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I'm pretty sure player behaviour is VERY relevant to what I'm saying friend.
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: Try losing 20 games in a row, win few matches that weren't worth it and continue by losing 15 more times. The first time I got into silver after climbing out of bronze, only to fall back to the very bottom where I started. Here is the list of all the things that went wrong. Teammates refusing to work together. 1 Teammate pins all blame on one person. Constant insults. No focus on objectives. Everyone trying to be the one with the most kills. Every man for himself. Not sharing info. Teammates not picking things the team needs. Everyone constantly judging each other instead of trying to win. People leaving in the middle of a game. People not connecting from the start. Ignoring valuable info/pings. Specific roles not doing their job. And people just being toxic. If ranked was an actual mountain. Start losing, I fall from a ledge. Keep losing, I keep falling. Win and lose some bad matches, I fall onto a spot that makes me now roll down the mountain in pain. Get demoted back to bronze, I roll onto a ledge. Start losing again, I fall from the ledge. Keep losing till you are a level 4 bronze, I straight up fall to the flat surface on the ground made from rocks.
The worst thing that happened to you is that you kept playing after losing 2 games .
ryandub (EUW)
: Worst Losing Streak Ever Experienced
Bro , if you lose 2 games in a row just stop . Do something else.
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: why they are feed? maybe cause i give kills to they. cause if i gank top and tax kill and all lane my top will never win. if i give kills to my top he will get advantage and maybe win lane so i will not need perma gank him again. if i took all kills on they (top and mid) i'm sure they would lose lane. is your job has jg make advantage for your team not just for you.
Yeah , but 1 v 9 implies that you get fed and carry the game by yourself despite all 4 of your teammates being really bad . You feeding them kills means that malphite and akali were good enough to capitalize on your ganks and get fed. Something that is not always the case. Case and Point : https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4165984396/23644723?tab=overview No matter how many times I ganked bot , they just weren't good enough to capitalize on ganks and grab kills. Their reactions were either slow , or they missed all of their abilities. Same with mid , even though I gave her first blood at 3 mins Katarina couldn't capitalize on that . Sorry to say this , but it doesn't seem to me like a 1 v 9 case on your part.
: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4158179480/217827523?tab=overview Damage is not all to carry games.
Not that you didn't do a good job. but I dont see you 1 v 9 here . I see a fed maphite and a fed akali as well.
: i 1v9 with my seju JG my bot was 0/8 and 0/7 at 12 and i finished carring all game
: You are jg you can 1v9 on low elo
No you can't . Unless you're playing master yi with 10 kills by 25 mins and they don't have CC .
: Congrays with mordx u outdid your self!
Morde can be outplayed early game with a variety of champions like {{champion:86}} or {{champion:58}} , even {{champion:80}} Top which is kind of weak right now can block his whole damage output with E. %%%% , even {{champion:11}} destroys Morde mid-game. Lategame almost every single AP and AD carry can destroy morde.
Shamose (EUW)
: It's like people in low elo are bad at the game or something...
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: True... I've started playing Nunu so when they cry "omg no gank" I can literally run to their lane from anywhere on the map, usually picking up enemy midlaner with snowball along the way. And yeah, it doesn't matter how hard I babysit, the feeders will always feed. Babysitting is more or less only damage control at this point, but I'm finding in my bronze games I *HAVE* to babysit just to mitigate their feed. I feel like with normal, not dumb players I could just focus winning lanes/farm for myself instead but nope.
I realized that putting losing lanes on low priority is best . Find that 1 lane that is decent and help them snowball, then help the 2nd best lane . As for the 3rd lane , god help him . I'm not ganking . If all 3 lanes suck , I pray to Jesus Christ some kind of miracle happens.
: "better jungler win" - that guy who die at the first gank under the enemy tower and with no vision "better jungler win" - that guy who die for the third time in the enemy jungle "better jungler win" - that guy who die at lvl 1 while you still do the first buff (your first fking camp in the game) "better jungler win" - that guy who went 1v2 and die while you are next to him with 10% hp "better jungler win" - that guy who ask for you help and engage before you even arrive somewhere closer to his lane "better jungler win" - that guy who ask your help but you go to help other lanes because he play a champion who counter his enemy "better jungler win" - that stupid kid who is 4/11 and don't accept that he is getting carried
My favorite "Better jungler wins" - That guy on TOP who decides to 1 v 1 the enemy jax despite being behind in levels and CS and then spam pings you after dying while you're on bot lane taking drake after killing the enemy ADC. "Better Jungler wins" - That guy MID that decides to 1 v 1 while you're grabbing blue buff then complaining you didn't help.


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