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: Shaco is the most balanced, perfect champion in league of legends
poppy is most balanced, never patched since 2010, other than bugfixes... such balance, perfect champ!!
: Akali's Q's projectile speed is too low. How about making it faster?
what if we make her ult really slow so it's slower than her Q, then it's all fine right?
ZartarUK (EUW)
: another nerf post moved on from riven and lb and now on cho?
ignore it if you don't wanna see it, thanks
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: What a story mate! You should write a book with that imagination of yours! Dont look on his advantages and try to focus on his disadvantages and use them agaionst him. Does his silence bothers you? Ok, pick something that is less affected by silence, that doesnt needs to use any long combos and skills to make a dmg. How about AD? {{champion:23}} Preferably with mobility too to increase a chance of avoiding his skills? {{champion:67}} {{champion:81}} How about to pick ranged champs or at least some with poke ability to harrass the shit out of him? He can heal it back without losing mana while you lost some? Then go for manaless champ. {{champion:85}} True damage you said? Just get some HP, even as Ad/Ap carry. Basically chogath is alright the way he is. He is easy to play, which means easy to counter and outplay if you are smart. If you are not smart, then you should not blame the champion and beg for nerf.
i give my oppinion on it and you say i beg for a nerf like a cocky person, and you expect me to take your post seriously?
Pimaul (EUW)
: I'm in same situation. :( {{summoner:3}}
EUW is back on it's full potetial!
Messeery (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Daveth96,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6fZalXTj,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-29T16:35:58.369+0000) > > The old Veigar was a cancer champion with its instant, 0 couterplay stun. > I call champs cancer which offer close to 0 counterplay, mostly cuz instant undodgeable cc. xD Meanwhile annie does the exact same thing but easier than old veigar.
no dude annie is 100% skill coz you have to charge u your passive that stays stacked forever. then you have to actaully land that ult, so damng hard with that small bear. AHEM
shoveitup (EUW)
: *Champion skins
you probably won't get anything back since it's in the "summoner's code" that you are not to share acount information to avoid that stuff. i never thaught anyone would actually fall for someone ASKING for you password. And no they won't get banned coz they asked and you gave, nothing to do about that
shoveitup (EUW)
: I dont know what that is...
Support is where you get support.. dooh, not that hard t oget right? xD don't act hopeless, you won't get RP back that way
: Is saying i assume not enough ? I assume everything lol i was toxic as fuck and i should never say this i just got a bad mentality after so many poor games i explode on this one that was my bad and that was the last time , but you can't realize on the right moment ;)
Desastrus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chillow111,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mbYUAKm1,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2015-06-29T21:23:40.281+0000) > > all yousaid i already knew. yeah you can beat him with another high-sustain champ. And you say all the time 'if you do everything righ'. what is the right thing to do against cho? what champ can actually stomp him like he stomps other SO easy? shouldn't cho just be higher skill-wise then? By saying "if you do everything right" I'm trying to emphasize the fact that Cho is rather punishing if you make certain mistakes. If you successfully dodge ruptures (which is not very hard) and don't trade poorly, you should be able to survive against him. Now as for stomping him, that's surely the more problematic part because of the sustain. The easiest way to do that is by getting an early kill - Cho isn't that great before his first back. Best way to do that is one good early gank. Possible to do that solo if you outplay him, but lets face it, laning is by far the best thing Cho does. But yeah, sometimes good early aggression helps. Last time I played against one I picked Aatrox with Ignite and started with Doran's blade. In the end I really took him to pieces. And just for the record, I agree with you that he should be harder to play or to master, I think he's one of the most rewarding champs for the effort he requires.
yeah i just don't see how it is fair to have absolutely 0 skill and stomp nearly all top champs. yeah you can egt an early kill if the cho is out of position, and he just missed his skills. But a cho that knows what he is doing (which is easy to know) will just not use any skill unless he has to escape, then he can just silence, run away and do a rupture, and he'll most likely get away. afet the first b, he just starts to stomp. Really easy to play, i hate it. I'd play him myself but it's jsut toooo boring
Desastrus (EUNE)
: Cho'Gath main here. Not gonna discuss balance issues, but I'll try to give some advice (although a lot of good advice has already been given here). Warwick is your best bet. If you do everything correctly, Cho'Gath will never kill you and never have the upper hand in lane. Gnar is almost just as good if you play him well. As for tanks in general, yes, in most cases if you do everything correctly you shouldn't die to him (very doable with Maokai and the like - just don't pick Malphite). If Cho builds tanky, he won't scale into late game as good as most other tanks. If he builds AP, he will be much more of a threat, but should go down sooner or later if focused. Terribly nasty nonetheless. Early aggressors with Ignite can work too if you are skilled with them. But most lanes for Cho are either easy or medium. The biggest bane for Cho by far is... Vayne. Not a lane opponent, but an adc. She will find all his ruptures ridiculously easy to dodge with Tumble and burst him down with hp% damage (not to mention the self-peel). By far the most annoying thing to deal with.
all yousaid i already knew. yeah you can beat him with another high-sustain champ. And you say all the time 'if you do everything righ'. what is the right thing to do against cho? what champ can actually stomp him like he stomps other SO easy? shouldn't cho just be higher skill-wise then?
