Lord Emp (EUW)
: His new videos will probably make more than that. Like it's a problem for him to make quality videos that aren't about league. And dunkey is right. He put a lot of effort and time into promoting league and he never got anything from it. Sky didn't defend him. He said he got carried away and should've been banned. But he also said riot should've done him a favor. Because it would be fair. Also, trolls and feeders never get banned. Maybe riot made something now, but before you could get like a same guy 3 times in a row intentionally feeding, and if you told him to go fuck himself, you are the one who's get punished.
Dunkey is in NO way entitled to special treatment or anything from Riot for 'promoting' their game. Riot never asked him to make videos on their game, did they? It was also League of Legends that made his content popular, and don't forget that he gets money for the videos. I don't see why Riot should give him special treatment just because he's played the game for a long time and has been making videos on it. Rules are rules, and they apply to everyone. Doesn't matter if they're an LCS player or a youtuber. I'll leave you to reflect on the utter stupidity of what you typed. > Also, trolls and feeders never get banned.
: Hobbies
Spending money on things I don't need.... and my debit card is empty again. {{item:3070}}
: For a normal skin (around 975 rp) you need to play more then 16 months, that's 1 year and 4 months for a skin... i'm neutral about the idea, it seems nice but the waiting time looks not nice :)
That's the point. People wouldn't actually be able to buy a skin without paying anything unless they play every day for ~1 year, so it wouldn't really stop people from buying RP. It would be more like "I'm 50 RP short from this skin, so instead of buying £4.50 worth of RP, I'll play the game"
: Riot, can you activate all the champions for URF?
Yeah, let's just have Sona in every game. She only has 70% winrate, how bad can it be?
ViRageiV (EUW)
: When is N.U.R.F or U.R.F going live? ?{{item:3070}}
: New Talon Skin
Yeah, I bet Riot will make a skin because *you* want a skin for your favourite champion.
Mada (EUW)
: Don't start a game if you don't know if you can finish it
As someone who lives with a family who don't have a schedule, what would your advice be to me? I have no idea when dinner is, so I could be called down at any time. They don't tell me if we're going somewhere until we actually have to go there. This is something that's beyond my control- maybe sometimes I can delay it by 10-15 minutes but that isn't long enough (coincidentally the games which I try to finish early since I have to go end up being the 50-60 minute games)... So how do you suggest I work around a factor that I can't control? **EDIT:** Honestly I don't even AFK that much, with the only time I got a punishment for leaving was when I had a blackout, but these still happen enough to be an issue.
vedufAvem4 (EUNE)
: SKT T1 Faker Stream VODs
Took almost 30 mins for the first game to ever start. #HighELOQueues
Sháco (EUW)
: Most of the time I don't FF for the reasons you've stated (being slightly behind). However, if I do want to FF it's usually combination of several things: 1) We're too far behind, stop the inevitable struggle and just move on. 2) Playing a lost game with the hope that we can win is just going to ruin morale. 3) Being realistic that this game is tumours (metaphorically) when the next game could be fun and enjoyable. 4) If we get the jump on the enemy with unfair numbers (like 5[us]v3[them]) and they ace us after we use everything, that's a reality check that we've most likely lost. 5) I HATE the games that are so clearly lost and the 0.01% chance of winning comes from the enemy team messing up, which is something you should NEVER rely on, nor cling to hope on. With all that said, in ranked usually all the conditions have to met, and I feel that there is literally 0 chance of a comeback. If we're only slightly behind then I agree with you entirely, don't surrender, and there's often times where we're 4v5 and I still don't want to surrender because I believe in the coordination, strengths and advantage of my team mates. Then again I don't play in big premade groups often, much more of a solo queue player so it's a lot easier for me to be demoralised by my team mates. :P Granted I am willing to admit there is of course the occasional game (maybe 1 in 100) where I think we've lost and I want to FF but we go on to win, then I quite happily admit I was wrong and thank my team for not letting me give up (yay majority votes for surrenders).
