: Is Galio still a Champion?
With overnerfed ulti and taken dmg from Q, you get low win rate and almost unplayable champion is soloQ.
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Lariatas (EUNE)
: Watch and Earn no progress
I can't even pass first one.
: Servers Bugging?
My game crashed by itself, reset to old version and is re-patching again.
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: So i got banned by trollers because i wanted to play a game respectfully
Well for long time RIOT didn't have any kind of system to deal with feeders and now they ban anyone who is reported for intentional feeding without looking was is intentional feeding/trolling or the game was with a lot of kills. In your case you were part of 49% kills which automatically shows that you were playing, but system doesn't see that. I even think system doesn't see trolls who just run down the lane if they don't die to much. Is anyone from your game also banned or just you because everyone died a lot, especially Jinx who did 0 dmg to champions in 48 min.
T00Late (EUNE)
: Give me some advice with pick-ems
Only difference I have is that fnatic will win all.
: Is it possible to gain honor 2 until the ranked season deadline?
Play ARAM and give honors, that way you avoid reports.
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: 34 for the group stage!
: what makes you tilt the most?
- top and mid saying "report jungler for trolling" (because you don't gank their lane) while solo feeding his lane whole game
MrMaes360 (EUW)
: Stuck in loading screen at 100%
Don't worry, they will not fix it. Couple of days ago I was stuck in loading screen with 100% and ping changing, and after 5 min with not pressing anything I end up in home screen. Checked history and behold, there was remake but didn't get leaverbuster (lost LP of course).
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: Can someone explain me how did pantheon became invisible?
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: no such thing as troll build ok(to a certain extent). i dont see anything wrong here. just a bad player.
There is no troll buil??? You must be one of them
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: I just played against karthus nunu with the yi taric strategy and it sucks that riot refuses to nerf
: Riot, it is time to either really fix the client or go back to the old one
After this patch I get message where it says player (in this case me coz I play solo) didn't pick his role so game can't be started (while I did) or there is delay in starting in finding game when you press find match. Also when I want to ban or pick champ there is also delay or I can't even press ban or pick which can make you dodge game for no reason.
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LoveGiant (EUW)
: Username / PW incorrect bug?
Played ranked, got kicked out of game, said wrong password 5 times before I managed to get back in. Luckily I lost only 3 or 4 min to get back in.
: How is Riot incapable of fixing this game
ID bans = less money from players, so no they will not do that. Any kind of fixing game and cleaning community means less money for them so anything that will effect their income will be thrown under the rug and ignored.
: When are you fixing this
They will never fix that, you can write essays to RITO but they will always say it is probably your problem. How can that be our problem when you need internet connection just to log in, if there is no internet how can we log in and start the game???
: Ranked game bug "ASAP" fix it
I posted this below, and it's not 1 game for me, it is 2 now and best part is that my premade was listed that he is in game while "not in kind of game". EDIT: now it restored older version and started patching.
: Is game down
https://imgur.com/a/dtjEw RITO wtf, I finally entered the game went to start new one with premade got kicked and it says I'm not in game while premade is. Tnx for the 2 lost game were yours system fuucked me up.
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: Your MMR is in a very bad state. Take a bit of a break, reevaluate your own play style and adapt. Blaming your team will get you nowhere.
https://imgur.com/a/omk00 My play style is good and I try to adapt, but when someone dies 19 times while you die 8 times there is no help. I will still play and if I get demoted to bronze I will start on some other account. And who should I blame, myself who ended the game 11 5 9 or top laner who ended 4 15 5?
: Can you get demoted from a division?
Yes you can, I just got demoted (second time in 4 days) from gold and still dropping because I can't get decent team and lose 23 lp while I get around 13 lp even though you play really good.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Don't play Ranked if you don't care about what you do or what happens in the game
My favorite message from RITO is "You are being shielded but are critically close to being demoted because you have lost too many games to maintain your current rank. Winning more games will prevent you from being demoted". WTF do you think I'm trying to do??? Don't need to tell how matchmaking gives me great teammates where they troll/feed/afk on regular bases and I still try to save those game, get S with no problem but you just can't win when average death rate from some of your team members after 20 min is at least 8. Yesterday/last night I had 4 players who went afk and 10 players who either int feed or trolled. Instant feedback is something that I see or regular bases but that will not help me from demoting or rising again.
