: How does that make sense?
Kog'maw is a mixed attacker meaning he can go AP even in both summoner's rift and ARAM. Nasus only really works as AP in ARAM due to how little chance he'll get to farm up his Q. As for Shaco, a good one in ARAM/URF can build AP and decimate enemies health thanks to the fear. As for the others, Ezreal can also build AP but needs to land skills. Unsure on the other three
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: Someting wrong with the bots..
The way the bots work is that they go 2 bot, 1 mid and 2 top. They keep like this until one of the inner turrets are being attacked or the respective bot(s) for that line are defeated. That's when the bots adjust to different lanes and they start going in groups of 4 or 5 when either Inhibitor Turret is available to be destroyed. At least that's what I've seen from my many games.
krme444 (EUNE)
I think it's because Katarina is very strong and if not focused on (IE: Polymorphed/stunned/silenced and so on), can easily score a pentakill. She is an easy champion to play (FPS/Ping not included) and if you are only doing decent, your team will flame you for not doing better but if you do godlike, the enemy will complain like you mentioned on the top post. Same can be said to Yi's. At least, this is in my experience
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: Please don't go to Co-Op vs AI. [Players are Botting for AFK IP}
It's been like this for a few months now but it's just gotten worse recently to the point of having 3 or 4 bots on your team is common including people who have masteries but still act like bots. It's not fun and if it's a new player who HAS to play Co-Op vs AI to begin with then they might not like it and lose interest in the game because of these bots. This is a major issue for intermediate bots.
: Elementalist lux
2950 Orange Essence for an ultimate skin like Elementalist Lux... basically the RP cost minus 300
: I don't like reworks in general. People spent hours over hours to master their favorite champion (in this case swain) just to get him COMPLETELY removed out of the game... replaced by a practically new champ. Such reworks were senseful in some cases i aggree, but riot seems to do stuff like that every other day
I think I heard someone saying that's what Old Galio to New Galio was like but I have no idea about that
: I honestly don't know what you're discussing about. If you cannot carry a game against Bots (Easy) when you're playing anything but a Support Role (even then you could destroy with Brand or Lux supp) then you're simply not good enough, sorry. Medium/Hard Bots are another League; it is a lot harder to carry there, but if we talk about Easy? I don't know about you guys, but I certainly am able to carry a botgame 1 v 9 with champs like Katarina or Vayne. Yes, they have the 1 v 5 potential but still. Even Cait or Viktor will do. I don't know; do people really struggle in botgames? Or am I missing the main point? Enlighten me :/
Beginner bots are no problem but the issue is with Intermediate bots who are more skillful and have more variety over beginner (Have you ever seen Yasuo Bot in Beginner?) but when the situation is 1 v 9 and you have a fed enemy mid who can destroy you should they land a simple skill then that's a major issue and the person NAYJAYIFICATION explains the situation a lot better than I could (Same reply section) but still not easy with the intermediate bots and if you chose someone who can't really apply much pressure like Sona because you wanted to play as support and didn't realize everyone else was a bot until you entered then you are out of luck.
: it's easy if you can play League and don't pick somethng stupid with no DPS or pushing power.
As I mentioned, someone new or someone who hasn't played co-op vs AI in a long time and normally play as a champion who normally has no pushing power like Sona with them going for natural support build will really struggle. Not to mention the fed mid laner often causes major troubles by 15 minutes in.
SiffLort (EUNE)
: Who cares about bots destroying games?? We need more skins! Go omega squad! Go Rito! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Affects new players who have to play Co-Op vs AI to even access regular PvP and some others who haven't been in that game mode for a very long time and just want an easy Win of the Day without realizing the bot dilemma might lose if they picked someone who can't really 1 v 9.
: you can't carry co-op v ai?
I've done it before but it is not fun at all and having a fed mid laner (Especially {{champion:63}} or {{champion:61}} or {{champion:69}} or even {{champion:50}} ) is really annoying when it's a 1 v 9. Not to mention, a new player won't be able to win 1 v 5 and if you haven't played co-op vs AI in a long time and choose someone like Sona then how will you hard carry if you start off with the Spellthief's Edge?
Mabons (EUW)
: Take someone with right click attack = win like Yi, Tryndamere, etc. And just farm the jungle for the first 15 minutes and then kill the bots and perma push each lane one at a time and it's easy. The trick is not to go into a lane because you'll never get a chance to farm with the bots constantly trying to engage on you and have the tower bounce the wave back.
