Dhaos (EUW)
: Just a message to thank Riot for making this awesome game
Stop making troll posts. The game clearly sucks.
: WTF even is jungle now
Pick something that can kill Dragon easily and never ever leave bot. Your top laner is a waste of time, Rift Herald is not worth it. If your team didn't pick for teamfights your screwed because all games now end around fighting for Dragon.
: What about a Punishment tab in League Client that shows you all your report feedbacks?
Would much rather be notified whenever I get reported and the system deem my behavior "toxic" so I know when I stepped over the line.
giorgi (EUW)
: go see every competitive game there is ... u name it even 1v1 people will flame even if it's their own fault edit 1 : acctually the highest flaming games and people bashing over each of other and even fights are in 1v1's where the control is all themselfs
You clearly didn't understand what I said, at all. If you pay me I can explain it to you, but I don't educate for free.
giorgi (EUW)
: no there isn't people will flame in all types of situations
: and once again inters on my team
It costs money to ban inters, so they won't. Riot Games are going to anally f*ck you all until stop giving them money. Only then will they consider change.
: It's worse and worse
I'm curious of there is a correlation between toxic behavior and how snowbally a meta is. Could be people lash out a lot more when a game is made hopeless outside of their control. The fact that it feels like a game is over even before 10 minutes just because 2 lanes are doing poorly just feels insanely stupid. If they actually tone down the damage of the game by about 15-30% it could legitimately improve player behavior.
dattista (EUW)
: the game keeps breaking update after another, and it feels like riot gives no %%%%s about it.
: When even TF Blade can't carry inting botlane in Platinum ELO.
There are several games where I genuinely wish for the death of my "teammates". Sick and tired of random trash finding themselves on my team.
ThePl4yer (EUW)
: best customer service! (no really!)
Stop trolling. Riot Games is a shit company. Nothing would make me happier then seeing everyone in that company brought to misery.
: You don't understand, the Sentence within the " " is something you read all the time here, and your post fits into the Random Rant category with your "All toplaners suck" opinion.
They do though. Why do you think Hashinshin behaves the way he does?
: Let's be real, players like you could be alone in a practice tool game and still somehow manage to get drake stolen away from them by the friggin scuttle crab.
And you are the person that will whine at your jungler because he doesn't win your lane for you. Then you go into his jungle to steal his camps.
: idk why are you complaining about top then ... its not like no other roles have inters ... literaly every role trolls some games ... including your precious jungle players in fact if there is a role that trolls the most its probably the junglers ... the biggest gap is very often in jungle ... and junglers decide to run it down like 70% of the time when they are not doing so well (enemy jungler ahead on ganks, same farm, objectives on top of it)
Jungle is a team effort. Even though skill is a factor, sometimes your jungler is behind because he has no good teammate to make plays with. Only a jungler recognizes this, that is why we get flamed because our teammates are incompetent.
: This game is starting to be unplayable
I'm stacking banned acc after banned acc for telling grifers, trolls and afkers whats what. The only relief is that I haven't given Riot Games any of my money for at least 6 years. It's simply not worth it.
Bonesaw (EUW)
: Look how Riot treats their players. Not everyone gets punished and loses Honor levels like you do!
Just don't give Riot your money. I encourage everyone to do this. Play the game, buy nothing. Riot Games get away with this BS because they can. If people stop giving them their money they have to make improvements.
: I'm coming to this board to get my daily dose of "EvEryOnE sUcKs except me so I come here to vent and maybe trigger some people so I can feel better"
You should read what I said one more time seeing as you didn't get it the first time round. Here, I will even paraphrase it for you - Top Laners suck. Not all other roles, just top lane.
: This guy is the type of player who'll never leave his jungle to help out toplane while the enemy jungle camps the shit out of it, but will somehow *still* be behind the enemy jungler in terms of cs and then blame his top laner for losing.
If the enemy jungler is camping top its a free win. Because that means I can gank mid and bot with no real risk and snatch elemental drakes. GG ez win.
: Well the enemy toplaners, arguably, don't suck. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
They all suck, doesnt matter which team.
: sounds like a serious case of a jungle gap xD
I mean I'm winning, because I refuse to go top lane. Enemy jungler ganks top twice, then I win from having all the elemental drakes.
11wildy (EUW)
: Can we remove you from the game? I'm not looking for a mad jungler to flame me while he's doing nothing on the map whenever opponent jungler is camping top
I like to put my midlaner ahead, because he is relevant. I like to put my ADC ahead, because he is relevant. I can't remember the last time I won by ganking top. They either feed or get fed because of the stupid snowball factor of that lane, but at the end of the day the top laner does nothing to win the game.
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MusicaroN (EUW)
: except they are doing the totally opposite ? they punish light offenses like flaming, while trolling gets away unpunished ...
Fair, but they are still doubling down on punishments instead of finding ways to make people less toxic.
: Fix This Trash Game
Fix game? There is like a million problems. They can't fix shit. They just don't have a staff competent enough to do it.
: Matchmaking
Wouldn't surprise me if the matchmaking is intentionally made to hold people back in order to make you play more, or become toxic. If you get toxic and get banned you have to remake the account and ideally (to Riot Games) buy skins you bought once already. Giving them more moneyz.
: I got 14 days ban in an 3 honor account and first ban in my life as gamer
You got banned because Riot Games suck. It's as simple as that. They are truly horrible at managing their game.
: Anyone else noticed an increase in toxic behaviour?
Riot Games trying to solve their toxicity problem the same way Portugal tried to solve their drug problems. Look up Portugals history with drug abuse, it's quite interesting.
: Motivation for players
What would motivate me is if Riot finally announced they are firing all their current developers in favor of hiring adults with an education.
: URF is no longer fun :(
Riot Games designed something bad!?!?!? My goodness. Worst developers that have ever existed ruined something fun. At this point they should just fire them all and get in a new set of developers.
: Riot Games Devs use are useless!
It's Riot Games. Just make sure to give them 0 money so they don't get rewarded for being trash.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Riot: Tries to create a fun game for millions of people You: Riot is taking away my happiness I only have one quote of an advice for you... Walk slow, drink lots of water.
Well, not really. Riot is only trying to earn money.
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Waifu4Laifu (EUNE)
: Dealing with Toxicity
Toxicity exists because of Riot Games. They are so goddamn useless when it comes to understanding player behavior. The sooner Tenecent forces a mass firing of Riot Games incompetent staff the better. Or if we get lucky a madman will shoot up their headquarters and fix the problem that way.
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Riot can't really fix humanity. Also for some people masochism is a fetish, maybe that's why they're here{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
No, but they can avoid purposely designing their game so it doesn't mesh with humanity.
rizefall (EUW)
: To celebrate the 10 year Anniversary, here is my first win ever in League of Legends!
Riot Games should've celebrated 10 years by firing all their worthless developers that is killing the game.
: Tanks arent Tanky anymore
Yeah no shit, its what happens when you constantly buff the damage in the game. And it was all done in the favor of increasing e-sports viewership.


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