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Aaltih (EUNE)
: Where is 8.6?
Seeing patch notes it is better, now every game will have {{champion:145}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:35}}
Bezok (EUNE)
: Player intentionally losing game goes unpunished
In theory RITO system should detect feeder who only buys {{item:3117}} and multiple {{item:3070}} but in really it doesn't.
: 0+21=18
Did you leave champ select before this game?
: oi, i made a joke about frenchies and surrendering on the forums a few days ago and the comment was deleted. so dont complain french frend
I'm not French.
: > [{quoted}](name=CokoMaggot,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3zGAnto6,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-28T10:06:34.604+0000) > > Strangest thing is that RIOT said all players who are racist, homophobic, etc. will be severe punished and yet they all play. Well, I mean, when you encounter different people spreading out the workload for the system, of course it's going to seem a lot more widespread. But funny story, despite what a lot of players tend to keep telling themselves, _not_ being a witness to a punishment happening isn't the same thing as a punishment not happening at all. Just mute, report and move on, that's all that anyone should care about in a situation like this.
Ofc I mute when shit goes crazy in chat, but it is easy to check if players is punished. Mark him and check after 24 hours, if he played ARAM he got chat restriction, if he didn't he is banned (if history shows he plays every day) and if he still plays ranked means no punishment.
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: Third: if you spam ping me for ganks at minute 3 when I'm ganking another lane first and you proceed to die 1v1 and blame me, guess who's not getting any ganks all game?
3rd min?, more like 1:40 while you are still on blue or red buff and he/she/it went into lvl 1 trade.
: Why enemy jungler ganked n times and your jungler never ganked? There is an explanation.
"Third if you are not willing to cooperate with jungler when he ganks, be sure he wont gank again (Seriously but when your jungler ganks, dont stay far away leaving your jungler alone, the best you can do is to bait your enemy laner so he use some of his bigger cc and dashes)." Now you are asking to much for laner to follow you after you pinged 5 times that you are about to gank.
15Nova22 (EUW)
: Why is Riotgames only caring about bugs in pro play?
I have that same problem from the start of the new system, but knowing this is RITO I don't expect them to fix this and I already said that when preseason started.
: So, someone entered my acc and managed to change its e-mail.
Contact support, they will permaban your account to secure it. Then they will ask you some questions to prove that is your account and after that they will place your account on another e-mail, that you provide and is not compromised, and you will make your password and will be able to use your account again.
GramikLol (EUW)
: You wanted to tell me that he could press his ult during my ult which is impossible ? https://ibb.co/fDvOpR , https://ibb.co/mXdb9R What a Alistar ult joke
Yes you can, look at the 00:10 of your videos and you can see when did he used his ulti and how it removed your chain. And here is description of his ulti: Unbreakable Will - Alistar reduces all incoming physical and magic damage for the next 7 seconds, cleansing himself of all crowd control on cast.
GramikLol (EUW)
: What happened? Is it bug or?
His ulti cleans himself from all cc on cast and Urgot ulti has cc so this answer your question.
: Because Zoe's W is already effecting the shielded champ. Think of it like a slow. It doesn't just disappear as soon as you throw Black Shield on the slowed champ.
Stupid, but thanks for the info.
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Fail Lord (EUW)
: Disconnected from ranked game, cannot log in again
If you get disconnected and need re-start the game, there is high chance you will get directx error, no internet connection, etc. Had that problem yesterday, re-started game 5 times before I managed to get back in.
: AFK rate spiking in new season
If you were platina or lower, that is normal. People go afk just so they can lose and be placed in lower elo, I had feeders/trolls who just played to lose. I see this problem for 3 seasons in row.
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