That doesn't really work on your own to farm 15 minutes in the jungle because the bots will break the two bot lane towers within 8-10 minutes if no-one intervenes then you also have to add on random lag spikes (which for whatever reason) have been a lot more common in 7.14 and finally, the bots love to group when they get to an inhibitor tower and a melee right click champion gets destroyed if CC'd once like from Morgana or Blitzcrank and well, you get the point... I personally go for Veigar due to his stun and never ending AP gain which helps a long way by the end.
Rioter Comments
: Nope. My problem is not "my main is banned so I need to play something else". My problem is "a trolling teammate banned my main on purpose and is now laughing in the chat with caps lock on like it's the joke of the century" happening every 5 games or so. The problem isn't the enemy team acting against me, that is their job. The problem is _my own team_ constantly acting against me and feeling justified for it. The enemy actually bans my main about 10 times more _rarely_ than my own team, and I'm not even over-exaggerating here.
In which case, if you don't like that people are banning your main then don't declare your intent or just cope with the ban and pick someone else... that's really all there is to it
: PLEASE! Implement this to prevent champ-select trolling!
Even if your team doesn't ban, you completely forgot about the enemy team unless they see the intended picks in which case they can work around the intended picks and have the advantage... Even if they don't, they can still ban the intended champion like Yasuo/Riven/Lee Sin and so on.
: Yea but then sejuani should have the same thing....
Last I checked, Sejuani's boar is part of her character and not something that runs away like Skaarl from Kled. Unless this is from the future about update 11.12 where they make Sejuani like Kled. In other words, you can Ignite Sejuani and she'll die if low enough but you can't Kled if he gets Skaarl back in time.
: Kled ignite problem
Kled requires careful planning to beat as he can easily get Skaarl back if he lands his abilites on an enemy champion and since Yasuo loves to stand next to enemies, no wonder Skaarl returned so quickly. I don't see any reason why a nerf is needed for Kled as he is also a rare pick
Edimian (EUW)
: We need new pool party skins!
Weren't these ones included in the splash arts? {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} I'm asking as people did see them in the original pool party splash art and when they checked with something that was short lived (Screenshot capture or something like that), it showed them in the pool party lot
Rioter Comments
: ***
Trying a new champion is now considered cancer? What if they hadn't seen the champion in action before or didn't have access to the PBE and so wanted to try it now? Your comment makes no sense
Rioter Comments
: I don't believe a single word and since when is there a Yasuo bot?
Yasuo Bot, Vayne Bot and Orianna bot are, for whatever reason, not on the bot list when you create a custom game but they do exist
Doomley (EUW)
: I'm a veigar main/former veigar main. Windwall doesn't block his w. You must have hit his passive shield in a way which made it look like you did no dmg. If however, you are sure that it got blocked, use the replay of that match to record a clip of it and put it on youtube and link it here. Otherwise it's hard to believe.
I can't record the match and I mentioned partly the reason behind it (Yasuo Bot) and if it's a bot game in the co-op vs AI section, you can't record it. I would otherwise but I still don't get how it didn't do any damage.
Rioter Comments
Lesba Zyra (EUNE)
: Why did you allow players honoring their friends and premades?
There are times when no-one should be honored like, I don't know, having 4 bots on your team. Do any of the level up bots deserve honor? No, not at all yet you want everyone to be forced to honor someone? Not a good idea
: Xayah E - Yasuo Windwall weird interaction
Yasuo's Windwall blocks all projectiles by players including ults and yes, even Alistar's passive heal/Vladimir's Q if Windwall is in the middle. Not even joking about that.
: You know you can win any bot game easily with no effort at all right? Even if you are not good enough to get fed and 1v5 you can just build a split pushing build on the champ that you play and do that,when they come on the lane you are pushing you go on another one and keep on doing that until you get the inhibs, after that it should be a free win.
Doesn't always work unfortunately and sometimes you need to defend the base from the bots instead of split pushing. Best bet is that all the bots mess around in the one lane or have one mid and forget the large minion wave on the one they have no-one defending which was how I was able to win. That and Veigar infinitely gains AP from his skills landing. I do agree with the inhibitors falling though. Once they fall, bots tend to not be able to pull back and will usually lose after that as long as you don't take too long
Rioter Comments
: Riot pls stop the minion block BUG
These two would like a word {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} and there are other ways to escape being blocked by minions but to be fair, not all have the privilege
Mada (EUW)
: new gamemode that's just summoner's rift but ends after first blood
Who has the highest first blood rate again? That's right, Talon at 25% and not to mention that people could all gang up on one person and end the game in under a minute or two making it very uneven and way too short to the point it won't even give IP so I don't agree with the idea
: Bot games vs.... %%%%ing bots
> [{quoted}](name=mTeRaTracy,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=5H9PEvLT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-04T15:16:44.058+0000) > > I just got out of a god damn bot game that I could not carry because my entire team was 4 bots thart did absolutely nothing but feed the entire game. Why the %%%% are these allowed to exist? God damn these people make shitty ass obvious bots and they last more than one game? For the love of god **just ban anybody who dies to a turret at lvl1 in a bot game**. Even if they somehow werent bots its good riddance anyways. This is so god damn irritating. I tried to do bots to farm ip but it takes 30 %%%%ing minutes to win and apparantely thats not even guaranteed. > > Bots names: > [redacted] I disagree with the bold part... people get way too greedy in bot games and often try to secure a kill or double kill at level 1 but miss up and get killed by the turret which dealt over 400 of their health. Should all those people who make a simple mistake be banned as well?
