Yuuteru (EUW)
: What's happening to the game ?
Stop using them websites ffs... if you play like someone is the same rank as you then you're more likely to be fine... you kids these days get negative over nothing and never want to have a challenge or get better. Get over it, or, learn to code and go offer your services to riot.
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Rena (EUW)
: I totally agree ^^
Yep same, get him to add me, screw this toxic community!
Foreflay (EUW)
: Can't Connect to Euw servers
Same issues here, but how about you sort the issue Riot, thanks. Gonna log in probably and a fucking leavers ban
Azy Sin (EUNE)
: Ilaoi is not broken.
Her kit is not broken but at the moment her damage is. You can build her however you want and still kill everyone. Once that's balanced, she will be fine.
Light Show (EUNE)
: ***
You've completly missed the point of what he was saying. Congratulations, you failed school it seems.
: Fiora - Risposte
Made me sick seeing Veigar yesterday too, No counter to Flash + R lol. Can't wait for his scaling and w nerf tomorrow. But i agree about Riposte. It shouldn't be able to block what it does.
: SKT vs KOO....Boring
Yeah, worlds finished for me yesterday too. Boring seeing Koreans in the final. Don't care who wins in the next few days, neither of these teams are fun to watch
: if whores would looks like that, I would have no $$$ anymore
Haha :P I mean the type thatll fuck for attention, not for money.
: your choice: get http://www.asianwalkway.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/1409387356_3_99_20140830173306.jpg or not?
I don't find whores attractive, sorry =p
: Not sure about "soul", but "manliness and pride" are definitely useless things you just pick up along the way, as such if you want the skin, then buy it. No reason to make life worse by making excuses, denying yourself something you in fact want.
It's more of the fact it would finish the set... Minus Championship QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
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: When you have 2 AFKs and the enemy team yells 'easy'
Honestly someone saying "easy" after a game infuriates me. I can be wished any kind of insult, no matter how extreme, but that kind of disrespect makes me just wanna catapult a rock into their eyebrow
: Kindred needs a nerf...
I've been playing her alot since she came otu yesterday and tbh, i appreciate she is strong, but seriously, it's only minor... people just don't know the skillset yet so they panic... the champion honestly is fine. It doesn't feel like "OMGBROKENWTFBANNERF" that spot is saved for Mord and Darius. Just play a few more games as or against Kindred to understand it and you'll be fine.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chut,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6bppU41i,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-08T23:30:38.511+0000) > > It has been nerfed wtf. You honestly can't call this a nerf. What they did was take some of the magic damage away that almost no one cared about and made it proc every fourth hit on ranged champions. They fucked Twitch, Twisted Fate, Vayne and Kayle for no good reason and left the really overpowered Devourer champs like Shyvanna the way they are. Twitch jungle is REALLY hard to pull off, and I find it unfair that Devourer has been nerfed for this specific champion. I understand that Kayle and Vayne have been a problem as soon as they got what they needed to be strong, but this also ruined champions that were in a good spot and finally had a chance to be played in the jungle. Why do we solely have to depend on Eveylnn, Elise, Lee Sin, Yi, Kha Zix, Shyvanna and Rengar as junglers the WHOLE time? Let us have our offmeta junglers Riot, revert the changes on Ranged Devourer and find a different solution that doesn't turn our jungle into a strictly handled place for 10/130 champions.
You're honestly talking rubbish mate. It was op, it's fine now.
Andy Ten (EUW)
: Buff Lee Sin
It has been nerfed wtf.
: Dear supports who refuse to buy a sightstone.
yes others should provide vision too, but a support DEFINITELY should prioritise this item. I do as jungle too.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
"If" was the keyword i put there buddy. Far from it actually, you seem that way inclined. In fact, i will just leave it at that. Good day sir. Also the final Sentence you put actually has no relevance to the topic we discussed. Being interested doesn't make you an expert. Take care my friend :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
If you're talking about the UK, that's pretty much incorrect, just because you can buy alcohol doesn't make it the adult age. Because you seem offended. Which is fine, i understand how emotional people get in 2015.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Pretty much the law deems you adult at 21... so... that? Sorry if you got offended.
: Age means nothing. You can even have mature 12 year olds or immature 30 year olds.
Just some of the stuff i read on this game i can't help but feel is typed by someone under the age i put. Sorry if i offended you.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
16 is not classed as mature. infact i reckon 22+ is the earliest you can deem someone as "mature"
: How does this game have such a community
Because people think they're better than they actually are and flame when they see someone doing what they don't see as "correct". Them watching pro players also encourages this because they try to mimic them. Toxic players are usually just the bad ones who feel frustrated because they can't carry. I'm sorry you've had this experience though mate, i know it isn't easy starting out on this game.
