Wex0r (EUW)
: first thing i noticed is you have 1 build the order changes but you dont change the build to meet the requirements of game. Such as if there are tanks or tanky fighters you need atleest 1 armour pen or lethality item otherwise ur dmg is gonna be nulified. Also your magic res go to item isnt the best you should try {{item:3156}} its the best in terms of adc magic res. a second item {{item:3814}} and has lethality. gl dude you should also check out some guides on youtube and mombafire can really help with the champion specific stuff like runes and masteries.
Hmm ok thats interesting never really thought of buying anything different, ill try to change my build accordingly to counter ap or cc as you said. I also started watching some videos on youtube as well as you said. Thanks for the reply ^^.
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: Looking to join a ranked team
also interested,add me if u want
CizzCool (EUW)
: Which champion will fit my playstyle?
Thanks for all the replies,bought {{champion:420}} and currently loving her.
Doomley (EUW)
: well if it's one of those 3, illaoi is the closest one to your play style. Rumble isn't that tanky and riven even less so. All of them are pretty bad options for the current meta tho. I would suggest jax, irelia, fiora, garen, yorick or poppy.
I have pretty much all of those champs that you listed,just looking for new ones to play which I dont currently own ^^. Ty for reply.
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