12xPack (EUW)
: Rengar or Kha'zix
I'd wait on getting either as Kha'zix is going down in price as soon as Kayn is released on official servers.
Algo45 (EUW)
: Rly riot...
Ouch... well, if you still have 10 order/chaos tokens then you can exchange them for 10 blue essence and that solves the issue unless you have none left in which case that's just bad luck
: Please Add Kayne Now!!!
12th of July might be the release date if it doesn't get pushed back. I personally am hoping for that IP exchange option like they did with Xayah and Rakan
bigambrus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chika Hakozaki 0,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Hykskte4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-29T21:10:36.324+0000) > > If he is the only one who can knock enemies into the air it's understandable (50% armor pen hurts a lot though) but when there are plenty of people in the team with knock-ups (Cho'gath, Rek'sai, hell, even Draven's E counts) then it's a lot more spammable but let's be real, how often do you see a full knock-up team with a Yasuo if it's solo queue or blind? It's 50 % BONUS armor pen
Still hurts a lot more than without it.
jonisen22 (EUW)
: What is the reason for Yasuo's short cd on ulti?
If he is the only one who can knock enemies into the air it's understandable (50% armor pen hurts a lot though) but when there are plenty of people in the team with knock-ups (Cho'gath, Rek'sai, hell, even Draven's E counts) then it's a lot more spammable but let's be real, how often do you see a full knock-up team with a Yasuo if it's solo queue or blind?
Leonheart (EUNE)
: I have 120 chaos tokens today :/
Save them for the time being as the tokens themselves don't expire for another three weeks even after the missions stop but if you can't get anymore once the missions stop, you can decide what to spend the tokens on
HTensai (EUNE)
: Remove the blue essence needed to improve 'mastery'
There are those mystery champion shards in the shop which guarantee a champion shard which can be disenchanted so I don't see any problems with it. Sure it's annoying but I understand their logic.
: So when is 134 bans coming? We should only be able to play aatrox
RIP your summoner name then. Sounds like all for one or... all for three? Three champions would still be up even with all those bans
: Kayn > Talon
Huh... like Dark Star Thresh with the way he can roam around outside the map...
: Kayn, The Shadow Reaper
I'm hoping they do that IP trade thing again like they did with Xayah and Rakan. I would love to trade the new champion over and get them within the first week or two. Kha'zix and someone else will drop down in IP price too
Random is random... just sheer bad luck...
Rioter Comments
: RIOT please, do something about this hextech champ shard thing.
I don't remember where I found the info but I believe it's 50% chance for a champion shard, 25% for a skin, 6% for a gemstone and some other chances on other things...
MacDeath (EUW)
: >They never speak. This one usually gives away the theory they are a bot. For example, a person might rush and lock in a champion they REALLY want to play that's free but if they send anything in the chat, they are human. Bots said randomly the following in chat: "ffs" "defend tower" "wtf" Your other two criteria can easily be changed by bot writers too. Imagine Riot would have the same criteria, that would explain why they'd never dare to immediately ban a bot, the criteria will be annulated easily by bot companies.
I've never seen a bot talk before even after seeing 100 of them throughout numerous games. I did see some having keystone masteries but those are very rare in contrast and they still didn't talk. Also, why would someone who is leveling up an account (possibly for sale) want to buy champions if it's meant to be a 'fresh lvl 30' account? That would ruin that straight away.
Rioter Comments
l MrD l (EUW)
: How to face top reksai?...
You know Rek'Sai is a female right? As for the passive, at level 1, she can't go under ground and even at level 2, she needs to do auto attacks. Furthermore, you didn't mention which champion you were
: Does co-op matchmade count as vicory for missions?
Co-op vs AI works for the missions unless it specifically says something else like 1 win in ARAM.
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