I used to only duo queue in the past, but this season I don't have a duo partner (I had high ping I stopped playing ranked for a long time) since my duo partner is already in Platinum- good for him. Honestly the main reason I duo isn't to rely on someone to carry me, it's so that when my team decides to make stupid surrender votes there's someone who backs me up and clicks no on the surrender vote- I can't even count how many times clicking "no" has saved the game for us. I often make jokes about myself being a masochist from making myself power through solo queue games.
: I surrender when my team is getting outscaled in teamfights and still feeding when I'm splitpushing top and they blame me for everything. Or if I have a troll or toxic person on my team. I don't want to play with teammates like that :)
> I don't want to play with teammates like that :) I wish I could say the same, but there's* always* atleast **one** person on my team who's like that. When I was doing my placements, I noticed that **EVERY** game I had a *toxic* team we would lose (no matter how well we did), and every time I had a *friendly* team then we would win the game.
: The chances of you winning a game when your team is 20 kills behind: %1 The chances of you enjoying the hassle for that %1 chance: %0 If there is a decent chance of us winning I don't surrender so easily and I vote no most of the time but it's just not worth to play the game when the enemy is stomping you hard on the offchance that you might win. If my team doesn't surrender I keep playing but by then everyone keeps tiltin and we lose even harder. I play for fun, there is little fun in being sh.t on and I dislike people who don't surrender when there is 0 chance of winning.
It *really* isn't **1%**... A team with 20 kills behind just needs to play smarter and either try to pick off people from the enemy team, or put hard focus/CC on the enemy carry. Personally I don't believe in luck or chance in a game, everything happens because of certain* timing* or *miscalculations* (*well... unless you just faceplant the keyboard when playing Katarina*).
ejpon (EUNE)
: Thresh spell name bug
That's the death recap. The death recap has been broken for as long as anyone can remember. Sometimes it says you did damage to yourself, or someone without ignite used ignite on you.
Zambit (EUW)
: Rengar so good in soloQ
Can confirm. Was literally 1 hit by Rango 20 mins in the game from him just jumping onto me from a brush.
: Psichology is the go-to. There are a few reasons I can imagine: 1) Lack of balls. Period. 2) Lack of time. Maybe some of them expected a quick FWotD and they don't want to linger on a match they didn't really want to play in the first place. 3) If someone in their team rages, some players begin to lose their cool and instead of playing another 15 minutes with a salty player, they would rather quit. 4) They are Korean. Played on that server... trust me... you don't know a thing about surrender. They were born in it, molded by it. Kappa. And much more. You can't really help it, so try not to be bothered by it. GL&HF on the Rift. :)
I wouldn't understand the lack of time one if it's in a ranked game though. And yeah, I know the Korean one. xD All 4-5 people would go AFK if they're losing, it's so bad...
: PreSet Champion
This is genius.
Rioter Comments
Zambit (EUW)
: challenger
...Am I missing a joke? You're in Silver V.
: Jarvan was nerfed cause he was getting in the way of Lee Sin. Vi was just nerfed too, just in case she try. Wanna know something fun? RioT already stated that Sejuani is under the radar...pretty much for the same reason. Sorry pal, it's really not a good moment to ask for buff for any jungler who is not Lee Sin. Yes, we are really still at this point even in S5. We just have to live with it and hope in the future.
I know what you mean... Junglers are getting nerfed left and right with these new jungle changes. If you go in team builder now, it's harder to find a jungler than it is to find a support- and that says a lot.
: I don't feel like saying "High Skillcap Low Rewards." is very fair. She definitely has high rewards, but shes in a bad spot because a lot of champions do what she can just as good/better without being a risky pick. Unfortunately she suffers because of competitive play. She was very dominating in the right hands.
I honestly don't agree with all of these bans coming from what LCS players do good on... If a player masters the weakest champion in the game and does well as them, I feel like Riot would still end up nerfing that champion... While Elise actually was really strong, she didn't deserve to get a nerf that destroyed her just because a few people (*Meteos*) played her well.
