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Rismosch (EUW)
: Feeders and Intentionally Feeders are two different topics. I wouldn't consider a 0/3/0 Yasuo particulary a feeder, but a Yasuo who runs down mid and goes 0/20/0 in the first few minutes.
yes but sometimes there are people who report when someone goes 0/10 cuz of a bad game. There is already an option to perma ban int feeder guys
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: {{champion:107}} He makes ADC mains tilted and wanna commiting succide
: Can this save us from intentional feeders in ranked games?
I can't agree with you my friend because there are people who have losing streaks tilt moments or just bad games. If there is a yasuo top lane with 0/3/0 people say "omg feeder" "stop feeding or report" but there are games where u just cant stop feeding him cuz ure tilted, have a bad game or the enemy is just too good. Im plat V atm last season Diamond V had a lot of "feeder" but they still had more impact than the ones who blamed him. You can't ban these kind of people and u can't decide so easily who is inting cuz mad or who is just feeding cuz of a bad game. Rip english
: Long story. By long I dont mean 10 pages of a book long, I mean the whole book...
The only thing I can tell you is that u have time. Just write I want to read it! No matter how your english skills are. Im not the best english writer aswell. Who cares? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Katarina, because she's talking to me in my head and if I tell the full story i'll be call insane, which I actually am, but still. <3 my Red head <3
Tell us the story please! :D xD
: Who is your favorite champion and why?
Holy **** so many people with so many different champions. There are really nice posts there. I enjoyed reading all of them. Thank you guys you are awesome!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: {{champion:99}} Ever since I stumbled upon her in Season 2. I love her gameplay and design (visual just as much as personality wise) as whole, can relate to her Lore in multiple aspects and... Rainbows! C'mon, how can you not like rainbows? Since her release I really like {{champion:163}} too. I always had my eyes on a few aspects I loved in theory, but no champions that provided them really got to me. Two of those were a global mobility and insane early pushing power. Taliyah has both of those and again I love her design, while some quotes are a bit eh, overall she's really cute. :3 In Terms of ranked, Lux got me pretty much everywhere I ever got to, and Taliyah now is helping me with getting through the noticably harder Diamond divisions.
What if they both get banned? Or what if you have to play another role? Do u play them only on mid lane or do u feel good to play them everywhere? I used Sion not only as a jungler or top laner. I played him mid supp and even adc. You just need to mute everyone and do your best to master him/her everywhere. There are no champion pick rules. You can play what u want to win. I reached plat 1 with Sion (all roles)
: Favourite always been Teemo, kind of a bond by pain. We both have to deal with people who just judge us for what we do or how we act instead of listening to reasons. Not every Teemo main is an asshole or a bad guy, but community doesn't care, even if I prove that I'm nice to people.
This is rlly nice. I never thought about that there are champions who could give me a reason to play cuz of my personality. You rlly have some nice storys to tell. Good luck with your teemo. Why wont you change your name something which u could use to show that ure a teemo main cuz of that?
Rich (EUW)
: {{champion:1}} because I love sitting in a bush and 100-0ing squishies when they don't know it's coming.
That moment when u facecheck a bush and u see a little girl with a teddybear.
Die Kaiser (EUNE)
: Support is boring. I get treated like i am everyone's bitch, i have to die for someone, not take kills, fill my inventory with utility. Have 0 dmg. You are basically a slave for everyone on your team.
made my day. So true XD {{item:3649}}
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: And there it is!
Platinum is just the beginning of the elo hell. If you titled in gold already dont try to reach diamond V. I like to play more with silver people than will diamond V 0 pts people. Trust me.

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