Yi isn't even broken. He is only broken if you take no CC to build around him. He is SO squishy he is irrelevant if he takes 1 stun. I love yi to bits and i appreciate late game, he is super strong but you got to account for him in other stanges where he is just "meh". It takes a while for him to get rolling.
Starpelt (EUW)
: I ate Pizza today
That's a pretty useful Pizza information right there
Chut (EUW)
: Not so much Garen, more just Darius and MOrd XD
While i do agree, he can be bullied... his presence is way to dominant for the pool for champions on offer to counter it. As soon as he is 6, if he hasn't been punished hard, he becomes pretty much unbeatable in a 1v1
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Then it is Darius, Garen and fiora?
Not so much Garen, more just Darius and MOrd XD
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Riven?
Nope, i enjoy playing as and against Riven :P she is pretty balanced imo.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Everyone is only strong when is allowed to. The tank items require different strategies. A tank dies with a lot of dps and cc while squisies need burst.
Well exactly, in all honesty there are only a few champions at the moment i really don't like and i bet anyone could guess them seeing as theyre always banned XD
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Titanic Hydra is strong but dev is kinda worse. Titanic hydra damages besed on your HP but dev with botrk on yi with his true damage and 2.5 AS, Titanic hydra isn't gonna do much unless you hav a lot of cc. not just one stun but a lot of cc.
Yi is ONLY strong when he is let to become that way... he is a late game hyper carry... everyone knows this... all is needed is just 1 bit of cc and some burst and he is down and your teamfight is won... with the tank items this isn't able to be done... leads of alot more toxic items in my opinion
Ebola san (EUNE)
: It would be a good game if it only happened once... I don't remember saying that it only happened once...
Aye but even so man, devourer really isn't that much of an op item anymore... look at titanic cleaver if you want some op shit with gage
Ebola san (EUNE)
: it is bot OP and Annoying.... I'll explain to you why it's OP. I played yi with this build and it was strong. Take a look {{item:3931}} , {{item:1301}} , {{item:3153}} , {{item:3022}} , {{item:3035}} and {{item:3172}} . Do you see this? It has NO crit in it and yet it was too strong. Perma slow, 2.3 AS without ult, 350-ish AD and the botrk's stats. And that was enough to delete their tank line and their ADCs....Like, seriously, with no crit you have no burst and still, this build did a lot of damage... without dev it wouldn't work. think about it.
Wasn't the devourer that made it strong mate. You just had a good game :D It's really not broken.
kiwishrew (EUW)
It's not even op dude lol... come on now...
Puddytat (EUW)
: If you complain about the lack of vision, make sure you're warding yourself.
Pretty much always buy a sightstone on jungle just because it makes countering easier... so many benefits for such little cost.
xMidnight (EUW)
: ................................................................................................................... U try to win the game......... Just reading this post makes me wanna report u lol
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Riluulia (EUW)
: I removed him after the game since im not the player he wants to play with. It would be fun to play with you =)
Awesome, feel free to add and i'll happily play :)
Riluulia (EUW)
: Shocked
Just don't talk to him anymore :) I met some awesome people in league a few days ago! Been playing with them non-stop since! Always pretty much a full premade so it's just relaxed games! Be welcome to join us! :)
Khada Wolf (EUNE)
: Her kit is broken. It's low risk high reward. You aren't punshied for mistakes since you don't have any mana/energy and you do have low cds. Bad player can faceroll her and win the game, good player can use her broken kit mechaniclly and that's ok but too rewarding. She isn't 'easily countered' because 1. huge shield 2. 4 dashes 3. aoe stun&knock-up. And that's enough to make her not fair to play aginst. What could Riot make to balance her? Give her longer cd or give her something that she has to manage (energy would be ok), change her kit little bit, hp scalling on shield so her shield won't cover half her hp when she goes full ad or cd going after last Q, and if you hit your last Q her cd would be lowerd little bit, so you're able to catch her (even Udyr has problem with it!) and also escape. And delete those fuckin animation canceling on her E, because using your R (with cast time) while you're dashing makes you having your ult on + you can use E + R just to throw it (that has cast time too!) and again, negate all cast time. AA canceling is ok because many champion has that option. I hate playing against Riven because she's soo annoying to deal with on lane. I would sign that petition.