Winters (EUNE)
: I can live with the slow after a knock up, true dmg on r and the rest. What is killing me, is the sustain, poke is simply useless.
well yeah the R is kinda OP, but not changign it but nerfing the rest a bit, makes it more fair. 1 OP move is okay, 2-3 is kinda stupid
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Funny how he has been like for ages, yet now people bitch about him because he is being played more.. i swear league is never happy!!!
i've been bitching about it all the time, jsut not on the forums. i know he hasn't really changed all that much since season 1 even. And yeah itsn't is normal that people 'bitch' about int when he gets palyed more? if he doesn't get played at all people will be like 'ohh well it will take 20 games to see him again' so they don't give a shit, now they do. Be happy hat people give a shit instead of crying about people giving their IDEA about a champ. If you don't wanna hear it don't klick the damn post!!
Shiroe x (EUW)
: AgainADC's are freaking weak, stop saying a tank can kill a adc damit!!! If the adc gets killed by a tank/ap champion then the adc is in the wrong here not that the tank is op.
i'm saying half HP, whichi s scary for an ADC, coz they are suichy already. cho is so damn tanky and big, he can just run right in the face of the enemy ADC. some ADc's can kill cho, but maybe just don't do alot of dmg against him, take to ong to take down and by the team of cho had time to kill the rest or close in on the ADC
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Don;t stand directly in front of him then, stay at mid range and poke him down, or better yet play as a team and gang up on him.
can't really poke him down in lane without range, can you?
: Yes, Cho needs to be gutted; disgustingly OP.
I wouldn't mind if he becomes a graveyard champ, but it would be sad. I'd rather have a rework or decent nerf. I think he doesn't get noerfed coz he doesn't get alot of attention from pro's or in LCS, or in general, he's a bit too boring to play i guess.. i hate to play him due the boredom
shileka (EUW)
: cho has a strong early game, but lategame his damage will fall off unless he builds for it, and if he builds damage he'll fall quickly, and if he builds tanky, then you just kite him and kills his squishies
tank's don't need damage lategame, they need CC. cho has plenty. And his ult is still a high burst on the ADC, mostly half the HP.
: I think riven is more derserved to have a nerf.
it's about cho, not riven, go make a post about riven in you want that
: I agree he is a little too much maybe. But, definitely in the toplane his mobility is very limited. To land his stun, he has to stop walking and is hard to hit, since the visual doesn't match the hitbox. So a gank is almost always flash, kill or in the least favorable positive outcome low hp. Compard to the champs you mentioned: - you have a invisible getaway, dash to minion (wukong) - speed up, damage while running away (garen) - puddle of invulnarebility Obviously trading is really hard definitely midgame, where he starts stacking his ultimate. I was 3-0 ahead, he was 0-1. I had more farm, couldn't trade with him. Outdamaged and outsustained me. But we won the game late, because (as he was midlane) he built AP and the adc pierced right through him. And from experience, Cho's who build tank have a hard time when their team is losing.
yes i have skills to get away, but how do i bet him then?? and what if i'm silenced? i might get away but then i can't farm, while he is just farming easy when i run and heaming from the farming.. a bit OP?
TTekkers (EUW)
: Cho can be obnoxious, but he's hard to make work past the laning phase, if he wants to split-push as a tank he lacks the damage to push fast enough to make it worth, but if he builds damage he's too easy to kill. If he wants to teamfight he has 2 CC _skillshots_ on loooong cooldowns and a melee range execute that's requires a flash or mispositioned carry to really work.
yes but i'm not talking mid-late game, i'm talking laning phase. He stops way to hard, making it imposible to decently play against him. You don't really have a chance against him in the lane, and i want that gone. I atleast want a chance, or i wanna see some skilled players on cho, but now it's just 'skillshots' that are way to easy to land, and as said, the ruptude hitbox is just wierd, somethimes the spikes come faster than other times.
Roughy (EUW)
: He is really strong, borderline OP. But you can jump on him when his CDs are down and he just gets destroyed... What should really be nerfed is his stupid AoE silence, it really destroys everythingunless you're something like tryndamere.
well yesi ingages on him after he missed his skills, so i should be fine trading right? nope, his aa's kill minions while fighing + do a decent amount of damage, so trading was just hitting a big ass dude who doesn't care coz he heal it back later anyways..
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