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: Same goes for Yasuo, but they still wont buff him. Even tho he is squishier than the adc and still deals less dmg :(
I honestly find Yasuo to be fine. I went from being 1/8 in an Azir/Yasuo botlane to 11/11 as Yasuo and winning the game. Even if you do bad as Yasuo, you just wait to build up your critical strike and you're sure to pick people off in teamfights.
: why don't you share that with everyone? EDIT: I meant the Riot side of communication, on how that works. Would be interesting. I did not mean his mail sorry my bad XD
Doesn't want everyone to see his... "subscriptions". ;)
: Why doesn't shaco have a warning yet?
You can see the puff of smoke when he uses his Q even if he's in fog of war.
Crystin1 (EUNE)
: The new balanced Kassdin on PBE.
**Kassadin hasn't been relevant recently?** Let's buff him! **Now he's too relevant and has high win rate?** Let's nerf him! **He's still doing well in LCS/Ranked?** Let's nerf him again! **Oh? Now he's unplayable?** Let's buff him so much that he breaks under how OP he is. *The thought process Riot have never ceases to amaze me.*
: let's see Dyrus (TSM): was the first proffesional I knew and he really taught me how to just have fun with this game. Kikis (UOL): This guy's jungling is just ridiculous !!! He is the reason why UOL is just crazy and unpredictable as hell !! He isn't just good, he is creative, something that is really hard to do in League. Amazing (ex-TSM): Mechanically, this guy was brilliant. ZionSpartan(CLG): After the addition of ZS to the team, CLG's agressiveness and plays have become just so much more dominating. This guy's Gnar is really fun to watch and some of the plays he makes has turned fights around !! Forg1ven(SK): Coming as a support main, I'd personally hate to be this guy's support. He is dead serious, calculated and precise. I'd prefer anyone else's personality any day, but there is no denying that this guy is *GOOD* he wins trades that are just not meant to be won and his mechanics are better then other adc's... #byfar Hylissang (UOL): This guy's thresh and leona are insane xD !!! As supports we learn by maximising our agressiveness for a few games and then scaling down, this guy's aggression levels are through the roof !!! His thresh hooks come out of nowhere and his leona just get's in balls deep. He is one of my favorite supports to watch in EU lcs.
> [{quoted}](name=iMpactFuze,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=pLTP9bNO,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2015-03-09T17:23:12.018+0000) > > Amazing (ex-TSM): Mechanically, this guy was brilliant. Mechanically, this guy was amazing.*
: Playing your favorite champions with superior skill >> sheep pick. Always.
Unless you main Katarina. Then you deserve a special place in hell.
Rioter Comments
Jesus4ever (EUNE)
: 20 March - NO RP DAY!
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become EA. inb4 french revolution #2 happens thanks to Riot games.
: Mercy Vote? (4v5 and the like)
Why is this not in the game yet?
: Man even Ezreal can E over that wall lol
First thing I'm doing when I get back is testing that.
Suzukin (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Clockworks Clown,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=X2jRPaEz,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2015-02-28T21:44:56.689+0000) > > Gross dude... You play *Riven*?! That's why I have Frostblade Irelia and DJ Sona ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I have Frostblade Irelai too, too bad I forgot Irelia even existed up until now.
: I play **very** erect. ;) **EDIT:** That's why I have battle bunny Riven.
> [{quoted}](name=Clockworks Clown,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=X2jRPaEz,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-02-28T21:42:01.534+0000) > > I play **very** erect. ;) > > **EDIT:** That's why I have battle bunny Riven. Gross dude... You play *Riven*?!
Suzukin (EUW)
: Learn to play rekt and erekt
I play **very** erect. ;) **EDIT:** That's why I have battle bunny Riven.
Rioter Comments
: Hi there, Although at times the patcher may look frozen, it's not. It patches the files that it downloaded that's why it shows 0kpbs.
It definitely is. One time I left my laptop for 3 hours and when I came back it hadn't moved at all.