Thats incredibly untrue... shes high risk high reward.. clearly youve not played her much
Durfain (EUW)
: Petition to keep Riven permenantly disabled
Riven isn't even OP man... only people who can play her are decent... honestly there are more bad than good ones... just take cho against her and its gg
: Lucky man, I am the only one of my friends who does not flame.. Even at friends Therefor I do not play with my friends haha
Aw man! There's no need for people to flame though! I usually find being Jolly at the start of a game helps XD
: Good job rito in 5.18, really
Xerath counters azir pretty hard anyway dude so it wasn't your fault. Sorry you had such a crappy game :( If you ever wanna playw ith me and my friends let me know. We are usually a large premade so i rarely see flaming, minus the enemy team when i pick Yi XD
A Ocean (EUW)
: To anyone who still supports Dunkey
He knows he is toxic, we know he is toxic. He is still hilarious. People who intentionally feed are scummier than a few nasty words.
: Good thing is that people as disgusting as that are actually really rare. But they happen from time to time. As for other ways of dealing with the problem - well, it's not like Riot has not acknowledged that. Ranked and chat restrictions are here to deal with less severe cases.
I guess so yeah, just not so sure about the case with Dunkey (Could be maybe a little bias because im a fan) but meh, most people know his humour, usually its said with sarcasm. Dunno the case though :D still, thanks for the conversation :)
: Now severity of punishments is something to be discussed, but existance of mute is not an argument in it. I play League for fun and if some asshole who believes that me getting outplayed is the worst thing in the world starts describing in detail how he wishes I died from cancer or how he'd rape my mother if he ever met her, that fun is diminiushed. Even if I mute the person after that one sentence it already made my experience worse. And if that person persists in such behaviours despite being punished, I see no reason for him/her not to be punished most severly, with a permament ban. And before the flame defenders brigade flocks to tell me to grow a pari/get thicker skin. Getting offended is not the point. If a person in front of me talks through the phone in cinema I am not offended. But I am there to see the movie, not to listen to someone bitching about their love life. And by the same logic - I am playing LoL to have some fun while trying my best to win. Not to listen to someone trying to cure his insecurities by an attempt to belittle me.
I agree, punishments for persistent flaming does need to be more severe. I think there are other options available to combat this. This is my view of it anyway! I'm real sorry to hear/read you've had people be that disgusting to you in a game though. Out of line indeed. I just think there are better ways to address this issue than just throwing out bans in all honesty. It just seems like a cop out and doesn't deal with the issue.
: Honestly? No I don't. Your logic, in the post I responded to is along the lines - there are countermeasures against certain undesirable behaviour, therefore this behaviour should not be penalized. Which does not work. Burglary is not a perfect analogy, obviously. But it presents the fallacy well - you can protect yourself from burglars with alarms, strong locks and whatever other means are out there. So, by the logic that flaming should not be punishable because you can mute the offender, burglary should not be punishable since you can prevent offender from getting inside. Now you can start picking the analogy further apart - one needs to buy the protection in real life, a determined enough burglar can break it anyway and mute can't be broken and so on. But those are not the core of the argument. The heart of matter is - behvaiour should not be depenalized just because the protection is possible.
Ofcourse behaviour shouldn't be, but a punishment needs to be relevant to the crime. Punishing someone for speaking in a toxic manner shouldn't be a perma ban. It just shouldn't. Ofcourse they should have to pay for what they've done but in every punishment system, pretty much globally it corresponds to the seriousness of the crime. Insulting words (unless racially, homophobic, religious etc) are not deems as serious. You comparsion makes sense, but not to the relevance of the offense. Mine did.
: People shouldn't be jailed for burglary... that kinda defeats the point of alarm systems.
Nah dude, you're taking something completely different and comparing it to this. If you swear at someone in the street, you'll get fined for it, but you won't get jailed. If you see what i mean?
Smerk (EUW)
: People shouldn't wish real life death to others for bad game
Thats true, ofcourse i'd never wish that on anyone! But when people are angry they say things they don't mean out of pure rage, it's just a venting tool. I know its hard sometimes for people not to take it personally but often enough, i'm sure people don't mean what they say. I don't think they should be banned for this reason. Just a punishment that can help them. Shit just remove their communication completely so they can only ping and rework the ping model and that would be a perfect solution
: I'm truly outraged by Dunkey's ban
People shouldn't get perma banned for flaming... that kinda defeats the point of the mute option.
brijmohan (EUW)
: Maybe :o lol, but lolking tells me otherwise (unless this is a different account you're posting with ^^)
I was playing Fiora, but it deletes the game played i think, it isnt showing on my match history at all
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