not reply,play some music and relax. Games like that are not winnable so just wait them out. Think of those players as lesser creatures..subhumans That is all they are. Do not lose your nerves on underhumans.
> [{quoted}](name=You Suck Me,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YENZ40AU,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-19T17:10:20.452+0000) > > When this happens just move around your champ so you don't get afk punishment and wait game out. > Do not reply,play some music and relax. > Games like that are not winnable so just wait them out. > Think of those players as lesser creatures..subhumans > That is all they are. > > Do not lose your nerves on underhumans. You still get punished afaik.
Solash (EUW)
: Small quality of life proposal for Warwick's Blood Hunt
And while at it: fix the "glitch" that when following a blood trail you sometimes don't get the speed bonus (yes, it happens out of combat)
I read the boards almost every day since it was released and this might just be among the best ideas I've ever seen. The real lore is a nice match with olafs theme and such. I'd insta-buy.
: Afk And bad teams
Usually I'd say "You might need to start looking at your own misstakes" but AFK's isnt your fault and I have to agree with the "bad teams" as I get matched with Unranked players when Im Gold 5...
: premades as usual
I usually play in a 3-4-man premade. Not all of us are bad, but a lot are. We talk in english and if someone in our premade starts flaming we always apologize in-game and then threatens the person flaming to stop playing with him. Its usually the other way around for us (Solo-player flaming, we give roles instead of asking for them)
Reneqade (EUNE)
: Jhin the Virtuoso
Infernape (EUW)
: It is. Rotating game modes do not give tokens. You can only get them in normal/ranked Summoner's Rift matches.
Odd, I got my Mastery 7 with Kindred from URF...
Soulgrind3r (EUNE)
Oh and while they're at it, can Riot please buff Zed and Yasuo? I feel like they're a bit weak, especially against ADC's!
XIC Wolf (EUW)
: What kind of music gets you pumped? Reminds a little of the Doom music (Same artist)
: What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)
I'd go 1/15 with ashe and think that I had good stats. I also didnt know that the enemy team in normal blind were real players until I was around summoner level 7.
: To be honest, I'd do that too. Why should I waste 30 - 45 minutes of my (and 9 others') time on a game I screwed? If it's my fault, I'm the one who has to fix it. When I started playing LoL ~ 10 months ago, I was also a flaming kid. I didn't know the rules of the game well and I couldn't play any champion well enough for PvP. I would always accuse others and never acknowledged my own mistakes (and there were lots of them). There was no improvement in my scores. But one day it came to me - if I ignore my own mistakes and don't fix them, how am I supposed to get better? So I kinda gave up on flaming and started to focus on improving myself. The result? No, I'm not a Challenger I. Heck, I'm stuck in Bronze in EUNE and gave up, so I'm leveling my first account in EUW. But I no longer flame. Yeah, I might punch my keyboard, but I'm sure it got used to it... Poor keyboard... This also changed my personalty outside the game - before I used to tilt and swear and get real furious about things, that don't really matter that much, but now I'm calmer. In contrast with that, my best friend is a fireball. He tilts and flames so easily. Even swears for the most minor thing without being provoked to. Last time, for example, he played Ekko (never played him before) on the mid lane against Xerath and Kassadin and the same time (2v1). Like always, he wouldn't sit under his tower and farm, so soon he started feeding. First thing he did was accusing Yi of not ganking him, but every seasoned player would know, that in a 2v1 lane you need a 3rd person to actually gank. Plus, the jungler is not supposed to babysit you. In the end he started to intentionally feed real hard, but since the rest of us were real ahead, we still won. When I pointed out his mistakes, he flamed and almost swore even me, so I tilted and when one of my teammates said "F**k Ekko" I agreed to give him a lesson. At least he stopped typing. I even reported him after the game. But I doubt that he'd change. Sure, his personal skills are way better than mine, but in a team he's like...meh... He will never improve. My point is, change starts with you and only you. If you are positive and kind - you'll attract positive people, if not... Well... You'll be surrounded by negativity and would never improve.
This is true. A while ago I used to be like my friends, slightly toxic or just silent but then I realized: "What if I try to untilt the other players in my team instead of saying stuff like >> Plz << or >> Dont feed <<". By saying that their missplays didnt matter and that we still are able to win despite (for example) a fed midlane it's possible to untilt other players. After about 3 days I was able to climb from Silver 5 to Gold 5 while my slightly toxic friends are stuck in Silver 5/Bronze. Attitude matters a lot, almost more than your own skills.
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Redrinng (EUNE)
: How About a "Log Out" Button?
Agree to this. Upvoted :D
Driaven (EUW)
: Best name i ever seen :D
I think he picked a good name :D
The Wukong (EUNE)
: Why do people flame? How does it effect the game? How can it be stopped?
I almost always try to stay positive, especially in ranked, since it can win you a game. If a player gets "Flamey" I usually attempt to make then stop using various tactics such as: Questioning why they flame, telling them that they are doing fine and there's no reason to flame etc. If premades are flaming a solo player in my team I usually just tell the solo player to mute or ignore them and try to keep them from getting tilted.
: I only flame when I have beeep or beeeeep or beeeeeps or beeeps in my team... sadely it's almost in everygame.
: URF One For All?
5 zeds vs 5 alistars? No thanks tbh.
fairpaddy (EUW)
: Increase key drop rate
I get a key fragment every 3rd game or so, and I usually get my chest within the first day it unlocks so no complaints here!
: Sorry guys, but I'm just gonna have to say it.
Agree, I was super excited for urf this year. Woke up earlier than I had to just to be able to play but after a few games I'm mostly seeing {{champion:238}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:28}}. These champs are able to stomp any game so hard that it gets stupid. Was fun but sucks after 4 matches or so imo. Edit: They could rename URF to "Grey-screen simulator"
: Disable devourer and guinsoos rageblade
Have to agree with this thread. My team were losing a game big time until Yi got his Devourer and rageblade. 180 degrees turn-around and won the game cause Yi carried us.
: Best F2P MMORPG's?
Have you tried Blade and Soul? Its an eastern inspired MMORPG with a bit more focus on PvP (The PvP is skill based, not stat based). If you got a bit of money you should check out Black desert (Pay once, play forever)!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:203}} My main in S5, love the unique kit Kindred have. Its always fun to brawl the enemy jungler at lvl 3 only to have them flashing away from my already procced E :P {{champion:1}} This champion at mid (Or support) is soo fun to play. Especially when you hit level 6, flash + ult and ignite. No matter how many times you pull of the combo the enemy's never able to predict it! {{champion:131}} The power spike she gets when you buy runic echoes is just insane. Bursting 75% of a squishie's hp gives you a great feeling
: 16 Min Games
I usually dont mind the matchmaking, but when the system decides to place me and my friend (I was Gold IV, about 1150 wins on normal) with unranked players (They had about 130 normal wins) I start to question the matchmaking. We had a Yi @ midlane building ohmwrecker. Enemy team were Silver-Gold players.
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: login attempt failed
I've got the same problem as everyone else. Was in a middle of a game when I got disconnected. Unable to login again.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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