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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
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: New client visual bug
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Ziaja (EUW)
: Sent you a friend request, your profile looks promising!
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w4r13r (EUW)
: LF Plat+ Toplaner and Support to complete Go4LoL team
Hi im a plat 5 player and i could support or top for your team. IGN: CocoTheBarbarian
Ziaja (EUW)
: [Team Extremity] Looking for a new skilled JUNGLE - Read before adding -
Fluent English Speaker? Yes Silver 5 or above last season? Yes Main the role you apply for? Yes Have Teamspeak and a good mic? I have teamspeak but my mic broke but it is not a problem for me to get a new one *Be able to play at least 4 days a week? Yes IGN: CocoTheBarbarian
Dr Tilt (EUW)
: Creating a team , looking for a top laner (Low gold ELO)
I am plat 5 jungle main but i can play top and would be willing to play for your team but i wouldnt be coming on ts. IGN is my username
Diniel (EUW)
: Semi-Serious Any Rank - Looking for ADC/Mid/Jungle :)
Adc k1ng (EUW)
: LF jungler and toplaner
I'm not good enough to play for you guys but I thought i would pop in to say that i have played with you before
: Plat 4 Main Supp looking for Team
i am plat 5 jungler, if you find a team add me in game
Fador (EUW)
: iQ Looking for players for Team (Silver/Gold)
1. Season 3-4 i think 2. Plat 5 3. Jungle and my 2nd would have to be between top and support I can't really pick one lol 4. Lee sin is my main, I can play Elise, Gragas are the main ones but i can play pretty much any jungler exept for Rengar
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: ranked team searching 5v5 gold 1 play all roles
i am plat 5 jungler, if you find a team add me in game
: Plat 4 Support Looking for Serious Team
im a plat 5 jungler, if you find a team add me in game
Sublime (EUNE)
: New patch failing at 99%?
after i closed my launcher it wont open now, it just stays there then goes black and says the patcher karnel is not responding, please help
TestosZ (EUNE)
: Bug splats... Please remove the bugs (as insects), I'm afraid of them ;_;
i un installed league from my pc, its still updating, ill keep you posted if it works
Karmoon (EUW)
: 5.3 Bugs and Issues - post your issues here
every time i try to play a game(even a custom game) i get a bugsplat, someone please help me
Sublime (EUNE)
: New patch failing at 99%?
I got my patch working fine but every time I try to play a game I get a bug splat, can someone help please


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