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: Iv seen many times people unable to remake even when one player didnt move at all in 3 minutes. BUT TRUE STORY I played teemo, bought items, walk top middle of lane. I was going to "gank" but at 3 minutes there was never good chance so I didnt break my stealth and my team was able to remake even I bought items and walk top and was actually in the game, just hadnt moved in over 2 minutes. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Like OP suggested it will work only on base, there is no reason to stay on base for 3 minutes.
: Im an Orianna main and therefore kind of biased, but tbh i liked the idea of those skins even before. I dont have all of them since i stopped playing when sivir and graves got theirs, but when i got my first one i was happy with it anyway even though i never played Janna. I dont understand any complaints, we are already getting free skins by mission and crafting which is something Riot hasnt done before, and tbh i like it. Skins are purely visual features to allow Riot to get cash from the game which is, besides from that, ABSOLUTELY free. (tbh it was frustrating when you needed 100k of IP to get good Runes and enough runepages, but since thats gone id consider LoL a free and non pay to win game). The skin is a gimmick to show people that you played good in Season X, and that whole idea would be destroyed by giving players a skin of their choice. The only complain i understand, but not share since shes my main :p, is that Orianna is neither really in the Meta, nor had impact on the Worlds and regional tournament, nor has gotten any love by Riot this season. All of her spells are so clunky compared to new champs, especially the Ult cast time, that she feels like a champ from 2010, which she is afaik. She wouldve deserved to get a skin like that in a previous season more, but now its too late anyway, however, we were definetly in need for a midlane vic skin due to morgana not longer being considered a mid laner. If i had to guess before my call wouldve went for either LB or Syndra, but Orianna isnt too far of from them in terms of popularity (11th mid) and also is a midlane mage.
Dude stop. Noonce cares who you are and what you experienced.I just said there is no reward for me .ZERO.0. Do you undestand that? They say they reward me, but they dont , because there is no difference for me will or will not i have that skin or champ. One more example for you kids. You will gift your grandpa with nextgen computer that cost 2000$( he cant sell it btw).But he doesmt give a damn you could gift him a 10$ other stuff and he would be much more happy do you realise?
: Why are you crying about getting free stuff? Everyone who is eligible will receive the same skin as a reward so it's completely fair reward. Riot doesn't lose money when they give out an exclusive ranked reward skin, whereas if they would give out an 975 RP skin free of choice they would lose out on ton of oney since everyone would just pick a skin they wanted and didn't need to spend money on it. Simple business, skins are only cosmetics and people who want them need to invest into them or get lucky with the hextech loot system.
So orianna main gets the skin and very happy about it, and im getting a skin and dont use it EVER so there is no anything for me, and you call this "fair"? Interesting, Eu people must have very special logic. And as i stated earlier it may not be rp it can be blue essence that was just example.
: You will actually own this Champ since you get it with the skin If you didnt own it before. Also the Playerbase is so big that its Impossible to give rewards that satisfy everyone. There will Always be someone complaining.
Yeah no way to satisfy all but this decison is absolutely stupid. For example you can give players a right to choose 1 skin that they want limited to 975rp. Will this satisfy all players? Definitely not. But will this satisfy 10 times more players compared what they give now? Definitely yes.
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: That's not a comparable analogy. You choose to be toxic, you don't choose to be sick enough to have to be admitted to the hospital. Nobody forces you to write in the chat. That's something the person does on their own will.
Being angry and being sick almost the same, you cant control your emotions, we are not robots that what makes us humans. So avoiding chat must be solution for this particular person. If you belive in free will and total control under your life, you better open your mind and know how world works


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