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: does it just says critical error or does it gives any error code, like 0x887A000A or similar?
Every feature works including champ select, but when it tries to load up the actual game it now no longer comes up with an error message, no pop ups just fails to open the game. It has the background window with a "reconnect" button that does nothing.
FixxeS (EUW)
: than it's a problem with your computer, not the game. as I said, check your VGA drivers, a badly VGA update done can make stuff like that happen. just try reinstalling your VGA driver, but learn about the process, some drivers require that you go into safe mode on windows to be properly installed. but other than that, if you already reinstalled league, than the problem isn't in the game, it's with the computer and it is most probably bad drivers. try reading Event Viewer, maybe you will find what's causing the problem there as every error that your computer has shows there. also, go to device manager and check if there is anything with a yellow triangle next to it, it means that specific driver is not properly installed.
I'll try Event Viewer but every thing else you listed, I tried and it didn't resolve the issue. I can still play every other (higher spec) game on my PC just not League, also nothing seems to have triggered it, I played like 4 games fine and on the 5th it just said critcal error.
FixxeS (EUW)
: in addiction, check if you have commutable graphics. if you do, go to the Nvidea/AMD control panel and add the league of legends game (not the client, the game itself - not leagueclient, but leagueoflegends.exe). also, update your graphics drivers/reinstall them. don't use programs to do this, for example, if your computer is lenovo, go to lenovo's website/ lenovo vantage app and check for updates. if there are none, go to the website and download the proper graphics driver. uninstall the one you have and replace it for the one you downloaded. but you probably have commutable graphics, it happened to me on a notebook I had.
Thanks for the advice but this didn't fix it, I've been playing fine for months and now it's just randomly stopped working. My game is already on all exception lists, I've also uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times now and used the hextech repair tool, all to no effect sadly.
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