: Happy new year from Sweden :)
ILiRixx9 (EUNE)
: 1k AP or AD
{{item:3040}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3027}}
OwOlaire (EUW)
: Max The Snorlax , New streamer starting out! Come and say hi :D
i love your voice, but you got too many friends for me to watch ://///////////
: New streamer- Join me in my adventure to diamond!
thanks for the show, was enjoyable to watch and talk to you
: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
{{champion:55}} Punish enemy in lane for mistakes while being very weak yourself. Knowledge about the mid lane, roaming, engaging, playing safe and perfect timing.
: [6.12] - Mundo cleaver not hitting riven (while she's dancing)
if people do animations like that when dancing, their hitbox doesn't change, where she stood first before dancing is what counts
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Who is the most mobile champion?
: Is Fizz unfair
he is the most unfair champion in the game imo
: This is just sad..
: Any girl gamers here? Or grill gamers?
Woah I never thought I would see a post like this
: When depression takes a hold on your attitude in game... Not pretty. (i am sorry rito message)
I know your situation, I have depression too. Luckily I am good at not showing my toxic side in game I hold everything inside me which is for the best. If you like, we could talk.
Mayzar (EUW)
: <Currently> Diamond IV UK Top LFT
: Counter Tanks From Mid Lane
{{champion:103}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:161}} Kill those pesky tanks
sn0wy (EUNE)
: 7th perma ban
It might be hard to stop focus on the game, but you really have to at this point. Reading how you feel and what happened is sad, I can relate to it. I have not had a rough childhood it's more my life now that is a problem, mentally sick just like you. Get help irl should be a priority, hope you feel better soon.
N1KilleRN (EUW)
: How is this bannable?
You look quite toxic, but I couldn't stop laughing at this, especially at "give me milk" mostly because it sounds funny more than dumb
Jonhy (EUW)
: Streaming
I checked it out, but have you disabled the sound of something? Or maybe it's just my iPhone being old? :p
: I'm stuck at the "Game Abandoned" screen even though I'm not in a game
I remember that too, luckily it was at night so when I went to sleep and woke up it was done :D
Armakar (EUW)
: Good anime?
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Can doom bots get rotated in too?
{{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:32}} These three were truly DOOM bots, nightmare to face. But yea I hope they rotate it too I loved it, you needed to communicate with your team how to beat them.
: New champion
Stone power, sounds cool on a mage. Taliyah used Ancient Power! I have always loved that attack in Pokemon hehe.
Supertast (EUW)
: {UK} Looking to climb/play with other summoners from UK [GOLD 5 ATM]
I'm not British but... You got the hottest accent ever
Jugatrix (EUNE)
: Well, as a random person o nthe internet i cant really help you out. What i can do is share how i've been living as of late. So: Me unemployed 23 years old, currently looking for a job. Family is in cort over a house that is my fathers but some...unexpected things happened and now the house is 50/50 my dads and the corner bar's owners. Sounds a bit comical but hey beleave me if you want to dont if you dont. My family is 5 people, Gramma,Mom,Dad,older ss, and me. From these Mom,Sis is working.Every day i am reminded that i as a "man of the house" do nothing whole day but play league and browse the internet. Its Sad, but you know what? Im still here , im still actively trying to get a job and be helpfull to my family and every one around me.Why? Because giving up is the easy way out. NEVER SURRENDER. Allso Dark Souls is my favurite game :3
Thanks for sharing, once again I know you can't "help" but listening to stories like that can still help and I'm glad to read them.
duckarp (EUNE)
: We can't help you. You need to go to the psychologist and also seek help within your family and friends. No random stranger on the internet will ever make that feeling go away.
I know you can't, all I wanted was to feel better.
Rioter Comments
xtimigui (EUW)
: What is your favourite old game in your childhood?
Pokemon forever in my heart. I also liked club penguin haha
Catchdown (EUW)
: Your anivia makes me bleed. I wouldn't even dare to post something like that on youtibe, but seeing you being so ignorant towards others, I feel not bad for saying. Get good first, then post videos.
Ignore this place, it almost feels like everyone are the same person here
: i know what you mean, you have no motivation to even do the basic of things in life which sucks hard, talk to someone who can help you get to a physcastricst/physcologist to help you cure ASAP!
I'm replying very late but I forgot to, how are you doing right now?
: I don't get suicidal thoughts, but when I'm in a bad place, I do literally nothing, I just lie in bed and feel numb. Then after a few days I feel bad cos I did nothing and people think I'm lazy, but they don't just get that my head just won't let me do anything...uhhh...
The bed part is exactly like me, hope you feel better atm.
Clan HoA (EUW)
: HoA - Alright! Calm down! Just calmly click this, don't go nuts
Um... Do you have to speak English through Skype or something like that? I have zero problems writing but talking I just can't handle... Not that I'm unsure how I sound or how good I am at English more talking itself :/
Andy Ten (EUW)
: How is this not concidered porn?
God, the laugh is probably the most fake I've ever heard
: Mage update items heading in the wrong direction
I'm 100% sure hextech belt item is getting nerfed before it heads live, I agree it's unbalanced item that removes big weaknesses which is too unhealthy for such a short cooldown on it.
: Tell me about it...been dealing with mental sickness too the past few years, was just after getting into a really good period, now I feel the bad times coming again...damn.
If it is depression I understand you. Right now it is taking big part of my life, always tough when I get anxiety and suicide thoughts etc. When I get it I always think to myself I won't ever be cured because I'm not trying anymore. I like give up on trying now (not really, I want to get cured) but it takes such a looooooong time, I barely have patience with it or myself.
: Cheer me up please
Sorry to hear, my days are mostly bad too. I barely go to school atm... I'm mentally sick and can't handle school, too much for me. The priority I have is to get cured to live a normal life again... But it's so hard :(
: Who's that one champion you hate with all your heart?
{{champion:18}} It feels like nobody can win against her. The disengage, engages, burst, and even JUMP RESETTING she is just so bs. Jump reset on adc? I wonder who got that idea... {{champion:107}} Nobody else can tilt me harder than him when fed. He gets vision if he is near enemies in ult, if he gets slight vision of you somewhere, he is gonna ult you and soon you will see a black and white screen. {{champion:90}} Don't think I have to explain him, there's almost nothing you can do about this cancer. {{champion:105}} Can't think of anymore unfairness than him.
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:34}} 1. Better basic attack animation 2. Higher base movespeed 3. Slightly shorter cooldown on ult Buffs that I think would not make her overpowered, still in her spot but stronger of course.
: Sexism
Kill them
: I Got Diagnosed With Depression AMA
Got depression too, literally worst thing happened to me. It has teared me apart, I'm not going to school right now, I can't handle it, and it feels like I'm not trying to get cured... I want to get cured, but I have no energy etc to do all that. It feels like I'm stuck here...
bloderose (EUNE)
: Champions who needs nerf/buff:
Kat nerf? can't tell if troll or being funny, she is completely irrelevant for this meta and weak atm, ekko cait nerf not needed they are not op at all. vayne soraka lee need buff SAID NO ONE EVER
: Same, played on a smurf normal game. I was the only one though...
I even got an afk warning after that game
Gainertde (EUW)
: EUW attempting to reconnect for everyone. server down?
Same, played on a smurf normal game. I was the only one though...


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