Rioter Comments
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Clockworks Clown,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=XvxnElco,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-02-28T16:17:46.947+0000) > > I think Riot might need to make some walls he can't pass through (*like the one connecting nexus and jungle, since it would make backdooring and escaping enemy base way too easy*). Liss and Zac can already take advantage of this. Nevermind TF, Panth, Shen etc.
I didn't know Zac and Liss could jump over that wall...? As for TF and Panth, they both have delays and the enemy team knows where they are going. Shen can only ult to allies, so I wouldn't add him to the list.
: link
http://dd.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/205sur/riot_k_delivers_chicken_khazix/ Riot delivers.
: Suggestion - applied CC counter
+1 for sharing that, I had the same idea a while ago but it just vanished after I told one of my friends.
: Question about Nidalee and Kassadin
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: That would completely destroy her. I agree she needs a huge nerf, but not that kind of nerf. More like removing her E shield scaling from AD. Higher cooldowns less damage etc. Shield: 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 (+ 100% bonus AD) to Shield: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 50% AD) COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 to COOLDOWN: 10 / 9.5 / 9 / 8.5 / 8 Movement speed from 345 to 325 since she has infinite dashes and close gap abilites.
Really good idea, but I *doubt* that it will change too much. The cooldown increase for her shield wouldn't really matter that much since people tend to build 30%-40% CDR on her. I think she has way too much 1v1 potential, with her 35 second ult being part of the problem. She can use it to clear waves and it will **still** be up for the next fight.
: Bard OP portals in 3v3
I think Riot might need to make some walls he can't pass through (*like the one connecting nexus and jungle, since it would make backdooring and escaping enemy base way too easy*).
teinekin (EUW)
: Why do we have to lose LP if someone has left the game?
You lose LP because the system could be **easily** abused if someone left the game. For example if someone is duo queuing and is in promos, the person's friend would just leave the game and get a loss prevention. My suggestion is to lose *less* LP when having an AFK on your team and have the AFK lose the **full** amount if not **more**.
: skil caped
I doubt there are that many good free websites like skill-capped (*you'll need to do deep digging to find some*), but if you want advice and gameplay tips then go on YouTube or watch streams and try to learn from that.
: @ RIOT
Are you *sure* he/she was scripting? Could just be because he/she is really good at the champions or is playing Riven (*the antichrist*) and Katarina (*the other antichrist*). If you're sure, then the forums aren't the place for this. Write a ticket to Riot support with the player's summoner name.
blackrots (EUW)
: King of the Hill, 3 Teams
*Interesting idea, but I have a few questions...* **How would someone hold the alter for ~10 minutes? **It seems too long. **Do you have any plans for sustain?** It would be difficult to fend off 4 other champions from attacking you constantly, especially with mana champions. **Why does the map have nexuses?** If the purpose of the game is to hold the area in the middle, why do the teams have unprotected nexuses? **How will the hill be captured?** The post isn't really specific to how it's captured. Could be like the alters in 3v3 (*with a higher capture time of course*) or the capture points in dominion. **Why would people prefer this gamemode over others?** Everything needs a unique selling point and why your suggestion is better than other people's.
: 3v3 Ranked
It's mostly based off of your divisions and your opponents' divisions (low silver/low bronze team is more than likely why you were placed there)... Just don't worry about it and try to rank up. My ranked team has a Gold 2 player and we were placed in Silver V with 100% win rate.
: Try the champion before you buy them
Interesting idea... Could be something like being able to try 1-2 champions for a few games with a charge system. As in when you run out of free champion charges (max could be 2-3), you would have to play to get more charges (like ARAM re-rolls).
: Ladybug Kha'zix skin ? :)
I'm waiting for chicken Kha'Zix to be a thing. A Rioter drew him as a joke, but I doubt he'll ever come to life. :(
CryoBeat (EUW)
: Who here likes Ethereal? (DJ Sona chill song)
I like Ethereal the most, but it seems to be the least popular track. {{item:3070}}
: Can we please fix the death recap screen
Yup, it's broken. Sometimes it says you assisted in killing yourself (intentional feed? xD).
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