: Try this Disabling all non-essential processes: Press [Windows Key] + R Type msconfig into the text bar at the bottom of the menu Click on the Services tab Check Hide all Microsoft services so you don't end up accidentally disabling a key process Click the Disable All button Click on the Startup tab Click on the Disable All button Click on the Apply button Click on the OK button Restart your computer
Worked !!! Thank you so much :)
El Papi (EUW)
: Hi, i have the same problem since a week. I think its a problem of League of Legends but they dont know how to fix so they said its because of Firewall or Update. Maybe could be a problem of Windows 10 too. Do you have Windows 10? Sorry about my bad english but i hope u understand
Yes i have windows 10... It happened out of nowhere..I had 1 game today where it didn't happen and 3 games where it did... So annoying it's like i can't play...
Chocosvin (EUW)
: Screen freezes
Rioter Comments
: can not start a lobby
LuckyZ00M (EUW)
: Lagging In-Game (Major Issue) 14.10.2017 -- 14:06
happened to me too :( but it was actually kinda fun while it lasted :D


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